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The New Sudents: A Harry Potter/YuGiOh cross



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Sep 20, 2005
Azoroth, and a few more
Voldemort has discovered the existence of the Millennium Items and plans to use them to pursue his own evil plans. Meanwhile, Dumbledore finds out that three youths have recently come into some magic. Because of their age, no other school will take them. So Dumbledore extends his hand and invites them to Hogwarts...

First of all, I want to metion THIS ISN'T MINE! I enjoy this work from someone known as White Angel from www.fanfiction.net or http://kokorononaka.net/Fanwork/WhiteAngel/NS.html . Seince I enjoy it so, I decided to sprend the word. If not patient from updates, check the above sites.
Also, she uses Japenese names of Yugioh characters, like Ryou instead of Bakura, Malik(Marik), and Jounouchi and Honda(Joey and Tristen). It takes place after HP #4 and Battle City(Marik has Rod however). All words after this are her story. Happy reading!

Chapter 1: The Discovery

A pale and thin man paced across the dusty floor of an abandoned house. Flames from the blazing fireplace cast shadows across the room. At a table in the corner, a stout, short, sniveling man flipped through the pages of huge book. Several other volumes were stacked next to him. His hand, which appeared to be made out of silver, rapidly scanned the pages as he skimmed over the words. Both men were dressed in long black cloaks.

"Have you found nothing yet, Wormtail?" came the shrill voice of the first man. "My patience is growing thin."

"I am looking, Lord," came the nervous reply of "Wormtail". "I've found nothing that looks like it would do you any good."

"I need a new source of power," the man said, more to himself than to his counterpart. "I shall never get into Hogwarts and have my revenge using the same old tricks."

"I understand, my Lord, I understand well. But I have looked through three Volumes of 'Most Powerful Magic of the Twentieth Century' and I have found nothing!"

"You fool!" shrieked the first man, his scarlet eyes narrowing on his snake- like face. "No modern magic will be of any use! Every witch and wizard at that school knows how to counter modern magic! Check the old texts, the information about the ancient magical races, the Chinese, the Indians, the Egyptians, not this recent trash!"

"Yes, yes, Master!" cried Wormtail hastily. "How foolish of me! I should have known! I'll get on that right away!"

After a few hours passed by, Wormtail paused on the page in front of him. "Master, this might be what we've been searching for."

"What is it?" the thin man replied rather unenthusiastically. He seemed to have little faith in his subordinate.

"It's here in 'Histories of Ancient Magics.' Egyptian artifacts, known as the Millennium items. They contain the forces of darkness and have various powers. There seems to be seven in total."

"Are you quite sure that this is actual truth? It seems as if I have heard this story before."

"It is part of an Egyptian legend, Lord. The book does not say whether or not they actually exist. But if they do, they would be a great asset."

The thin man's interest was peaked. "What sort of powers do these items have?"

"It depends on the item. One contains the spirit of an undefeatable strategist. Another contains the soul of a clever and ruthless thief. One has the power to see the future, another can read minds, and another can control a person's thoughts and actions. One can read truth, and yet another allows you to gain access to a person's mind."

"Interesting," said the thin man. "If these items exist, where can they be found?"

"Egypt, Lord. The book has little information about their exact location, but it says that they are guarded by a tribe of grave-keepers. Or at least they were at the time this book was written. That was over 500 years ago. By now, the items might have fulfilled their prophecy and may be in the hands of their fated possessors, the reincarnated forms of the items' former owners. They could be anywhere. That is, if they actually exist..."

"I have a feeling, Wormtail."

"What's that, my Lord?" Wormtail questioned cautiously. He was obviously intimidated by his master.

"These magical items are out there. Spread the word among my Death Eaters. I want those items..."


At the Hogwarts School, the ancient headmaster, Professor Dumbledore, sat speaking to a scruffy-looking man when there was a knock at his door. Dumbledore cast a glance at his companion which was answered with an understanding nod before announcing that his new visitor may enter. In stepped Cornelius Fudge, the Minister of Magic.

"Dumbledore, may I have a word?"

"You just did," replied the venerable headmaster, "but I suppose you may have a few more. Sit, please. And I will be seeing you at the start of the term, Professor White."

With that, the man stepped out of the room, paying no heed to the Minister, who was obviously not used to being ignored in such a way.

"Might I inquire-"

"He is the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher." Dumbledore answered before the Minister was even able to finish his question. "Now what is it you need, Cornelius? The term will be starting in one month, and I am very busy preparing."

"Dumbledore, I know that we did not part on the best of terms last year, but I ask you to put that aside for now. I am here on business."

"I am always the professional, as you well know," said Dumbledore. "What is your business?"

"The International Magic Counsel has come to me with a problem that I hope you can help with. A special situation. The counsel has detected three youths with extraordinary magical abilities of a variety that has not been seen in centuries. There are adults with this magic, too, but counsel will handle them. It is the youths that we are concerned about. For some reason yet to be determined, this ancient magic has surfaced in them recently. Their power exceeds anything that has been seen in someone their age. The counsel feels that they could be a danger to themselves as well as others without proper schooling. But that is the problem. They are well above the age of beginning students, at fifteen or sixteen years of age. With that and their already high levels of magic with no training whatsoever, the counsel is having a difficult time finding a school that will accept them. None of the wizarding schools in their areas will take them on. They claim they haven't the means to catch such students up with their age group. That is why I was asked to come to you. You have been known for not, uh, discriminating against those who wish to come to your school."

"And so you want to know if I will accept these students," Dumbledore finished, nodding. "Has anyone approached them yet?"

"No. They know nothing of the situation."

Dumbledore stroked his long white beard thoughtfully, a curious look in his eye. "I don't see why these potential students should be deprived of an education simply because they are late starters," he said finally. "I will accept them."

"Wonderful!" Fudge exclaimed. "One less problem. We shall notify the students at once-"

"No," Dumbledore interrupted. "I shall be the one to approach them. I am the person who approaches all of Hogwarts' potential students."

"But Dumbledore, this is a special situation. Surly it is the Ministry that should-"

"The Ministry is so eager to solve the issue of these students that they will sugar-coat everything in order to get them to accept," Dumbledore interrupted again. "I do not want students arriving with no knowledge of the trials and potential dangers that may face them here. These are dangerous times, Cornelius. The students should be prepared, even if it means they turn down the offer. I will send them a letter, first and foremost."

"Dumbledore, this is highly irregular," Fudge fumed. "The situation calls for more than a simple letter."

"That is why I also intend to meet with each one of them, individually and in person," Dumbledore answered. "And I shall make arrangements for them to stay in Diagon Alley as the term nears. Now, may I have the information on these students?"

Fudge continued to fume as he reached in his robe and pulled out three scrolls. He laid them somewhat roughly on Dumbledore's desk and said, "Here you are, Headmaster. If you insist upon handling this yourself, then I leave you with the responsibility. And seeing as you have no more need of me, I shall take my leave. Good luck with the situation and your approaching school year." With that he turned around and exited the same way he came in.

Dumbledore opened and spread all three scrolls out on his desk. He curiously read each one of them out loud to no one but himself. "Hmm... Yugi Mouto, fifteen, of Domino City, Japan. Ryou Bakura, sixteen, of Domino City, Japan. And Malik Ishtal, sixteen, of Cairo, Egypt. That would make them all about fifth or sixth year. I think fifth would be best. It will be easier on them to keep them with their same age group. Other exceptions will have to be made for their lack of experience, but that can not be determined until I know their magic level. Hmmm...Egypt, I know, has a fine school of magic. And most Japanese students attend The Imperial School of Magic and Sorcery in China. Both excellent schools. I wonder why neither would accept them... "


"Yugi! Are you going to sleep all day just because you're on summer break?!"

"Not with you around, Grandpa," the violet-eyed youth called back. He reluctantly pulled back the covers and stepped out of bed, stretching and yawning loudly. He commenced his morning ritual of brushing his teeth and hair and getting dressed. He completed his outfit of black jeans and a simple T-shirt by placing the golden millennium puzzle around his neck. <Good morning, Yami,> he said in his mind.

<Must you wake me this early?> came the disgruntled answer of the ancient Egyptian spirit.

<If I have to get up, you have to get up> Yugi laughed. A hatred of early mornings was one of many things that they shared.

Yugi headed downstairs to breakfast. His grandfather already had a cereal bowl out for him, with the milk and box of cereal nearby. It wasn't until after he sat down and began to pour his breakfast that he saw his grandfather examining an envelope.

"What's that, Grandpa?"

"A letter for you apparently," replied the older Mouto, scratching his head. "It's odd, though."

"The post never passes this early," Yugi replied. "Anything else odd about it?"

"See for yourself," said the elder as he tossed the letter to his grandson. Yugi examined it. It was written in perfect Japanese lettering and was addressed to "Yugi Mouto, The Northernmost Upstairs Bedroom, Turtle Game Shop, Domino City, Japan." He raised an eyebrow at his grandfather who just shrugged.

"The return address is in English and is stamped in wax on the back. I don't understand a word of it. Anyway, I have to get to the shop. I can handle it alone today if you want to go out with your friends." With that, the old man exited the small kitchen and headed toward the front and his shop.

Yugi narrowed his eyes at the letter. Yami was equally intrigued, although he seemed to think that it was an invitation to a new tournament. The spirit had grown restless since Battle City with the lack of a challenge. Yugi doubted this was the case. He examined the wax insignia on the back, but the only word he understood was "school" which only baffled him further. He hoped he could understand what was on the inside. English wasn't his best subject. He would have to go to Anzu for help if he couldn't read it

He opened it carefully. He gave a sigh of relief when he saw that the content was written in the same neat writing as his address had been. He began reading:

Dear Mr. Yugi Mouto,

My name is Professor Albus Dumbledore, and I am the headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in England. It has come to my attention that you have recently gained a great deal of magical ability, and I wish to extend to you an invitation to attend our fine school. We can teach you much about your new talents if you wish to learn. However, there is much more to tell you than can be said in a letter. I wish to meet with you in person. Please meet me in the center of Domino City Park, by the fountain at four o'clock in the afternoon on Tuesday. I should think I would be quite noticeable. You will know it is me when you see me. Everything will be explained to you in full and all your questions answered at that time. Please do come. I am eagerly awaiting making your acquaintance.

