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Fanfiction ► The Prison of my Mind: An Inuyasha Related FanFic

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Every Heart

Here We Go Again
Dec 5, 2004
Inside an empty room, my inspiration flows, now wa
In the tv show Inuyasha, the story is about the journey that Inuyasha goes on with his friends to stop Naraku from making the Shikon no Tama{Sacred Jewel} impure. This story however, is not about them entirely. No, this story is about a young girl who falls into the clutches of Naraku and becomes a mind puppet, and how she struggles to escape from the prison of her mind she is being kept in. This story is about what its like to have to work for Naraku. It picks up where the show is, from after Kikyo died. Note that there will be some refrences from other shows or videogames.

Heres a layout of what the girl looks like.

Name: Laila
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Appearence: Was born in the present, so she has a black coat, kinda like the one Chazz has from Yugioh GX, but more femaleish. Has long black hair with red streaks in it. If you ever watch Yugioh, when someone is possessed or has lost thier soul, thier eyes look really weird. Well, thats what her eyes are gonna look like soon. When not possessed, thier a normal color. {If purple counts as a normal color o_O} Has a pink pendulant around her neck in the shape of a diamond with inscriptions on it. Acts as a shield for her. {Those that played Legend of Zelda: Wnd Waker will recognize this as Magic Armor.}
Personality: Quiet. Hasn't really been in contact with people for long to make friends.
Bio: Decended from a mike{priestess}, Laila has the power of shikigami. After falling down the well, she was able to obtain the power. One day she watched Kagome go into the shrine and her pendulant made her follow after. Hasn't left since as she travels around helping some villages with demons. Naraku has been keeping an eye on her for quite some time. But now hes ready to unveil his plan...............

I will begin the story once I get some replies from people who want to hear the story. So what do you think?
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Every Heart

Here We Go Again
Dec 5, 2004
Inside an empty room, my inspiration flows, now wa
At least I got a reply.

Chapter 1

"Thank you for helping our village", the lord of the castle said.

"It was no problem.", Laila said as she shifted her black hair out of her purple eyes. She waved farewell and walked off away from the village. She had taken care of a demon that had been attacking the village. Hardly worth the effort. She kept walking until she reached a small field. Laila sat down, careful not to wrinkle her black coat.

A stream lay next to her. Peering over the side, a girl of 15 stared back at her, with deep purple eyes and long black hair with red streaks, which was near her face. Around her neck was a pink pendulant passed down through her family, for her ancestors had been mikes gifted with shikigami. Laila wondered how her family was doing. It had been months since the last time she saw them. She remembered when she had fallen through the Higarashi shrine well.


Laila had been a normal teenage girl going to highschool, not the kind that worried about evil and demons, the kind that worried about tests and homework. She had been walking home like any other time when she noticed Kagome Higarashi, a fellow student, go into the shrine. Curiously, Laila stopped walking, waiting to see whether Kagome would emerge from the shrine or not. After several minutes, Laila walked over to investigate. She remembered how she had opened the doors and saw no one inside. She had looked over the edge of the well, as if expecting Kagome to just jump out of the well.

I wonder whats at the bottom.........

Her pink pendulant had started to glow a bright pink as Laila started to turn around and leave, causing her to jump back in surprise. This sent her over the edge of the well. She had continued to fall until she had hit the bottom, loosing conciousness. When she had later woken up, she had assumed she had meerly fallen to the bottom. So Laila climbed up the side until she reached the top. Laila remembered how she had felt surprised to find herself in a grassy meadow.

Laila walked off into the forest, wondering if she was dreaming. She was suddenly ambushed by a demon. She remembered feeling the hot sticky blood that had seeped from a cut on her shoulder, her first clue that she wasn't dreaming. Laila stood upand ran off, clutching her shoulder for support. But then she got slammed agian into a tree. She had backed up against it, praying that death wouldn't be as bad as everyone says it is. Laila had stuck a hand in front of her as if hoping the demon would stop.

The pendulant had started to glow. Suddenly, Lailas mind was racing with ideas she had never had before. She remembered how she had all of a sudden knew what to do.

"Raging Flame!"

Laila casted a shikigami spell causing the demon to die. She for some reason,thanks to the pendulant, knew loads of shikigami spells to help protect herself. She had then staggered into the closest village and got the wound on her shoulder healed.


Ever since then, Laila had been traveling around helping other villages with demons. But now, she started to wonder what it would be like to just go home, back to her family. Of course, she had no idea how to get back. There was the idea to just jump back into the well, like she had witnessed Kagome do several times, but always feered it wouldn't work.

