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Fanfiction ► The Return of Axel

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Mar 26, 2006
Okay, sorry to keep you all waiting...I was so busy..

Chapter 18

Demyx desperately tried to drag Zexion back, but the injured nobody stopped him.

“Demyx...I can’t...go on..” he whispered hoarsely.

“Yes you can Zexion!” urged Demyx worriedly.

“No...go on without me...I’m sorry...” he whispered, clutching his chest, which was bleeding badly.

“Zexion..” sniffled Demyx, and gasped as his friend started to fade.

“Leave...NOW!” he ordered and with the last of his strength, sent Demyx flying into a portal.


“Is...it...over?” panted Sora, kneeling over.

“.hope..so,” coughed Riku, trying to catch his breath.

“Look fellas! He’s gone!” exclaimed the King.

They looked around and sighed happily.

“Wait...where’s Zexy and Demyx?” asked Sora, and as soon as he said it Demyx flew out of a portal nearby.

“Demyx! What happened?!” cried Riku.

“Zexion...he..-sniff-...I..couldn’t...” sobbed Demyx sprawled on the floor.

The three looked at eachother, astonished.

“What happened?” asked Kairi as she ran over.

“Zexion.....is gone..,” stuttered Sora sadly.

Kairi gasped, and looked at Hayner, Pence, and Olette, who were confused.

“You mean the guy gave his life just to save us?!” exclaimed Pence, and Olette elbowed him to make him shut up.

“Awww, and we barely knew the guy!” sniffed Donald.

“Yup..sure is sad,” agreed Goofy sadly.

“So does that make us murderers?!” exclaimed Hayner


“Finally! We got rid of one of them!” exclaimed Xigbar, throwing his hands in the air.

“Wow, one, we are SO winning,” snorted Luxord , leaning against the wall.

Vexen typed on the computer madly “Well, we DID manage to separate Axel and Larxene,”

“So?” scoffed Xigbar.

“So now, with those two being alone, we can easily exterminate Larxene,” smiled Vexen.

“And without Larxene, Axel is helpless!” laughed Saix, understanding.

“Hold on,” commanded a deep voice.

The other members turned around to see the Superior, with a thoughtful expression.

“We could use the Axel replica to seduce Larxene, and get her to rejoin us,” he said. “Get the replica, and when he returns, be sure to bring her to me,”


Nice goin’ Axel..why didn’t you just jump over the damn gap?

Thought Axel angrily as he stormed through the maze-like room. He had just lost the love of his life, because of a damn earthquake..or something.

“Well, I’m sure she’s okay..” Axel reassured himself “She can handle herself...”

“Wanna bet?”

“YOU!” yelled Axel staring at his copy.

“That’s right, me. You’re copy. And I’m going on a little mission.” he smirked.

“What kind of mission?” asked Axel nervously.

“A murder mission. To kill your girlfriend! Haha!” he laughed and disappeared.

“No! Get back here you bastard!” shouted Axel, but he was already gone.


“Great, just great. What kind of crappy castle has indoor earthquakes?!” complained Larxene as she stomped through the corridor.

“Where is Axel?” she whined, looking around.

“Why, I’m right here baby” purred a familiar voice.

“Axel?!” she cried and looked at the red haired pyro happily.

He nodded, a sly grin on his handsome face, he strode towards her.

She immediately ran into his arms, unaware that this was not Axel.

“Axel I-“ she started but was stopped by him pushing her against the wall gently, his eyes sparkling with mischief.

“Hey, I’ve been thinking, how bout we ditch this charade and go somewhere else where it’s just the two of us?” he purred into her hear.

“But what about-“ she started.

“Forget them, it’s just you and me that matters, c’mon we could finish what we started before..” he coaxed.

She stared at him, her green eyes wide open, thinking of what they could’ve done before. “Okay..” she said hesitantly.

He smiled mischievously and kissed her firmly as they sunk into a portal.


Larxene landed on the cold, hard floor of what looked like the basement levels in Castle Oblivion.

“The hell?” she cursed, looking around.

