TOME 2.0: Tales of Magical Exellence (sign ups and OOC)



Apr 9, 2009
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TOME 2.0
Tales of Magical Excellence

"Welcome to TOME" those were the words people treasured as they logged into the precursor to the now most popular VRMMOE on the planet. The original TOME was terminated almost one and a half years after it's inception due to an information leak of the existence of a sentient AI that was a bi-product of the game's production. The AI's name was Sofdti, it was also terminated alongside the game due to the efforts of an usurper administrator who wanted to use the AI as a springboard for his own ambitions. However before the deletion of Sofdti and the termination of TOME Softdi backed up the assets of the game with room for expansions that would make the game even greater than before...

It's been five years since the game closed down and Netking Software has released TOME 2.0: Tales of Magical Excellence as a stand alone successor to the Terrain of Magical expertise and is even greater than before. Using the expansion data that Sofdti left they doubled the regions of the world from 3 to 6, as well as added more quests and a more complete gaming experience.

With a more expansive customization system it allows you to develop a growth tree for your character using passive and active skills that affect your character's ability.

You can choose up to two classes with one customizable "inspiration" for your skills that sets yours apart from everyone else's form of magic. Choosing only one class can make you excellent in one area but leaves you open exploitation from other class skills.

You can also determine your role which will determine your weaknesses and strengths for your character.

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This RP takes place in the year 2026, 5 years after the termination of TOME,
However the world has been engulfed with the knowledge that sentient AI is now possible and computer programmers have tried to grasp the concepts of what Netking software had done to create Sofdti, however most have miserably failed. Some have succeeded in creating simple AI for other purposes but most have simply not met expectations and were terminated. Meanwhile Netking software with the help of new programmers and most of their old staff intact save for the usurper who is now in jail for endangering the people and Sofdti who was a government kept secret.

Now this RP starts at the launch of TOME 2.0. Many old and new fans have been engrossed by the title's release and we join possibly both new and old heroes and it seems hackers just can't seem to stay away either. And one of them is looking for proof of a rumor that has been plaguing both his and his employer's mind about the game...

But aside from that TOME 2.0 is not just about what made the original story so interesting, TOME 2.0 also allows a level of interaction that is akin to real life and just meeting other people through the game is enjoyable.
So please enjoy everything TOME 2.0 has to offer.

Locales: there are 6 regions in TOME 2.0, each being diverse and unique in their own way. All have their own purpose but all have dungeons and quests of their own to enjoy.

Lavendera: the former PVP (player versus player) battleground of TOME is now home to most of the dungeons in the new iteration. Most of the open areas in the craggy landscape allow for pvp combat but is also home to shattered crag, the only area in TOME 2.0 to test the newest mechanic to the PVP system; 5v5 Party battles.

MechCity: Serving as the informational and social hub as well as the tutorial area for new players, news of updates passes through MechCity almost immediately. Very few battles happen here unless part of the gauntlet, training or PVP tournaments.

Paradiso: Originally named Sanctuary, Paradiso is the place for social interaction without interuption because no battles of any sort are allowed with in it's boundaries. So this area is perfect for those that just want to socialize and not be encumbered by the gameplay of TOME 2.0. This locale also resembles the poetic descriptions of the fields of elysium

Emeralis: one of the new additions in TOME 2.0, this area is one of the quest driven locales that you'll visit if you want to enjoy gameplay outside of PVP battles. PVP battles are allowed but there are limits set around the quantity of players because Emeralis isn't as expansive as Lavendera. Resembling a forest out of a fantasy novel, there is a mystical quality about it and the dungeons that are scattered within it's depths.

ShadowZone: The Second new area, it is seen from the edge of the Shattered Crag although only accessed from Emeralis, mostly the home of high level questers and their fellow party members. This is where the shadowguard beast resides, considered the toughest challenge in TOME 2.0 until the next expansion.