"I think I'll give it a shot.", she said to herself. Laila stood up, brushing off the grass on her black coat. She then began to walk to the well, thinking about the people she had met along the way. She knew of Inuyasha and his group, and of Sesshomaru and Koga and Kikyo, who she heard had died{agian} recently. Laila heard it had been the work of Naraku, an evil demon that she had heard of from villages she passed through. She had never met him before, and she secretly hoped she never would have to meet him.

Laila reached the meadow where the dusty well stood. She walked over and placed her hands on the wooden edges. Just as she was about to swing her legs over the side, she heard an odd sound. It sounded like an infant crying. Laila sighed as she stood back from the well.

It can't hurt to take a look.

Laila took off into the woods. She kept running towards the sound of the crying. She finally reached a small hut. She walked up to the entrance and peered inside. A moving bundle of cloth sat on the floor. Laila stepped inside and walked over to it. The crys had stopped. As she leaned down to see what it was, she all of a sudden heard the snap sound of a door shutting. Laila stood up and turned to find herself face to face with Kagura, one of Narakus incarnates she had heard about.


Laila looked past Kagura out the window. A pink barrier had all of a sudden risen up. She was trapped.

Every Heart

Here We Go Again
Dec 5, 2004
Inside an empty room, my inspiration flows, now wa
Chapter 2

Laila was shocked to see Kagura.

"You! What do you want with me?", Laila asked.

"It's not what I want, its what Naraku wants. Hes been watching you for sometime, and he thinks you would be perfect to join forces with him. What do you say?"

"I say hell no. Theres no way in hell that I would help a slimy prick like him.", Laila said as she started to glow, ready to use any shikigami spell she could think of.

"Who said he was giving you a choice?", Kagura asked.

Kagura all of a sudden flicked her blade, causing a gust strong enough to push Laila agianst the opposite wall. Laila had moved back so suddenly that she tripped over the bundle of cloth that had been moving a moment ago. The force of this caused her to fall on her ass.{I'm not gonna be delicate about that, thats what happened straight up.}

Laila looked up to see Kagura raise her fan agian. Suddenly, a voice spoke. A dark eerie voice that sent small shivers up Lailas spine.

"I'll make her work for Naraku, we don't have to use force per say."

Laila looked in horror as she relised that the voice was coming from the bundle of cloth. Kagura reached down and lifted up the cloths, shaking them back to reveal a small child, with malicious purple eyes.

Kagura started towards Laila holding the child. Before Laila got the chance to stand{she had not done it the moment she had fallen, too busy gaping at the kid.}, Kagura forced the baby into Lailas arms. Laila looked at the kid for a moment.

Small kid.

Laila opened her hands, trying to drop the baby. But for some reason, her arms wouldn't comply.

"What the fu........", she started, but then her voice cut off.

I can't move. Or speak. Whats wrong with me? Must be the kid.

The baby all of a sudden embraced her. Laila had this really weird feeling, like as if the kid was digging around inside her.

"Its in here somewhere.....her darkness.........", he all of a sudden spoke.

Darkness? Whats he talking about? I'm not evil. I don't hate anybody. I don't hate anything. Except demons. What I wouldn't give to be able to kill them all..........

All of a sudden, the kid spoke up.

"I found it.", he said.

Kagura walked over, surprised.

"So we place the jewel shard in her now right?"

The kid nodded. If Laila was able to move her arms, she would have strangled that kid. Kagura all of a sudden leaned down, a jewel shard in her hand.

"Where do I put it though?", she asked.

"The chest. Near her heart.", the kid instructed. Kagura pushed the jewel shard into Lailas chest. Kagura stood up then.

"Shall we leave then? Lets go you.", she then said.

No way in hell am I gonna.........

To Lailas own surprise, she found her legs all of a sudden stand up, still holding the kid. She found herself following Kagura out the door. Kagura conjured her feather. Laila tried to fight it, but she was unable to stop herself from getting on board. They then took off, setting out to Narakus castle.

Every Heart

Here We Go Again
Dec 5, 2004
Inside an empty room, my inspiration flows, now wa
Chapter 3

As Laila rode on the feather, clutching the demon child, she was fighting to try to gain control. Finally, she found her voice.

"You bitch.....", she said strained.

Kagura turned around and slaped Laila across the face. Laila still had not been able to control her body as of yet, so she had been unable to protect herself from the slap. The baby looked up at Laila.

"So....I don't have complete control over her yet..........we'll need to fix that.", he said. The creepy sensation of him inside her soul came back.

"Get......away......from....me", she gasped.

