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Fanfiction ► The Traveler

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Mar 27, 2007
Late again but good cliffhanger ending it only makes me want to know what actually happens in the next edition right now, hope to see the update soon.


Dec 28, 2006
Ohh~ Good chapter, and very interesting cliffhanger, I definitely didn't expect that. :O


A.K.A. Jemxas
May 24, 2004
Maple Shade: A small town in NJ
Hi everyone. Here is chapter seven. Enjoy.

Ch.7 Confrontation

A month had passed since James was last seen. All of the skeletons searched the city hoping to find him. There efforts were all for not. They figured that somebody would have seen him by now. His friends were beginning to fear that the worst had happened. Most of the skeletons were gathered in James’ hospital room. Kevin’s band mates were searching the city and Tim kept a constant watch at the museum.

Everyone was silent for the longest time. Nobody knew exactly what to say. They wanted to say something positive. Yet all of their thoughts were negative. Kevin decided to break the silence.

“Has anyone found anything that will help us locate my bro?” Everyone in the room shook their head. Kevin lowered his head sighing.

“Do not fret Kevin. I am sure that James will show up safe and sound.”

“Are you sure about that Mayor?” asked Lenard. “We have been searching for a month with no luck yet. James should have been found by now.”

“I have to agree with you Sorrento. We have covered every square inch of the city.” Dr. Parker added.

“There is still one section left unchecked.” stated Hank.

“Why would James venture there?” asked Debra. “Especially, since we promised never to travel to the destroyed portion of the city.”

“Did anyone mention this to James?” inquired Lenard.

“I don’t believe that we did.” confessed Kevin.

“That is my fault. It was my duty to inform him about such an important matter. I am sorry.”

“No need to apologize Mayor. None of us expected James to disappear.” said Dr. Parker.

“Perhaps he returned to his own world.” declared Debra.

“That is a possibility. Although I would expect Honda to return to retrieve his sword.” stated Lenard.

“He hasn’t come back for his blade yet?” Kevin asked. Sorrento shook his head. “Whoa! That is deep.”

“I check the vault every day. It is still there.” informed Lenard.
“Perhaps you should return to the station. Just in case James decides to come back for his weapon,” the mayor stated.

“Very well, call me though if anything comes up.”

“Don’t worry Lenard we will.” declared Dr. Parker. Sorrento left the room making his way toward the station.

“Are there any options that we haven’t contemplated yet?” inquired Hank.

“Perhaps James decided to take a late night stroll.” suggested Debra.

“One of us would have found him by now.” answered Greg.

“Maybe he decided to have a late night snack.” stated Kevin.

“We would have discovered his location.” Hank said.

“Is it possible that Brandon came in contact with James?” asked the mayor. Everyone was silent. They didn’t want to admit that James was now associated with Lexmire.

“If my bro is teamed with Brandon, then we should contact Officer Lenard.” Kevin suggested.

“Why do you think that?” Greg asked.

“If James is working along side Lexmire, then he will return for his sword first.”

“Your logic is sound Kevin. I shall inform Lenard immediately.” Hank said as he removed his cell phone. He called Officer Sorrento and briefed him on the conclusion they came up with. Lenard said he would be ready if James or Brandon showed their face at the station. After the call was made, everyone decided to go about their daily lives. Although they knew it would not be easy knowing that James could be aligned with Brandon.

Lexmire and Honda were currently in an abandoned section of the city. During the past month, Brandon made sure all of James’ needs were fulfilled. These included food, water, and bathroom facilities. Also he took specific measurements of his left hand. Brandon used those numbers to create a dark blue gauntlet.

Now James, I have to warn you. This gauntlet is a dangerous weapon. You must have a strong mind to wield it. Is your mind strong?”

“Would you have chosen me if it wasn’t?”

“Touché James. Now you do realize that this gauntlet is heavy correct?”

“Of course. It is why you suggested I work out and strengthen my body.” James took the gauntlet from Brandon and placed it on his left hand. James’ arm lowered for a moment due to the increase in weight. He raised his arm and moved it around until he felt comfortable wearing the gauntlet. “Is my gauntlet like yours?”

“Actually they are different. Mine unleash raw energy while yours holds an elemental property.”

“Which element is it Brandon?”

“I chose ice for the gauntlet.”

“Nice.” James had an evil grin on his face. “So how exactly does it work?”

“It is very complex. You see, the gauntlet is connected to your mind.” James looked at him confused. “The gauntlet reacts to your thoughts. I shall demonstrate with my own gauntlets.” He raised his hand aiming it at a destroyed building. A couple seconds passed and a blast of energy fired from his hand hitting the building. James stood there in awe. The building was reduced to rubble. But that was not the reason why James was in shock. He was remembering the dream he had with the giant gold hands.

