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All's End
Dec 15, 2005
Beyond the Final Destination
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The thinning of the air as the wind fluttered with a whisp. It spoke only the word of a single breath and eyes widened with realization. I was but a man that had fallen asleep, curled by the blades of grass that comforted me with tender touch. The cool sensation of morning dew, the chirping chatter as the wind carried along the sounds in harmony. At the center, at peace, the eyes were shut once more to embrace the lush fervor that is living things.

A demonstration perhaps. Beauty others would chime.

Seeing nothing more than the facade of tranquility such is the deception of nature. Though living carefree, one is to embrace uncertainty in all that they cannot see on the surface. How the animals, though furry, with fury their survival necessitates the bitter struggle, need to adapt. Kind squirrel at first glance, how it hoarded to ensure it's winter survival. The somber flock, awry with shifts in the temperature to a place of warmer climate. So swam the trout, but to navigate against the raging waters in order to instill it's offspring.

Maddening, nature only to proclaim its when the devil claws into our eyes.

Though admittedly question, what do I think? This is simply the response of nature, the genetics necessary to survive and answer back against it's appropriate conditions. Ours is a story of melancholy, riddled with a series of many times we failed as human beings in due diligence of a greater dream. Mindless, often blind, do we associate ourselves so incredibly engrossed in our passions without the foggiest clue of execution. Our parents failed us, our school systems failed us, not relinquishing the two main keys we actually need to succeed.

Proper communication face to face which fundamentally dictates the flow of relationships. Secondly, choosing the right field in which we want to build a career. An inability to read trends, know what is popular, and mix skillets are all things our teachers, parents, and professors failed to recommend to us. Most important of all, is that you never stop learning new things and absorbing new and more constructive information to further build your life in the way you wish to.


The Traveler
Sep 25, 2010
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This talks to me quite a bit considering I'll be twenty six soon.

Furthermore, I do agree about the school systems failing us in one way or another. I think the important thing in life is that we make the best of things as much as we can because, it's all a learning curve in the end. We continue to make mistakes and learn from them. Some stuff we are able to learn on our own or from loved ones, if we're lucky. Or that we apply what we learn to those that come after us the best we can with important life lessons. And I can testify that we are capable of learning new things or absorbing new information. In fact, I was able to teach myself how crochet and double stitch last night.

Otherwise, I enjoyed reading this because it's something real and relate to.