“Welcome back, number twelve,”
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Mar 26, 2006
sorry this is taking so long...-sigh- what with the holidays and stuff..

Chapter 18

“I’m not part of you’re damn organization anymore!” snarled Larxene as she struggled against the invisible force field that bound her from moving.

“Oh you will be, very soon,” the Superior smiled cruelly, Larxene was about to protest when the Axel replica swooped down on her, she felt a sharp pain in the place where her heart would be, then a painless nothingness.


“So...now what?” asked a confused Sora as he made his way through the halls with Riku, Kairi, Mickey, Hayner, Pence, Olette, and Demyx.

“We should find Axel, we’ve been separated from him long enough,” sighed Riku, as he kept pace with Sora.

“Sure hope him and Larxene are okay,” gulped Goofy, eyeing the halls nervously.

“Okay, I’m lost here,” stated Pence, confused and not knowing who have the people were.

“Guess we’re just here for the ride..” shrugged Hayner.

As the eight neared the third floor entryway, they noticed red, flaming hair banging continuously against the wall.

“Axel!” they all cried, and ran towards him.

He looked up, his stunning green eyes widened in shock, but then fright, he did NOT want them to know about any Larxene stuff..

“Hey, where’s Larxene?” asked Riku, eyeing Axel suspiciously.

Axel was about to respond, but then remembered his cloaked schemer friend. “Where’s Zexion?” he demanded.

The two sides silenced, neither didn’t want the other to know about the disappearances of the other members.

“Um..well..yeah about that...” started Sora nervously with a twinge of sadness.

“We asked you first!” protested Hayner.

Axel sighed and replied “Okay, okay, me and Larxene were fine until this stupid indoor earthquake split us up,” he sighed.

“AND?” Riku signaled.

“AND the Axel replica might of went on a mission to kill her?” he laughed nervously.

The eight sighed and rolled their eyes, at least Larxene was okay, but Zexion..

“Well, Zexion..he kinda..” muttered Sora.

“He died,” sniffed Demyx in a low tone while crossing his arms.

“SAY WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATT?!?” shouted Axel at the top of is lungs, “YOU KILLED HIM?!?”

The others motioned him to shush, and Sora explained “We didn’t kill him, he kinda did the thing you did before, used like all of his power to save Kairi and the others,”

“Damn, I didn’t know I was setting such a bad example,” muttered Axel.

“Well, we should at least find Larxene first, then we can figure this out,” mused Olette.

The nine split up again, Demyx going with Axel, Sora with Riku, and King Mickey took the others back to Disney Castle where they would be safe.

Axel noticed Demyx’s misery and looked at him “Aw, c’mon Demmy! It’s not like you to be so sad..” he said sadly.

“I know...but I can’t believe he did that..” sniffed Demyx, as we walked slowly with Axel.

“They’ll be back..I know it..” whispered Axel.


“Finally! Everything is coming into control!” laughed Vexen, as he watched the computer intently.

“Yes, we have captured Larxene and forced her to rejoin us..or brainwashed her somehow,” mused Luxord.

“What about Zexion?” asked Xigbar impatiently.

“He is either dead or injured somewhere,” smirked Saix.

“Don’t be so sure about that..”


As Sora and Riku continued their search through the halls, they heard a crashing and huge commotion above them.

“What the-“ started Riku, but was cut of by the ceiling crashing down with Vexen, Lexaeus, Saix, Xigbar, and lashing out on top of them was Zexion, going berserk.

The whole thing was one huge dustcloud, with snipers flying and dark auras forming everywhere.

“I think we should run,” said Riku blankly.

“Yeah, let’s go..” squeaked Sora.


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Feb 25, 2006
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VERY cool! Good storyline, excelent delivery and superb action scenes! I'm guessing Zexy's gone and got himself a heart? We still don't know what his weapon is so I'm either going for a fan or a slim sword (not massive like Saix's). I say fan beacuse strategists in Japan and China I've always seen drawn with fans.


does the astro.
Mar 26, 2006
hey guys, thanks for all the comments but I might not be on for awhile, dont abandon this fic though, I promise as soon as I can get back on I'll post the next chappie.
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