The power of Xehanort's seeds



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Jan 13, 2012
So we know that when the Nobody and the heartless of someone have been defeated, the person would return as a complete individual.
We have some examples: Lea, Aleaus and Ienzo were clearly showed in Radiant Garden as returned humans.

On the other side we missed Braig and Isa and we were told that Dilan and Even were unstable. My theory now is: Braig and Isa are very influenced by Xehanort and his seeds so I think that maybe when the original heart of Braig and the original heart of Isa tried to return to their respective body they found them occupied by the Xehanort seed that acted like a barrier and not allowed the two hearts to return to their proper place.

In the case of Dilan adn Even we can imagine that the seed isn't grow as much as the former two so there is still a conflict between orginal heart that try to re-enter his body and the seed.

You can see this also as a remark of the deep difference between Sora and Xehanort: the former's heart allows other hearts to stay within to protect them while the latter tries to control the body fighting the other possible hearts (same behaviour of Xehanort's Heart inside Terra).

So with thes theory we can claim for sure that 2 of the 13 darknesses are Saix and Xigbar instead of Braig and Isa.

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Oct 9, 2009
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Nomura described the seeds as invading and eventually dominating/imprisoning a person within their own heart.
He doesnt just invade the body he invades the heart and controls the body from there.

With that in mind while I also think the unstable ones are vessels like isa and braig I doubt its cause they cant return to their bodies because the heart is what Xehanort invades first.
Ansem showed with Riku that he can eventually force the heart of his host out but I dont think its the case here.
Re-completion is when the body+soul return to the heart and become whole, so if something was blocking this process then Even, Isa, Braig and Dilan wouldnt have reformed at all.

Of course it is still possible Briag and Isa are actually their nobody selves thanks to time travel.


It is perhaps possible they did reform with a Xehanort seed in them but after they reformed they were forced out by Xehanort.
Meaning your theory is still possible if you just change the order a bit in that they reform whole first then the seed forces them out after the fact.
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