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Fanfiction ► The ORG [Completed]

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May 17, 2008
Re: The ORG

i translated french things on babelfish so if they're confusing/wrong as fuck, blame me not joe, okay? :3


Banshee Queen
Jun 10, 2008
Re: The ORG

Oh god yes that Gamzee personality I can't deal.
I think I'm starting to like him too much. ;-;


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May 17, 2007
The Land of Sand and Prisms
Re: The ORG

i translated french things on babelfish so if they're confusing/wrong as fuck, blame me not joe, okay? :3

Hey if they can't read itthen it only heightens the MISTERYS

Spoiler Spoiler Show

also sujnax = ♥

that's strangely in context

Oh god yes that Gamzee personality I can't deal.
I think I'm starting to like him too much. ;-;

Yes I have a thing for ensemble darkhorses.


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May 17, 2007
The Land of Sand and Prisms
Re: The ORG

Get ready to point out typos in three, two...

Chapter 26 - Time/Fate

Kurix lead Xenjin back to Agrabah, intending to sleuth for the motives of the enemy Organization XIII members that had attacked there. They were standing in a room that glittered with piles upon piles of shiny trinkets and treasure. Gold coins and idols and exotic gems were just laying on the floor, and lined the walls. Whatever light source lit up the place, was magnified tenfold by the reflective and glittering objects.

They were underground, but one could hardly tell by looking around.

“Where the hell are we?” Xenjin asked, raising her arms.

“Agrabah.” Seriously Xenjin you can be so dumb sometimes. “We’re looking for what motivated those that were after you.”

Xenjin seemed a little flustered; Kurix’s word was hardly sound to her. She was suddenly aware of their exact location.

“The Cave of Wonders? What are we doing here?”

“To find-”

“They were in town, what is this going to do?”


Okay so he had not expected that.

“Seriously? You didn’t even think you needed to ask me where we needed to go?”

“It seemed logical.”

“Your face seems logical…wait! No, it doesn’t!” She intended it to be more of a simplistic insult, but found the need to add that last bit on for added emphasis. And insult.

“Then politely tell me where to go.”

Oh, polite. She would give him polite.

“How about across a giant desert?”

“You don’t need to shout.”

“You don’t need to…be…you!”

Maybe she was just a bit exasperated after a big fight, and having to deal with someone she normally disliked breathing the same air as. Just a bad combination. Xenjin closed her eyes and raised her arms, wrapping them around the back of her head. She paced, back and forth, kicking up sand, and came to accept that she was being extreme. Fine. That’s just fine. He was still being such a jerk though, and…god!

No. Calmness. She took a deep breath, and heard some gold coins jingling abruptly behind her. This would be the only way to deal with someone that you generally detest being around. That and some painkillers for your ears since they keep ringing in pain from the stupid words you keep hearing.

There was that jingling again-

“Hey.” Kurix said, flatly. “Fine, let’s go then. I got a path to get us back into the city.”

Xenjin brushed her hair out of her tired eyes and turned towards the spiraling black oval. Kurix had an arm out, beckoning her in a very ladies first-manner that made her want to gouge his eyes out okay what the hell something just got knocked over.

She spun on her heel; her lance formed in her hand and extended in the blink of an eye into a pile of miscellaneous treasure. Rubies and sapphires and gold exploded and cleared out. Where the pile had stood, there was a black-cloaked figure.

Xenjin lunged, stabbing forward with a strong jab, but the person moved with stupefying speed, nearly teleporting around her. Kurix had his own weapon out the moment he saw the cloak; he knew that no one else on their side would be out in Agrabah. (This, ironically, being the one time his hated know-it-all attitude was right) Soul Eater appeared and made a swift horizontal stroke, but again, the enemy was gone; they were now standing in the entryway to the treasure room. The person took one last look at the pair, and made a run for it. The red-haired Nobody took off after them first, scrambling out of the treasure heap. She had to hurry, with that speed they could be out of the cave in no time.

The Cave of Wonders was a maze designed to keep out those that stole its valuables. Therefore, it would be difficult to hide from someone for long, since there was no practical escape from the entirety of the cave. However, when you lead them through an essential death course…

Apparently at a certain depth into the cave there were pools of lava that poured down and around in wide rivers. How was this known? Because when Xenjin and Kurix left the chamber they had arrived in, they met an endless cavern filled with the hot stuff, and had to jump right the hell over it to follow the runner, leaping around on small islands of stone and gold. It was dark, with the light being said lava casting its red and orange hot light into the blackness above. They must have been miles underground for there to be so much emptiness over their heads.

The main lake of lava cut off, as it lead right into an enormous lava waterfall. Or lava-fall. Seems silly to call it a something-waterfall when it does not actually consist of water.

Since there were no more islands to play leap frog on, the Cave provided large slabs of stone that hung meticulously on large, thick chains that went up god knows how high. The escapee stood on the nearest one, seemingly inviting them to follow. Kurix would not stand for such indignant attitude, and instead slashed Soul Eater through the air, launching a crescent of dark aura right at the chain over their head. It was cleaved in half, but the cloaked character was on the next slab before the previous even began to fall.

Xenjin went after them on foot, jumping with gusto and grabbing onto the wobbling chains like vines in a jungle. Meanwhile, whenever their enemy stayed on a platform for too long, Kurix swiped at them with a homing crescent, depriving them of a place to stand. Often this resulted in Xenjin getting to a platform right as it lost its support, leading to her cursing loudly and almost falling to her death. She mustered on though, what a trooper.

She managed to reach the runner when they made it to their goal on the other side of the hanging slabs. It was a tower, or something, standing in the middle of the cavern and protected by the inferno hundreds of feet below. Xenjin made one final, big hop and hurried into the last room. It was lit by torches, and she could feel a breeze that made her just then realize how much the heat had made her sweat. Like, profusely. A seriously gross amount.

It was a round, barren room she stood in now. The walls were boring, brown stone. All that stood out was a pillar in the center, a waist-high, with something resting on it. Xenjin was unable to see what it was, though, since the cloaked runner had stopped running in order to stand in front of it, and pick up whatever was there. Panting, she eased forward, lance held tight, cautious; that could be a weapon for all she knew.

The mystery character turned, holding something in both hands. It was not a gun, nor a sword, a magic wand, a Keyblade, a musical instrument, a lance, a dagger, or really any blunt object. All they held was a simple lamp. An oil lamp, much like one you would rub to produce a genie. Except this one was blue.

But before Xenjin could get a good look at the object, something strange happened. The space around the person and lamp started to warp and twist around. Their cloak began to fade, as did their entire body. Xenjin was too shocked to do anything, and maybe feared she would be met with the same distortion if she went too close.

Time and space seemed to collapse in on its in a little bubble, taking the figure with it. Before they were completely gone, though, Xenjin heard a feminine voice speak out.

“Buh-bye, Best Friend.”


The wind blew, and Xoje and Noraxeen shuddered. Only because of the cold, though. At least, mostly the cold.

After all, their opponent was pretty intimidating, what with the death armor.

“Xoje.” She whispered, keeping her eyes trained on Kaxsra. “I think we can do this. If that stuff’s like his weapon before, he’s a walking bomb around me!” There was a hopeful look in her eyes, which already stood out with their vibrant blue. Xoje was apprehensive.

“No, no. Just be careful, stay back. He looks like he’s way too ready for anything you’ve tried before.” They both saw Kaxsra brandish his laser-blade triumphantly, spinning it, holding it skillfully, and looking like he was ready to charge. “Keep your distance, give me support.” He gripped his weapon, feeling his muscles, still sore from superhuman punches, tighten and ache.

Kaxsra, cocky as ever, made the first move, running straight forward. He was moving with surprising amounts of agility for someone wearing so much metal, even though this was the first time he was wearing it. It was almost as if he was used to wearing armor and fighting while wearing it. His blade was raised, and Xoje blocked it when it came down, holding his bugle with both hands.

He felt his knees weaken under the weight of Kaxsra’s blow. It concerned him mildly; he thought he would have longer before he started being tired, but he had taken so much punishment not too long ago. Nobodies did have naturally accelerated healing, but the sheer exhaustion he was going to face- no, it was best to not think about it too much while trying to not be slaughtered.

Xoje heaved forward with his arms, throwing Kaxsra off of him long enough to deliver a strong whack to his head with the wide end of the bugle. He shouted, his head snapping to the side, but recovered quickly. The helmet was thick, and designed to absorb such attacks. As if Xoje did not expect that, he held his weapon firmly still and swung again and again, searching for a weak spot. Before he could discover anything, however, the hand with the shield came up, vibrating as it protected Kaxsra from another irritating hit.

