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The Travails of a KH Ficcer

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Dec 7, 2005
Alright now boys and girls, everyone sit down and make yourself comfortable. Brace yourselves against something sturdy and soft, it's time for a RANT. Okay, let me start this off by explaining something about me: I read fanfictions. A LOT. I'm a fan of many genres across the spectrum, but I especially dig Action/Adventure/Romances. Y'know, nice, hefty, well-written fictions that pit my favorite characters against an awful menace that leads to a (usually) happy ending and has my favorite male in the series end up with my favorite female. Oh, in case I forgot to mention, I happen to be a straight male. Now before you all start preempively hurling Molotov coctails at me, let me set the record str--uh, down...for you all. I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEM WITH ANY "ALTERNATIVE" SEXUALITY AT ALL! I have a bunch of gay friends, and I could probably count the number of wholly straight females I know on one hand. That said, could somebody please tell me why it's so hard to find a decent S/K fic ANYWHERE?! It's not bad enough that Yaoi-joy has pervaded the entire frickin' Kingdom Hearts fandom without a het fic to be seen, but I actually get flamed on certain boads for professing S/K as cannon. Can someone explain this to me? Okay, I'll grant that Sora and Riku share an extremely close relationship, but need I remind everyone that they spent almost the entire first game FIGHTING OVER A GIRL?! I have no problem with a bunch of S/R wish-fufilment fics from the squealing bishonen fangirl comunity, but it's reached certain forbidden levels of ridiculousness. I have scoured both ff.net and aff.net and have yet to find a decent S/K fic at all. The few I do find, are unbelievably half-assed token showings that all have the gist of "SorasomehowmakesitbacktotheislandsandKairishappyandtheyporktheend." Honestly, it makes ya sick! If anyone has any thoughts that don't involve stringing me up by my cahonies in the town square please share them. Also, and somewhat more importantly if you have any links to some GOOD S/K fanfiction please post them AND PM me (and if the fic in question might not be apropriate for all audiences, just PM it). I don't care if it's pre-KH2, post-KH2, spoilers, whatever, anything! {huff, huff} Okay, I'm done, and I need a glass of water.
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