HOME: short for the Haven of Magical Excelence, only certain players are allowed to this zone who have been recognized by moderators or administrators may step foot here. This is where you actually get the challenge to fight some of the best players as well as the creators and administrators of TOME 2.0 themselves.

Now that you're acquainted with the setting and the story, shall we cut to the cream cheese?

Rules: No God-modding or PowerPlaying without the permission of myself.

Limit of 2 characters per RPer

Proper grammar is extremely appreciated

it isn't required but to introduce yourself to the inspiration of the RP please watch TOME: The Terrain of Magical Expertise here:
or The Terrain of Magical Expertise |


Name: (Name of your Character in real life, it doesn't have to be full since the show never went past first name or username basis)
Age: (I don't have to explain this do I? But try to make it relatively young)
Username: (the name of your character within the game)
Personality:(show me how your character acts in and out of the game or combat situations, please also try to give me 1 paragraph (3-5 sentences) I like descriptive characters.)
Appearance: (you can describe it with words or a picture)
Class: (you can choose up to two classes unless you choose Alchemist or Dispeller)
Role: (choose a role from the ones specified above)
Weapon: (also name the weapon type)
Inspiration: (choose the name of the type of power your character will use within the game)
Abilities: (Within the confines of your class or classes while influenced by your inspiration give me up to five abilities that you use within the combatual parts of the RP, there is also two types of benefits to abilities if you so wish. Active or Passive, passive indirectly affects combat whereas active is the actual ability you use in combat)
Omega art: (this is your Desperation move within the game, your "limit break" as it were, once you hit "desperation mode" you can trigger it or you can save it until after you recover your strength)
Other: (this is where you place out of context details for your character or stuff like theme songs, etc...)
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Apr 9, 2009
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good to see people are actually interested

Name: Renn
Age: 15
Username: Blufire
Personality: Renn is essentially the outcast who deserves more than his parents love..He never really had any friends in the real world so his social skills are the lowest of the low even online. He preferred to keep himself occupied with things that he values most like books and video games. He was too young to play the original TOME when it was released. Naturally intelligent and an only child Renn was partially satisfied with his life despite the lack of friends he had but due to his social awkwardness he would always end up embarrassing himself unless his parents or teachers were around. But regardless of that he was never the type to get into trouble on purpose. However when he was introduced to the internet he became almost an entirely different person... He wasn't the childish, socially awkward nerd. He became an intelligent, mysterious, yet mature young man who just wanted friends and that became his online persona as Blufire. as that persona developed he also became fascinated with the concept and the meaning of the phoenix and being reborn as someone better. So when his parents got him TOME 2.0 he saw that he could give this resolve for improvement a digital embodiment so he stepped into TOME with his new companion and is now ready to finally make some friends.

Appearance: Blufire
The coat is blue and the brooch that holds it is black
He also constantly has a blue phoenix perched on his shoulder:
Blue Phoenix by 814200 on DeviantArt
Class: Summoner/Purist
Role: Magical Melee Attacker
Inspiration: The undying Phoenix
Healing Tears, Passive, based around the AI of Blu's phoenix when someone needs healing she flies over and drops a couple tears on the target, healing for a flat amount as well as gradual health regeneration for about 10 seconds
Flarewing, Passive, Blu's phoenix lights itself on fire and charges at a foe that deals initial damage and gradual burning damage over 5 seconds,
Fire breath, Active, Blu's Phoenix exhales a fireball at a target or breathes on Blu's Sword increasing base damage and adds burning damage that stacks the more he strikes an opponent
Rebirth Explosion, Passive, When Blu's phoenix is below 10% health and everyone needs healing, the phoenix gives it's life to provide a large healing field that heals the entire party providing a magical and physical barrier that reduces both forms of damage by 50% for about 10 seconds. but it will return after a 2 minute cooldown
Kamikaze Finale, Active, Blu has the choice to let his Phoenix use Rebirth explosion on it's own or have his phoenix charge over and explode right in the opponent's vicinity dealing huge AOE damage that inflicts heavy burning damage over 40 seconds and have the same cooldown.