Prof. Albus Dumbledore,


Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

'Is this some kind of joke?' Yugi questioned himself. It looked so official. Could it be a joke from Jounouchi or Honda? No, neither of them was good enough to come up with something that creative. Creative plans like this (especially ones involving such occultish themes as witchcraft) seemed more like something Bakura would come up with. But Bakura wasn't one to play tricks, and Yugi didn't think even Jounouchi could convince the white-haired teen to play a practical joke. <What do you make of it, Yami> Yugi asked.

<I don't know. Tomorrow is the day stated in the letter. That doesn't give us much time to think about it. I'm not sure... It may not be safe.>

<Are you trying to tell me that you think it could be someone YOU can't handle?> Yugi said smartly. <We know where all the millennium items are, so it's not like it's a dangerous new item holder. I'm sure it's just a joke. Why don't we let them have their fun?>

<If you insist,> Yami replied. <But I want you to wear the puzzle so I'll be there if there is any trouble.>

<Yami, I'm sure this is either a sudden burst of creativity on Jounouchi and Honda's part, or a sudden mischievous urge on Bakura's part. I mean, whoever heard of a wizard school?>


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Aug 4, 2005
In the place of prayer...
Wow, this story seems intersting. I used to be an avid Yu-Gi-Oh fan, but I kinda drifted away from it. This has caught my interest again, both the funny idea, and the interesting possibilties. Did the person who wrote this update? Or are you just slowly feeding us the chapters to see if we like it?

Anyway, post the next part too, and send my congratulations to White Angel for her marvelous work.


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Sep 20, 2005
Azoroth, and a few more
Yah! A FAN! *does a dance* I was feeding it, but now I'll put up another chapter

Chapter 2: Opportunity Knocks

It was a clear night with a half moon casting just enough light to see by. A solitary teen boy sat at the open window of his home, staring out at the night. He had wide, thoughtful brown eyes and hair whiter than the moonlight itself. In his hands was a letter, written in perfect Japanese lettering. He turned from the window to read it for at least the fiftieth time that day. He sighed heavily.

<Please may I go, Yami? Just to see what it's about?>

<I've told you, no, Ryou,> came the reply from the back of his mind. <You know it is nothing more than a trick. I will not be made a fool of.>

<But on the off chance that it is real->

<You are far too naïve. The millennium items are the only source of magic this day and age. Mortals don't have natural magic anymore. How could there be a school for it?>

Ryou continued to gaze longingly at the letter. An invitation to a new school and a request for a meeting at one o'clock the next day. He so wanted for it to be true. If he could be accepted for what he was anywhere, surly this was the place. And England was where he was born. If this was a joke, it was a cruel one.

<I don't see what harm it would do to just go see,> Ryou said, unwilling to give up. <I can always leave the ring at home if you don't want to be a part of it.>

<Oh, yes, like I am really going to let you do that,> Yami Bakura replied sarcastically. <If you insist, I'll allow you to go, but you'll be punished it this turns out to be a waste of time.>

Ryou cringed. "Punished" could be so many things. His Yami was not as cruel as he was before Battle City ended, but he was still not exactly a nice guy. "Punished" could mean anything now between polishing the millennium ring and being completely possessed for a week, whatever Yami Bakura happened to be in the mood for. But Ryou didn't really have to worry about waking up with strange knife wounds anymore (unless his Yami got him into a bar fight), so...

<Alright,> he agreed.


On the other side of the globe, the blonde-haired, lavender-eyed youth known as Malik Ishtal was just getting up. The harsh sunlight streaming through his window almost made him wish he still lived in the Underground. At least it was cooler there.

Malik sat up reluctantly and pulled on the pair of jeans that he found at the base of his bed. He could care less if it was the same pair he had worn the day before. He wasn't trying to impress anybody. He thought for a moment and then pulled on a muscle shirt as well. His sister, Isis, did not appreciate him walking around bare-skinned, and seeing as she had taken him in after the Ghouls disbanded, he felt he might as well respect her wishes.

He made his way to their kitchen area and grabbed a random piece of fruit out of the basket on the table. It turned out to be an apple and he sat down and began to eat it. Isis always kept the house stocked with a large supply of fruit.

Malik turned away from his apple as his sister walked into the room, dressed for work at the museum. She sighed as she looked at him. "Going for that 'just rolled out of bed' look, are we?"

He gave her a look and pointed to his apple. "Can I eat, please? I was unaware that breakfast required shoes and combed hair."

"Be as smart elect if you wish," Isis replied. "Did you decide what to do about that letter you got yesterday?"

"I'm going to go," Malik answered through a bite of apple. "I want to see who had the nerve to address it 'Malik Ishtal, The Most Unkept Bedroom.'"

Isis laughed at him. "Well, it seems your messy bedroom has become common knowledge. But I do want you to take the rod, just in case."

"Of course," Malik replied.

A serious look came across Isis's face. "And don't forget, whatever happens- "

"Always keep my temper," Malik finished for her. She gave him that little speech almost everyday, and she had good reason. But that didn't mean Malik didn't grow tired of it. He knew that deep in the back of his mind, the consciousness of his dark half still lurked. Yami Malik, unlike the other dark halves, was not a spirit trapped inside of a millennium item. He was an actual part of Malik that had been created when the boy had been forced to get the tattoo on his back at the age of ten. Since that day, Malik's alter-ego came out when Malik lost complete control of his anger. And it was almost impossible to return the evil personality to the depths of Malik's mind. And Yami Malik existed with or without the millennium rod.

Malik shivered involuntarily. He still had nightmares about his dark half. And he couldn't even blame it on a millennium item. He decided to change the subject.

"Rishid left for work, already?" he inquired about his step-brother, whom Isis had also taken in.

"At the crack of dawn, as always," Isis replied. "He wanted to prepare the museum. At least somebody is giving me a hand, not that you aren't a great housekeeper and all." Malik ignored her and grabbed another apple.

Later that day, Malik, now fully dressed in all his finery with the millennium rod tucked safely in the large cargo pocket of his jeans, made his way through the streets, his letter held firmly in his hands. He had no idea who's joke this was, but he didn't find it very funny. A magic school, really.

He turned a corner and found himself in the center of the city, as the letter had instructed. Now he had to find this Albus Dumbledore character. The letter said he would be noticeable. Malik scanned the crowd until he noticed someone waving at him. It was a very old man with long white whiskers, dressed all in robes and wearing a pointed hat. Malik had to just stop and stare. He'd never seen anybody like that. He looked just like a wizard out of a storybook. But the strangest thing was that Malik seemed to be the only one who noticed him. Everyone else's gaze passed over the old man like there was nothing strange about him at all. In fact, more people gave Malik odd looks, and most of them had at least seen him before.

Dumbledore motioned to Malik again. He was equally baffled by Malik's appearance as Malik had been with his, but the venerable wizard did not express it. Knowing that the youth had no knowledge of the magic world, he wondered how his eyes came to be such a shade of lavender. Perhaps it was due to the boy's own magic, or a strange family trait.

Malik cautiously approached. The old man certainly did not look dangerous. He looked gentle and friendly. But looks can be deceiving. He was reminded of Bakura back in Domino City. Dumbledore motioned for Malik to sit with him on a nearby bench. Malik had walked that street many times, and he could never remember seeing a bench there before. He sat on the farthest edge, still not trusting the old man. "You would be Dumbledore?" he inquired.

"And you would be Malik Ishtal," came the answer. "I am pleased to meet you." Dumbledore reached and hand out and Malik shook it before he even realized what he was doing. It was hard not to trust this man. He spoke Malik's language perfectly, which he had not expected seeing as the old man was from England.

"Alright, what's the joke?" Malik said. "I am not in the mood for games."

"No joke, no games," Dumbledore answered. "I am merely here to invite you to improve your magical abilities at our fine school and answer any questions you may have."

Malik scoffed. The old man had to be senile. But he would play along. "Just how many students attend this school of yours?"

"Several hundred," Dumbledore answered. "I had an exact count, but I have misplaced it. It should be close to a thousand students this year. We have quite a few new first years."

"Anything you can do to prove you are telling the truth?" Malik asked.

"What did you have in mind?" said Dumbledore, not the least put off by Malik's bluntness.

"I don't know, you're the wizard," Malik replied, losing his patience. "Disappear or something."

"As you wish." And with that, he was gone. He vanished right before Malik's eyes. Malik stared at the spot where the old man had just sat, blinking furiously as if his eyes were playing a trick on him. Maybe he had been in the sun too long. He scanned the crowd, trying to pick the old man out, but to no avail. He then jumped as there was a tap on his shoulder. He spun around to see Dumbledore beside him again.

"Don't sneak up on me like that!" Malik exclaimed. "I can't stand it when people sneak up on me!"

"I beg your pardon," Dumbledore apologized. "But are you now quite convinced of the truth of what I say?"

"Yeah, sure, whatever," Malik replied. He still thought the old man was crazy as a loon.

"Are you interested in our offer?" Dumbledore asked.

"What's in it for me?" was Malik's only answer.

"I can tell that you have a great deal of magical ability. Very ancient magic, indeed. We at Hogwarts can teach you how to use it to its full potential. You would learn with students your own age. Of course, you are a bit of a late starter, so we would have to have the staff help catch you up to your age level. You're four year's behind the rest of your class. Most students start at eleven or twelve."

"I've never really been to any kind of school," Malik said. "I've learned what I needed to know on my own. And I have no need to learn parlor tricks."

