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Tips to Beat Sephirtoh?

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Mar 1, 2009
Here's a list of the major things you'll need (and how to get them):

- The Ultima Weapon

- Level 99

- Curaga
[Should automatically get it, I think]

- Glide Lv. 3
[Level your Final Form all the way]

- Quick Run Lv. 3
[Level your Wisdom Form all the way]

- Air Dodge Lv. 3
[Level your Master Form all the way]

- High Jump Lv. 3
[Level your Valor Form all the way]

- Retaliating Slash
[If you're on level 99, you should have it]

- Reflega
[If you beat the game once already, you should have it]

And incase you want more tips, here's what I made up to do, and I beat him kind of easily.
Also, if your health drops, I would say, less than half, use Curaga or an item, just incase.

Alright, here's a list of move sets and how to try to avoid them:

1. As soon as you start the battle, he'll charge at you with an attack that will easily clear half your health if you don't avoid it, so a reaction command will appear right before he attacks you, press it. He'll do that a couple of times after, so be alert for that. You'll know when he's about to use it because he will say, "That's enough" and the area will turn darker.

2. He'll have a basic sword slash which I think, he'll swing at you maybe 7 times. Use the High Jump to try and avoid that, and possibly Glide if you need it.

3. He's got a warping attack that he'll swing at you, disappear, come back, and attack, etc.. If you get hit by his first swing, he'll send you into the air. Counter that with Retaliating slash in the air (Square button) when he warps and tries to attack you into the air.
If you counter it at the right time, the attack combo will stop, he'll and you could get a full combo on him if you're quick.

4. He's got an attack that that surrounds you in black orbs, you'll know he's gonna use it because he says, "Give into the darkness." Use Reflega to get rid of them. Or you can simply just attack each one. But for me, Relfega was easier and quicker.

5. He'll have an attack that shoots three fire pillars out of the ground. If he doesn't hit you with it, or you manage to escape, use Glide to fly away from them because they have a sort of 'pull' to them, and you could get sucked in to them.

6. He has an attack when he floats into the air, and I believe he glows red. You HAVE to get to him and attack him. If you hit him once, the attack won't happen. If you don't, he takes All your health and magic. If he does, you're screwed. Game over. Unless you have luck on your side and are able to not get hit once by the time your magic replenishes.
And I'm not sure if this happened for anyone else, but when that happened to me, I wasn't able to use items. So if you are able, use an item.

7. At one point, he might stay on the ground, and turn red. If he does, he will go into his hyper mode (what I call it) and he can float and charge after you. Just run away, and if you get a chance to attack, go for it. But I don't think that if you do hit him, I don't remember if he is stunned like if you normally hit him. I don't think he does, so be careful.

8. He has an attack that hurls meteors at you. The only thing I can suggest is to constantly use your Air Dodge to avoid them.

I think that's all of the attacks. Hope this helped.


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Oct 27, 2008
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1. good job dpp. i thought that your tactics sounded pretty nice, and pretty much everyone else has given all you'll need to beat him.

2. only thing i'd add is i used the berserk ability (unlimited combo wen magic is zero) but use it wisely, u have to be good a dodging is attacks and finding an opening for a combo. only downside is u cant finish him if u have 0 magic (i almost lost cuz of that lol)
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