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The World that Never Was glitch

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Dark Wing

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Jun 13, 2010
The Internet
found an interesting glitch in TWTNW with Riku. just off of the large room after the entrance to the world, there's a hallway with a pipe you can slide along and then a green light that super jump's you up to a blue portal in the floor that connects back to the top of the large room. I randomly decided to do the flow motion attack from the super jump into the portal, just cuz, and managed to glitch myself through the floor past the portal. you basically get stuck in this small area surrounded by an invisible wall, perpetually falling but not actually going anywhere. would've had to reset the game but I managed to use Dark Aura to get up high enough that it teleported me back to the large room. not much you can do with it but I thought it was interesting enough to share
Not open for further replies.