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The Strange Adventures of Riku, Final Episode



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Jun 8, 2005
Where are you now?...I can't see your face anymore
YouTube - The Strange Adventures of Riku Part Two

Warning: if you haven't seen the other episodes don't watch this one just yet otherwise you'll spoil the endings for them x.x

I've "FINALLY" gotten around to posting up the final part to Riku's episode, boy it took a lot of work. Since this is the last episode, there is a little threat during and after credits so be sure to watch on ^^

Oh and a special thanks to Ben for making those cute pictures on the series ^_____^ and for those who watched the series al lthe way through, thank you guys. It was your sweet funny comments and your surport that made me want to go on, thanks XD

And a thanks to Luke and his awesome big hit parody series Dramatic Hearts, ^^ I can't lie if he hadn't created that show i might not of ever thought of giving parody making a try, and yeah you might hear this a lot dude but you did inspire me (nudges Luke with stick) now hurry up and make more episodes on that kh re:com game! XD

Anywho now that's parody making's over for me, i can finally get back to writing bwaha (skips off happily) peace out!