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Feb 23, 2009
Mixing fiction and diction
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I have no idea what this is, I just found it on an old computer and they're weird. So weird I gotta share them. Most of them don't even rhythm, but freestyle is a form that exists right? I can just lump those in there. I don't even know anymore.

"Stale Cupcakes"

It's my own fault, really
You don't need to feel bad.
Its just when I first got you, I had just eaten and I was full.
"I'll save you for later,"
I said,
"you'll taste better then."
I only meant to put you aside for a few hours.
I planned to enjoy you with a warm cup of coffee, or a hot mug of coco.
But time went on, and by the time I had a craving for you, I find you like this.
I admit that you still look delicious but I know that the first bite I take will taste that much more bitter all because I cheated myself from having the best I could.
What do I do now? I have the opportunity to eat you, but compared to before you don't look as tasty.
Do I throw you out?
No, that would be a waste...I should just make due with what I have,
I don't want you anymore.
Not like this. I want something better, something fresh.
It's my own fault really, you look really sad.
The funny thing about this is...
I'm not sorry.

"I Drew A Line For You"

It's the best I could do.
You might think it's a bit crude...
But really, I think it's cute.
You said it doesn't look cool..
But when I ask for the truth,
will the answer be "I do"?

"The Artist"

We both work with pencils, occasionally pens.
He uses colors.
For me, on my mood it depends.
Using our skills, we try to convoy the same message.
He draws a heart
I write something romantic.
When we show our work, I have to notice:
For him they see love
For me, they see words.

"Endless Autumn (Forever Fall)" [Hey, this one's actually good!]

From green to yellow
From yellow to red
Allow us to have our daily bread
From the trees they leave
Forever Fall
To the cold damp floor
Ignore them all

Now under the bright
Lime blue moon light
For one, collect them all
Forever Fall
Dream of that place
With the light orange hue
Where none need to say
"I Miss You."

From red to brown
On the ground
Time is up
All around
Forever Fall means nothing now
Dream with your heart
You'll be free
Just don't be sad
When you don't see me


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May 9, 2007
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Forever Fall was very impressive man. These were all interesting, but that one was definitely my favorite. Stirs up memories haha.

But for real though, Stale Cupcakes tugs at the heartstrings.


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Sep 25, 2010
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I believe poetry should be done in the style that suits you best. There are those more picky about it. That's just my opinion on the matter, and yes, I believe freestyle of poetry exists. :D I can relate to "Stale Cupcakes," and I'm sure a number of others could say the same Instead of a cupcake, I think I wasted a cheesecake once from the cheesecake factory. It was a sad day to see it go. To pick a favorite, I'd say its a tie between "The Artist," and "I Drew A Line For You". I felt like they both symbolized a form of romance, and it pulled at my heart strings. "Endless Autumn (Forever Fall)" was the most rhyming one of them all. (xD) I liked it a lot, but I think I prefer the other ones more.

Nice to see your inner poet shine, CD-Man.