Time Travel Theory. Older than we think?



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Jul 13, 2015
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And now for the reason I signed up for this forum. I have a theory on Xehanort's Time Traveling methods. The theory is that someone else time traveled the same way, all the way in the first game

In Kingdom Hearts 1 there is a scene where Sora watches a toddler-aged Kairi listing to a story told by her grandmother, and it seems to hit the rules of Time Travel

  1. The Time-Traveler must shed the body: IIRC This scene happened before Sora became a Heartless, so logically one would think that is a hole in this theory right? Well Remember that he wasn't the only one that had his heart severed from his body, (in fact the reason that happened in the first place was because Kairi's heart entered Sora's).
  2. The other hole in the theory: Xehanort's little scheme was to take over the bodies and hearts of others, because of this, Braig and Isa (or rather, Xigbar and Saix) were also thrust out of their respective times into the timeframe of Dream Drop Distance, but is dominance of the body a necessity for to bring them to another time? at that point in the game Kairi's heart is in a similar position to Ventus': Inside Sora with the body rendered catatonic as a side effect. Because of this it is possible that for the purposes of time travel Sora became an incarnation of Kairi, despite him being the same (or one could argue that Kairi is an "incarnation" of Sora during most of KH1, but the detail is a little inconsequential either way)
  3. The Time Traveler must return to their time, and forget their trip to other eras: Well it was clear that Sora returned to the present, and that scene was not referenced outside of maybe Roxas's dreams (and even then, That case was complicated by Xion's existence and the event of Chain of Memories)
  4. The Traveler is limited to the points in time where they or an incarnation is alive: It is probable that both Sora and Kairi were alive at that point especially given heir cameos in BBS).
The conclusion: Sora and Kairi's heart appeared to had time traveled in the same way as Young Xehanort. Now whether this is just a coincidence, if Nomura had something like this planned out or if he based the mechanics of Time Travel on this scene is unclear.

What are your thoughts?


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Apr 29, 2015
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I don't think Sora or Kairi time traveled in that scene. I think he was just reliving one of her memories because her heart was inside him. And Sora actually does mention it outside of the scene happening, he talks to Kairi about it later in the game.


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Jun 10, 2011
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Plus you mention yourself in point 3. that you lose any memories you have of your time traveling experience, soooo... He could remember that he saw or heard something that affected him, and unlike in Castle Oblivion, he would have these memories etched in his heart. But still, he wouldn't be able to recall any details.