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The significance of Sora’s hallucinations, regarding Riku and Kairi



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Mar 15, 2018
When he’s falling deeper into his dream, Sora sees Riku and Kairi walking away without him, and no matter how hard he tries, he can’t seem to reach them. Obviously, this reflects Ventus’ feelings towards Aqua and Terra, and how they were separated (as they appear as them for a moment)—but it’s still interesting they chose to present the fact through Riku and Kairi firstly. Do you think there’s significance behind it? I feel like... it’s too important of a scene, to not mean something.

I think that, maybe—even though he’s always putting on a happy demeanor, Sora might actually be afraid of not being left behind as well. Considering that Kairi’s a Princess of Heart, and Riku was originally meant to wield the Keyblade—what if Sora feels like he’s not meant to play a part in everything, or will eventually fall irrelevant? It might not be as crazy as it seems; he can only wield the Keyblade because of Ventus (who will eventually have to leave his heart, and perhaps eventually take the ability with him,) and not to mention—he obviously failed the Mark of Mastery as well. What if, beneath his cheerful demeanor, he’s actually really insecure that he isn’t good enough? What if he feels like Riku and Kairi are going to keep progressing without him? It’d be interesting but sobering to see that side of his character, and I feel like that might be the direction Nomura’s taking him.

Regardless, I’d love to hear anyone else’s interpretation on the scene/idea.