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Fanfiction ► The Return

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Apr 6, 2007
Chapter 1: The Rising of the Organization

Xemnas was pacing the hallways of the Organization Xlll meeting hall. Trying to think whether it was a good idea to do what he was thinking of...
" But boss...we have to resurect Axel! He was a good member of the Organization and he always was willing to help out! So we have to give him some respect. " Demyx said sounding like the president giving an important speech.
" Listen Demyx, " Xemnas began, " You are the youngest organization member...the rookie, might I say and no one, I mean no one cares what you think. Your just the rook so shut up before I turn you into a dusk for good because I have had it up to hear with your interuptions! '' Demyx sat still and said no more.
" Now, anymore interuptions? " Xemnas asked. A look of dare in his eyes. " Good. I have been thinking alot about this descion and it has troubled me deeply to say that I WILL NOT be resurecting Axel. It is to long of a process to resurect someone you know, and I do not want to risk my energy on the weakest member of the organization! " Xemnas shot a look at Demyx, who was trembling.
" Boss...are we done yet. You see I have meself a date with my dice and cards and I would like to gamble a bit before I head to the Bed Chambers. " Luxcord said yawing.
" So Luxcord...gambling is better then our meetings and tragic matters such as this? I see..." Xemnas began pacing up and down the meeting hall again. " Xigbar...take Mr. Luxcord to the dungeon and lock him up. As he seems well aware of the fact that he is not needed anymore so he will retire to the dungeon until we are sure that he is completely sure of his descion! "
" Uh I am so s-s-sorry sir. I-I-I just was a bit t-t-tired you know, late m-m-meetings and all...and oh m-m-master I just wanted meself a break! '' Luxcord shrieked a look of terror on his face.
" Well then, you may rest in your bed chambers but I do not want this gambling nonsense mentioned in this hall again! " Xemnas shouted banging his fist on the table ,making his coffee spill all over the capture plans. " Jesus Christ! " He shouted fanning his papers and blowing on them.
" Uh...sir may I interupt for a moment? " Xaldin asked. Xemnas nodded and then he continued " Um what exactly is the capture plans? What are we supposed to capture? " He asked. A look of pure curiosity on his face.
Xemnas smiled an evil grin...shoved the papers in his robe pocket and walked out the door.


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Apr 6, 2007
Sorry for the really short chapter...let me know what you think ok?? This is my first EVER fan fic so yeah lemme know! I will write the 2nd chapter when I have atleast 2 posts


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Apr 6, 2007
Chapter 2 : The Weird Ways

" Sora...walk a little faster why dont you? " Kairi said jogging her way up the winding path.
" I am so tired it's not even funny! " He laughed. Almost choking on his own spit. " Well Kairi, I have only been here for 2 weeks and your already wearing me out!
" Oh quit being such a lazy bum! " She chuckled.
" Well you think I'm lazy? You think I'M lazy? " He repeated raising his eyebrows. Kairi looked at him serious.
" Yes you are. " She said calmly looking him dead in the eyes. And for a moment he thought he saw Kairi lean closer to him and he found his eyes closing and his lips puffing out. He tried to stop himself! He just wasn't ready until...
" Ewww Sora gots cooties!! " A high pitch voice shrieked. It was Mayahku, Sora's annoying cousin who had to stay for the summer. He found himself snapping his eyes open and Kairi was blushing. Sora felt his face redden and become hot.
" Uhh..." He tried to have words come out of his mouth but he kept making gurgling noises so he soon quit doing that or someone might think that he was having a seizure. So he kept quiet.
" Well back to my mission. Auntie Bessy wanted me to bring you this you Sore in my butt! " Mayahku said handing a letter with King Mickey's seal posted on the front. " Get it 'Sore' sorta like ' sora '...you guys have a gay sense of humor." And with that she stalked off, nose held high.
" Uhmm. " Sora cleared his throat and read along silently. Kairi peaking her head over his shoulder to read.
" Sora please sit on this rock so we BOTH can read it! " She demanded. Sora obliged and sat down, not taking his eyes of the yellowish parchment.
" Riku might want to hear about this! This is important. It has something to do with Organization Xlll returning to full power! " Sora said raising his voice slightly.
" What if they are planning to take over Kingdom Hearts? We can't let them do that! " Kairi squeeled. She set off at a sprint and finally slowed down after 5 minuted of running.They walked the rest of the way in silence. Afraid to talk. Afraid to think what was in store for them now. Afraid that his whole world might be crashing down in a matter of days.Afraid...

