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(Theory) Yozora's identity = Master of Masters? + Thoughts about the foretellers



Dec 24, 2017
Sardinia, Italy.
Ok guys, so, someone on Twitter pointed out something that might be important about Xehanort's keyblade during the Kairi fight segment in the new trailer.

We all know that it has a blue eye on it and that it is called "the gazing eye", we also know that it is connected to the Master Of Masters.

The point his...during the Kairi & Sora fight against MX No Name changes the colour of the eye from blue to...red.
And we know that Yozora has one blue eye but also...a red one.

I honestly don't think Yozora is the MoM, it would be an obvious theory and I honestly think Nomura likes teasing and plot twists way too much, but there is obviously some kind of connection.

I honestly think Sora is somehow the MoM, and that Yozora is somehow Sora, but also...Riku (does it even make sense?) from another timeline, but at the same time I feel like Yozora is not the MoM.
We have also to take it into account that MoM probably just overused the power of waking too much just like Sora, we see him in the Secret Ending for KH3 in Shibuya, which is where Sora supposedly ends up, but we also see Yozora there, and we know that he looks a lot like Riku (which was intended to be the original Kingdom Key wielder) but at the same time Rex in Toy Box points out that he Yozora looks just like Sora and in the brand new trailers says exactly what Sora says (which is a quote from KH1 as we all know).

Everything's so confusing, but I'm 100% that there's a connection somehow, and if that's the case I'll also keep thinking that the foretellers are actually a parallel for the guardians of light (I just can't stop thinking how much Invi reminds me of Aqua and how much Ava reminds me of Kairi)

What do you guys think about this?