The Walking Dead: Collisions (OOC & Discussion)



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Oct 19, 2011
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The Walking Dead: Collisions
"There is no cure."


It's been six months now that the Walkers, the walking dead, have been swarming humankind's civilizations, it's July 1st. Survivor's are few, and the numbers of Walkers have only increased as victims have fallen, turned by the wounds brought on by the dead. If humankind doesn't persist to do something, or rather, if the survivor groups don't unite and take control over the dead, then all life will be cast out. The Walking Dead will rule as morbid, reasonless beings with nothing worth existing for, and earth as all know it will end; an apocalyptic world has been met, and only the living can fight back.

So basically the storyline of the Roleplay will lead up to a revolt of the survivor groups against the Walkers. There are no canon characters involved, (logically I know there would be, but for the sake of keeping things simple there won't be) Throughout the Roleplay there will be three key survivor groups, though it isn't a requirement to be a part of a group; there can be loners. (Please realize that your character may eventually be a part of a group, however, if they are going to survive to the end of the Roleplay) The primary goal of the characters is to survive for as long as possible. The element of uniting will be met once the Roleplay has starting and characters are introduced among the other characters of their group.

Group One- New York, NY

Group Two- New Orleans, LA

Group Three- Saint Louis, MO

Loners-(Choose where your character is)

Name: (First & Last)
Age: (17+)
Gender: (Male or Female)
Group or Loner: (Which Group, or are you a loner? If a Loner put your location as well)
Appearance: (What does your character look like?)
Personality: (What's your character like?)
Biography: (Just a brief explanation of your character's history. One paragraph is good, more is fine though)
Skills: (Does your character have experience with a gun? Fighting skills? Medical? Is your character a leader?)
Equipment/Supplies: (What does your character have with them?)
Other: (Anything else you want to add?)

-KHInsider rules apply
-No Godmodding/Power playing/Machine Gun Posting
-Be respectful to other Roleplayers
-Yes, I understand the series itself is a little gruesome, but keep violence to a PG-13 level in the Roleplay.
-Language is allowed, PG-13
-Romance is fine, but again, PG-13