"I will not lie to you, Mr. Ishtal," Dumbledore said gravely. "These are dangerous times in the magical world. There is an epic battle occurring between good and evil magic. You might be able to avoid getting involved in it if you stay away. But, having sensed the extent of you're power, I do not feel you can safely stay out of it. There are those who would exploit your magical abilities for their own use. And you will not be able to stay hidden from them for long. But I can promise you safety at my school, as well as a chance to better yourself. The magic you would learn at Hogwarts would be well worth the effort."

Malik found the old man's story to be impossible. But something about the way he said it.... Malik felt as if it couldn't be anything but truth. "So this school of yours will help me increase my power?" Dumbledore nodded. "Well I certainly hope they can all understand me there as well as you can. I don't speak a word of English."

"That can easily be fixed with a spell," Dumbledore said. He reached inside his robes and pulled out a few papers. He handed them to Malik. "This is your supplies list. I'm afraid that we had to assign you to whatever classes had an open space, so you don't have much of an option, but I think you will enjoy Care of Magical Creatures and Ancient Ruins class. Also enclosed is your ticket for the Hogwarts Express, the train that will take you to the school. You have a week to prepare to leave here. In exactly a week, go to this address. The people there will help you travel to London and will take you to a place to stay. You'll have a few days to buy what you need there. The train leaves on September first. You may tell your immediate relatives, but no one else, please. And you may have your family escort you as you buy your things."

"My brother will be with me should I decide to go and provided my sister doesn't need him," Malik said. Rishid was a bit protective and Malik knew he would not want him to go alone.

"Very well. Now, if there are no further questions, I have other students to see today."

Malik stared at the papers in his hand and shook his head.

"The decision about whether to come is entirely up to you now. You have all the information you need. I hope to see you at the start of the term." And with that, he was gone again, but this time he did not reappear.

'I must be as crazy as that old man,' Malik said to himself. Regardless, he began sifting through the papers.
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Sep 20, 2005
Azoroth, and a few more
Why hasn't any respoded?

Chapter 3: A New Start

Ryou walked alone toward Domino City Park for his one o'clock appointment. The millennium ring was hidden underneath his shirt. He felt it drew too much unwanted attention when it was exposed. As he neared the park, he half expected someone to jump out at him and reveal the joke. But no one ever did.

The fountain came into view. That was where he was told to be. He was a little early, so sat on a bench facing the entrance so he could watch for whoever it was that was supposed to meet him. The white noise from the fountain was quite soothing. And Ryou was so tired after stressing about that letter the night before. He thought he could just rest his eyes for a minute. He was early, after all. He was still expecting someone to spring the joke any minute now.

Dumbledore apparated into the wooded area of the park and walked into the clearing. He scanned the area feeling for magic. He sensed a powerful magical aura surrounding a sleeping teen with hair even whiter than his own. He approached, clearing his throat as he neared and startling the youth awake.

Ryou blinked against the sunlight and rubbed his eyes. He had dozed off. When he saw the form before him, he thought at first that he was still dreaming. "Are you... are you Professor Dumbledore?"

"That I am," he relied. "May I sit?

Ryou nodded and scooted over to make room. Dumbledore sat beside him. For a while, neither said anything. Dumbledore merely stared at the fountain in front of him while Ryou stared at Dumbledore. He knew it was rude, but Ryou couldn't help it. The old man looked just like a wizard out of a children's book. He eventually found the nerve to speak up. "Uh, you wanted to see me about something, sir?"

"Ah, yes," Dumbledore said. "I was just admiring the scenery. This is a lovely park."

'This old man is strange indeed' Ryou thought. <Just some old coot,> was what Yami Bakura had to say about it. But Ryou didn't care. Everyone he had ever known who was worth knowing was strange. He waited for Dumbledore to speak again.

"What if I told you that you have been selected to attend our fine school of wizardry? A place where surprises lurk around every corner and the impossible happens everyday."

"I'd say that it was a dream come true. But," he hesitated, "are you sure I am what you are looking for? It's really a fluke that I have magic. I really can't do anything with it, myself."

"That's what you would be coming to school to learn," Dumbledore said. "Our fine staff can teach you everything you need to know about magic. From transfiguration to caring for mythical creatures. It is natural to be hesitant. But I think it would be a wonderful opportunity for you. I can sense your magic, and it is among the strongest I have ever felt in an untrained wizard. You could do great things."

Ryou doubted that Dumbledore knew that all of Ryou's magic came from his millennium items, the eye and the ring. He also doubted that Dumbledore knew about Yami Bakura and the risks involved in introducing him to new magic (not to mention the mischief he could cause among fellow sorcerers). But Ryou was hesitant to explain any of it. For one, he didn't know where to start. For another, he was afraid it would ruin his chances of being accepted. The last thing he wanted was to be stigmatized by an entire school because of his split personality. He would rather keep Yami Bakura secret, if that was possible.

Of course, Yami Bakura was listening in on Ryou's worries. He advised his lighter half not to bother mentioning him. If he allowed Ryou to attend, it would be the same as it was at normal school: Ryou would be left alone during classes, and Yami Bakura would take advantage of what Ryou learned whenever he felt need of it. Yami Bakura didn't have to do any work himself, for when Ryou learned, he learned. What Ryou normally learned didn't do Yami Bakura any good, but he felt that this Dumbledore's school might prove more useful. Besides, he would love to have one up on Yugi and Malik. Learning modern magic would give him a bit of an advantage should he ever decide to go after the millennium items again.

Ryou had fallen silent while he was literally debating with himself. Dumbledore merely waited quietly as if his potential students zoned out during every interview. When Ryou realized that Dumbledore had been waiting for him, he blushed heavily. "Sorry," he muttered. "I was just thinking."

"That's quite alright," Dumbledore said. "It is good that you think before rushing into things, especially in times like these." He grew solemn. "There is a fierce battle going on in the magic world right now between good and evil. Hogwarts is one of the few places of safety. You could decline my offer and try to stay out of it completely, but I fear it would not be long before one on the side of evil tries to coax you onto their side. They do not always take no for an answer."

<I knew there was a catch somewhere,> Yami Bakura said to Ryou. <They're recruiting for some kind of war.>

<I don't think it's like that,> Ryou replied while trying to listen to Dumbledore at the same time.

<Do what you want,> Yami Bakura said. <Whether I'm bored here or bored in England doesn't make much of a difference to me. But know what you're getting yourself into. I'm not going to rush in at the last minute like Yami Yugi and save you from whatever mess you get yourself into.>

"Well," said Dumbledore as he reached in his robes, grabbed some papers that looked suspiciously to Ryou like parchment, and handed them to the youth. "Now that you are informed about the risks as well as the advantages, you are ready to make a competent decision. You have a week to decide and get your affairs in order. If you decide to attend, go to this address at the time specified. The family there will help you get to England. You needn't pack much because you'll be buying most of what you need in Diagon alley which is also where you will be staying until the train takes you to Hogwarts. You can exchange your yen for Galleons (that's wizard money) at the bank there as well. Your family is welcome to join you as you shop-"

"You mean I can tell people that I'm going to this school?" Ryou said suddenly.

"You're family, of course," Dumbledore said. "We do like to keep the magic world as secret as possible, though. Otherwise, muggles (people without magic) would want a spell to solve their every problem, and it just doesn't work that way." Ryou knew that if this magic was anything like his, it would cause more problems than it solved. But maybe that was just because he didn't know how to use it properly. Or because of the permanent "guest" he gained. Dumbledore continued. "So don't go telling all of your friends. This is strictly on a need to know basis. Do you think your family will join you?"

Ryou sighed. "My father is my only family. He's leaving in a few days for an important job in China. He's an archeologist, my father." Ryou was not looking forward to making this trip alone. Dumbledore seemed to pick up on this.

"I can arrange for an escort to take you around and help you find what you need, seeing as you will be alone. Hagrid, our game-keeper, knows Diagon alley well and is always eager to meet new students. And it would be a chance for you to get to know him. He is your teacher for Care of Magical Creatures. That class is usually an elective, but we are quite full this year and we had to put you in the classes that were still available. Divination is your other elective."

"An escort would be great if it's no trouble," Ryou said thankfully. "And those classes will be fine."

Dumbledore nodded. "You have your instructions, supply lists, and train ticket. The rest is up to you."

"Thank you," Ryou said as he stood and bowed. He said his good-bye and began running toward home, a broad grin on his face. He couldn't wait to tell his father.


A week had passed since Yugi had met with the old man who called himself Professor Dumbledore. Yugi didn't like the thought of leaving his friends behind and not even being able to tell them where he was going, but this was a chance for both him and Yami to maybe learn some secrets about themselves and their magic. Yugi had meant to ask Dumbledore about the puzzle during their meeting, but it slipped his mind with all the talk of other things. Yugi didn't think he had even mentioned Yami.

Grandpa wasn't happy about losing his "assistant" to the shop, but he knew this was a wonderful opportunity for Yugi. He was proud that his grandson had been accepted. He knew how much Yugi wanted to understand the magic he possessed.

Yugi took a taxi to the address Dumbledore gave him. He had with him a truck that was only half full but still weighed as much as he did and the generous amount of money his grandpa had given him to buy his school supplies. Grandpa had to mind the shop, so he couldn't be with Yugi, but Dumbledore had said that a fellow by the name of Hagrid would escort him around.

The taxi arrived at a house that appeared normal. The driver was just getting his trunk out when another taxi arrived and stopped right behind them. Yugi wondered if maybe he wasn't the only one making this trip. He didn't have to wonder long, though, as a familiar white-haired figure stepped out.


Ryou looked up, noticing his companion for the first time. "Yugi? You were told to be here, too?"

"By a man named Dumbledore," Yugi answered. A look of relief swept over Ryou.

"That's great," he said. "I was worried about being alone where nobody knew about... well, you know." He motioned to the millennium ring concealed under his shirt."

"Same here," Yugi said. He paused for a moment. "If you and I were both invited, you don't suppose..."