“No. It can’t be the same. It was only a dream.” James whispered to himself while shaking his head. Brandon looked at James puzzled.

“Is something wrong James?” Lexmire asked concerned.

“No. I’m fine. The power of your gauntlets is amazing.” A smile came to Brandon’s face.

“The gauntlets are my greatest invention. I am proud to say that I created them. Do not fret James. Your gauntlet is just as powerful as mine.”

“I am relieved to hear that. This gauntlet will come in handy in this world and any other worlds that I may happen to visit.”

“It is a fascinating phenomenon. To live in another world similar to our own yet in many ways different. I envy you James.” Brandon was silent for a moment. “Please forgive me my friend. I am rambling. Now it is your turn.”

Lexmire watched as James raised his hand. He concentrated on a specific part of a building. A beam of ice shot from his hand. Due to the force of the beam, he was off on his desired target, James looked at Brandon.

“How was that?”

“Not bad for your first attempt. Just continue to practice to practice on the building. Alternate between a stream of ice and a blast of ice. It will help you get used to the power of the gauntlet.” James nodded his head and began to practice. Lexmire was standing there grinning. My plan is a success. Using James to help me extract my revenge was brilliant All I had to was have him drink my formula and his mind would be corrupted. It was elementary thanks to my cloaking device. I slipped the potion into his soda and a few hours later, I had an ally that despised his friends. “Good work for today. Just continue to practice daily and in no time you will be a master of your gauntlet.” The two of them retreated to the lab to recuperate. James stopped though due to a familiar female voice in his head. Please try and be strong James. You have to remember who your true friends are. Brandon walked over to James and asked if he was alright.

“Yeah, I just thought that I heard someone.”

“I see. You must have been imagining it. Every citizen is afraid to wander around here.” James nodded his head in agreement. The two of them headed back to the lab. James whispered to himself my true friends.

Two weeks had passed since the skeletons had their meeting in the hospital room. Morale had dropped due to James’ absence. Only a couple of skeletons were in decent shape. Tim always kept his spirits high in case a visitor came to the museum. Also, he made sure the museum was in the best condition possible. Tim developed a certain attitude. If he showed a positive side then everything would be fine. If he was negative then the museum would suffer. Tim refused to have the building in such a state.

Debra realized that she had to be in high spirits. If not then Lucinda might be affected. She refused to have her daughter be unhappy. No matter what the cost. The others were not faring so well.

Kevin’s playing was horrible. He refused to practice. All he did was sit around and wonder where his bro was. Hank paced around his home. He worried about James so much that he was using the most simplistic dialogue.

Mayor Shanksky just sulked in his home. There was always a task for him to accomplish. Yet now he just didn’t care knowing that James could be dead. Dr. Parker refused to leave the hospital. In fact, he never left the room that Honda slept in. He had barely eaten or slept. All he did was study and read the book on human anatomy. Greg wanted to be prepared in case James returned to the hospital. He hoped and prayed that he wouldn’t have to examine him in the morgue.

Officer Sorrento was currently sitting behind his desk at the police station. He was pretty nervous knowing that Brandon and or James could attack at any moment. He tapped his fingers on the desk as he removed a key from his pocket and unlocked the top right drawer. Inside was a 9millimeter handgun. He removed it and a full clip loading it into the gun.

“I haven’t used a firearm for a long time. I hope my aim is just as good.” Sorrento rarely had to use his piece since there were not many crimes committed in the city. When there was a situation, Lenard took care of it with his bare hands.

Lenard was looking at the picture on his desk of his son. All of a sudden, there was a loud explosion. The door leading in and out went flying across the room landing hard on the floor. Sorrento immediately went down behind his desk when he heard the blast. He slowly raised his head when he felt it was safe. Lenard lowered his head once more seeing what emerged from the smoke filled doorway. Brandon and James slowly entered the room. They gazed around the area for any signs of life.

“It appears that nobody is here.”

“Looks can be deceiving James. Search the room and stay alert.” Honda nodded his head as he and Lexmire walked around the room. Crap. It appears that James is working with Brandon. Whether it was by choice or he was forced is not important now. I can't allow them to find the safe.

Brandon’s thoughts were cut off as a shadow hovered over him. He slowly looked up to see James standing over him smiling down. Neither man spoke a word. Sorrento was staring into James’ brown hues and Honda was staring into Lenard’s empty sockets. Lenard cautiously stood becoming eye level with James. Sorrento was shocked seeing that he wasn’t attacked yet.

James didn’t hurt Sorrento due to the fact that he was hearing the female voice in his mind again. Please don't hurt the police man James. He is your friend. Brandon is your enemy. James shook his head a few times to try and get the girl’s voice out of his head. Apparently it worked since he could no longer hear her.

“Hello Sorrento. It is good to see you again. You and I have an important matter to discuss.” spoke Honda in a dark tone.