Repeating what Xoje had done, Kaxsra pushed the weapon away with his defense. To his advantage he had two weapons though, and hammered down on his enemy with the shield and sword.

Noraxeen watched, feeling helpless, wanting to advance but fearing Xoje words. She had no intentions of disobeying him, but she also knew he had to have been right. Kaxsra was extremely ticked off last time, so to be in the world they tracked him to, just waiting like that? He had to be prepared with some devastating counter.

Xoje had to keep moving back to give himself space to defend, but the dueling pair were steadily reaching the end of the bridge, where Noraxeen stood. It felt like it would be bad to be pushed that far back, like a game of tug-of-war or something. Just with dying instead. Xoje felt his arms weaken, and saw dents grow on his bugle. Desperate, he hopped back, calling off his weapon, and thrust his hands up towards Kaxsra, unleashing a forceful blast of sound waves towards him. There was a deep ringing that echoed throughout the surrounding forest for miles; Noraxeen had to cover her ears, and Kaxsra was just lucky to have the helmet protecting him.

This, unfortunately, left him pretty tired, and without much mobility. He stood, wavering, breathing hard, unable to resist Kaxsra as he lunged, who had barely been phased by the magic. Noraxeen intervened however, dashing forward and heaving her claymore at the blur of blue. It caught Kaxsra in the shoulder, which must have been a weak point since he cried out in pain. She swung back and forth like a pendulum turned on its side, keeping Kaxsra on his toes. Noraxeen never seemed to lose any of that fire, though, only gaining strength and stamina. Her eyes glowed a deeper shade of blue, azure if you will, and the runes etched along the broadside of her sword did as well. One hand left the hilt, and it lit up in a ball of flames of predictable color.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were-” Kaxsra dodged another swing. “…you.”

What was that supposed to mean?

Kaxsra tilted his head towards Xoje, who was on one knee, trying to recover and physically warning Noraxeen to stay away from the fight. She clenched her fist, making the flames disappear, and shook her head.

He was more like a walking atom bomb. The blast from the Eternus Ignis hitting the armor would likely vaporize him, as well as anything else too close. That included her and Xoje; and even if her powers let her survive or something, that would mean her friend’s death. She was never going to come close to risking that. They would have to stick to close-quarters combat.

Above, Dryxaim watched, as he usually did. He was, in fact, disappointed in the performance of the one with the visor. After the fight he bore witness to, the blond was sure Xoje could handle a simple fight where his side outnumbered the enemy. Hard to believe he was so out of it. Oh well. At least he learned a little bit about the sound powers from that wonderful display.

The girl, though? Pretty boring. What, she had fire powers? With what he was learning, Dryxaim was confident he would never need something to primitive. She was adept with a sword, though. Kaxsra had definitely met his match in the swordplay department, which was hard to take in. The pink-haired girl did not seem like she would be able to left that giant weapon to begin with, yet she swung it effortlessly, often in one hand, and had Kaxsra on the ropes now and then. Shame he would never be able to copy abilities like that. He had figured this out the hard way some time ago.

Speaking of powers, he felt the presence as another ability source. It was easy to notice since, well, his body automatically tried to copy the essence. Yet, this one was familiar; it was already present in his body. Oh, who was that running down from the castle doors? Brown hair, a big sword held at his side? Hello, Charxai. Long time no see. Looks like timely reinforcements have made their way to the battle scene. It was actually convenient. It meant that Dryxaim would no longer have to stop Kaxsra from killing Xoje.

He was barely done sapping power from him.

Charxai leapt over the gates leading to the bridge. Kaxsra heard him; the technology in his helmet was alerting him all on its own. Before he could turn, however, there was a spray of icy haze upon him, obscuring his vision and chilling him past the armor. Kaxsra flailed, hoping to hit one of the Nobodies around him, but he quickly lost his speed. In a matter of seconds, his joints were frozen solid, and the armor was completely frosted over. From the outside, Charxai, Noraxeen, and Xoje only saw a white smoldering cloud where Kaxsra had once been.

“That’ll buy us some time.” Charxai told them, going over to help Xoje to his feet. “That was…stupid! Really! I can’t believe you would do that! What were you thinking?”

“To be honest I don’t remember anything too well after that one guy punched me twelve times…”

“Charxai! Don’t get mad at him. He just wanted to do something and take action and…he didn’t know this would happen!” Noraxeen scowled, hurrying to grab Xoje by the arm and yank him to his feet.

“You guys knew something would happen. Why didn’t you stop him?”

“I wanted to do something too.”

“Well you did, and look where it got you. We need to be more careful and not just go blindly chasing everyone we don’t like.”

Dryxaim chuckled from his perch when he heard that one.

“Hey can we go, man, I can hear him coming to in there and he’s kinda pissed…” Xoje asked and stated, pulling at his helpers.

“Sure, fine.” Charxai said, sighing. It was really uncharacteristic of him to be so strict, especially to Noraxeen, or his superior, but he was understandably troubled after his confrontation with Dryxaim. The guy just unnerved him to the bone.

On that note.

What was that? That feeling, that nitrogen signature in the air? It was very, well, familiar. His body automatically noticed these essences, like with Xoje’s enhanced hearing, Kurix’s darkness senses, or Jynx’s acute spur-of-the-moment crazy Keyblade powers. Anyway, it reminded him of something he sensed not too long ago, before he traveled around with Cino. What, or who was it…oh no. It was him. Dangerous person number one as far as he was concerned. Sword-stealing-power-using-blond-insane-weirdo. They had to leave now.

“Okay, let’s go.” He opened up a Corridor. A moment later something beeped from his pocket; the remote tracker Xoje had given him. Thank goodness he had it on him or they would never know that a portal had opened outside of a blind spot.

Trapped in his thawing prison, unassisted by his fellow Nobody that happened to have left the world as soon as the others did, Kaxsra would have a couple hours to himself alone to think. He thought about how he felt like he was completely robbed of his victory and his fate; to destroy the Nobodies that opposed him. He received the armor to help him do this, and carry out his mission, yet all it did was hinder him. How infuriating. Next time he would see Nevex, he would give him a piece of his mind.


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Jun 10, 2008
Re: The ORG

These just keep on getting better and betterrrr.

After the spasms I got because of that insane amount of PERFECT XENJIN PICTURING I couldn't help but notice how much I love Noraxeen. Bitch is so coooooool. <3


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May 17, 2007
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Re: The ORG

Bluh sorry for not having the chapter up by now guys. Got the HB+ OP to do and I've been gone for the past few days. Hopefully one of those two things will get worked on today.


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May 17, 2007
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Re: The ORG

Chapter 27 - The Medium

Being flung off of the cathedral did not mean anything. The how or why or anything else mattered nothing. What did matter was that Eastxi had his hands on the mirror, the precious magical artifact that he had gone to in times of need. He would hold it up to the sky, making sure it reflected the moonlight. While it was morning now, he could still catch the small, white, blurry circle in the sky. From that point, it would glow silver and blue, then channel its spiritual energy into him, and the reinvigorating sensations-

Except nothing was coming out. For once in his two lives the mirror did nothing, and it was coming off as the most frightening thing ever.

He thought fast. Eastxi needed to figure out what happened or it could mean the end for him. Was it Cinollex, could she have tampered with it before he arrived? It seemed doubtful, since she would need it too. It was not a fake, not some fake prop, he would have been able to tell way before then. However, there was that other kid, that caused so much trouble. The stupid little blue-tipped hair ingrate that made that little gash in his side and he wanted to tear apart with his bare hands oh how he wanted his blood to just splatter…

The episodes were getting worse; he could feel his hair standing on end, and his fangs flare. The kid was suspicious though, and his greatest lead, since he whipped out that strange power that lead to him on the ground. No doubt Cinollex had brought him back to Twilight Town for safekeeping, though. He would need a team to break in and get his medicine back.

Which is what lead him back to base in The World That Never Was. Fortunately for him, there were a couple of his comrades laying about, bored, and up to getting their hands dirty. Just two, but they were qualified enough. Xando knew the ins and outs of the mansion and was interested in getting into a another thrilling fight. That eagerness combined with his foresight meant he could find Jynx anywhere those clowns chose to hide him. Xade had barely done anything so far during the story I mean recent times so she was all for doing something big. She also had the necessary destructive powers for dealing with the mansion’s defenses. Eastxi planned for this to be much more upfront than the last attack.

He proceeded to inspire his crack team in a feral mix of English and French, which they mostly did not understand but managed to get the gist of things. Kaxsra, with his back turned to them, sitting in an armchair across the room and playing with his defrosting hair, overheard. Seemed like the perfect opportunity to him.