When they reached the shore Riku was sitting on the dock watching the sunset drinking coconut milk.
" Yo. " He said looking up and smiling slightly. Next to him was the exact same envelope with King Mickey's seal on the front.
" I see you got a letter from the King too. " Riku said looking down at the letter. " you know what this means don't you? " He said in a barley audible voice. But Sora and Kairi heard.
" Yes I know, we have to..." But Sora was cut short. Kairi was running away to her hut. Her hands on her face. Sora could hear her sobs. All he wanted to do was to hold her tightly in his arms...forever and ever. He loved her...words couldn't describe his love for her...
Riku stood up shaking his head slightly. " She cries to much. All of this and a bunch of weird ways. What has become of the world! " Riku turned and walked back to the dock and sat down. Clutching the coconut tightly turning his knuckles white.

When Sora went home he sat on his bed and looked out the window. Maybe what Riku said was true. " weird ways " There seems to always be a problem whenever he thinks he has solved it. But not now. This would be the last mission. He was sick of always traveling. Of course its fun and all but not while you are being constantly chased by nobodies,organization members and heartless.

Sora awoke with a start. HE sat upright in bed and looked around. His shoes and cloths were still on. I must've fallen asleep while thinking last night. He thought. He got dressed spiked his hair with the ' Put some spike in your life ' gel he always used to spike it just perfectly. And ran out the door. HE found himself running towards Kairi's house, Which was odd...he never went to her house before as a matter of fact.
Hmm he thought. He rang the doorbell and a women who looked like a 20 yrs older version of Kairi answered the door.
" Yes..." The woman said.
" May I come in and talk to Kairi ma'am? " He asked.
" Yes young man. Go up the stairs and its the first room on your left. "
Sora ran up the stairs and into the room on the left. It was an ordinary girls room. It had pink...and all the girly stuff that girls have. It was breezy in the room and Sora understood why. The window was open causing the drapes to billow in the wind. HE saw that Kairi's closet was empty of her cloths and the same for her drawers.
" I think Kairi just ran away. " He said outloud.


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Apr 6, 2007
Chapter 3 : The Love Fruit

" Riku, Riku!! Kairi's ran away! Kairi ran away! " Sora yelled panting as he was running up to Riku who was practising swordsman skills with Wakka.
" What? Whoa...slow down there brah! " Riku said blocking an attack by Wakka.
" I said Kairi's ran away! " Sora said bending over trying to breath.
" Sora...I dont belive your crap anymore. So stop making up lies like you always do! And I know for a fact she did not run away! " Riku said ending his battle with Wakka and walking toward Sora.
" And..." Sora said thinking of the amusment he is going to have on his face when Riku finds out that he was wrong.
" I saw Kairi walk by with a duffle bag full with cloths and stuff and she said she was going to her friends house to stay the night. Whatcha got to say about that? BOO YAH! " Riku said doing the moonwalk.
" I say that its pretty weird she took ALL of her cloths with her AND the teddy bear that she says that she takes with her on long trips for good luck. " Sora said calmly trying to hold a straight face. Riku stopped dancing at once.
" Uhh..." Riku said looking uncomfortable. Sora guessed right what was on Rikus mind. Next thing Sora knew was that riku was running off toward the opposite beach. The raft...

