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Thoughts as the end draws near...

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Dec 3, 2015
Since PC chi is over in three months, I've been wondering what does everyone wish to happen before that. Some people you want to fight, plot points which need to be cleared up, outfits in the Mog medal shop, don't be afraid to name it.

Personally I would like on the last days to be able to buy those paypall outfits(like Roxas) so I could say our summer vacations are over, have Nightmare chirithy's player confirmed, know what happened after Ephemera met Black coat in the sewers and see Dandelion in chief in flesh again(not sure to trust Vulpes). Maybe the player, Ephemera and Skuld canon as the chi trio. A farewell a quick look at actual npcs fighting each other and a keyblade graveyard cameo would be pure gold too.


Haddyn Slayer
Feb 23, 2011
I'm really hoping that we get to meet more of the Foretellers and learn their personalities and relationships with each other. Maybe that's more a Back Cover thing, but as much as I love Ava I'm sad that she's the only one we really know at all thus far.

I'm Vulpeus, so it's no big deal for me, but I imagine that everyone in the other unions would like to interact with their own Foreteller (and Ava pretending to be them doesn't count;)).

I'm also hoping for some sort of satisfying ending for the Player character. I feel like after the last story update, they've decided not to be a dandelion and that probably means they'll die during the war... But I think I'd prefer it if they maybe gave up their life to save Ephemera and Skuld, if the dandelion idea is threatened somehow? (As the Back Cover trailer maybe hinted at...)

What a sad idea, I know. o_0 But this is already destined to be a really sad game, so...

But I am praying that all three characters will be in III somehow (even if Player's just in the credits, and we don't see them, but we know we're looking through their viewpoint as they're reunited with Ephemera and Skuld or something.)

And I really want all the "unchained" business will be explained, and them finally saying in so many words that Unchained Key's taking place in the Realm of Sleep?

I also want the theory of Kairi being somehow important and directly involved in this plot to be proven true, but I won't get my hopes up for it.

Oh, and if--by some strange miracle--one of the people in Chi ends up being Xehanort and Eraqus' Master (or connected to Kairi's grandmother, as I've also seen that theory), I wouldn't mind something teasing that at the end.

And I most definitely want to see where Ephemera and Skuld end up after everythign, and if any of the Foretellers somehow live, and also what happens to the Master of Masters, the Sixth Apprentice, and even the Chirithys.

So basically everything... I'm expecting so many things to give me a satisfying ending to one of my favorite Kingdom Hearts games. Haha.

Oh, btw, are you guys hoping for a bitter sweet or tragic ending? You'd think it'd be tragic, because this is definitely the worst thing--with the most death--to ever happen in KH, but do you think it'll end completely heartbreaking? Or will there be some light at the end of the tunnel, that most of the KH games (sans Days) seems to aim for with their endings?

Edit: Oh, and finding out if Daybreak Town is The Keyblade Graveyard, or Twilight Town, or whatever other things people have theorized about it. LOL. And if not, finding out how/why they go to the place that will be they Keyblade Graveyard to have their battle. And what became of Daybreak Town, then.
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