The wolf man would have to hurry, though, since the mansion was already being demolished by shouts and insults thrown as a result of Kurix and Xenjin arguing. Cinollex felt a headache coming on when she entered the meeting room, and Jynx just grumbled. He hated seeing his mentor being like this, especially over whatever insignificant thing Xenjin brought up out of stupid, unwarranted frustration.

“You guys! Did you hear him!” She yelled towards Cino, waving her arms. “Xemnas told him where to meet up with him if we needed him, but he’s been holding back this whole time!”

“I didn’t think it was necessary to divulge that-”

“Like hell! You just wanted to keep some secrets to yourself, didn’t you? You get off on this sort of thing. Oh, don’t give me that look.”

The last part was directed towards Jynx, who shot her a disapproving glare while walking past. He joined Brixan and Xanele at the table, both of whom wore expression that just screamed ‘not again’.

“If we all knew it would compromise Xemnas’s location to the enemy. Any of us could just go there for the wrong reason and he would be in trouble.”

“What, do you think we’re kids? We’ve been through about five battles today without whining, even though I’m sure about half of us almost died.”

Off to the side, Brixan raised his hand as if to back up her statement. Xanele pulled it down and rolled her eyes.

“Kurix, look.” Charxai reasoned, who walked up between both of them. “We have been through a lot, and we haven’t heard anything from the Superior. Isn’t this the kind of scenario where we could use this information?”

Xenjin just shook her head rapidly, and looked at Kurix like she was trying to coax information out of a young child.

“Well,” Kurix began, “the main problem is that Xemnas didn’t exactly tell me the where as much as the when…”

“What.” Cinollex blurted out. She was actually surprised for once at such a twist.

“You’re kidding me.” Xenjin said, turning and sighing. “Xoje? Really? You don’t know anything about this?”

Xoje was sitting on one of the large armchairs across the room, head in hand, ignoring Noraxeen’s pleads to get him more rest and to the infirmary. He was a little ashamed to answer the question; not because of the nature of the answer but because of whom he was saying it to.

“Uh, didn’t even know he was gonna be somewhere in the first place.”

Xanele closed her eyes.


Appropriately so; Xenjin, and, in fact, a couple of the others were pretty shocked to hear this. Brixan gave another exaggerated physical notion, tilting his head in the most accusing way possible, and Charxai blinked and gave the most stunned double-take in all of history.

“How can you not know!” Xenjin exclaimed, starting to walk over to him.

“Yeah, ain’t you the number two?” Brixan added on.

“Ugh. Fine, let’s go…” He lifted himself from his chair and followed Noraxeen to the doorway.

“I just don’t get how the two highest-ranking people here,” She looked to Kurix, “officially, can not know anything while this guy can! Just tell me the logic behind this.”

Xoje, Cinollex, and Kurix all flashed glances at each other that lasted only a second at the most. It made quite the disturbing silence, which was then ended by Xoje shuffling out of the room.

“Hey.” Cinollex announced. “We’re gonna stop fighting, and do something useful, okay?”

“No, I-”


The peanut gallery at the table snickered. Mostly Jynx, who was kind of glad seeing Xenjin get shut down.

“Kurix, you know what time we have to head over there, yeah?” She asked.

“Um, right. It’s not yet. About an hour and we’re clear to go.”

“Alright. That doesn’t give us a lot of time to figure it out, but if I can hop through a few worlds, I can just sense him with this.” She held out her light, radiant bracelet. “Easy. It might take about thirty minutes; there are only so many worlds he could possibly be in. It’s Xemnas, er, the Superior, after all. Guy loves dramatic meetings in the most dramatic of places.”

“I’ll go, for protection.” Charxai offered, hurrying over to Cinollex’s side. He spoke to her in a low whisper. “I cannot moderate this crap forever.”

He was also pretty curious about seeing Cinollex’s powers in the works. All that Non-Existence stuff interested him way before he saw he retrieve the newer bracelet, and he wanted to see how she applied it. It was a pretty modest interest, and he would never want to actually use the powers or anything. No, that would be incredibly stupid. Any Nobody, or anyone at all, really, would be in no position to don the even the weaker of the two mediums of unparalleled death and destruction without having some control over the domain of the non-living.

Incredibly stupid, yeah.

Charxai would definitely learn a lot about the functions of Non-Existence though.

“Jynx, go with them.” Kurix called over. Cinollex had an expression equaling the abbreviation ‘wtf’.

“He was just at some fight with me, he’s in no condition, I mean, I don’t think I really even need Charxai-”

“Look.” Kurix muttered, coming in close. “I got her breathing down my neck I don’t need my fan club’s leader to bug me anymore.”

Eye rolls. Everywhere. Jynx came up, excited to be given a mission by his superior (no matter what Xenjin said, he was his superior) and also sort of excited to go with Cinollex too kind of. She looked sort of smug seeing the kid walk over, and spoke to Kurix, being notably less quiet.

“I thought you’d like the attention-”

“Nope, no, let’s go, no time for bantering.” Charxai interrupted, grabbing the other parts of his trio by the shoulders and turning them around. He pushed them out the door, but turned around quickly, digging into his pocket. “Oh, Kurix, take this.” He tossed over the mini-tracker Xoje had lent to him. “Give it back to Xoje when he’s well.”

He complied, but immediately started playing with the device when he left.

“So, where we off to first?” Charxai asked, offering to conjure the Corridor.

“I don’t know, The World That Never Was?”

They both looked all, ‘are you seriously serious’.

“Why?” Jynx asked, appalled. “Bad things happen there. Bad people are there!”

“What? It’s the most obvious place. Maybe he has some secret agendas there or something.”

“Sure you don’t want to check out the Hundred Acre Wood first?” Charxai put out there, just to see if she would change her mind.

“We’ll just get this out of the way, don’t worry about it. It’ll just take me a minute, and we’ll leave. All through blind spots, too. No trouble involved.”

“You are making the weirdest decisions today.” Jynx said, sighing.

“Even worse than holding onto the mirror?”


“No banter.”

Charxai made sure the portal was opened and they were going through it right away. The less time they spent having free time the less it would be spent on pointless arguments.

About twenty seconds after they left the world, Kurix’s explorations of the mini-tracker were interrupted when it began to beep loudly and incessantly.


“So this bitch, this stupid blond idiot, stupider than you, just won’t get off my damn case…” Sujnax was still rambling on, boring Dryxaim out of his mind.

“Uhuh. So, did she say anything about me-”

“I swear I’d punch her lights out if her damn girlfriend wouldn’t turn me into a Dusk first. Hah! What? Yeah she did. It was all me and you, pal. My case about you. Wouldn’t shut the hell up. Just wanted to leave. Thought I’d threaten her or something.”

“Sure okay.” This was useful information for once. “Then you blanked out?”

“Yeah I don’t know what the hell that was about. Happens too much, it makes me want to strangle my damn brain over being such a damn idiot! I swear I’ll do it, that bastard.”

“You’re going to kill your own brain?”

“What? Yeah, KILL, that’s right. Kill her! I wouldn’t mind. Maybe I’ll do it when her back is turned, blame it on Xynras or something.”

“He’s dead.”

“Yeah he will be.”

“Look,” he sighed, “can you just bring out the calmer one-”

“Why the hell are people saying that? Who are THEY to say I’m not calm? I’m the calmest bastard in the damn world and I will kill anyone who says otherwise with their own organs as weapons they’ll need to hold the body together with paperclips…”

“Okay! Really? Okay, whatever.” Yeah this totally had no chance of working whatsoever. “I’m gonna get going. If you ever feel, uh, ‘crazy’ I guess, why don’t you come see me.”

And he had more than one reason for doing so. Whatever Non-Existence-based powers had crept into him while in Cinollex’s presence told him that she was in the same world as him right now.


Jun 1, 2008
Re: The ORG

I love that you're playing off of my silly little chats, and visa-versa. ♥


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May 17, 2007
The Land of Sand and Prisms
Re: The ORG

fucking chapters man

Chapter 28 - Black & White

“Make it quick, I hate being here.” Charxai said, constantly checking every side of them after leaving the designated blind spot. His neck just would not stay straight.

“You’re so paranoid. They can’t detect us.” Jynx told, brushing off any feelings of danger. “What’s the big deal? We’ll just stand around.”

“Yeah.” Cinollex lamented, albeit mockingly. “Not like jumping around ten different worlds today has tipped them off to where we’re headed.”