Almost 3 yrs ago Riku,Kairi and Sora wanted to travel to different worlds. See knew sites and become something more. So they buit a raft. But the raft was never found on a count of when it was lost during which when Sora's first attack of the mysterious heartless. So when he came back for the first time to Destiny Island after that event he decided to make up for the past. And build another raft. Make up for the last one. So about 5 days ago He Riku & Kairi got to work and they managed to build a really good one. So what made Sora's mind race towards that raft was that if Kairi was running away, she would have taken the raft right? Sora prayed to god that this was wrong. He didnt want Kairi to run away.
" Hey Sora! Over here! " Something in a cloak whispered from the bushes. Sora's heart raced. Who would be calling his name from the bushes. An organization member? It was possible...like King said they were at large again...
He walked slowly toward the mysterious figure until he made out those deep blue eyes and beautiful red hair.
" Kairi! " Sora said look relieved.
" Shhh. Sora I have to talk to you. " Kairi said looking frantically around. " When I ran home last night I didnt exactly go home...I ran to the tree. I picked this. " Kairi held out a yellowish star shaped fruit. " I dont know if I ever told you this but I love you. And before you leave I want you to eat this Papui Fruit with me. So we can always be connected. " Kairi said a tear running down her face. Sora didnt know what to say. He bended down and sat in a squat and looked in those deep blue eyes...
Kairi began breaking the papui in half and she took a bite of one half and gave the other to Sora.
" I want to always be with you. " And with those words Kairi dropped the Papui Fruit and threw her arms around Sora's neck. Their lips touching. Sora never felt like he did at this moment ever before. He loved Kairi deeply but he never knew she felt the same for him. He slowly put his arms around her waist and kissed her back. They broke out of the lip-locking and looked at eachother for quite a while until Sora heard Riku's voice trailing along the shore.
" Remember...I am always with you. " Sora said and he took the last peice of Papui he had left and ate it all running towards Riku.
" I am always with you too. " Kairi mumbled standing up and running along the stretch of houses. She disappeared onto the raft and floated away along the sunset...
Sora never learned why Kairi wanted to escape in such a matter as she did but he did not question her. He was sure that whatever she was planning it was a good plan and he hoped she would be ok. Sora wasnt sure whether Riku felt the same as he did. But Riku seemed overjoyed to say that the raft was still there until the next day he realized that Kairi was gone.
" She wouldnt leave us forever! " Riku said. A look of despair in his eyes.
" No Riku...of course not! Whatever her reasons are for leaving like this she probably has a damn good excuse for it and I sure as hell aint gonna question it ok! So calm down... " Sora added consoling.
" I guess your right. " Riku said. But his voice didnt sound to sure. And the tone in Sora's voice...it didnt sound like he was too sure himself.


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Sep 24, 2006
Square Enix
It's very good so far. You deserve some congratulations for a great story. ^_^

There are some punctuation mistakes and areas where the flow of the story seems to go away for a bit, but definitely an interesting read. =]


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Apr 6, 2007
Chapter 4 : Disappointment creates the Real World

Sora sat on the dock with Riku eating a banana and drinking coconut milk in silence. Neither of them knew what to say. Riku was broken-hearted,Sora was overwhelmed and seeing Riku's heart being crushed to smethereens made Sora fell MUCH better. Sora didn't tell Riku about the kiss he and Kairi shared. If he told Riku, he might chase Sora around with a stick! And he didnt feel like bragging about the kiss to Riku anyways.
" Hey Sora,Riku, you guys want to come play blitz ball with me and Wakka?? 2 on 2..." Tidus said out of nowhere which made Sora jump. Riku looked at Sora.
" You wanna? " He asked Sora.
" Oh...not really. "
" Oh come on man! I am really depressed and I need comforting...blitz ball is comforting! " Sora couldnt help to laugh. Let's just put it simple...Riku sucked at blitz ball and he always had to go home early because either his head hurt or he ended up barfing all in the water turning it a yellowish color.
" Oh ok but no barfing! " Sora said shaking a finger at him. Tidus and Wakka laughed.
" Dont worry, if he barfs I'll deal with him. " Wakka said throwing the blitz ball up and down and looking at Riku menacingly.
" I cant help it! " Riku whined.

They ended up ending the game early again because you guessed it, Riku barfed.
" God damn it Riku! " Tidus shouted at Riku when they all emerged out of the water." I am never playing blitz ball again with you. I should ask Kairi to play. Atleast she wouldnt throw up everytime we play! " He shouted looking as furious as ever. At the sound of her name Sora felt like he was in a dream. Floating and floating and he never wanted to wake up from this dream...

" Sora!! Wake up! " Someone was slapping his face. It was Mayahku. " Grandma, Sora's dead! " she screamed a minute later. He snapped his eyes open.
" No I am not! " He shouted standing up and brushing himself off. " What happened? "
" You were walking and all of a sudden you fell. " Said Riku leaning against a tree with a coconut in his hand.
" By the way...hand me a coconut please. " Sora said smiling. Riku tossed him one. Sora hurled it back as hard as he could at Riku's face and it hit him hard with a clunk on his forehead.
" What was that for? " Riku yelled as he was rubbing the knot on his head.
" For making us have to quit the game early you barfing slob! " Sora shouted.
" Well Sora you best get to bed you have school in the morning. " Sora's grandmother said.