The child was about to retort when all of a sudden Kagura announced thier arrival. With horror, Laila saw Narakus castle. They dismounted from the feather. Laila walked behind Kagura, still holding the child. She kept praying silently that she would come out of this unscathed. They went into a room. Naraku sat at the other end.

"Well, well, if it isn't Laila. I have heard so much about you and your shikigami powers", he said.

"She has no control of herself. Except for some speech.", Kagura said as she picked up the child from Lailas arms.

"Damn....you....Naraku......", Laila gasped as her feet made her move forward. She found herself extremely close to him.

"I wish to test her. I'll have her kill the inhabitants of the last village she was just at.", Naraku smiled.

'I will....do no......such thing....Burn in hell......". Laila strained rto say.

Quick as a flash, Naraku had her by the throat.

"What was it you just said?", he asked quietly.

Gasping for air, Laila lied, "I meant...yes...Master....Naraku.."

Naraku let go off her windpipe. "Now go."

Laila found herself walking away. She went out the castle doors and down the steps. She found herself running through the trees.

Where in the hell am I going?

She found herself outside the willage she had recently helped. She walked in through the gates. The villagers waved to her. She found herself drawing her sword from its sheath.

Kill them all..........

Laila slashed at the villagers. People screamed and tried to get away, shouts ruinging in the air. Mothers grabbed thier children and fled. Suddenly, soldiers showed up.

"Laila? What are you doing?", they asked, guns pointing at her.

She came towards her, blade dripping with blood. The soldiers fired. She smacked the bullets back at the soldiers, killing them all. She kept this up for sometime. She passed by a small hut. The sounds of a kid crying came from the hut. She busted the door down to find a woman clutching her son.

"Please, have mercy!", she begged.

"I'm........sorry.......can't...brake.....free....", Laila said before bringing her sword down on them. Thier blood seeped onto her hands. She then found herself setting fire to the village with her shikigami.

What have I done????

She couldn't remember what happened next, but she was back at the castle. Feeling confused, she walked up the stairs and into the manor. She went into Narakus room.

"Well, that was fast.", he remarked. "Take her to her 'room' we made for her.", he commanded Kagura. She walked over and pulled Laila into a room. It was empty, except for shackles on the wall. Kagura placed her in the shackles.

"In case you think of escaping.", she laughed as she shut the door on her.

Laila sighed. "What am I going to do?" Thats when she relised something.

"My voice....I can talk in complete sentences...the control must wear off a little while in this specific room. No wonder. Messing with my mind.", she growled.

Suddenly, a voice spoke from the corner of the room.

"Is someone there?"

Laila wasn't alone..................

Every Heart

Here We Go Again
Dec 5, 2004
Inside an empty room, my inspiration flows, now wa
Chapter 4

Laila looked around wildly for the voice.

"Hello? Who's there?", Laila asked.

Someone stepped forward out of the shadows, but his movement was restricted by the chains. He had light brown hair and light yellow eyes.He wore what Laila recognized as a demon slayers uniform.

"Who are you?", he questioned.

"Uhh...I'm Laila. You?", Laila asked.

"Kohaku...so..are you one of his incarnations?", he asked as he looked her up and down.

"A what? Oh, you mean like Kagura and that child? No, I was captured and brought here. But enough about me, tell me about yourself.", Laila said politely.

Kohakus eyes flashed. "No."

Laila backed away, the flash had been creepy.

"So...do you want to be friends?", Laila asked.

"I guess so.", Kohaku shrugged.

"Good....", Laila said to herself.

"You sure do talk alot.", Kohaku muttered.

"I do? I didn't think I did.", Laila said.

Suddenly, the cell door banged open.

"Getting to know each other I see, well you lovebirds, Naraku has a job for the both of you.", Kagura said.

The chains snapped off the both of them easily.

Were they that flimsy the whole time???

^Laila thought this as she walked beside Kohaku, the jewel shard burning like 1000 knives on fire. 1000 rusty knives on fire. No wait, 2000 rusty and sharp knives on fire.

She found herself once again standing before Naraku.

"I want the two of you to follow Inuyasha and his group of friends. To spy on of course, don't make any contact with them. Got it?"

"Yes Master Naraku.", Laila and Kohaku said at the same time.

So hes in the same situation as me...poor kid...

A few moments later, Laila found herself sitting on a hill next to Kohaku. Inuyasha and his friends were relaxing in a village.

"What does Naraku want with them?", Laila asked Kohaku.

"None of your business, if Master Naraku wanted you to know, he would of told you.", was his response.

Laila sighed. "I feel that you are right."