“…Could they do that?” Jynx asked, a little quietly. “Is that, um, even possible…?”

“Might be.” Charxai teased. “But we wouldn’t know if they could. Doubt Kurix would let you out if we did, hah.”

“Sure he would! I bet he’d love to see what I could do.”

“If he was so infatuated with the idea he’d be tying you down a lot less, wouldn’t he?” Cinollex said, rolling her eyes. She was doing that a lot lately.

Jynx started to stammer a response, but was confused. Kurix? Xemnas was the one giving him all those rules. Totally. He pondered on this for a while, obviously just confused at Cinollex’s obviously wrong wording which was obviously wrong. Duh. He was pretty quiet while pointing out these clear things in his head.

This allowed Cinollex to focus. She would stop here and there, as they snuck around street corners, holding her wrist up to the blank night sky. Her eyes would close, and her mind searched out far and wide for the presence of their leader. Her scouting kept coming up empty, but she felt something odd; something that kept coming closer.

“How long until you’re done, Cino?” Whispered Charxai, eyes still darting. “This is more than a few minutes.”

“Just a little more, just a little…I think I feel him somewhere.”

She was lying for the second time. It was definitely not Xemnas she was sensing, but someone else. Or something. Whatever it was it felt threatening; not because of the identity but because of what comprised it. Cinollex was feeling her own power source in the area.

Actually, when he thought about it, Charxai felt something off too. It was not a well of power though, but instead a physical signature; a carbon imprint he was used to feeling and being around. However, he had been around a lot of people that day, new ones especially, so he could not quite put his finger on it. Speaking of fingers, Jynx was also troubled by a prickling feeling going down his neck. It was very much like the one he had around Kaxsra and Noraxeen. There was something in the back of his mind giving him images of blue fingers, or talons, or something similar.

Dryxaim had his own sensations, which came in the form of three distinct flavors. The cool mint of Charxai’s frosty nitrogen was a familiar scent, as was Jynx’s blue raspberry odor. He also felt, however, the sensory-desolating bitterness of Cinollex’s silver glow. Alluring, yet devastating to his brain. She also carried with her something else, but she was making no attempt to harness it nor let it out. He was a little happy about that, because what he could pick up smelled like death and tasted more sour.

Of course to say these were actual smells or tastes would just be dumb. They are being described here as such only for the sake of relating to the characters, and because it is just too much fun.



She groaned, shaking her head. Obviously he was going to find her there.

“What, what, what? Can’t you just leave me alone?”

“I realized I was harsh before.” Xemnas said, with lament present in his voice. “I thought I would console you-”

“I don’t need you to think for me.” She argued.

Xeyla turned, seething, fists clenched.

“You can’t even show a bit of compassion! It’s right down to business with you. Everything you said…You make it seem like you were the mature one. But you didn’t even think to ask-”

“I-I’m sorry, but now that you came here I can see how much it was bothering you.”

She inhaled sharply, having to bite her own tongue to prevent her from lashing out anymore. It was true; this is where she came every time she felt like she had ‘feelings’ or something. Not like a true Nobody ever could. It would take a freak to be in the position she was in, yet still cling to such human characteristics, as if they were real. Xeyla faced away from Xemnas again, turning to her side and peering into one of the cells in the long, white hallway in which they stood. They were in the sub-sub-basement levels of the castle.

It’s where she used to spend most of her time. She and…

“So cold. I knew it. That’s all I could expect from you.” Her tone was flatter, and now devoid of emotion. Like it should be. “After all that you put us through.”

“Don’t start blaming me again, Xeyla.” He said sternly. “That’s not about to get us anywhere.”

“Like you care! As if you even care now! You can’t even see what we did wrong, what they did wrong, or even what you did wrong. That’s just it. You see the world in black and white, like there’s nothing else to it.”

“That isn’t true!” He held. “I did all I could.” Xemnas watched her grab onto the bars of the cell she stood by, then saw them slide down and she sunk to the floor and sat.

“It!“ She banged on the bars with her tightened fists. “Wasn‘t!“ Her voice was becoming increasingly erratic and jumped up and down in pitch. “Enough! You didn’t do enough! This is all because of you! Everything’s-” She was breathing sharply again in the most peculiar way, “-over. It’s all over, it’s all for nothing…”

Xeyla came to this place to think, not to be happy. This was not a place she spent most of her younger life in as a choice.

“You were like daughters to me.” Xemnas tried to explain, walking closer.

“That you disowned.”

“That I wanted to help. And still do.”

Her shallow breathing echoed.

“There’s only one of us left. Good job so far.”

“Then let that be the first thing I fix.”


Oh, how Dryxaim loved to see what colorful combinations he could lure out. The way the cool, refreshing mint went with the blueberry was just delightful. What he did not find so pleasant was the blinding silver messing up the drive he had from the other powers. Something about the flashy, Non-Existence stuff did not come off as appealing spiritually. But, as an opportunity for adding to his megalomaniacal repertoire of abilities, he knew he had to act.

By this point, he had successfully initiated a battle with the three members of the enemy organization. Well, the other enemy organization, he supposed. Not to get ahead of himself, but, heheh.

He was familiarizing himself with Charxai, getting to know him, breaking bread, you know. Or breaking heads, really, since he was wailing on him pretty hard with that fancy sword. Dryxaim decided to play a little fair, though, and fought back with one clawed hand and another frozen into a long, much sleeker than before, nitrogen blade. He figured this was fair since Jynx had joined in the close-ranged fight himself.

Whatever. As long as he kept that girl with the bracelet back. Look at her, not even doing anything, just fumbling around with that bracelet. He just wanted to shout out ‘yes, that is me you are reading as having the same power of you, small world isn’t it?’ yeah that would be the greatest. There was fighting to be done first, though.

Both of the sword-fighters came at him diagonally, swinging in perfect time and rhythm to make sure Dryxaim had not a moment’s rest. All Dryxaim could really do was do his best impersonation of Charxai and purify the air around him to catch his breath easier, but it was not really doing much when the reality of being stabbed in the face was so imminent.

So, he decided, enough was enough. Dryxaim summoned up the most powerful powers he could; those that came from the little girl down the street. That meant Cinollex. They were just fighting in the streets, after all, and every minute he spent there he could feel his body copying the essences of those around him. He was becoming more and more used to the bitter silver, and it was now tasting more tolerably sour. Dryxaim felt as if he were to reach deep inside of him enough, he would find exactly what he needed.

Suddenly the nitrogen weapon extending from his hand, which was already chipping away to nothing, ignited with a bright glow. The subliming solid was replaced by a shaft of silver. He was generating solid material from the power that grew inside of him. Dryxaim slashed harder and faster than before, finally holding his own against their weapons instead of worry about it shattering to pieces. Some advanced swordplay pushed Jynx off, while Charxai acted more cautiously. He knew what he was up against. He knew what Dryxaim was capable of, and now that he recognized those as Cinollex’s powers, he realized just how dangerous Dryxaim was.

“Out of the way!” Cinollex yelled, holding up her hand at Dryxaim. She was holding the raised arm by the wrist, as if the whole limb was a loaded gun and she was ready to fire a cannonball. She braced herself for the launch of the attack, and the bracelet flashed before sending out a blast of sparkling silver plasma, about as tall as her. Dryxaim sneered, but stood his ground. He brought up is clawed hand, facing the blast head-on. It hit him like a bolt of lightning, and Jynx and Charxai had to dive out of the way to avoid the heat and debris from the resulting explosion.

Usually though, when you are shocked by lightning, you become pretty frazzled and probably died. Dryxaim was neither of those. In fact he looked pretty damn good for someone who normally would have been fried. The ground around him was scorched, and the building his back faced had a sizable chunk of it vaporized. Dryxaim saw this, then looked at his hand, whose glow was just going away. Whatever had happened, it meant he could absorb the blast, or deflect it, or something. Cinollex seemed worried.

She fired another two, smaller shots, aiming at his feet and head. Dryxaim reacted with inhuman reflexes, like he had the foresight to see the attacks coming, and caught the energy rounds in his hand, making them disappear in an epileptic poof. The same was done to the next five Cinollex sent after him, even as she tried to aim around him instead. She was now more, scared, maybe? Possibly. Stressed is a better word, more vague. Either way, she knew she had to do something, because the attacks from this bracelet were doing absolutely nothing. Dryxaim had absorbed enough power to counter her with ease, so, what was there to do? Maybe…

Maybe she just needed more power.

Cinollex swiftly slid her hand into her pocket, retrieving the dark gray bracelet. She fired one more bolt of bright silver light before shedding the other bracelet; one that she had had on so long it felt like a part of her. For a fraction of a second both arms were devoid of accessories. Dryxaim saw the weapons held in her hands, as she moved to put on the new one. He smiled.