"Malik? Gosh, I hope not," Ryou said. He didn't really mind Malik, but his yami was twice as likely to get into trouble with Malik around. The two of them had a habit of egging each other on. Together, the two of them could cause absolute chaos.

"I really can't picture Malik going to a school," Yugi said. "Conformity, obedience, not really what Malik does."

"You're probably right," Ryou agreed. He doubted Malik would even want to go to school, especially a boarding school.

The taxi drivers helped the boys pull their trunks up to the front door before they drove off. Yugi was about to knock when Ryou stopped him.

"Yugi," he began, "Did you, uh, did you tell Professor Dumbledore anything about how your magic comes from the millennium items? Or about your yami?"

"No," Yugi replied, looking deep in thought. "Did you?" Ryou shook his head. "Do you think we should have?" Yugi asked.

"I don't know. We don't usually tell, but this man seems like he's used to weird things. But I was afraid he wouldn't want me as a student."

Yugi understood where Ryou was coming from and he could tell he was feeling guilty. But now wasn't the time to worry about it.

"Don't think about it now, Bakura. We can tell him when we get there. I'm sure that he'll understand. I'll bet they get stuff like this all the time." With that, Yugi knocked on the door.

They could hear a shuffle inside, and someone approaching before a fairly young woman opened the door. She appeared confused. "Yes, can I help you?" she said.

"Um... Professor Dumbledore told us to be here-" Yugi said before the woman cut him off.

"Oh, yes, now I remember. You're the students I'm supposed to send to London. Alright, then, come on in."

Inside, the house looked like any other. Yugi and Ryou hauled their trunks behind them as the woman lead them, surprisingly, to the fireplace.

"I know Dumbledore from my days of studying witchcraft abroad," she told them as she led the way. "England is a wonderful place to work on your magic skills. You two are very lucky to be invited to study there. Oh, that reminds me, Dumbledore asked me to perform a language charm on you two."

"Language charm?" Yugi questioned.

"Yes, so you can speak, write, and understand English. It's a very good spell. You first, little one." She meant it kindly, but Yugi didn't appreciate being called "little one." He let it slide, though. He watched as the woman pulled what looked like a wand out of a pocket that couldn't have been big enough to hold it. She muttered some strange words and tapped Yugi on the head with it. Yugi felt something strange come over him, but it quickly passed. When he opened his mouth to speak, he was amazed to hear English come out.

"That was odd," he said.

The woman moved to perform the spell on Ryou but he put his hands up defensively. "I know English already, thank you. My first language," he said in English to prove it.

"Very well," she said, switching to English herself. "You two are muggle- born, so I assume you've never traveled by floo powder." She pulled a jar off her mantle and opened it. " You just grab a pinch of the powder, toss it into the fireplace, and clearly say the name of your destination. In this case, you say 'The Leaky Cauldron.' That's the inn where you will be staying." She held the jar in front of Yugi and he nervously took some.

Holding onto his trunk tightly, he stepped into the fireplace, said "The Leaky Cauldron", and tossed the powder to ground. Ryou gasped as Yugi disappeared in a burst of green flames.

Yugi felt like he was spinning. He very nearly let go of his trunk. It did not last long, though. Seconds later, he fell out of another fireplace in what looked like a boarding room. It had a bed, and an adjacent bathroom. He sat staring in awe until Ryou fell out of the fireplace behind him and landed on top of him.

"I don't think I like traveling that way," Ryou said, holding his head in an attempt to make the spinning stop.

"Uh, Bakura," Yugi muttered, "if it's not too much to ask, could you get off me?"

"Oh, sorry," Ryou said as he stood and helped Yugi to his feet. Both boys had to stifle a laugh as they saw the other covered in soot.

It wasn't long before the door to the room was flung wide open and a man stepped in. He did a double take as he saw them and scratched his head. "You would be the two from Japan, right?" Ryou and Yugi nodded. "Right then, I'm Tom, the innkeeper. Dumbledore arranged rooms for you. This one's being used for floo powder travel. Follow me." Tom led them down the hall and showed them their rooms and advised them to clean up. "Your escort arrives tomorrow to take you around Diagon Alley. Oh, and welcome to London," he added.

Tom then left them alone. He had a lot of work to do. Still, he couldn't help but wonder what kind of magical hair care product those kids used to get their hair like that.


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Azoroth, and a few more
I LOOVE THIS, but if somehow the above links don't work on your computer, here's Chapter 4.

Chapter 4: The Inn
Not long after Ryou and Yugi had settled into their rooms, two more figures fell out of the fireplace. Rishid stood first and helped Malik to his feet before moving to inspect the room. Rishid was VERY protective.

"Give it a rest, Rishid," Malik said in perfect English thanks to the charm that had been performed on him. "If they were going to try something, they would have before now. And nobody's mentioned either the rod or my history with the Ghouls. I don't think we need to worry."

The door opened and the innkeeper appeared. 'More weird ones,' Tom thought to himself as he took in Malik's abundance of gold jewelry and skin revealing shirt and Rishid's long, flowing cloak and tattooed face. 'Dumbledore sure knows how to pick 'em.'

"Welcome to London and The Leaky Cauldron," he said in his most hospitable voice. "Ishtal, right?" Malik only nodded. "I'll take you to your room where you can rest and get cleaned up."

Tom left the two of them alone in their room.. Tom had explained that they had a lot of boarders right now, and so, as family, Malik and Rishid had to share a room. There was only one bed, but it was quite large. Rishid, however, allowed Malik the bed to himself and took a seat in a plush chair facing the doorway. Malik shook his head. Paranoid was the only word for it, but he knew better than to try to talk Rishid out of it. It just didn't work. Well, Rishid was alert enough for the both of them, so he could get some rest. They'd wait until tomorrow for their shopping. He knew he didn't have enough money for all the supplies on his list, especially not the long booklist, but that was okay. Isis disapproved, but she wasn't there at the moment, was she? His time with the Ghouls had made him a thief with skills that rivaled that of Yami Bakura the Grave Robber himself.


In their separate rooms, Yugi and Ryou were both having a difficult time sleeping. It was hard to contend with the time change. Yugi was passing the time by examining his information papers and holding a conversation with Yami, who was quite upset with the fact that the papers Dumbledore had given them stated that electronic equipment didn't work at Hogwarts, which meant their Duel Disk was of no use. Any dueling would have to be done the old fashioned way. Yugi made sure that it was HIS old fashioned way and not Yami's. Using magic to summon monsters at school would likely get him expelled.

The Game King's strategic mind was so eager for a challenge that he was almost ready to challenge Bakura. Either one, he didn't care if it was the dark or the light. His thoughts were broken when he heard loud footsteps and quiet cursing coming from the hallway outside the door. Yugi allowed Yami to assume control and check out what it was. Yami opened the door and peered into the hall. It was Bakura. Well, Bakura's body anyway.

"What's your problem?" Yami asked, irritated with the other spirit who didn't seem to think he needed to keep a low profile.

"Ryou was boring me with his stresses and worries," Yami Bakura began, "so I shut him up the best way I knew how. Then I decided I needed a drink, but the lousy barhand won't sell me any! Age, or something, I think was his excuse. I'm probably three thousand years older than his GRANDMOTHER and I am too young to buy ale! Lousy mortals..."

"I'm impressed that you actually tried to BUY some," Yami said, crossing his arms smugly. "No stealing for a change." Yami Bakura scowled.

"I am quite capable of stealing, Pharaoh, but I wasn't in the mood for the effort," Yami Bakura replied defiantly. "And if I tried stealing now, I'd never get away with it because I would be the first suspect and I am thousands of miles away from familiar territory. Now, if you are done, I'd like to return to my ring." With, his eyes glazed over, his head nodded, and the ring glowed. When he looked up again, Ryou had regained control and looked rather confused.

Yami sighed. Whenever Ryou regained his body back, he only had a faint memory of what his Yami did, if any at all. Ryou was baffled to find himself in the hallway, and even more confused to see Yami Yugi standing in front of him. Experience had taught him to tell the difference between Yugi's lighter and darker halves.

"Uh..." Ryou started, slightly embarrassed, "what did he do this time?"

"Tried to get a drink at the bar, is all," Yami replied. "So don't be surprised if the barkeep gives you a dirty look tomorrow."

Ryou rolled his eyes. "Great. So much for first impressions."

"Your other half seemed in a particularly bad mood. What's his problem?" Yami asked more out of boredom than concern.

"Oh, he's been bitter since he found out you were going to this school, too." Ryou said. "I guess he wanted to be able to say he knew something you didn't."

"That'll be the day..." Yami said sarcastically. Ryou just shook his head and returned to his room next door. The yamis' competitiveness was something he preferred to stay out of.

It took forever for the boys to finally fall asleep. Yugi's head seemed to have hardly hit the pillow before sunlight was streaming harshly through his window. He got up to draw the shades and returned to bed.


Malik and Rishid were ready to leave at nine that morning. Malik wasn't happy about being up that early, as it was too early for him, but Rishid insisted on getting an early start.

They had breakfast in the inn and asked Tom for directions to Diagon Alley. Dumbledore had given Malik a map of the alley itself with all the places he needed to visit marked, but it didn't say how to get to the alley. Tom was happy to escort them to the entrance.

After they were astounded by the sights before them when Diagon Alley was finally revealed, their first stop was the bank. The goblins inside were officially the strangest thing that Malik had seen yet, but there was still much to see. Rishid didn't like them at all, but as they were only exchanging money, they didn't have to stay long.

"I don't think the money we have will be enough," Rishid said as he examined Malik's supply list outside the bank. "There's well over a dozen books on this list plus potion ingredients, gloves, a cauldron..."

"I'll make do," Malik replied. "Go on back to the inn, Rishid. I can handle the shopping myself."

"But Malik..."

"Look, Rishid. I'm supposed to be getting adjusted to this new environment. How am I supposed to do that with you hovering over me? I think that if I am capable of controlling a millennium item and a God card, I can handle shopping for school supplies."

