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The Rise and Fall of Gaia

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Jun 15, 2005
Alright, I hope I'm allowed to do this, like using Gaian characters in a sort of violent, war-like time, but Imma try anyway.

Thousands of years ago, humanity first set foot on a lush, green, healthy planet. The planet flourished, and so did their religions. However, due to differences in religions, wars and conquests raged, until 5 elemental spirits came down to silence the wars. Humanity was introduced into an all out religion, Gaianism, with Goddess Gaia being the center of it. Humanity was back at a time of peace. About 2000 years later, heretics popped up with their own belifs in demons and such. They were lead by a powerul human named Kounda, who was believed to have enourmous demonic powers. He was then sealed away in a stone by another powerful demon named Cespar, and thus, Kounda's reign came to an end. Our story takes place in the present time of Gaia, where another war ir brewing between two strong political powers, Johnny K. Gambino, and the Von Helson Twins. A witch named Morgana plans to take advantage of this war, and when much blood is shed, she will release Kounda once again, stronger than ever.

Now, these are the NC characters I need:
Liam-Leader of the "In Da Hood" boyz, a local street gang in Aekea. Later in the RP, they join forces with the mafia to battle the G Corps and V Army in Durem
Edmund-Leader of the mafia in Durem, owns an expensive clothes store
Johnny K. Gambino-A powerhungry leader in charge of the G Corps
Von Helsons-Two devious twins who aren't happy with the idea of Gambino being in charge, plus they too are power hungry
Morgana-A witch who is also a political advisor to Gambino, and plans to resurrect Kounda later in the RP
Kounda-A super powerful entity that will destroy all of Gaia if not stopped
Cespar-A mighty demonic king who sealed away Kounda in a stone, then jammed the stone in a powerful demonic guitar (the guitar of Demonicus, a black guitar with a bat wing attached )
Toombs-A very mysterious, inhuman, entity who appears to be even more powerful than Kounda. Who is he, and what's his role in this? He also appears to know alot about Seichiro.

I will take on the role of two characters, and you may have up to two characters, no god-moding, that stuff, ect...


Name: Seichiro Akagi
Age: 25
Weapon-Katana, Gibson SG'61 guitar with built in weapons
Bio: A wandered who stirrs up some trouble with the main characters. After running from the G Corps later, they decide to join forces, and stop the war and Morgana


Name: Toombs the Coffin Seller
Age: ???
Weapon: Scythe
Bio: A super powerful being which causes chills in the spine upon sight. He looks almost exactly like Seichiro

If there are ANY questions, or anything doesn't make sense, feel free to email me.
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