Something whirled through the air. A heavy set of metal chains, at the end of each, a steel ball, spun around and made contact with Cinollex. The long chains, weighted by the velocity of the balls, wrapped themselves around her, pinning her arms to her sides and knocking her over, bound by the bola. The brighter of the two bracelets left her grasp, and rolled to the side. Txamt swooped from above and snatched it up.

“Wave goodbye to this! Oh wait.” He jumped away. Jynx arrived to help, but only received a whack to the face for his attempts. It did not help that Txamt was wearing a pair of ‘iron’ knuckles. He shouted, feeling his cheek get torn up, and doubled over, blood dripping off of his glove as he covered himself.

Dryxaim took the bracelet in a very casual manner, glancing over what remained of his enemies. A tied-up girl, a bleeding little wimp, and Charxai. Oh, Charxai, what to do with you?

“…We still have a score to settle, I guess?” He slipped the bracelet onto his right hand, and bit his lip, feeling the power from it coursing up his arm and into his body. He felt it go up his throat, into his mouth, and there was a taste that was no long sour nor bitter, but more like nothing at all. Like it was the taste of his own mouth, and nothing more, like he could go through life with this sensation and he could never notice it. Like it was designed to be a part of whoever had these powers. The bracelet was fine having a new master as long as they met the prerequisites. Which apparently was just using it without blowing up.

Charxai strafed carefully, holding his sword tight. He needed to protect the other two. That is what he was there for. They were too spread out for him to just pick up and bring home, and that other Nobody working with Dryxaim would just cause more trouble. His only choice would be to try and incapacitate him, somehow.

He swung his sword, Dusk, making a wave of cold air rocket from the arc of the slash. It crashed into Dryxaim’s feet, freezing his boots in place. Dryxaim shrugged. He waved his hand, and a pulse of silver rushed down his legs, making the nitrogen crack, then shatter. The blond, smiling more than he realized now, took a step forward, his hand alight.

Charxai worried more for the others than himself, coated his sword in a plating of subliming frost. He held it defensively, swinging it only when Dryxaim came to close, which was to say, always. Eventually it came to Dryxaim just messing with him; feigning to move to one side when he went to the other, and flinging a few tiny bullets of light at the ground to make him ‘dance’. It was not even that Charxai was unable to do anything, either; he just had no idea what he was up against. He knew, first-hand, that Cinollex was powerful and dangerous, but that was only on an ally. What was Dryxaim capable of like this? Being too hasty here would be the biggest risk he would ever take.

Dryxaim had transformed, in the eyes of those around him, into a god-like tank of a being. Whenever Charxai came close enough to attack on his accord, his opponent would see it coming, and threaten him with a larger blast.

“Watch it, runt!” He would shout, staring right through him with light gray, almost white irises. His expression was of pure entertainment. Charxai would grunt, then swing, then retreat.

“You know, Charxai.” Dryxaim said, tilting backward to avoid his sword. “I’m getting…“ he raised his arm in sadistically slow fashion, knowing the other could not do a thing, “sick of this.”

A medium-sized bolt met Charxai right in the chest, sending him flying backwards, and skidding into the ground so hard he almost flipped onto his head. Dryxaim hovered over; in that he walked over in a slow and foreboding way. He was not actually floating above the ground. Though he probably could, and if he knew how he totally would.

“So I’ll just finish this here, and now. Same goes for your friends.”

Cinollex struggled to get out of the chains. Neither of her bracelets were on, which hindered her a lot, especially since these were doubtlessly magical chains of some sort. Jynx looked up form his injury, the red now done flowing from his raw skin. Charxai was in danger, he was almost done for. He had to do something but oh god that guy was scary.

Charxai reached for Dusk, but it was out of reach. Not out of Dryxaim’s, though. It moved right into the air and into his hand. Dryxaim smiled wider, more triumphantly, and Txamt really began to hope he had no idea his face looked that was because it was wicked creepy.

Jynx recalled the powers he used to get rid of Eastxi before; maybe he could just tap into those! He raised his hand like pretty much everyone else had done today except him, and tried doing every conceivable thing to make the psychic abilities turn back on. Cinollex wriggled around until she hooked onto her other bracelet with her finger, and tugged at it until she was able to start to force her hand through it.

Dryxaim pulled his arm back. The sword was still covered in nitrogen.

Jynx felt panic. He started to hobble forward, but nothing was happening. Move! Why would you not move already!? The sword, Charxai, anything?

Charxai was stuck in shock. It was Cino’s powers that were doing this; it kept replaying in his head. He felt hopeless because of it.

Cinollex pushed the bracelet over her knuckles and…

Dryxaim vaulted the sword down, towards Charxai’s chest.

Jynx shouted something inaudible. It may have been some random sound, or maybe it just sounded loud to him.

Cinollex had the bracelet fully on. That other taste overcame her. It felt odd, like it might make her sneeze. It was like pepper, where the other had been salt. She turned over, aiming her hand at Dryxaim as the sword just ran Charxai through.

A dark, glittering stream of silver ejected from her wrist. Dryxaim was hit right in the chest himself, and thrown up and backwards. She then disintegrated the chains that bound her, and hammered the crater that he landed in with more and more blasts. Dryxaim struggled to get to his knees and create some kind of shield like earlier, but it was cracked every time, and he was repeatedly slammed back to the ground by the concussive force. Cinollex kept up the barrage until she made it to where Charxai lay, but he was already fading away. Seeing that, she stopped right away. Jynx had crawled over to help. He was silent; so was Charxai.

Dryxaim could barely move, but ordered Txamt to return him to the castle. The lackey hurried over and dragged him through a Corridor.


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I fucking hate you Joe. ;___;

(this was so amazing and intense awgawd ♥)


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awgawd here's another

Chapter 29 - Distant Dream

The question that is probably on everyone’s mind is:

What happened to Dryxaim?!?!!?

He was sleeping, in a private room he took over in the lower levels of his organization’s castle. Ryjemex was actually his neighbor; that is just how deep down he was, and Ryjemex really likes his privacy. There had also been times in the past where his experiments had caused a lot of collateral damage, the most notorious of examples included the simultaneous construction of the east atrium as well as the destruction of the east tower. Man, Nevex never let that one go. Shit was fodder for years.

Wait what was the topic again?

Oh, Dryxaim, right. Easy to get sidetracked. He is pretty forgettable you know.

He was being tended to by Txamt in his super-special room, laying down on a old mattress he managed to get down there. His eyes were stick on their near-white color from before, even after forcing the bracelet off. Upon realizing that would do nothing, he went and put it right back on; too much of a risk to not have it on him at all times. After all, he had killed how many to get to this point? Three, was it? Maybe four, indirectly. Sounded about right. Boy he was sleepy. So sleepy.

So sleepy that he fell asleep, as most sleepy people do when they get to lay down after a hard day’s work. He also dreamt, as most sleeping people tend to do. The visuals stirring in his dormant mind were not fabrications of the subconscious, however. They were not there only to be forgotten the instant he woke up. In actuality, these were the flashback sort of dreams, the kind where you remember some traumatic or significant moments from your life. Yes, it was all coming back to him in a hazy blur. Memories that he never really dwelled on, while his nagging sleeping brain did.


He had been part of Organization XIII for around six months before he learned of his power. For that matter, it had taken that long before he realized he even had an ability all. Until then, Dryxaim was relatively weak, and looked down upon. He even lacked the ability to conjure his own weapon. The stronger members, with higher agendas and knowing they needed strength to go with their increasing ranks, alienated him.

His power was observed for the first time during a sparring match conducted by Xade. She wanted to see if Dryxaim had any fight in him, despite being scrawny and powerless. She thought that it was the spirit that counted, and it might give him some potential.

The black-haired, riled-up girl, pretty enthusiastic about fighting, flung rocks at Dryxaim. She was not even using her own weapon, a large axe, to test him. If anything it was more like target practice for her. Dryxaim was getting pelting with stones of varying sizes, all to see if his power would manifest itself in some sudden urge to protect himself. As it happened, as the pebbles turned into stones, and those were getting awfully close to boulder, he felt anger rising up inside of him. He also smelled something. Something earthy, that was not just the rocks and dirt that had collided with his face, nearly breaking his nose several times. It was coming from Xade.

And the more he took in the scent, the more invigorated he became. He began to take the torrent of rocks in stride, holding up his arms over his face in defense rather than dodge. Then he started swatting them aside, even the heavier ones. Then he started to punch them to dust when they flew too close.

