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Theories after looking at new videos!



New member
Apr 27, 2005
ok, after watching the secret endings, as well as the intro to the knight battle and the cutscene between zexion and xigbar, ihave some theories. Because of the "room of sleep" and the "room of awakening", im pretty sure that they might have to do with the secret videos...the quotes "it all begins with birth by sleep" and "everything awaits the awakening".I also have another theory about that, that maybe since the name of the final mix video seems to be Birth by Sleep, that maybe IT is the event that the quote from the orgininal secret video is talking about, like thats where everything that has been occuring since is because of that battle. As for the E.S., i dont really think he is Xehanort...cause if he was Xehanort..why was the E.S. still there in all his Soldier-iness and talking about thinking Sora was Xehanort. Perhaps this could reveal a connection between Xehanort, Sora, and Riku (people are theorising from Ansem's Report 0 that Sora and Riku are the lost 2). I bet that if anyone can beat the E.S.,he will reveal a REALLY HUGE SPOLIER, which would be why its near impossible to beat him. As for the 2 rooms and the empty aromor of the F.S., your guess is as good as mine. And if someone from the Birth by Sleep video is Xehanort, i think it could be either the E.S. or the Old Bald Man. In all reality though, the E.S. being Xehanort doesnt sound like such a bad idea though, because maybe after that fight the E.S. got beaten so bad that his hair turned white and he forgot all his memories, and that when he bevame a heartless, he subconsiously took last memories of the old bald man and made it into his costume, as Xehanort's heartless's costume OBVIOUSLY will have some kind of tie to the old bald man. BUt Nomura said they were all new characters so...who knows...?