The use of abilities for stats and other salubrious effects



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Sep 16, 2015
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This aspect, which was first introduced in BBS, really bothers me so much.
I would spend hours trying to get all the abilities, and only after 20 hours worth of playtime, I practically only have half of them. Why do I have to utilize abilities for boosting my character anyway. I have full comprehension towards the abilities for Combo Boosts and Magic Boosts, but attack and other boosts would take a while. I would prefer, starting from KH3, to please utilize equipment for stat boosts, not abilities, because it got really tedious for me in the end.

What do you guys think about the use of abilities in this sense?


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Jul 28, 2008
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The primary reason that abilities were done this way in BBS was to ensure that players would use the meld commands function which was created for the original PSP version of the game. Abilities have never been tied toe the equipment for good reason in this series. If it was attached to the equipment, then your character would have to wait until completing each individual world to upgrade and it would also change how the keyblades and accessories are handled.

If KH3 follows the tradition of the console KH games, then you will have level ups give you your needed stat boosts and gain abilities this way without the need to create commands as in BBS. As it stands, the command functions were only ever used in the hand-held installments.

A faster way to level up commands and get the abilities is to forge a command with the desired ability and then go into the Command Board. Sorry for rambling, hope this helped somehow (wasn't trying to sound lecturing).