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[Theory] Yozora is one of Player's Lifetime.

Aug 25, 2021
After finishing the story of Union X and Dark Road. The Concept of Reincarnation was now introduced in Kingdom Hearts series. In UX, the Player from Union X died and decided to live in another lifetime as another person to live on Scala Ad Caelum. However, since that person got older and died after taking care of Xehanort, what if he decided to live in another lifetime? He became someone new and gained a new purpose in life by living in this new world, Quadratum.

If we create a list of the Player's Lifetime, then we have:

First Lifetime
-The player lives in the Daybreak Town as one of the Keyblade Wielders and later died when he sacrificed himself to save Ephemer and Skuld from the 4 Darknesses by trapping them inside the data world alongside the Player himself.

Second Lifetime
-After the Player died on UX Finale, he decided to live another lifetime, and then later he was reincarnated as another person living on Scala ad Caelum. Many years have passed, he got older and became Xehanort's caretaker. After many years of taking care of Xehanort, he died.

We don't know if the Player decided to live on another lifetime but if he did maybe this is how it happened. Maybe in the possible Missing Link Finale, the Player met Chirithy on Final World. After living on two lifetimes Chirithy asks if he would decide to live on another lifetime or become one of the living souls on the Final World. If the Player decides to live in another lifetime, then he would arrive in a world that was never seen or heard before.

Third Lifetime
-In this new world, the Player arrived in a world where light or darkness does not exist or cannot be heard, but he arrived in a world of "fiction", that exists on the other side. In this world, he saw himself with silver hair and different two eye colors and was named Yozora. Since light and darkness do not exist in this world he lost the power to wield a Keyblade and gain a new weapon. He encountered new people, new adventures, a new world, and met someone. A girl who made the first connection in his heart that later disappeared from the unknown apocalypse.

Even though he lived in a new world, sometimes he can still see some memories of the past in his dreams that he was once a child who wields a weapon called the Keyblade that participated in the war that killed many people and destroyed many worlds until he met a person who offers him a hand for help in his near dying moments (Ephemer). Because of these memories, maybe it's the reason why he believed that he was once a different person back then. Hence what he said to the person that he met (Sora) "But this isn't what I really look like." But in order to find these memories, he needs to participate in different trials that were given to him. He even has a memory of a boy who said these words "I've been having these weird thoughts lately like is any of this for real or not?"

If Yozora is one of the Players or possesses a previous life before he became Yozora then it would make possible sense? Considering he said that he:

1. Possesses a previous lifetime or memories.
-He said to Sora that he possesses an original form before he became Yozora. He participated in a different trials and one of these trials is to Save Sora. We don't know his connection to Sora but maybe the reason why he knows Sora is because the person who gave Yozora a task to Save Sora might have a connection with Sora and that someone could be Ephemer since he did save Sora in the Keyblade Graveyard from the hordes of Heartless. However, since Ephemer's presence can no longer save Sora since Sora is now trapped in a different world he told his old friend (Yozora/Player) in the Final World to save Sora instead. Yozora knows the existence of the Final World and I can imagine Ephemer is not the only one who gave him different tasks. Chirithy or any other different people who live in the Final World could be the ones who gave him other tasks to complete.

2. Knowledge of wielding the Keyblade
-In a boss fight with Yozora, he has the ability to steal someone's abilities including Sora's Keyblade. He can perform a mixture of technology and magic-based attacks in this state. Yet we don't know how he can perform and use the Keyblade perfectly, but then again maybe this is because he possesses previous memories that he was once wielded a Keyblade in his old lifetime.

3. Might meet with familiar faces.
-Yozora might possess some memories of the people that he met in his previous life but what would happen if he met up with one of the Foretellers/Lost Masters (Master of Masters and his apprentices), Dandelions (Ephemer, Skuld, Lauriam, Brain, Ventus, Elrena) and of course Strelitzia. The Player may not know Strelitzia back in the UX, since Strelitzia doesn't have the guts to interact and meet up with the Player but imagine Strelitzia will see a resemblance of Yozora as the person that she tried to interact with in the UX, a friend.

4. The theme of the next arc.
-The theme of the next arc is An Oath to Return. We also see the same cryptic message in the ending of KHUX and KHDR but what could that possibly mean? That, I think hinges on the fate of the Dandelions who went into sleeping as we see during the ending. I surmise that one day the Dandelions will reawaken again from their slumber and we'll see them return in the future as well. It could also mean Yozora/Player might meet up with some of the familiar faces like the Dandelions/Dream Eaters, Foretellers/Lost Masters, and everybody else that he met in Scala ad Caelum from his second lifetime.

At the end of the day, all of this is just a theory, A GAME THEORY!

What do you guys think? Do you think this will happen in Phase 2 of Kingdom Hearts. I know my theory sounds far-fetched but I don't mind if my theory ends up becoming true, and I have a feeling it won't. I know some of you guys may disagree but criticism is welcomed.
Jan 14, 2021
This is a very solid theory and it would definitely explain why Yozora says "But this isn't what I really look like." because what Player looks like is up to...well, the player.


Bronze Member
Jan 13, 2018
While it’s possible, I think I’d rather the Player never get a specific identity within the series. I think the only reason they introduced the multiple lifetimes concept in the series was to connect the Player of UX to the one from Missing Link. So I think they should stick to that and have the Player continue to “reincarnate” for future games with customizable characters.