The next morning Sora walked to school down the familiar winding path. He thought about the last conversation he and Kairi shared on this path.
" Sora...walk a little faster why dont you? "
" I am so tired it's not even funny! "
" Oh quit being such a lazy bum! "

Hearing her voice made him dizzy and queesy so he decided to think of something else. The rest of the way to school he thought about Donald and goofy. Maybe I should write to them. He thought. He opened the door and walked in. He walked down the hallway and walked into room 88. He sat at the 3rd desk at the back row. He looked next to him Kairi's desk was empty. He felt immediete dizziness gourge him. He felt like throwing up. But he didnt.
" Ok class. " Said Mrs. Hayden walking in the class room and writing TOPICS OF THE DAY on the chalkboard. " So anyone have a topic to discuss? "
Sora felt his hand rise up.
" Yes Sora. " Mrs. Hayden said sitting down at her desk and tilting her head slightly.
" The real world. " He heard himself say. Some of the kids laughed the others turned and looked at him as though he were crazy.
" What about it? " His teacher asked sitting up straight now staring at Sora intently.
" The real world is disappointing, " He began " It is strange too. How whenever something is going great your whole world crashes down and you can never find the pieces again. Nothing's the same. Everything is different and strange and disappointing. Just like all of you in this room. Strange and disapppointing. And the one person who understood me. The one person...left me hanging by a thread. And now I realized, this is the real world and now I have to spend every god damn waking moment of my life in it. And so help me god I do not want to be part of it. " Sora got up walked to the door opened it up and walked casually out. Not worrying about anything. What was there to worry about. Except the fact that he missed Kairi so much and the fact that he would be in a whole lot of trouble when he returned home.


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Apr 6, 2007
Chapter 5 : As the Journey Begins...

" Sora! " His mother was hurrying down the stairs with and expression of anger and disappointment on her face. " How dare you ditch school AND above all of that you decide to use innapropriate language in class! " His mother screamed.
" Whatever mom. " Sora said as he opened the door to his room and walking in.
" And don't you think for a second you are going to your blitz ball game today! " She yelled through the door.
" Ma! I quit blitz ball 3 yrs ago when I had to work for The King! " He yelled sounding annoyed. He lay on his bed and thinking more and more about the journey ahead. All of a sudden he heard a tap on his window. He sat up and walked towards the window, opened it up and stared down at Riku who was grinning widely.
" Here ya go Twinkletoes. " Riku tossed him up a letter from King Mickey. Just as Sora closed his window he heard another tap on it. Annoyed as he was, Sora opened the window and glared down at Riku." LEt me in man! " He said. Sora left the window open and in crawled Riku.
" Shut it. " Sora said. " And what are you doing here...you have school. " Sora said not glanicing at Riku.
" I heard what you did in Mrs. Haydens class from my sister dude. You got some guts for saying that to her! " He said sounding amazed. " So dude. What does the letter say? I didnt read it yet. " Riku said sitting next to Sora on his bed. Sora read aloud:

Dear Riku & Sora,
I presume you got my first letter on a count of Kairi being in my
presence yelling at me. Some nerve that girl has! She is pretty
darn upset with me and she demands that she is aloud to come
with you on your journey. She doesn't want to lose you again
Sora. She says even though she shared the papui fruit with you
she doesnt feel completley connected with you.

" What the hell man? " Riku shouted!
" What the hell what? " Sora said looking up from the paper.
" You kow what I mean! You shared a papui with Kairi and you didnt tell me? "
" I didnt know I had to tell you. Knowing you, you'd go tell Wakka about how pissed you are at me and then Wakka would hit me hard with a blitz ball, you would tell the whole school and I would be known as ' the boy who kissed kairi '. " He said waving his arms.
" But du- " Sora cut him off and continued reading from the letter.