Omega art: Undying blade Dance, his blade gains a large aura of orange and red flames as Blu grips it with both hands...He hones in on a single target, tripping the target with a sweeping kick then rising with a vertical slash of his blade, He then deals a powerful set of slashing attacks that deal higher base damage than normal and flips forward and his phoenix swoops in and merges with the burning aura of his blade, turning it blue and he stabs his target thrusting them into the ground and causing a large blue explosion.
Other: theme:
Battle theme:
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Jan 25, 2008
Over yonder
Here's my temp, finally:

Name: Daichi

Age: 16

Username: Gry

Personality: Daichi has always been an extrovert. His energetic and optimistic nature almost always draws people to him. He's also very caring and empathetic when it comes to people. He's always looking to make new friends and to make everyone around him happy. Though he does try a little too hard in this endeavor. Not helping this is his sense of justice.

Daichi tends to wear his heart on his sleeve. More often than not, his emotions get the better of him. Not helped by how stubborn he is. Speaking of, when he gets focused on something, he's a perfectionist in the most extreme fashion.

Daichi prefers kicks when hand-to-hand is his only option.

Appearance: Daichi stands at about 5'5". He keeps his light brown hair slicked back. The color of his irises are an alluring shade of pink. The one thing that he never separates from unless it's necessary is a green and white prajed worn on his left bicep.

He's usually wearing a long-sleeved shirt under a t-shirt. The bottoms of his pants are tucked into his beige combat boots. To keep his pants up is a brown belt with two rows of studded holes. Daichi is almost always wearing some kind of hat. Most of the time, it's an olive-colored newsboy cap. During the colder months, he wears a tan camouflage winter coat.

In game, Gry also keeps his black hair slicked back but with a bang poking out from under his pointed, royal blue hat. Said cap has a wide brim and a brown belt. Alluding to his knowledge of the mystic arts are his purple eyes.

The mage's scarf matches his hat and stops below his rear with intricate gold designs trimming the edges. Underneath, he wears an army camouflage sleeveless tunic and prajed matching his the ones he wears IRL on his biceps. Also matching his arm-wear is a belt that's tied in front holding up his dark blue trousers. Mostly covering his hands are brown fingerless gloves with plating on the back of the hand and studded knuckles. About halfway on his knee-high boots, they start to take the shape of tree branches. Finally, tied above them are green and white bandanas each bearing a different design.

Class: Enchanter & Elementalist

Role: Ranged Attacker

Weapon: He prefers to use a pistol. But when the time calls for it, he also uses an iron staff topped with a stag's skull, antlers and all.

Inspiration: Gravity

Void Stamp: This power will enable Gry create mystical stamps that can push away or pull a target. The power of these etchings depends on how much mana he puts into them.

Graviton Bomber: Gry will attack by throwing a grenade of gravitons that will suck in anything weak enough to be gathered by the void. The bomb will then explode destroying anything in the immediate area. This power can also be channeled in either his gun or his staff.

Vortex Defense: Using his gravitational powers, Gry pulls up a wall of earth to defend himself.

Mystic Movement: (Passive) This power lets Gry float and glide about half a foot off the ground.

Magic Bullet: (Passive) Instead of ammunition you would have to buy from the shops, mana can be used to load guns or bows when the player runs out.

Omega Art: (Orbit Buster) Five orbs of gravitons will appear around his wrist while one more is created at the tip of his finger. With a flex of his thumb, they will be launched at the same time. Whatever opposes them will be utterly crushed by the might of these high-gravity shots.

Battle Tunes: Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Have a Nice Dream (by Lotus Juice) and Finger on the Trigger (by Florida Keys)
Hobbies: Cleaning guns, taking pictures, sketching
Likes: Sweets, cats
Dislikes: Snakes
Favorite Phrase: "Bull's Eye"