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May 29, 2013
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As the sun set over the sea of Dreams Sarah watched through her window. A Bright girl with green hair and blue eyes she felt different to the people in her home.

" I love when the sun sets over the Sea of Dreams" said Sarah as her Friend Lexa sat on the bed a positive girl with blonde hair and Hazel eyes. She was never the romantic type out of her and Sarah.

" Sarah i don't get you i don't even get why the sun sets special you've seen it a thousand times before " said Lexa grinning as Sarah stud and faces her.

" Well i guess but i know beyond the sea of Dreams and the Sun there's other worlds other places" said Sarah as Lexa smiled.

" I guess so but you know there really isn't anything a far from here i mean the sea of dreams is the world of worlds and the realm of hearts is the only world two " said Lexa as Sarah crossed her arms

" there's got to be more Lexa we know the world is split in sectors the light and the dark " said Sarah as Lexa nodded

" Sarah i know I've been to school i know how this works but the darkness is just to scare kids Sarah " said Lexa as Sarah pulled a face

" Maybe there are real people out there who are in darkness Lexa " Said Sarah as Lexa Stared at her.

" You have to be kidding people who wielded darkness died off 2000years ago there ain't any" said Lexa as Sarah sighed

" But don't you think there could be more people
of the dark" asked Sarah in concern as Lexa sighed.

" i guess the world hasn't fully actually ventured to there hiding place but its just a tale" said Lexa as Sarah nodded slightly

" i so" said Sarah

" you know So no one from the dark realm has set up on our worlds door step have they" said Lexa as Sarah thought hard about the darkness

" Maybe you know whats best" said Sarah sitting on the bed as Lexa sighed with relief

" Who told you any way" said Lexa as Sarah sighs

" Sky he told me that he thought they were out there even though they roam so far back on our worlds threshold" said Sarah as Lexa laughed with joy.

" You believe him he lies to you And everyone Sarah" said Lexa as she stares at Sarah.

" you don't believe in whats beyond this place " asked Sarah as Lexa stud and shook her head.

" Nope why would i well i best be going " said Lexa as She opened Sarah's Bedroom door

" alright see you " Said Sarah as Lexa left. She knew that Lexa didn't care of what she thought but she only knew to venture to find her old friend Soka......

Chapter 1 Leaving Home.

Sarah walked through the quite streets through the darkness. The Sky a vibrant bluey purple as she walked away from her home she knew she was at risk alone but her journey would continue even if there was danger around every corner. She had to find Her friend through this blazing darkness of the night.

" Hey what are you doing " Said Zemi a girl who was a friend of Soka's but Sarah never knew her. She faced the girl her hair a vibrant blue and her eyes a light green.

" I'm looking for Soka, Zemi why? " asked Sarah sternly as Zemi walked from out the shadows of the dark street.

" Soka's not on this realm any more you know that she's on the realm of the seekers of Darkness to destroy it for good but how can they do that when the danger is everywhere" Said Zemi as Sarah stared at her funny.

" What do you mean i was told there were no other worlds beyond the sea of dreams? " said Sarah as Zemi smiled

" They lie to us kids so we don't see the worlds beyond here they hate the other realms,Islands and others which are out there" said Zemi

" i knew that there were other realms out there" said Sarah as Zemi smiled.

" Yes i know but you must not say anything to anyone" said Zemi as Sarah stared at her in disbelief.

" Why cant i say anything to anyone Zemi?" said Sarah

" They don't want you to know as the other kids i found the information out my self but the hard way the truth as i was told shouldn't be opened into the world there's no place for it" said Zemi

" well i am going into the world beyond here i need to know if whats been hidden from us is real or fake" said Sarah running away from Zemi.

Chapter 2
the world of hearts.

Sarah walked for hours on end to find the world beyond her own but she knew she needed help from one person.

" Sky" Said Sarah as she hammered onto his house door it flew open and Sarah smiled at Sky. He had lime green long hair and his eyes a coating of red shades.

" Whats wrong Sarah " said Sky as Sarah looked at him in amazement.

" I need your help " said Sarah as Sky yawned.

" in the dead of night? For what purpose? " said Sky as Sarah shook her head.

" Remember when we talked about more worlds out side of our own" said Sarah as Sky sighed.

" Get to your point Sarah " said Sky as Sarah gasps.

" Can you help me find Soka beyond here please i am begging you i want to find out the truth Sky" said Sarah as Sky smiled Slightly.

" So you believe what i said?" said Sky

" Of course Zemi said it was true but i couldn't say anything about it to anyone else " said Sarah
As Sky stared at her for a moment or so till she made a face that wasn't showing she was appreciating his eyes on her.

" I guess i can help you Sarah" said Sky as Sarah smiled at him. She Knew he would Say yes to the positiveness of the nights and days ahead of both of them

Sarah Smiled Lightly as She stood on the front door step of Sky's house door step the darkness was tuning into the first light of Day. Sky walked out of his house looking at her amusingly as she Sighed in frustration.
" Really took you that long to get some supplies really immature Sky i thought we would have been gone by day break Sky how could you take a long time" Sarah Said angrily as Sky Laughed placing his hand on Sarah's Shoulder.
" Sarah its not that long really i had to get food supplies and things like clothes Duh" said Sky stupidly at Sarah who thought he could be a right Jerk some times.
" Really Sky? I know why you got the food its like your best Friend five minutes without it and you go raving mad for people and the clothes we could of left for later" said Sarah mockingly as she moved away from him and slowly walked down the Street that lead out of her town. Sky ran his bag banging against his back. He looked at Sarah Grimly.
" Food is my Friend? Sarah i thought you was but i think im friends with a girl burger" he Laughed as Sarah looked at Sky with a frown on her face.
" Real Mature smart guy do you want a Medal saying i am A food Wizard or Food Consumer? Your choice pick wisely" said Sarah grinning at him
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Zemi is mysterious, Lexa is a pessimist, and Sarah is optimistic and slightly naïve. I like the combo of personalities we're being introduced to. I'm curious how one goes about destroying the darkness for good, and if Sarah will go on her own adventures at all; after being told the truth by Zemi? :D I'm also hoping we'll be introduced to Sky soon too. I really can't wait for your next update!