"Yes, and if Battle City has taught us anything, it's that you shouldn't be left alone," Rishid replied, unconvinced.

"That's not the case anymore. I'm in control now. Give me some freedom, will you? You and Isis haven't left me alone in months."

Rishid sighed heavily. "Alright," he agreed. "But be back at the inn for lunch, or I'll come find you."

Rishid reluctantly left. Most men his age were not so easily ordered around by their younger step-brothers, but most men didn't have Malik. Sometimes it was better to just give in. He didn't see the harm in it. Malik was right. He did deserve some freedom.

Malik waited until Rishid was well out of sight. He then began wondering around, searching both for the stores on his list, and an easy victim to steal some much needed cash from.


Later, there was a loud knock on the door to Yugi's room. Yugi sleepily rolled over and mumbled "Go away, Grampa."

"Oy, are you awake in there?" came a loud, deep voice. " 'S almost eleven."

'That doesn't sound like Grampa,' Yugi thought, opening one eye. He turned to face the door when it suddenly opened. Standing there was the biggest man Yugi ever saw!

"AHHHHHHHHH!!!" Yugi screamed.

"AHHHHHHHHH!!!" the man screamed.

Yugi, terrified, threw the covers over his head. He wished he had slept with the puzzle on. Now there was a giant in his room and Yami was dangerously out of reach. He heard the giant step into the room.

"What is it?! Why'd you scream?!" he said.

"What's all the yelling about?" Yugi recognized the sleepy voice of Ryou. Then silence. Followed by another wave of screaming.



"What's wrong with you two?!" the man exclaimed. "Didn't Professor Dumbledore an' Tom tell ya I was comin'? I'm Hagrid!"

Yugi poked his head out from the covers. Ryou was on the floor with his back to the wall. "W-wait, you're the escort?" he said.

"That I am. Hagrid's the name. Keeper of the keys and the grounds at Hogwarts. And your Care of Magical Creatures teacher," Hagrid said, swelling with pride. "Sorry if I startled you. I'm told I can be quite intimidating."

"It's alright," Yugi said.

Hagrid nodded. "Right then. I'll give you some time to get ready. Be waiting in the lobby."

He left and the boys watched him go. "That just about gave me a heart attack," Ryou said.

"Well at least no one will mess with us if he's hanging around," Yugi replied. "I'm surprised your yami did nothing. You're wearing the ring."

Ryou scoffed. "When there's potential danger is the one time he won't come out," he said as he walked back to his room.

Yugi and Ryou dressed, grabbed their money, and made their way to the lobby. Hagrid was easy to find. He led them out of the Leaky Cauldron and into Diagon Alley.


Malik arrived at The Leaky Cauldron at noon sharp. He'd spent all the money he had and only had his cauldron, potion ingredients, gloves, and parchment to show for it. Rishid was waiting in the room for him.

"That's all you got?" he asked as Malik set down his stuff.

"Shopping takes time," Malik muttered.

"How much money do you have left?"


"You could probably get it done faster if you let me come along."

"But what kind of learning experience would that be?"

Rishid had sandwiches that Tom had brought in waiting. He and Malik began to eat. He tried several times to convince Malik to let him help, but Malik wouldn't hear it and was getting aggravated, so he let it drop. He wasn't sure how far he could push Malik before it became dangerous. He knew Malik had to be really mad for there to be any risk, but better safe than sorry.

Malik polished off the last sandwich and was almost out the door to return to the alley when Rishid stopped him.

"What?" Malik asked impatiently.

"Be careful out there." Rishid said. "There are a lot of strange people out there. I saw a man that dwarfed even me in the lobby when I went to order the sandwiches."

Malik was sure Rishid was exaggerating, but he agreed to be careful nonetheless.

Malik walked into the backyard of the inn. There was no one else around and the door to the alley was closed again. When Tom opened it, he had taken out a wand and tapped on a brick near the trash bin and that had triggered the door. 'It must be magic activated,' he thought. Well, he only knew of one thing that would be of use to him in that department. Besides, it was demeaning to ask for help.

He pulled the millennium rod out from his cargo pocket. He didn't remember which brick it was but he knew the general area. He focused his powers and began tapping on bricks with the millennium rod. He went through ten bricks and was growing frustrated. He was about to forgo his pride and seek some aide, when he touched a final brick and the rod glowed brightly. The door began to open, slower than it did when Tom opened it, but it was opening nevertheless. Malik smiled and tucked the rod away again. He walked through into Diagon Alley, not noticing that the door was failing to close behind him.


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Azoroth, and a few more
Chapter 5: Diagon Alley

Hagrid led the boys through the crowed street that was Diagon Alley. His wide berth created an easy path for them. Though the boys were intimidated by Hagrid's great size (with poor Yugi barely standing taller than Hagrid's kneecaps), they could not help but feel secure with him. Several people said friendly greetings to the giant as they passed, one even offering him a drink. But Hagrid merely declined with a polite wave and stated, "On Hogwart's business."

As it was lunchtime, they stopped at a local restaurant for a bite to eat. The ability to speak and read English didn't help Yugi much with the menu, as he didn't know what most of the foods were. Ryou helped he pick something, though even he was baffled by a few things on the menu. "Dragon steak" was a dish he had never heard of before.

While waiting for their food, Yugi and Ryou compared their supplies list. They were identical, so it seemed that they had the same classes, which brought both boys some comfort.

The meals arrived. Hagrid examined what appeared to be a schedule which he pulled out of one of his many pockets while he ate. He scratched his head in a confused way. "Running late," he commented. "I've gotta be back at the castle tomorrow. Got a shipment comin' in. For the first lesson," he added in an exited way. "Now, Dumbledore tol' me a bit about you two. About how you're muggle-borns from Japan and late-starters. Better late than never, if you ask me. The staff'll catch you up, you don't need to worry about tha'. But I'm afraid I don't know which of you's which." He seemed a little embarrassed.

"That's okay. I'm Yugi Mouto," Yugi said.

"Ryou Bakura," Ryou said, speaking up nervously, "but most everyone just calls me Bakura."

"Prefer the family name, huh?" Hagrid said nodding. "I'm like tha' myself. Even my closest friends call me by my last name. Now," he said turning around and pointing, "Tha's our first stop. Gringotts bank. You exchange your money there. Then there's a bunch of places we need to go for your robes and books and such. And then there's the extra stuff. If you wanna bring a pet along, the Magical Menagerie is the best place to buy one. I'd suggest and owl; they're the most useful. They'll carry your mail and such. But there's also cats, toad, ravens, rats... a bunch more. And if you're interested in sports, Quality Quidditch Supplies is around the corner."

"Quidditch?" Yugi asked.

"Wizard sport," Hagrid said. "Played in the air on broomsticks. There's lots of room on the house teams now with so many people having graduated, if you're interested. Some of our best players have been muggle-borns."

"I don't think competition is such a good idea," Ryou said looking at Yugi, who nodded knowingly. They were both afraid that their yamis might do something in the heat of the moment in competition that they might regret later. "Besides," Ryou added, "I'm no good at sports."

"Aye, you might be better off," Hagrid said. "With all the work you two have to catch up, ya probably won't have the time. Besides, Quidditch is going to be crazy this year. Majority of the captains graduated, so there's new teams leaders. What with Malfoy in charge of Slytherin and the Weasly twins co-captains of Gryfindor, don't know why McGonagall was thinking allowing that." Hagrid rattled on, more to himself than Yugi and Ryou, who had no clue who or what he was talking about.

They finished eating and made their way to the bank. The goblins gave Ryou the creeps, but it was even worse for Yugi, who was almost face to face with them. They exchanged their money and Hagrid took a look at their supplies lists, deciding where to go first.

"Well, we might as well get the books out of the way. They make up most of your list. Come along, stay right behind me."

The street was extremely crowded with school shoppers. There was arguing, children crying, big men laughing and joking. Yugi and Ryou felt like they stood out in their street clothes. Everyone around them was wearing robes. Ryou looked around embarrassed for someone else dressed like them. Suddenly, he felt the warm glow of the millennium ring on his chest. He felt a single dangling point move. He peered through the crowds. He noticed a flash of gold among the throngs. Blonde hair, street clothes... But before Ryou could put what he was seeing together, Yami Bakura, recognizing the form in the crowd, took over, and Ryou lost awareness. Hagrid and Yugi didn't notice that Ryou was no longer following them. Yami Bakura smirked and followed the flashes of gold, moving in the opposite direction of the bookstore.


"Oh, I'm sorry! Please excuse me," Malik said as he bumped into and older woman on the sidewalk.

"It's no problem, young man," she answered in a tired way. "Just be careful."

She walked onward. Malik waited until she was out of sight, and then examined the contents of the coin pouch he had just stolen from her. He frowned, disappointed. Only five of the gold coins, and twelve of the bronze ones. Hardly worth the effort. That brought his grand total up to thirteen gold coins, twenty-three silver, and fifteen bronze.

"Amateur..." came a harsh voice from behind Malik. Even in English, he was sure that voice was familiar. He turned sharply around. His mouth dropped as his eyes met that familiar glare.

"YOU! What are you doing here?!" he said in a harsh whisper.

"Same as you, I'd imagine," Yami Bakura answered, leaning casually against a wall. "Ryou's invited to that magic school, and, of course, he can't do anything without me."

"Seems more to me like you can't do anything without him," Malik muttered. Yami Bakura narrowed his eyes but said nothing, so Malik spoke again. "So what do you want? I'm kinda busy here."

Yami Bakura shook his head. "How you ever got to be the head of an international gang with those mediocre thieving skills is beyond me."

"Mediocre?!" Malik said fuming. "She never ever noticed!"

Yami Bakura only laughed, which made Malik even madder. Although Yami Bakura wouldn't admit it, he was glad Malik was there. Malik was his answer to Yami's Kaiba. A rival. Someone with comparable skills with whom he could compete. Not to mention he was fun to bicker with. Malik felt much the same. The two of them had a habit of instigating each other, which made for much amusement.