“I have nothing to say to you.” Lenard pointed his gun toward James. “Leave now or I will shoot.” It was made clear by Officer Sorrento that this was not an idle threat. He would open fire if he to. James smirked as he grabbed the gun with his left hand. Lenard watched in horror and awe as the gun was frozen solid in ice.

“Your gun is useless.” stated James. Brandon walked over to them with a pleased expression on his face.

“Excellent work James. Your training has paid off. Long time no see Lenard. It is a pleasure to see you again my old friend.”

“The pleasure is all yours you ******* ********! I’ll make you pay you piece of ****! Brandon just laughed.

“You haven’t changed one bit Sorrento. You still have that short temper. Anyway, be a good pig and tell us where James’ sword is.”

“Kiss my ass and burn in hell Lexmire!”

“Such hostility is not necessary. James please persuade him.”

“With pleasure.” James closed his eyes and concentrated on the gauntlet. When he opened his eyes, long ice claws had formed on the gauntlet’s fingers. “We can do this two ways. The easy way or the hard way. The choice is yours.” James said as he held the claws close to Lenard’s face. Sorrento sighed as he slowly walked over to the far wall. Brandon and James followed him to make sure he didn’t try anything sneaky. Lenard pushed on the wall making it slide open. Behind the wall was a hidden room containing a large safe. Brandon and James smiled when they saw the safe. Lexmire grabbed Sorrento by the collar of his shirt.

“Open the safe now or else!” Brandon’s free hand glowed with energy. Lenard was silent. “If you value your life then you will reveal the combination!” Sorrento kept his mouth shut.

“Forget about him Brandon. We don’t need his help to open the safe.” Brandon looked at him confused. “Trust me.” Lexmire nodded his head and tossed Sorrento to the side. He hit the wall hard and blacked out. James raised his hand aiming it at the safe. He charged up the gauntlet and fired a beam of ice which hit the front of the safe. Brandon smiled at James.

“You are a genius my boy.” Brandon clenched his right hand into a fist. He shot a thin stream of energy hitting the vault. They alternated between blasts until the front fell to the ground. James stepped forward and his hand into the safe. He smiled as he pulled out his sword. Brandon watched as Honda unsheathed his blade. “What a fascinating weapon. I have never seen one quite like it before.”

“We have many varieties of swords in my home world.” He said as he sheathed his sword and secured it on his left side.

“Our world is pretty peaceful. Well it was. I saw to that. The thing is though; the weapons we do have are scarce in numbers.” Lexmire gazed over at the still unconscious Lenard. “Anyway, It’s time to take out the trash.” he walked over to the officer. Brandon grabbed him by his ankle and dragged him out of the room.

James just stood there in a daze. His head was throbbing causing him immense pain. It was caused by the same female voice was communicating with him once more. Don't do this James. This isn't who you are. Remember how they helped you in your time of need. A new male voice came into James’ head. He was apparently singing. Over the sea. Let's go men. We're shoving right off. We're shoving right off again.

“What the hell was that about?” He was very confused after what he had just heard. Since the pain in his head subsided, Honda slowly walked toward the exit. He stopped though and turned his head to the right. James stared at what had caught his eye and then left the precinct.

There was a cool breeze outside the station. The bright setting sun cast shadows everywhere. James gazed at the orange sky and knew exactly what he had to do. Brandon dragged Sorrento over toward James. He smiled as he tossed the cop at Honda’s feet.

“Would you care to do the honor my friend?” asked Lexmire.

“With pleasure.” He smacked Lenard on the face a few times.

“You want him awake when you kill him? I like that.” They watched as the officer slowly stirred and gazed around the area. His sockets were fixed on his captors.

“Where am I?” Lenard asked annoyed.

“We are outside the station. A perfect setting for your demise.”

“Any last words before I end your life?” James asked as he charged up his gauntlet.

“Only this; justice will prevail.” Brandon laughed after hearing the officer’s statement.

Honda pulled back his arm. He glared at Sorrento smiling. Then he turned and ran toward Lexmire punching him with the gauntlet. He raised his hands barely blocking the fist. The force of the impact made Brandon slide back. He lowered his arms and glared at James.

“What the hell are you doing?!”

“Coming to my senses.”

“You broke free from my mind control? Most impressive.”

“It’s time to end your evil reign.”

“Give it your best shot.” Honda unsheathed his sword and both men charged their gauntlets.

End Chapter
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Nelo Angelo

Enigma of Extreme
Dec 13, 2006
That was a brilliant chapter James, I loved the action. The detail was great. Cool ice gauntlets I must say. And James finally is back to his senses. Great stuff as always James my man. :thumbup: Cant wait for the next chap.


Mar 27, 2007
Another one of your great works AJ and you sure do know how to come up with some great action sequences time and time again.
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