Xade was excited to meet another earth-bender on the team. It was hard to believe they had the same powers, though, so Xeyla instructed Nevex and Ryjemex to look into things, who ironically both had similar powers themselves.. They were stumped up until Dryxaim began to let out arcs of electricity into any nearby metal objects. Despite the similarity in abilities, Dryxaim thought Nevex had a little more citrus to him. Less like Ryjemex’s lemon and more like an orange.

They dubbed his abilities as “power mimicry”.


Two weeks after finding his potential.

“I’m so sick of him. This is it. This is happening.” Dryxaim whispered to himself, fist clenched. He knew he would be stronger soon.

“Dryx, you don’t have to do this…” Serox said, shaking her head. “It’s incredibly stupid. So just don’t! He’s way stronger, and, really, you don’t stand a chance.”

“Just gotta fight fire with fire.”

“You don’t even know if that’s gonna work.”

“It will. He wants to say shit at me about powers, huh? About how weak I am? I can bring myself up to his level in a second.”

Serox was probably the closest thing Dryxaim had to a friend at the time. “Friend” being a very, very loose term. Maybe it was that she was the only one who would walk up and start a conversation, or show any interest in the progress of his health. She did have to look after him often during those times when he was comatose after his creation. It was pathetic, but sad, she thought, that he was so weak for so long. Even when he started copying the abilities of those around him, it never did anything to him physically. It only ever seemed to put pressure on his soul.

He would only need more help after today, too. The six months of uselessness in the ranks of Organization XIII irked Eastxi enough that insults were thrown. They were pretty much polar opposites, so the rivalry conjured between them was inevitable. One was small, powerless, and clever; while the other was large, formidable, and boasted less than average in intelligence. The language difference was not at all helpful.

So of course, the one who did not stand a chance had to challenge the other to a fight.

Dryxaim was cocky, and made it to the fight early. Some of the other members had gathered to watch, out of boredom, and the want to see some bloodshed. Serox, Xade, Xando, Nevex, Sujnax, Txamt, and Xynras all stood on the sidelines of the training room. The ensuing fight was nothing really exciting to describe.

Eastxi decided he would not use his weapon, due to the sheer uselessness of it against a single enemy in an open area, and because he felt like showing some sportsmanship. Only in that area, though. He threw his fists at Dryxaim, watching him weave and duck, growing bored himself. His fangs flashed whenever he made contact, and he could hear a crack or snap under his skin. Was this really all he had to offer? Some fancy maneuvers that barely even worked?

No, or at least it was not what he planned to bring. Dryxaim could smell the power in Eastxi; pale gray, stale, old, yet still pungent. It was a strong scent. However it was trapped in the vessel from which it came. Dryxaim could not figure out the problem; it was not that he lacked the ability to cling to it; the problem was that it was not even making itself available to him. He was unable to copy the power.

Coming to this realization, he was forced to use everything he had on him prior. Lightning bolts, manipulating the metal surfaces around them, or whatever earth he could dig up out the ground (which was none). Nothing was doing the job; Eastxi took the shocks in stride and clawed the metal to pieces. Foresight and adrenaline could only keep him out of harm’s way for so long, and he was hardly experienced enough in Serox’s healing. He could barely close up a paper cut.

His pride would not allow him to quit, nor would it allow him to not give it his all. Some of the more poised members in the audience shook their heads, having realized what was happening, but made no attempt to halt the fight. His fault for getting himself in that mess.


The desperate struggle did not last long. Dryxaim was knocked unconscious just from the shock of his injuries. Too many broken bones. Serox came to him and picked up his frail body right away, letting Eastxi and his more violent crowed laud over his inevitable victory.

Now he lay in a bed in Nevex’s lab. She tended to him often, so that she could channel her powers into him to give him a quick recovery. Occasionally she would stop holding her hands out over him, and cut off the flow of green-colored magic. She considered it was best to keep him out of it for a while longer than needed, especially since Eastxi would not shut up about it. In fact, no one really did. It was a story, more like joke, that accompanied most meals he was present for. To spare him from such verbal abuse, she let the bones repair themselves on their own a little more often.

“You were in way over your head.” She often told him.

“Just…just fix me up so I can get back out there. I just need a little more power.”

Serox sighed.

“What about those guys we don’t like? I’m sure they got some good ones.”

“And then what? You’re gonna try and just beat up Eastxi again? What’s that gonna solve?”

“Everything. Gonna solve everything, Ser.”

“Maybe I should just heal your fists.” She took his arm and gripped it, hard. “They’re all you’ll ever used once you’re on your feet again.” Serox got up and left the room, leaving him with one hell of a sore arm.

“God, that was broken in like, three places, thanks…”

He shuffled up, sitting instead of staying on his back. His injuries had healed up nicely, and he was on his way to recovery, even if Serox was not there to do much else. He could live without her. Even if she was the only left that held any amount of respect for him.

An idiot he was not. Neither was he deaf. When Dryxaim made rare trips out of the lab, he heard people talking about him. He knew that no one there liked him, barring Serox, the more sociable side of Sujnax, and Nevex, whom he was becoming better-acquainted with. That was only III out of XIII though; there still remained that big fat X that despised him. That included himself.

Even the Superior, or Xeyla (it was his inner monologue he could call her whatever he wanted) liked him less and less with each passing day. He had turned into a liability for the Organization. The only reason he probably had not been turned into a Dusk yet was because he was of some scientific significance. If only that tyrannical, singing jerk knew what it was like to be held down as a lab rat; for that to be your only use. Dryxaim felt like he knew that girl for what she truly was. He could see into her damn soul. He knew what she thought of all of them.


“Nevex, you in here- oh.” Serox was surprised to see Nevex with Dryxaim in his lab.

Nevex had been giving him some minor physical therapy over the past week, but Serox was sure he had been done with that. She was correct.

“Ser, what’s up?” Dryxaim asked, leaning on a table that looked like it had a helmet sitting on it.

“Uh, nothing. Just came to ask Nevex something from the Superior.”

“Oh, we were just talking about her.” The blond chimed in, smiling in a shifty way. Nevex held his finger out to quiet him.

“Excuse us for a moment. Serious business to attend to.” No, he was actually saying that pretty jokingly.

Dryxaim shrugged and left.
“Sorry I had to steal your boy toy away from you.”

“Disgusting.” She avoided eye contact with him from there on. “Superior wants to know when you’ll be rewiring her speaker system.”

“Oh, soon. Maybe this weekend.”

“Alright,” her eyes rolled, “I‘ll relay your vague promise.”

“Hope it’s up to her expectations.”

And then she did not even let there be a slight pause.

“What were you two doing up here?” Serox inquired.

“Oh my.” He said, giving a fake expression of surprise while pressing his hand to his forehead. “I can’t believe you would ask such a thing!”

“Sorry if I don’t completely trust someone for being around him so much.” She said, narrowing her eyes at the floor.

“Why, like his attention too much? You’d rather he follow you around all day, like a dog? Get ordered around, sit at your feet, do unspeakable things to your leg and other-”

“Shut the hell up.” Serox spat. Her eyes were higher, but not on quite on him. “It’s a simple question. Maybe I just don’t want him kept up in here again because he bet someone he could win a fight with a Titan.”

“So you do care.”

“Simple question. Answer it.”

“Well.” He grinned. “Just normal conversation! What do you want? You know,” he let out a small chuckle, then brought his hand over his mouth, “the weather! Not that it changes much here, hahah.”

“Real funny.”

“It…it is. You have no, heheh, idea.”

Nevex went on to break into more laughter, having a tougher time hiding it. Serox raised an eyebrow.

“Someone tell a joke?”

“The best one! Hah!”

She would have loved to grill him so more but he was really just creeping her out by this point.

“You’ll have to tell me sometime. I’ll get going. I have to, uh, tell Xe- the Superior about you and the thing…yeah.” Okay maybe more creeped out than she would let on.

Nevex pulled his long, orange hair back behind his head, and managed to contain himself, breathing pretty hard.

“Right, right. Let Dryxaim back in, would you?”

Serox opened the heavy door. Dryxaim was standing right in the stairwell, being patient as he waited to go back inside.

“Hey, see you later.” She said, waving.

“Aw, you’re not joining us?” He asked. Well, in a tone that stating more than asking. He did not turn to look at her as she left, and had his hand on the door immediately, having it halfway closed when Serox responded.

“Yeah, I’m on an errand run.”

“Sorry to hear that.” The door slammed shut. ‘Slammed’ likely because it was such a big and heavy door.