"Alright, know-it-all, what did I do wrong?" Malik said, crossing his arms and frowning.

"You've got to pick your targets better," Yami Bakura replied. "That woman was obviously tired and she was carrying several packages. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that she's been shopping all day and so has spent most of her money. You've got to pick somebody who looks like they're just getting started. Someone who looks like they have money."

Malik scoffed. "That doesn't always work. Look at me, I'm the perfect example. I'm not tired and I'm covered in gold, but the only money I have is the bit I just stole."

"Yes," Yami Bakura said with a hand on his chin as if he were deep in though. He looked Malik over. "But your clothes are dirty. Those pants are at least a year old, that shirt is several. And it appears that you cut the sleeves off yourself. Anybody with half a brain can see that you don't have money. The gold is obviously either hand-me-downs or stolen."

Malik wanted to be able to tell Yami Bakura that he was wrong, but couldn't. The spirit was right about all of it. Yami Bakura, sensing this, grinned. "Face it, kid, I know what I'm talking about."

"Alright, then you pick someone out," Malik said. If Yami Bakura was going to be arrogant about it, Malik was at least going to use him to do some of the work for him.

Yami Bakura looked through the crowd. His keen, narrowed eyes moved from one person to another, judging each one until he found the right target and smiled. He grabbed Malik roughly by the shoulders and made him face the right direction. "There's your prey."

Malik looked in the direction Yami Bakura was pointing him. Directly in front of him, about thirty yards off, was a boy with black robes, slick bleach-blonde hair, and an obvious attitude. "Him?" Malik said pointing.

"That's right. Nice robes, expensive stuff in his hair, snobby attitude. The kid's loaded. Follow him. Get close enough, and when the opportunity arrives, snatch his cash."

Malik sighed. If he didn't need the money he wouldn't have even considered listening to that big-headed tomb raider. But he did need the money so...

Malik went after his target and Yami Bakura watched him go. 'Well,' Yami Bakura thought, 'long as I'm out, I might as well get a look around.' He wandered around for a few minutes until he came to a street sign that caught his eye.

"'Knockturn Alley'" he read. He peered down the said street. It was a lot less crowded than this Diagon Alley. Darker, too. Looked more interesting. His mind was made up. He took the turn and began to walk down the nearly deserted street.


Yugi and Hagrid were already at the bookstore before they realized Ryou was not with them. Hagrid believed that he had gotten separated from them along the way. Yugi knew better. He knew Ryou was more careful than that. And it was more than likely that Ryou had not left them of his own free will. But he wasn't going to tell Hagrid that. It would be a little hard to explain.

Yugi wasn't quite sure what to do. If he didn't stay close to Hagrid, he was likely to get lost himself. On the other hand, it would be slow work finding Bakura with Hagrid around. Especially if Yami Bakura had taken control, as Yugi suspected. So when Hagrid went inside to ask the shopkeep to keep an eye out for a white-haired boy just incase he found his way there, Yugi allowed Yami to gain control. Yami then turned in the direction they just came from and retraced their steps in search of their missing companion.


"A kid with long white hair?" the shopkeep repeated.

"Tha's right," Hagrid said. "Got separated in the street. If he shows up here, tell 'im to stick around, we'll be back, alright?"

"Sure thing, Hagrid. If I see him, I'll let him know."


Hagrid was about to exit the shop when he heard a familiar voice greet him.

"Hello, Hagrid!" He turned.

"Harry! How've you been? And Ron and Hermione! Nice ta see ya! Buying your school supplies, are you?"

"Yup," Ron answered. "We're almost done."

"Are you staying at The Leaky Cauldron?" Hagrid asked.

"No," Hermione answered. "We're all at Ron's. My folks are going out of town next week and the inn's full. Mrs. Weasly was nice enough to invite me. And Harry's been there most of the summer."

"And she can't wait to get back to school," Harry said.

"She ran out of homework and now has nothing to do," Ron muttered.

"Tha' reminds me," Hagrid said. "Congratulations on making prefect, Hermione." Hermione beamed. "Weren't you supposed to be one, too, Harry? McGonagall says you turned it down."

"Had to," Harry replied. "It would have gotten in the way of Quidditch."

"Yeah," Ron said sarcastically, "Cause you KNOW Fred and George are going to make you work sooo hard. I'm telling you, the team's in big trouble this year..."

"So Hagrid," Hermione said to get off the subject of the team's fate, "What brings you to London?"

"Oh, I 'bout forgot! I'm supposed to be showing a couple new students around. Unfortunately, I lost one of 'em. Strange-looking pair, but nice." Hagrid walked quickly to the exit only to discover that he had lost not one, but two of them. "Oh, no! Now where did he go?!"

Harry, Ron, and Hermione followed Hagrid out, and quickly discovered the reason behind his distress.

"Wish we could help you, Hagrid," Harry said, "but we have to find Ginny and get back to The Burrow."

"Tha's alright," Hagrid replied. "Those two shouldn't be too hard ta find. You don't see boys like that very often. Someone's bound to have spotted them. I'll see you at the welcoming banquet."

"Bye, Hagrid. Good luck."


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Sep 20, 2005
Azoroth, and a few more
How's NOW?

Chapter 6: Troublemakers
Malik followed the boy through the crowd until he entered a shop by the name of Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions. Malik hesitated, then entered as well. He was just in time to see his target being escorted to another room. There was no one else in sight. 'Great,' Malik thought. 'I missed him.' He was about to leave when someone called to him.

"Excuse me, do you need to be fitted for uniform robes?"

Malik turned around to face the woman addressing him. She'd just emerged from the back room. Malik wasn't sure how to respond. He DID need robes... it was payment that was a problem.

"I... well I, uh..." he muttered.

"I can take you to be fitted now, if you are ready." She motioned to the room where his target had just been taken. Malik figured this was his only chance.

"Sure, I'm ready," he answered.

The woman motioned for him to follow her. Sure enough, the first thing Malik saw when he entered the room was his target standing on a stool while one of the attendants measured him. The woman beckoned Malik over and he, too, stood on a stool and measurements were taken of him. Malik had no idea if he had enough to pay for the clothes, and there would surely be quite a scene if he didn't. The boy eyed Malik, as if sizing him up. Malik pretended not to notice him. After five or six minutes of general measurements, fitting, and adjusting, Malik and the boy were left alone while the attendants went to fix their robes.

The boy finally spoke up. "Hogwarts?" he asked. Malik only nodded. "I've never seen you before. What year are you?"

"Fifth," Malik said simply.

"That's my year. How come I've never seen you before?"

"I guess you'd call me a transfer."


"Several places, but Egypt first and last."

"Do you know what house you're in?" Malik shook his head, not having a clue what he was talking about. "I'm in Slytherin. Best house there is. I'm Draco Malfoy, captain of the Slytherin house Quidditch team. And you?"

"Malik Ishtal."

"Malik, huh? You're pure-blood, right? Family's magical?" Draco asked.

"Ishtals have practiced magical rituals for centuries," Malik replied.

"That's good. Far too many muggle-borns in the school already, if you ask me. Dumbledore'll let just about anybody in." Malik didn't care for Draco's attitude, but he didn't let it show. He was biding his time. He had to find a subtle way to get close enough to snatch the boy's coin pouch. He could see it tied simply at Draco's side. It would be a snap to just tug lightly on the string and silently grab the pouch. If only he could get close.

Malik was so absorbed in his thoughts that it took him a few minutes to notice that Malfoy was staring at him. "What?" Malik asked.

"Do you get your hair done at Madam Richard's, too?"


"It's just that the color looks similar to mine. That's the way Madam Richard does it."

"I don't color my hair!" Malik said, a hint of insult in his voice. The nerve of that guy making that accusation.

"Yeah..." Malfoy replied sarcastically, "Sure you don't."

This Malfoy kid was really starting to rub Malik the wrong way. He wanted to get the job over with and get out of there and away from that guy as soon as possible. Malfoy, however, was equally insulted, and when he felt insulted, his observations got meaner and meaner.

"What's with the shirt?" Malfoy asked. "And the earrings? Only girls where stuff like that. Or is that an Egyptian thing?"

"It's MY thing, do you mind?" Malik fumed. Really, first Yami Bakura and now this.

"Well if your thing is to wear dirty, girly clothes, then I guess that's up to you."

"This coming from a guy who just admitted to coloring his hair?" Malik shot back.

"At least you can tell I'm a guy! I'd swear I heard the attendant call you 'miss' twice!"

"Why you stuck-up, big headed, son of a-"

"Don't talk to me that way, you dirty, long-haired, girly Muhammad!"

"That's it!" Malik lunged for Malfoy. He caught Draco off guard and got a quick punch in which knocked Malfoy to the ground. Draco retaliated with an upward kick that hit Malik in the stomach. The boys scuffled for several minutes in a fit of swinging limbs and swear words before the attendants heard them and rushed in to stop the fight. Malfoy nursed a bleeding lip and swollen eye while Malik gingerly held a hand over his bruised stomach.

"Out, you two, out!" the woman in charge yelled. "You can send someone to pick up your robes later, but I don't want to see you in this store again! Out!"

Malik and Malfoy were forced to leave their names and exit the store and they both went their separate ways, with Malfoy cursing himself for not thinking of using his wand. Malik turned several corners to make sure he wasn't being followed, then he smiled and pulled out Malfoy's coin pouch that he had stashed in his pocket when the attendants had separated them. One peek inside told him that he would have more than enough to buy his school supplies. And Yami Bakura had called him an amateur. What better way to get close enough to pick someone's pocket than to purposely start a fight with him? 'One of my more clever plans to date,' Malik thought as he laughed. He put the contents of Malfoy's coin pouch into his own, throwing Malfoy's pouch away after, and once more he began looking for the stores on his list.


Yami slowed down his run to make it easier to spot his lost companion. He looked in several shops and asked several shop owners. None had seen Bakura. Yami stood out, though. He was attracting quite a bit of attention from the passer-bys. Two in particular.

