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The Next Persona (P4 Arena Ending Spoilers are bound)

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May 19, 2005
NOTE: It's unknown if this will be connected to Persona 5, or another Persona game that may come after Persona 5 (Since P5 is in full production now)

So beating Persona 4 Arena's story mode there are many new questions.

1. There is a new person (Or group) who knows about the events of Persona 4, the events of Persona 3, and has a full understanding about facing one's shadows. Sent Labrys into the TV on purpose so she could unlock her Persona. He also has a strong acquaintance with Labrys' past creation.

2. There is a new and powerful shadow or creature known as the "Malevolent Entity" who is bent on taking full control over the P4 Cast's Persona. The Malevolent Entity was the one who was able to take on multiple forms, which caused the P4 Members to face their 'fake' shadows. This is proven when after Labrys is returned to normal, he breaks apart from her and Naoto is forced to fight the M.E as it takes on the shape of her shadow.
He was the cause of all the events in P4 Arena. There's speculation this could be the main antagonist of the Persona series. As a lot of evidence to the speech patterns and dialogue, also a very similar goal, the transformation animation scenes all point to him being the one and only Nyarlathotep from Persona 2. Though it seems as if Aigis and Mitsuru both know the identity of this new "Enemy"

3. The Investigation Team is back together at the end of P4 Arena, with Yu staying in Inaba now, and since Yu plans to chase after the true culprit in this mess. That means the team will be leaving Inaba to follow the P3 Cast (Shadow Operatives) Who have left in search of the true culprit. Yu also visits the Velvet room once more where Margaret voices her concern for him, and how there will be a "Third Trial" that he will need to deal with.

4. Elizabeth has received the Fool Arcana, which is what she was searching for the whole time, it's unknown and she is still aiming to find a way to free the P3 Protag from Nyx's Seal, it's possible this may happen in a future game. However with how little time she had in P4 Arena, but obtaining something as important as the Fool Arcane, she is going to be playing a big role in the next game.

So basically we have a lot of mysteries, with no answer, but deifinitely a strong set-up for the next Persona game.
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