As she walked down, hysterical, cackling laughter could be heard even behind the thick door. Serox stopped mid-step, just a second, to think about reporting something when she went back to Xeyla. She decided against it.


A month and a half after the fight. Twenty-four hours before he would gain new powers from a pair of Nobodies he killed. Kaxsra and Xando were fiddling with the tracker equipment; neither were very good with the technology.

“Hey.” Kaxsra called out to the pink-eyed guy nearby. “We’re trying to get the coordinates for the Twilight Town blind spot. Give us a hand?”

“Uh…sure.” Dryxaim said. His voice, unnoticed by the two that had paid little attention to him before, had become deeper, more relaxed. Sinister, even.

Because in the time it took him to pause before agreeing to help, it occurred to him that he could make something happen. Sure, his anti-Xeyla fan club had just complained amongst themselves until then, but here presented itself opportunity. His mind worked stunningly fast as he walked over to Organization XIII’s more advanced tracking computer. He knew exactly how to solve their problem, but more importantly he knew how to give them false information.

The coordinates he gave them were just a few feet off from the real blind spot. They would have no idea, while the enemy would.


Xeyla approached a bed. There was the his body, under blankets, attached to some machinery by a series of nodes and wires. She was having the Organization’s science department run tests while he was in another coma. He fell into them so frequently, after all, more than any other newborn Nobody had; even that Txamt. Now there is a surprise if she ever saw one, but hey, better make use of things to improve the knowledge of her team.

It is two months after his birth as a Nobody. She had picked up on what his powers were the previous day, before anyone else, when he successfully ordered Nevex to bring him a drink, despite the fact that he was handling some life support systems he would never leave alone. Xeyla was surprised, and when the truth hit her, there was half of her that started to feel legitimate fear.

He was far too dangerous; she should have killed him then and there.

But she would not. She saw potential.

So she leaned down at his bedside, and moves his hair away from his ear. This was not to be cute, rather, it was to make sure he hears what she has to say.


She used that tone. The kind that makes people feel like they are dreaming. The kind that can catch the attention of an entire room whenever she needed it. The kind that would lure sailors to their doom. The kind that was doom. The voice of a siren.

You will never use my powers.


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I'm officially a Dryxaim fan 83

Joe-kun, that was unbelievably one of the most enjoyable reads for me in a while. I loved this chapter... tremendously XD!!



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Yes I like how I'm characterizing the villains way more now. :v (no really i did i like tragic relationships)

naw man it's cool it's fun either way a writing experiment for experience stuffs


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dryxaim/serox otp--

I hate Eastxi even more now. <:


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The Land of Sand and Prisms
Re: The ORG

oh man this is long i thought i was done writing remorse
(this made me remember why people loved me for my fight scenes)
((also someone from the original rp see if they can find the shout-out near the end))

Chapter 30 - Demolished

Kurix was like oh shit.

The beeping was pretty loud. Much louder than he was used to on any alerts he had been around to see before.

“Hey, whoa.” Brixan called, hurrying over. “That doesn’t sound good, I think there’s more than one-”

He was cut off by the intruders he was too late to know where right on top of the mansion. The defenses did nothing; Xando had seen them last time and was able to sense those that he had missed. After pointing them out, Xade went to work. Her earth elemental powers allowed her to manipulate the ground itself. Massive chunks of stone shot out of the ground like they were alive, spearing the hidden turrets and cameras in two.

That happened only minutes ago. Currently she was riding atop the head of some enormous serpent-like monstrosity. It was a huge dragon made of earth, erected from the mansion’s very own courtyard. From its shoulders hung thick, hardened arms, and its gaping maw was filled with jagged, rocky teeth. It had no legs to speak of, as it was rooted into the ground, rising up like a mountain.

It smashed the roof of the foyer in, making debris and dirt rain down. The members form the meeting room rushed out to the trembling room to face their foes. Kurix, Xenjin, Xanele, and Brixan barely had time to register what was happening before splitting up to take on their enemies. One of the stone fists came crashing down on one of the staircases, reducing it to a few hanging splinters. Xenjin, who had been sprinting down them prior to it being destroyed, leapt to avoid the monster, and landed on its upper arm. She drove her lance into the hard carapace to hold herself in place, holding onto it tight.

Xade dove form her place atop her pet’s head, with her large, double-bladed axe raised over her head. Xenjin tensed, drawing some of the carbon from her lance to form a diamond shield over her arm, and held it out in a desperate attempt. Before Xade would reach her, however, Brixan would get in position back on the balcony and ready his crossbow. He knew that Xenjin was pretty screwed, so he fired in the path of Xade’s fall. She was shot once in the shoulder, then again in her leg. Brixan had been aiming for some sort of major vessel for the poison to act faster. Sure enough, she had difficulty landing steadily.

While this was happening, Kurix had gone for the roof, much more accessible now, for a chance to get at Xade. He climbed up a broken support beam and made it to the top, where he saw the earth queen on her throne. Time to be assassinated.

He went for her, but she saw him and descended from the beast’s head in time, choosing to pick a fight with Xenjin. Kurix grunted as he landed on the dusty mount, but had no time for reprieve. There was Xando, swords drawn and at his sides, running up the back of the monster. Soul Eater was summoned, and Kurix blocked a strong attack that had been bolstered by Xando’s lunge.

Xanele had to avoid rubble down below. Her first inclination was to find a way around the enemy, or maybe some hidden weak point. This proved difficult, though, as the mountain of dirt and mud took up the entire width of the wall where the doorway once was.

Also, leaping over the mound, like a wolf moving in on its prey, was Eastxi. His legs rocketed him up to Xanele’s location, stopping her in her tracks and prompting her to turn around, quick. She could hear him growling and stomping at the splintering wooden floor, gaining bloodthirsty momentum.

In a moment of courage, she spun mid-step, activating the Power Glove on thought. It sparked and crackled and lit up in all manner of ways. She charged a sphere of rainbow light in her hand and lobbed it towards her pursuer. The feral Eastxi was right on her heels, as she expected, and took the blast head-on. Even if he could take that, the electrocuting power that he had suffered from earlier met him after the blinding flash cleared. Xanele was pushed back, but managed to stave Eastxi off, leaving him flinching from the electricity in his body.


Kaxsra just took the backdoor, and while there was actually a backdoor instead of just a large gaping hole in the side of the building, it was actually easier to get into.

Finding Noraxeen was easy, for reasons that were obvious to him. She was held up in room in one of the modified towers of the mansion, possibly one of their rooms. Before she even saw him, she was clearly freaked out over the noises and explosions heard downstairs. Xoje, whom she had been tending to, was asleep, which did nothing to calm her down when she saw Kaxsra walk in.

Her sword has in her hands in a heartbeat, and her eyes turned completely blue like a light switching on. Oh, she was tense.


“Back.” She hissed. “I don’t care what happens. I’ll get you away from here and fry you-”

“Does it even look like you could?” He inquired, interrupting the threat. He raised his arms; all he wore was his cloak and the scars on his face. No volatile armor. No weapons. “Couldn’t hurt you if I tried. Haven’t welded the stuff to my essence yet, either.”

“What do you want? Gonna attack us here like a coward, huh?” She inched towards Xoje. The runes on her sword turned bright blue like her eyes.

“Hadn’t even considered it.”

The tower shook. The earth elemental roared as two adept swordsmen dueled on its head.

“Then what? Looking for Jynx? He’s gone. You’re not gonna tempt him to your side or anything, even if he was here!”

“I must confess, this is probably the first time we’ve met where my intentions are not so malicious.”

She gritted her teeth.

“Though, where is Jynx? I would have liked it if he were here. This is really something you should both hear.”

“You won’t find out.”

Kaxsra huffed, and crossed his arms.

“Okay, maybe I thought this would go better in my head? I did try to kill you about two times. Or three, sort of. Should have take that into account…”

“I will. It’ll make killing you way more satisfying.” She charged at him; it was, after all, the best time to stab that psycho through the gut. Her arms shifted and she twisted her torso, reeling the large claymore back for a finishing blow. Kaxsra did nothing.

When she was a step away, the tower, the entire mansion, shook like never before, knocking her to her feet. Kaxsra also found himself on the floor.

“You won’t kill me, Noraxeen.” He told her, very matter-of-factly.

“Like hell I won’t.” She scrambled for her sword.

“No, I mean. You really won’t. As in, it’s impossible.” Kaxsra stood up, simply strolled over to her, and offered his hand. “No matter what you do. It’s fate.”

Noraxeen swatted the hand out of the way. There was a deep feeling of worry inside of her, just because of how well-timed that quake was. But, there was her sword, and there was him, but, yet…she could not bring herself to stand up and kill him.