"Would you look at that! George, over here! Check that guy out!"

"Wow... Is he from school?"

"Probably. But I've never seen him before. I think I would have noticed the hair. I'd guess he's a first year, although he looks a bit old."

"Doesn't matter. The boy's a bloody genius! I'd 'a never thought to do that. Great joke, don't 'cha think? Doing that to his hair. Brilliant way to start the school year. Looks like we may have a rival this year, eh, Fred?"

Fred shook his head. "Not once we get back to makin' our jokes. Mum really put us behind schedule, not letting us work on 'em at home. Speakin' of which, aren't we supposed to get back home? Everyone else left already."

"Mum said we had the afternoon to stay in Diagon. Last time I checked it was still afternoon. Besides, that guy looks lost. Let's help 'im out."

"Alright! I do wanna ask him how he gets his hair to stay up like that."

Yami was just looking around the restaurant where they had eaten earlier when he heard the voices of Fred and George, the Weasly twins, behind him.

"Need some help?"

Yami turned around. Once more, the twins were astounded.

"Wow! How'd you do that to your eyes?" Fred exclaimed. George elbowed him for it. That was a bit blunt. Yami raised an eyebrow at them.

"Sorry," Fred apologized. "Just really like your look, is all. For shock value, right?"

Yami was puzzled. "What do you mean?"

"Just think the hair is cool," George said, "And the eyes. And the buckles. And... Damn those pants look tight. How do you breathe in those?"

Yami went from puzzled to baffled. He could honestly say that no one had ever questioned him like that before. It wasn't his fault the pants were tight. Yugi was smaller than him, after all... So he chose to ignore that question. "It's just my style," is all he said.

"Don't think me rude," Fred said, "But do you mind telling me how you get your hair and eyes like that? You go to a magic salon, or something?"

"No," Yami answered. "It's natural."

The twins gawked again, then laughed. "Alright, I get it," Fred said, "Don't wanna share your secrets. That's fine. Believe us, we understand. I'm Fred Weasly, and this is my brother, George."

Yami figured he shouldn't use "Yami" as his name, so he replied, "My name is Yugi."

"Nice to meet ya, Yugi. Shopping for Hogwarts school supplies?"

"Yes and no," Yami answered. "I need to get my supplies, but I'm looking for someone right now. Maybe you've seen him. He's a bit taller than me, with street clothes and white hair."

"White hair? You're partner in crime, eh? Haven't seen him, but we can help ya look. We know Diagon alley and all the adjacent streets like the back of our hands."

"Thank you," Yami said. This might make things a little easier.


Yami Bakura had his hands stuffed in the pockets of his jeans as he walked the almost-empty street looking in the shop windows. He was unimpressed so far. He selected a random shop and entered it. There seemed to be no one inside. He examined the items on the shelves. Useless, all of it.

"Can I help you?" The shopkeep said as he entered the room from the back. He narrowed his eyes at Yami Bakura. "Aren't you a little young to be shopping here on your own?"

'I am so sick of people giving me that "too young" crap,' Yami Bakura thought. 'I swear I'm going to send the next person who tells me that to the shadow realm.' The shopkeep merely shrugged off the cold stare Yami Bakura was giving him. "Well, have you found anything that interests you? We have the best tools of the occult available."

"If this is the 'best' then I'd hate to see the worst." Yami Bakura said. "This is trash!" He gestured to the shelves marked, "Tools of the thief". "Any thief who would stoop to using this has no right to call himself a thief. Magic candles? A real thief has no need for such things."

"And I am so sure that you are an expert in the ways of the thief," the shopkeep replied sarcastically. Yami Bakura ignored this as something else caught his eye.

"Now this could be useful," he said. On a lower shelf was a handsome pocket knife. Ryou had thrown away his old one after the whole Battle City thing. Really, one little cut and a few pints of blood and Ryou felt the need to get rid of it. Yami Bakura still resented him for it. This new knife had a lovely polished handle of smooth cherrywood, and a blade of beautiful silver.

"Well, it seems that you've been drawn to the least magical of our items," the shopkeep said. The blade is unbreakable and it never needs sharpening. And it's stain-proof. But that's all. You obviously know nothing about the tools of the trade, kid."

Yami Bakura narrowed his eyes dangerously, the blade still in his hands. But before he could think about doing much, the door the shop opened. A man entered, a familiar boy following behind him.

"Really, Draco, I can't believe you could be so careless."

"But father, I'm telling you, that guy stole it!"

"I don't care, Draco. You should have used you brain and your wand. This person obviously didn't even have a wand, and you came off worse in the fight." Draco considered bringing up the time his father had fought with Mr. Weasly, but thought better of it.

"Lucius, back again?" the shopkeep said, unwisely turning his attention away from Yami Bakura.

"Still nothing on those...artifacts?"

"No, nothing yet. All my people are on the lookout for them. You'll be the first to know if something turns up."

"You understand how much we need those items, right?"

"Yes Lucius, I do, now if you excuse me." The shopkeep turned to where Yami Bakura had been seconds before, and saw nobody. Yami Bakura was gone, and so was the pocket knife.

"Why that little..."


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Azoroth, and a few more
Chapter 7: First Impressions
Yami Bakura made a clean escape from the shop, pocket knife in hand and a smirk on his face. He'd shown that annoying shopkeep just what he knew about thieving and it seemed that his protégée had done a fine job of stealing from that kid. And he had a brand new knife that he would have to make sure Ryou didn't get rid of. This was a good day. He stuffed the knife deep into his pockets and continued his walk around Knockturn Alley. It was still somewhat of a disappointment, but it was better than being stuck in his soul room while Ryou shopped. He was about to turn deeper into the alley when, once more, a voice addressed him.

"I am assuming you are lost? Students are not supposed to be in this area." Yami Bakura turned to see a tall black-haired man clothed in black robes.

"And who are you to tell me where I can and cannot be?" Yami Bakura shot back. "What makes you think that I'm even a student?"

"Perhaps it is the Hogwarts letter sticking out of your pocket." Yami Bakura glanced down and cursed silently. The letter was plainly in sight. He'd left it like that accidentally when he'd put the knife in.

"That attitude will not get you far with me. I have no tolerance for cocky punks. And that look does not intimidate me, either," the man said, answering Yami Bakura's cold stare with one of his own.

"Yeah? Well I have no tolerance for people who think they can tell me what to do. I take orders from no one..." Yami Bakura said, his patience rapidly disappearing. He was getting really tired of people trying to boss him around.

"Then you will not last long at Hogwarts, boy. I have taught there far too long to allow such disrespectfulness within its walls." The man narrowed his eyes at the gradually widening grin on Yami Bakura's face.

"A teacher, huh?" Yami Bakura said through his smirk. "Maybe I can teach you a few things, professor..." 'This is going to be fun,' he thought as began activating the ring, which was still concealed underneath his shirt. Darkness began to envelope just behind the man in black, but he didn't seem to know it.

"Bakura! Stop!"

The yell startled Yami Bakura and broke his concentration. The darkness evaporated. Yami Bakura turned to see who had interrupted. "Damn that meddling pharaoh," he muttered. He wasn't going to have any fun now. Might as well return to the ring.

Yami had been led to Knockturn Alley by the Weasly twins. It was the last place they hadn't checked. The twins were hesitant to go there, as it was forbidden, but they had little choice.

Yami was lucky enough to be ahead of the twins at the time. They hadn't seen Yami Bakura summoning the shadow realm. That was good. Yami Bakura was obviously irritated at Yami's interference, but that was too bad. They couldn't have him sending every person who ticked him off to the shadow realm, not that he wouldn't try anyway.

Rather than waiting around for a scolding that he, of course, would pay no attention to, Yami Bakura took the easy way out and returned to the ring. Ryou regained control, thought he was shaky at first and fell to his knees. He, of course, had no idea where he was or what was going on. The last thing he could remember was walking with Yugi and Hagrid to the bookstore.

Now that the situation was under control, Yami allowed Yugi control. Yugi ran up to Ryou and helped him up.

"Wha... What happened?" Ryou muttered.

"Later," Yugi whispered as he subtly nodded toward the man in black who was staring at them. Ryou turned to look. This man obviously didn't like him, and his yami had probably given him reason not to. Although he didn't show it, the man was almost as confused as Ryou. Was this boy the same one that had just been so arrogant and disrespectful? He now seemed confused, yet wide-eyed and innocent. His attitude seemed to have done a complete 180. But the man was sure it was a trick. Yugi seemed to pick up on the man's annoyance.

"Uh... thank you for finding my friend. We kinda got separated. We're new to the area," he said.

"Is he mentally unstable, or something?" the man asked.

"Uh, you could say that, but only half the time," Yugi muttered.

"Yugi!" Fred yelled as he and George turned the corner. "Did ya find him?"

"Yes!" Yugi called back. "Over here!"

The twins ran up to them babbling most of the way. "Really, of all the places to be..." They stopped suddenly. "Pro-professor Snape... what brings you to this area of town?" George said nervously.

"Professor?" Yugi said. Maybe he shouldn't have let this man believe the 'mentally unstable,' thing.

"Shopping for supplies Weasly," Snape sneered. "Some can only be found here. You, however, have no business here. Back to Diagon, all of you! And I'll be keeping a close eye on you, boy," he said, gesturing to Ryou who could only stare blankly back.

"R-right Professor," Fred said, "come on, guys, let's go."

The twins led Yugi and Ryou back to Diagon alley, introducing themselves to Ryou along the way.

"Ya'll were with Hagrid, right? Stick around here, and he'll find you. Wish we could stick around, but we really need to get home," Fred said. He hesitated for a moment staring at Yugi. "Were you always that small?"

George elbowed him again. "Never mind him," George said. "We'll see you again at school. See ya, Yugi! See ya, Whitey!" And with that, the twins were off.

"Whitey?" Ryou said.

