The untold Origin of Ace The Bat 6



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Nov 14, 2009
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Ace couldn’t hold himself back any longer. Before Kentil or Scorpus could stop him, he leapt down to the ground between Mephistopheles and Elzama.
“And who might you be?” Mephistopheles asked.
Ace ignored the question. “He was your comrade, “He said, gesturing at Galter’s body. “How could you do that to him?”
Mephistopheles laughed. “Comrade? Him? Don’t be absurd,” He said. “I’ll ask you again; Who are you?”
“I’m Ace,” he replied, picking Elzama’s sword up off the ground. “I’m the guy who’s about to kick your Mafia ass!”
Suddenly, Ace heard the sounds off a hundred guns being cock. He realized that every Mafioso in the warehouse was aiming right at him. Ace had been so focused on Mephistopheles, that he had completely forgotten about the rest of them.
There was a sudden flash of purple light, and several of the thugs were shocked to find themselves disarmed. Kentil was standing before them with spear in hand. A second later, Scorpus landed right behind Ace.
“So much for subtlety,” Kentil said. “Scorpus, get the girl out of here. Ace and I can handle this.”
“I know you,” Mephistopheles said. “You’re Kentil, the Agent of Chance. Tell me, how many lives have you taken?”
Kentil spun around and raised his lance to Mephistopheles’ throat. As he shifted his stance, Ace noticed a gleaming gem in his other hand. “I’ve never killed anybody,” Kentil hissed angrily. “But if you ever accuse me of that again, you’ll be my first.”
“If I were you, I’d be more concerned about them,” Mephistopheles said, waving his hand towards the seemingly countless thugs filling the warehouse.
“Can you handle this guy on your own?” Kentil asked Ace.
“You bet,” Ace said.
“You sure?” Kentil replied. “This is Mephisto, one of the Mafia’s best shooters.”
“I’ll be fine,” Ace answered, glaring at the Weasel.
With a swift motion, Scorpus brought down his tail and severed the ropes binding Elzama. “Grab on,” He instructed, offering his tail to the girl. She grabbed it, and Scorpus lifted her into the air with surprising ease. “Hold on tight,” He said, charging through the crowd of thugs, knocking their guns from their hands as he ran.
Some of the criminals picked their guns up and attempted to fire at Scorpus, but Kentil appeared before them in a flash of purple light, and used his Emerald to project a glowing barrier that deflected their bullets.
Meanwhile, Ace had begun his own battle against Mephisto. It started off difficultly, as Mephisto’s twin guns gave him an edge in the fight. All Ace was able to do was dodge His shots. After a minute of scrambling around and trying to avoid all the shots, Mephisto’s guns ran out of bullets. He pause for a moment to re-up, which was all the time Ace needed. He charged up as fast as he could, and just as Mephisto finished reloading Ace swung his sword in a wide arc, which Mephisto barely blocked with the barrel of his guns.
Ace continued his assault, remembering what Kentil had taught him. Mephisto was a shooter, which meant his skill lay in ranged combat. At close range like this, he was defenseless.
Mephisto knew this as well. He had virtually no melee skills. He practiced archery and sniping, and had become the best gunner the Mafia had to offer, but this kid had him on the ropes. Without even thinking, he squeezed the trigger on one of his guns. The shot missed Ace and hit a stack of crates behind him. One of the boxes fell over, and its contents, which seemed to consist of nothing but pots and pans, clattered to the floor.
Ace stopped in his tracks and covered his ears. The deafening noise of the metal on concrete was too much for his sensitive hearing. Mephisto noticed this, and opened fire on the pile of kitchen ware. Ace screamed in pain as the overwhelming noise reached his ears. Mephisto now stood before him, gun aimed between his eyes.
“Shame you’ve come this far only to die,” Mephisto said. “Have to admit, though; you were good. I hope we can fight again in the next life.”
As Thos was going on, Kentil had found himself in a tight spot. He was backed against a wall. He had disarmed practically every gun, but the thugs had now drawn knifes and clubs. Kentil got a sick thrill out of low odds, but this was ridiculous. He noticed a car at the far end of the warehouse. It looked expensive, probably belonging to either Galter or Mephisto.