He was unarmed! Kaxsra obviously was not going to make any attempts to defend himself, since he believed in his faith stuff so sincerely. It was not really the guilt of taking down a defenseless person, either. It was just, why should she? All he wanted to do was talk, and that meant information. Information from the enemy; a powerful one at that who would normally be pretty brutal and hateful. This had to be important.

Without her even realizing, the azure glow surrounding her died down. Kaxsra nodded, and once again put out his hand for her.


As Kurix fought Xando, Xade bumbled around on the elemental, dizzy from the toxin. As she nearly tripped off the arm, Xanele traded blows with the increasingly insane Eastxi. As Eastxi became more and more ferocious, Brixan set his sights to him and loaded extra darts for the resistant enemy. As Xenjin noted Brixan’s change in target, she knew she was clear to strike at the surly girl in front of her.

She tore her lance out of the living stone under her, and advanced. She stabbed, but Xade dodged, and swung her oversized axe to block any more hits. Xenjin kept moving forward though, and made an attempt at checking her with the diamond piece she wore. Xade was blindsided, and stumbled backwards. Balancing herself out with her weapon did nothing, so she fell.

Or she would have if she did not bring a pillar of earth up. It shot up through the floor and halted right as her foot touched down. This change to the battlefield caught those fighting below off-guard. It blocked a dart headed for Eastxi’s throat, and Brixan cursed to himself. Xanele assaulted Eastxi, as she backed away, with laser blast after laser blast. Unexpectedly, another pillar zoomed up from the ground, on top of which was one of Eastxi’s feet. He was flipped onto his back, and while that also happened to help him avoid a possibly-fatal stream of burning photons, it left him incapacitated long enough for Xanele to go on the offensive.

Xade kept moving back onto her pillars, a safe distance from Xenjin. What she did not know was that Xenjin could do plenty from afar, and she did. The crystalline arm guard lifted itself from her wrist and multiplied into a swarm of tiny shards. Xade responded only by shielding her face with the broadside of her axe, and commanding the elemental to eat her.

It flailed its other arm, taking out the library on one side of the mansion, as well as one of the smaller towers. The thing roared, louder than ever before, and its head dived towards the limb on which Xenjin stood, its mouth open. Kurix and Xando were knocked off of the head as a response, unable to keep a foothold. They landed on the mess of a floor below, rolling to a pile of wood and rocks.

Xanele put her attack on Eastxi on pause, and tried to line up a shot to distract the creature, but Eastxi would have none of that. He lunged at her again, claws drawn, teeth menacing.

“Where!” He shouted. “Him! Where is he!” It was archaic and caveman-like and someone who knew him well would have trouble telling if it was because of his rough understanding of English or if he was just being too animalist to speak coherently.

Xenjin was without backup, so she blindly took off from the arm, letting the elemental bite into its own flesh, tearing it in two. She landed on the roof behind her, which had partly caved in. The elemental, less a hand now, punched into what she considered to be sweet, sweet solid ground on which to stand. She was flung into the air though, as the meeting room they had been in was crushed.

Darts rained down for a while, putting pressure on Xando and Eastxi, but Brixan needed to find a new place to shoot from since the monster was plowing through the balcony to get to Xenjin. Maybe he could go up there, and help her, even if his darts did not do much- Oh no time to think the girl you shot is coming after you. Xade had left her pillar to chase Brixan, who had no choice but to use his experiences in parkour (how do you think he gets to those high places that he snipes from?) to escape.

Xando only had one sword left, which made things much easier for Kurix. He could easily widen the gap between them by firing Dark Firaga here and there, and then strike when Xando was vulnerable from the purple flames. Easy. The guy was nothing. Yet he kept moving out of the way when he would normally be finished. How annoying! Xando knew that he could win if he just waited, and timed his attacks with the others. Yes, there was Eastxi, coming nearer.

The werewolf was really not doing as well against Xanele as he had before, and that was when he was facing three of them at once. He growled and snarled, punched and clawed, but Xanele was wise to his tricks and kept her distance, electrocuting him when he came too close. That was when he noticed Xando leading the white-haired one pretty close to his location. Oh, so that is how he wants to play it. Eastxi’s thoughts were clouded in his goal to get close to Jynx, but he still knew a good strategy when he saw it.

Kurix’s back was to Eastxi. It would be a simple game of switching partners. Eastxi ducked when a blast of light came, letting it hit Kurix right in the back. Xanele gasped, but her warning shouts were not quick enough. Xando rushed forward then, holding his sword horizontally, and shoved Kurix backwards, into the still-low Eastxi, who pushed his elbow back, hitting Kurix hard in his side and flipping him over his back. Now came the easy part, Xando just- oh holy shit.

Kurix was conscious of what was happening around him, and was not about to put up with being thrown about like a rag doll. While in the air, he slashed through the air to hit Xando with one of his crescent-shaped dark attacks. He then reached under him with his free hand and grabbed the back of Eastxi’s neck. The large man exclaimed, almost yelping, at it. Kurix then landed on the rest of his back, driving his knee into a kidney and holding up Soul Eater like a knife to an animal’s neck. It came down.

But Eastxi reacted, doing something he hardly expected to do that day. He turned, throwing Kurix off of him, but keeping that hand on his neck. That would be a mistake. Eastxi lashed out at the sword, knocking it away. His mouth then opened, showing off his terrifying fangs more prominently than ever. Eastxi’s jaw, which no doubt had considerable strength like the rest of him, painfully closed on Kurix’s arm, sinking his teeth deep and drawing blood. Xanele heard her friend shout in pain, genuine pain and maybe even fear, something she did not remember ever hearing from him.

The Power Glove glowed brighter than ever, and those strange holograms popped out of it and rotated ominously. Whatever strange energy source powered it, it was combining with her powers. She fired a beam of stark white light, more intense of anything she had fired before, that swept Eastxi away form Kurix and threw him against what remained of a wall. Xanele pulled the beam over to Xando, who was more concerned over his scheme not working. He was burned and thrown and knocked out.

Xenjin ran as her home was cleaved in two by the path of the earth elemental. Xade was hot on her trail as well, as much as Brixan tried to stop her; firing darts that were brushed aside by the elemental’s one good arm ,which of course he was on the side of. Xenjin struck the steel axe whenever she turned to fight, then run again. Eventually she reached the end of the mansion’s roof. There was Brixan, far off, aimed and ready. There was Xade, easy to fight against, partly because of the drugs in her. There was…the giant freakish abomination towering over them all. If they all exchanged blows, which was really the only thing left to do, she would definitely be crushed, and she might kill the enemy member.

Well, when you only have one option, may as well look forward to making it happen.

She thrust the lance, with its sharp, diamond tip, forward, and saw everything go dark as the shadow of the elemental’s fist loomed over her. Xade was just moving backward, knowing she did not have to do anything. Brixan took the shot.

The monster’s head exploded.

Xade gasped, looking behind her as her pet was slaughtered. Another explosion, and the arm burst into a cloud of rubble, leaving the fist to fly off over Xenjin’s head. Neither of them women knew what just happened. Brixan did, though, since he had been standing behind them.

Somehow, he was not even sure, Xoje had snuck up on the whole fight scene and scaled the back of the elemental. One strong blast of concussive energy and the mass of rocks and dirt stood no chance. There he was, visor catching the dusk sun all cool-like, standing on the neck of the slain beast.

Xade put her hand to her neck, feeling a dart’s poison trickle into her bloodstream. She tumbled and tripped over herself, right into a Corridor.


“What’s there to fix now?” Xeyla lightly sobbed, head pressed to the cell bars.

“Plenty. More than you can imagine.” Xemnas said, doing his best to convince her.

She sniffled like she had many times before. There was still an instinct in her to listen to his plans.

“And I’ll tell you just what I aim to do, in…just a few hours.”

“What?!” Xeyla asked, in disbelief. She had trouble trusting him. Every moment he was not in her sights he could be going back in hiding and never telling her things.

“Trust me, Xeyla.”

She glared.

“I invite you back to this very spot, just in a few hours, at your judgment for the precise time. I’m going to have company soon.”

“They can’t meet me?”

“Dear, they’ll only come if you leave first.”

The glare stayed, and it was still untrusting. But that small part of her wanted to believe him, and that bit of hope also knew that she should be able to track wherever he went now that she knew where he was. So there was that.


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Re: The ORG [Story is offically 75% completed! Woo!]

Oh shit just got even more real :OOOOO

There better be a sequel so I can throw my new character in somewhere. And because you write well.
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