Top 5 favorite worlds!

May 8, 2007
Doesn't have to be ranked, of course. And different takes on the same world can count (like if you, for whatever reason, wanted to include both KH1 and KH2's Agrabah).

-Traverse Town (KH1)
-The Caribbean (KH3)
-Atlantica (KH1)
-End of the World (KH1)
-Toy Box (KH3)
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Oct 21, 2011
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  • Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
  • Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX
  • Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy
  • Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance
It's getting harder with so many games! I could easily do a top 10 as far as Disney worlds go. I'm listing my favorite iteration, but I think my preference is to list worlds also based on their experience as a whole over the course of the Xehanort saga. Radiant Garden and/or Hollow Bastion is just sweepingly epic in that regard. Unranked, chronologically:


Destiny Islands (KH1)
Traverse Town (KH1)
Hollow Bastion (KH1)
End of the World (KH1)
The Dark World (BBSFM)


Atlantica (KH1)
Castle of Dreams (BBS)
Symphony of Sorcery (DDD)
Toy Box (KH3)
The Caribbean (KH3)


Feb 7, 2009
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In no particular order:

End of the World - terrifying, beautiful, and mysterious location for a final world. Plus it had the amazing Chernabog fight.

Neverland (BBS) - It takes a lot to make my least favorite classic Disney film into one of my favorite Disney worlds, but damn they pulled it off. It’s such a bright, colorful and fun world, lovely to look at, with some memorable fights against Pan, Hook, and Vanitas.

Toy Box - Yes Toy Story is one of my absolute favorites, but I was still sideeying it just in case it didn’t work. But ultimately it did. It’s fun, lovable, true to the films, and the writing and story was really good. It’s truly a shame that other major characters like Jessie and Slinky were completely absent even with the explanation.

Symphony of Sorcery - what a unique, beautiful world. They took basically a silent film that was just surreal animation and music and turned it into a veritable wonderland to explore. It left me wanting more in a good way. We could’ve benefited from a proper Chernabog fight, however, but the new arrangement of Bald Mountain makes it worth it.

Hundred Acre Wood (KH2) - it feels like they really gave it their all with this iteration of 100 Acre Wood. Every character appeared and did or said something, the mini-games were fun and did a lot with the setting, and it had the best Pooh story of the series. The End was very bittersweet and touching, just like Pooh’s Grand Adventure (my favorite Pooh film which also had several elements adapted). The best mini-game world of the series.

Honorable mentions:

* I was actually very impressed by Sora’s version of Pranksters’ Paradise. It was pretty, fun to explore, and did quite a bit with a classic Disney film that didn’t feature any real fighting (like say Pride Lands or Olympus). It makes me want to see a KH take on Dumbo and Bambi.
* Olympus in III was a welcome improvement on the tired, usual set-up.
* Pride Lands adapted the movie I have breathed since I was born, but it loses points for a weak retelling and a generally bleak setting (which makes sense but still). Hope to see it redone for Unreal Engine!
* I really enjoyed Enchanted Dominion for being beautiful and quiet, and allowing you to explore the whole setting, especially Maleficent’s castle.