He knew he only had one attack that would save him, and only one chance to use it. The thugs were getting cocky, and were approaching slowly, as if to taunt him. This gave him the time he needed.
He gathered all the power of the Emerald, combining both the positive and the negative. As the criminals got closer, he channeled that power into his pole arm, and leapt into the air above them.
“CHAOS SPEAR!” He shouted, launching the energy out of his weapons tip. It struck the car, causing it to explode.
The blast knocked Mephisto off his feet. Seizing the opportunity, Ace grabbed the sword and fled. He had to find Kentil and leave as fast as he could.
The warehouse was now engulfed in fire. The mafia members had all fled. Ace could hardly see through all the smoke. But he could still hear. He closed his eyes and let out a supersonic shriek, barely able to be heard by anyone else. The sound ricocheted off the walls and returned to Ace, allowing his to form a mental layout of the area. Kentil was pinned beneath a fallen rafter a few yards away. Ace ran over to help him.
“Kentil!” He cried. “Are you okay?”
“I’m fine,” He said. “At least, I will be as soon as you get this thing off me.”
Ace was about to do just that when he heard a gunshot, and experienced a sharp sting in his left arm. He looked and saw blood trickling through his fur. Two more shots were fire, one of them grazing his left leg and the other piercing the folds of his wing. He turned to see Mephisto standing a few meters away. He was battered up a bit, and seemed to have lost one of his weapons. The heat was disorienting him, throwing off both his balance and his aim.
“You haven’t forgotten about me, have you?” Mephisto said, steadying himself and aiming at Ace’s head. He squeezed the trigger, but something odd happened. Ace had suddenly began glowing brightly, and the bullet simply bounce off him. He fired a couple more times, but I was meaningless.
Ace charged up next to Mephisto, and kicked him in the face so hard that he went crashing through the ceiling. Ace then turned to Kentil. The crystal Kentil had earlier was lying just out of Kentil’s reach. It seemed to be calling to him, telling him what he needed to do. He picked it up and grabbed Kentil’s shoulder. In a flash, they were both outside the burning warehouse.
Ace stopped glowing and collapsed, unconscious. Kentil stood up and grabbed his Emerald. His suspicions were true. Ace’s power and the Chaos Emeralds were connected somehow. Scorpus and Elzama ran up to them in a hurry.
“Are you guys okay?” Scorpus asked.
“Yeah,” Kentil said. “I’ll get this kid back to the base. The twins can patch him up. You can take that little girl home.”
“You know how to get there, right?” Scorpus asked.
“Yes,” Elzama said, gazing in shock at Ace’s blood stained body.
As the two of them turn to leave, Ace spoke up weakly. “El- Elzama,” He said. “Here’s… your sword back. Don’t do anything… stupid.”
She took the sword from Ace and left with Scorpus.
Kentil used his Chaos Emerald to warp himself and Ace to the alleyway behind their base. As he entered, he called for Max and Pax to come help him. They took Ace into another room to start treating his wounds.
Kentil waited outside, holding his Emerald. He channeled some of his energy into it, and the image of an echidna appeared before him. He was in his early twenties, with gold eyes and spiked knuckles.
“This must be important,” He said. “You hardly ever contact me, Kentil.”
“Aldin,” Kentil said. “The guardians must convene.”
“You’re calling a meeting?” Aldin asked. “You of all people? What’s the problem?”
“Have you noticed the fluctuations in the Emeralds energy?” Kentil asked. Aldin Nodded. “I’ve found the cause of it.”
“Is that so?” Aldin asked. “When shall we meet?”
Kentil knocked on the door behind him. “When’ll he be good enough to stand?” He asked.
“It’s just some minor flesh wounds,” Max answered from the other side.
“He’ll be right as rain by tomorrow morning,” Pax added.
“Thanks,” Kentil said. He turned his attention back to Aldin. “24 Hours.”
“Very well,” Aldin replied. “I’ll inform the others. But it comes to my attention that Hallim is no longer in possession of his Emerald. How are we going to pass the message along to him?”
Kentil glanced at the corner of the hallway. The shadows seemed to vanish from his field of vision as soon as he saw them. “He already knows,” Kentil said.

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