So as soon as you get this letter come to Disney Castle to see me
so we can begin training for these new nobodies. The heartless race
has now become extinct. Talk to you soon I hope.
- The King

Sora got up and layed the note on his drawer and began ripping out cloths and putting them in a suitcase.
" Dude...is there anything else I should know before I find this all out? " Riku asked.
" We kissed. Ok you happy man? Every time I share something with a girl you get mad at me and you wonder why I don't tell you. Maybe its because I dont want to tell you my sex life without you going around and spreading the word. How would you like it if I told everyone at school that at Kaui's house you got hard and she dumped you? " Sora yelled. He got up and pulled boxers and socks out and threw them in. He ran out of his room got toothbrushes and 3 packs of ' spike up your life ' gel and a hairbrush.
" Lets go. You got the gummi ship keys? " Riku said looking at the floor.
" Yes. Are you all packed? "
" Yeah, my bag is outside."
Sora threw his bag out the window and climbed out and walked down Canon AVE and opened up the storage garage. Sora looked at Riku and pointed at the Gummi Ship. " You first. " Sora was upset by the way he yelled at Riku but right now he didnt care.
After Riku climbed in Sora climbed in,shut the gummi ship door and said. " Let the journey begin. "


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Apr 6, 2007
Chapter 6 : The reproduction Plan

" DEMYX!! " Xemnas howled. His cries rang through the hall like a church bell on a Sunday morning.
" Yes boss? " Demyx asked looking rather scared and pale as usual.
" I am an angry wreck! I totally forgot to get shaving cream! " Xemnas scowled through gritted teeth. " Now I have to go to work looking like this! " Xemnas said scratching the stubble on his chin.
" Boss I am sure no one would notice, sir. I didnt notice until after you said something about it. " Demyx said trying to soothe Xemnas.
" I guess your right. " Xemnas said scratching his chin some more. " But thats not why I called you. We have to go to the meeting hall for a very important meeting today, and I need you to go in my bed chamber and collect the envelope that is on my bed. And do not open it! " Xemnas added quickly. For he knew Demyx would try to take a peek.
" Yes sir. You can count on me! " And with that he rushed out of the room looking delighted.
Xemnas walked down and started knocking on doors to wake the members.

When all the guys where freshened up and Demyx returned with the document ( unopened ) and sat down at his usual chair.
" Xigbar, Xaldin, Saïx, Demyx, and Luxcord, good morning. "
" Goodmorning boss. " They all chorused.
" Now today I have some exciting news. There is good news and bad news. " Xemnas said looking around at them all.
" Ooh! Good news first! " Demyx said. Xemnas laughed.
" Now Demyx let me first tell the bad news. The bad news is king mickey discovered us. And he is sending that wretched boy Sora and he is accompinied by Riku and possibly Kairi. More bad news. The heartless race has now become extinct. So we can not rebuild Kingdom Hearts like we planned, " Xemnas looked shaken. " And we all know that without heartless there is no nobodies. But thus leads us to the good news. I have come up with a plan. We must split our souls in two to create nobodies. Here is my explanation.
Xemnas drew on the chalkboard 6 stick figures.
" Now what we must do is find some sort mage that is a dark person...a very dark and powerful person..."
" Then that means we must reseruct Maleficent! " Saiix said in a shocking sort of voice.
" Yes. She is powerful enough for each of us to split our soul in two! It will not harm us but create 3 nobodies per each soul that is split. So all of the nobodies we will create will sum up to 16. I will make 8 of them females, and 8 males. They will mate and have children thus creatin more nobodies. " Xemnas said pausing to take a look at the members.
" But I thought nobodies cant reproduce? " Xigbar asked looking puzzled.
" I have done my research..." Xemnas said straightening up.
" Well it seems liek a well thought out plan...how did you come up with it? " Luxcord asked.
" That is none of your concern. But for now you all can retire to wherever and continue working on our little experiment. Now that you all know whats in store we will start practising raising Maleficent. Xaldin...might I have a word? " Xemnas asked.
Xaldin followed him out the door.
" Now...I might have to go away for a while. I need to gather some artifacts needed for raising the dead. Now we all well know that Maleficent wont be - uhh... jolly to see us all. So I must do my reasearch so she will not try and kill us all. I am leaving you in charge. I expect the house to be kept clean and dont do a half ass job at it either! " Xemnas said walking out the door.
Xaldin waited until Xemnas was well out of earshot and sight. And then he shouted:
" Boss is gone for a week! Lets partay! "


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Apr 6, 2007
I will be gone for this weekend so I will not be able to reply until Monday. Please dont go on a rampage whilst I am gone. :]] lol
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