No I don't....I am so going to put my foot so far up his ass that it comes out of his chest, that damn Naraku.

All of a sudden, Kohaku stood up. He pulled out a weird looking sythe on a chain.

"What are you doing?", Laila asked. Suddenly, she found herself standing too, pulling out her sword.

"Remember, now we are commanded to get the priestess Kagome.", he said.

I don't remember that

None the less, Laila was forced to follow Kohaku. They reached a small hut, where the one called Kagome was alone.

Those clothes...I have seen her somewhere before, in the present.

"Now.", Kohaku said as he started to spin his weapon. He threw it at Kagome and it wrapped around her.

"What the...", she said. "Inuyasha!"

All of a sudden, Inuyasha burst into the room.

"Kagome, whats going on?", he asked. He then spotted Laila and Kohaku.

"Whats this then, Narakus tricks again? I am getting sick of this!", he said as he took out Tetsaiga

Holy shit....that is one huge sword!

"I'll take the girl back to Naraku, you hold the mutt off.", Kohaku said as he ran off with Kagome. Laila turned her attention back to Inuyasha, now coming at her with Tetsaiga.

Why me?????


Every Heart

Here We Go Again
Dec 5, 2004
Inside an empty room, my inspiration flows, now wa
Chapter 5

Laila pulled out her sword, taking a defensive stance. Just as Inuyasha lifted the Tetsaiga, Miroku stopped him.

"Wait, we should go after Kagome. Sango and Shippo can handle her.", Miroku said.

"Are you sure?", Inuyasha asked.

"Yeah, its ok, you can count on us.",Shippo said as Miroku and Inuyasha ran off.

"So, I only get to fight these twoi? I'll be done with the two of you in no time.", Laila said darkly, advancing on the two.

Shutup! Are you trying to get me killed? But then again, I probably could take them, shard or no shard..........

"Hirakotsu!", Sango creeched as she threw the boomerang at Laila. Bracing herself mentally, Laila waited to see what she would do next.

To her own surprise, Laila raised her sword up and deflected the attack with ease, sending it smashing into a tree.

"Is that all you got?", Laila asked. "I thought you would but up more of a fight."

"Let me distract her Sango, Fox Magic!", Shippo said as thousands of mushrooms rained down on Laila.

"Blazing Fury!", Laila said as she caused fire to come out of her hands, which disolved the mushrooms.

"What the.....", Shippo said as he was suddenly lifted from the ground by his tail.

"You think you are so clever huh?", Laila asked as she then took and threw him at the back of Sangos head, for she had ran to get her boomerang. Laila had thrown Shippo with enough force tocause Sango to trip when he collided with the back of her head.

"I didn't even break a sweat. I shall leave now, I have no more time to waste here.", Laila said as she walked off.

"Whoever you are, I will make sure that we defeat Naraku and you drones and get Kohaku back!", Sango said.

This caused Laila to stop.

'Whats your connection with Kohaku?", Laila asked.

"Hes my brother as you damn well know.", Sango said as she got to her feet, holding her boomerang up.


Laila laughed. "You must be off your rocker if you think that you will ever stop Naraku."

Laila turned and started running back off towards the castle, thinking to herself.

Kohaku is her brother? This is just another example of how Naraku ruins peoples lives.

Laila soon reached the manor, slipping through a side door and getting past the battle between Inuyasha and Miroku vs. Kohaku and Kagura. Laila had no idea where she was heading, but then she found herself going down into a secret basement. Kagome sat tied up in the corner. Naraku, in the other corner.

"Laila, watch our prisoner, it seems I will have to take part in this battle.", he said as he left the room. Laila nodded and turned her attention to Kagome.

"Laila huh? Haven't I seen you before? Like...in the present?", Kagome asked.

The jewel shard glowed.

"And you are under Narakus control. From a tainted jewel shard.", Kagome said.

Finally, Laila found her own voice.

"You have seen me before. I went to the same school as you. I was the one kid that never obeyed the school uniforms code.", Laila pointed out at how she was wearing her black coat over a tee shirt and jeans and how Kagome was wearing her sailor school uniform.

"So how did you get here?", Kagome asked.

"Well, it all started the day that I spotted you going into the shrine........"

To be continued..................


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Aug 3, 2005
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Me: YAY! More background info!=^_^=
Gem: Even though this is just a mumble.. I think that you should fight Inuyasha!>.< I support that!
Nanala: She and Inuyasha have been mortal enemies.. and me! Probably because of the fact me and Gem are part cats and he's part dog.. and.. yeah...-_-
Thea:.... It would be an interesting battle..
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