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things i wished they did in kingdom hearts 3.


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Sep 8, 2020
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i wish that we had costume switch or stuff like in 02. and there was a keyblade for kh3 that was deleted. and that mysterious tower wasn't a playable world. and also riku didn't have a segment in radiant garden. also i was sad that we didn't play as xion or ventus in kh3. or use kingdom key d as a extra keyblade. and no final fantasy characters was in base game. i also wanted segments in kh3 like play as different characters for a bit like doing something, idk something like riku in radiant garden. i wished we had more keyblades too. other then that, kh3 was ok with me. but i do wish that we had more worlds and a better story. the story is ok but not as good sadly. and a playable mickey in remind and a team attack with riku in remind. also i wished that sora used the masters defender during the anti aqua battle, that would be awesome with sora using spell weaver.

kh3_keyblades.pngYensidtower.jpgmaxresdefault.jpgkh3_keyblades (2).pngm0uicmiwv8n11.jpg
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Jan 2, 2013
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That isn't a deleted Keyblade, it's a recollection by KHinsider resident Zephyr. They were among a group of people who got to see an exclusive preview for KH3, and that Keyblade is Shooting Star, to the best of Zephyr's recollection. It might have looked a little different back then, but it's not cut from the game.