"Those two seem to like to joke around a lot," Yugi explained. "Kinda like Jounouchi and Honda."

"Oh... So what did I do to get that teacher so mad?"

"Don't know. You got away from us. We only just found you. Your other half had you running all over town apparently. Yami says that your dark side was trying to send that guy to the shadow realm, but I don't think the guy noticed."

Ryou sighed. "Well, it seems my yami's making friends already... maybe I should rethink this whole school thing. I can't trust myself around that many people. I thought he might behave himself, but..." Ryou trailed off.

Yami Bakura actually didn't want his light second guessing himself. All this new magic and new people was a welcome change. Besides, if Yugi or Malik made fools of themselves at that school, he wanted to be there to see it.

<Just getting it out of my system, Ryou.>

<And why am I supposed to believe that? You'll say that you will behave, and then run amuck again two minutes later! I can't trust you!"

<Ryou, when did I say you had a choice? I'm not about to go back where I won't even have the pharaoh to annoy anymore. We can do this the easy way or the hard way. Either way, we're going. You didn't drag me this far to turn back now..."

Ryou was beaten, and he knew it. There was nothing he could do. <Will I at least be able to give Dumbledore a heads-up about you? To make it easier on both of us? Yugi's telling him about his yami.>

<Well, if the pharaoh's going to ruin all the fun...>

<And you won't interrupt my classes?>

<No, I won't,> Yami Bakura grumbled.

<Or my study time?>

<Don't push it.>

"Oy! Yugi! Bakura! There you two are! I was 'bout to give up on ya!"

It was Hagrid. He'd finally caught up with them. The poor guy had checked every store, shop, and street looking for them. Yugi and Ryou quickly came up with a story about getting lost and wandering around.

"Well, so long as you two are back," Hagrid said scratching his head and looking around. "We better get a move on. The door back ta the Leaky Cauldron's broke. Stuck open. We gotta try to finish up and get back in case they get it stuck closed next. Good thing there's no muggles stayin' at the inn."

"How'd that door break?" Yugi asked.

"They don't know. They think the wrong kinda magic might have been used on it. Thought the thing was supposed to work for all magic, myself. But enough about that. There's Ollivanders. We can get yer wands there."

They entered the shop to find quite a mess and a harassed-looking Mr. Ollivander. "What happened here?" Hagrid asked.

"Crazy kid," Mr. Ollivander said. "The first wand I gave him was the wrong one. He swished it and broke a vase. Then he decided the whole thing was hilarious and he kept waving the thing around, knockin' over shelves and the like before I could get him to stop. He seemed to think the wand was supposed to do that." Ryou could hear his yami laughing from inside his soul room, though he had no idea why. Ollivander continued. "He paid for the damages though. The kid had a good bit of money. Finally found the right wand. Dragon heartstring and elm. Fifteen inches, a long one. He waved it around, sent out sparks, and set my curtains on fire. You'll have a time with that one this year."

"Well, I got two new one's for yeh," Hagrid said. "These are the late starters."

"That so? Well come on. You first, boy. Name?"


"Alright then, come on. A nervous one, aren't you?" Mr. Ollivander began taking measurements, though after a while, it seemed the tape measure was doing it on its own. After that was done, Mr. Ollivander brought out several boxes, opening each one and allowing Ryou to try them. Dragon heartstring and pine, twelve inches. Phoenix tail feather and oak, eleven and a half inches. Phoenix feather and birch, thirteen and a quarter inches. Each one knocked something over when Ryou waved it. He apologized quickly after, but Mr. Ollivander said it was to be expected. Finally, they found a winner. Unicorn hair and cherrywood, fourteen and a quarter inches. It sent out silver sparkles when Ryou waved it.

"A slightly feminine wand, but it fits you." Ollivander said. Ryou wasn't sure whether he should be insulted or not.

They went through a similar process with Yugi. He tried twice as many wands as Ryou before they found the right one, though most of the wands he tried did nothing at all. His final wand was Phoenix tail feather and ebony, ten and a half inches. It sent out red and purple sparks when he waved it.

With the wands out of the way, they moved on to get the rest of there supplies. Books made up the vast majority of them, but there were also their cauldrons, parchment, quills, charts, potion ingredients, gloves, ink wells, and packs of Tarot cards. The later was most likely for Divination, which both Yugi and Ryou had.

They made a quick run back the inn to drop off their stuff. There were several people working on the door as they passed. No one still had any clue about what had caused it to break like that.

They returned to Diagon with their major supplies bought. Yugi had a little money, but he wanted to save it for those trips to town during the school year that Grampa had had to sign a paper for. Ryou, however, had something he wanted to do.

"My birthday's next week," Ryou said. "The day after we get to school. Since I would be away and so would he, Father gave me some extra money to buy myself something. I'd like to get a pet like Hagrid was saying."

"Your birthday's next week? Seventeen already?" Yugi asked. Ryou nodded. "I didn't realize you were that much older than me."

"We, since we moved around so much when I was younger, I fell behind in school. That's why I'm in your grade."


So they headed down to the Magical Menagerie. Ryou and Yugi entered alone, as Hagrid said it was a bit of a tight squeeze for him. Yugi didn't want a pet for himself, but he did enjoy looking around at all the animals, and he wandered off on his own. Ryou looked around eagerly for something that fit his tastes. He couldn't help but keep practicality in mind. An owl could deliver his mail, but he really had his eye on something else.

In the opposite corner of the shop from the owls were the ravens. Ryou thought they were beautiful. He nervously fingered his coin pouch as he mentally weighted the pros and cons. A worker noticed his hesitance, and, fearing losing a sale, when over to help him.

"Interested in a raven are you?" she said. "Wonderful birds, they are. Very smart. Not as popular as the owls, but easier to keep and every bit as intelligent, if not more so."

"But," Ryou started, "I really wanted to be able to send letters to my dad to keep him posted on my schooling. I've been told that owls are needed for that. They can find him wherever he is."

"Why you can use a raven for that!" The shopkeeper exclaimed. "The larger ravens are great for post delivery! They can't carry large packages and fight harsh winds as well as the owls, but they make less stops. And they stand out less. Owls are too flashy if you're going to be delivering to muggle areas. Plus ravens are so much cleaner! No dead mice! And we have a special this week: buy one of our special delivery ravens, and the cage is half price!" How could Ryou argue with that?

Yugi had lost interest in watching the pets and had gone outside to wait for Ryou. He was somewhat surprised to see Ryou carrying a raven in a cage.

"Thought you were going to get a practical owl?" Yugi said.

"They lady said these can deliver mail, too," Ryou replied, holding up the cage. "Isn't she beautiful? Think I'll call her Nightshade."

"Nightshade?" Yugi repeated, as he backed up away from the bird. "That's, um, very dark. but nice," Yugi added when Ryou gave him a look. As nice as Ryou was, it was easy for Yugi to forget that he was really into dark themes and the occult. Most thought that was all Yami Bakura. But a raven, geez...

"Well, that should be all yeh need," Hagrid said as he returned them to the Leaky Cauldron. "I'll be seeing you at the welcoming banquet. Have fun on the train and good luck with the sorting!" And Hagrid left. Yugi and Ryou exchanged puzzled looks.



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Sep 20, 2005
Azoroth, and a few more
Chapter 8: The Reunion
The next few days were fairly uneventful for all three of the boys. Malik successfully convinced Rishid to leave him alone. Rishid was satisfied with the conditions of the inn and the alley and felt Malik would be okay, so he returned home by way of floo powder. Knowing he would soon have to get to work (and wanting to make sure he didn't run into that kid he stole from), Malik spent his time lazing about in his room. His food was delivered to him and he got more sleep than any person could possible need.

Yugi enjoyed sitting to meals with Ryou in the inn. He enjoyed the scenery and watching the people. They would play duel monsters and talk about what lay ahead of them. Occasionally they would explore Diagon Alley and gawk at all there was to buy. Yugi was seriously tempted to give up on saving his money.

Yami was growing more and more frustrated. He needed a challenge so bad that he played as much as thirty straight games of solitaire in an attempt to satisfy that need. It was getting to the point that he was actually missing Kaiba. At least he always had an opponent with him. Yugi tried to help by offering to play duel monsters with Yami, but since they played with the same deck, that was kinda hard. Ryou offered to let Yugi borrow his deck (as he really didn't want to play against an aggressively competitive Yami himself), but the first card Yugi examined looked like something out of a nightmare, so he declined the offer.

Like Malik, Ryou also spent a lot of his time in his room, though he often had his nose stuck in a book; something Malik would never be caught doing if he didn't have to. He found the spellbooks, magical history books, and fortune telling books absolutely fascinating. Yami Bakura absorbed most of this internally, but Ryou occasionally willfully allowed him control of the body in order for the spirit to get some mobility. Ryou felt that Yami Bakura was less likely to take over at the wrong moment if he was regularly allowed control, and he was working on cutting a deal with him for at school using a similar process.

For the most part, Yami Bakura remained in the room. He thumbed through a few books, making a few snide remarks, and he broke in Ryou's Tarot cards. Also, with some help from the millennium ring, he found out Malik was staying there, too. Of course, he had to show up his rival at least one more time before they left for school. He managed to sneak into Malik's room and scare the living heck out of him. Understandably, Malik was quite startled when he turned around to see Yami Bakura suddenly standing there grinning and bearing a knife. He threatened to shove that knife up an orifice that shall remain unnamed the next time Yami Bakura did that. Yami Bakura only laughed and replied, "I told you you were an amateur..."

The week passed by quickly. The time soon came where they once more had to pack up their things again. Much to Ryou's relief, they would not be traveling by floo powder to the train station. Seems they were being provided transportation by something called the Ministry of Magic. Cars rather than a fireplace. Yugi and Ryou hitched a ride in the same car. It seemed that they were not the only one being given a ride as an identical car was parked behind them. They left before they could see who it was, though.

The ride did not take long at all, but the boys' nervousness built up rapidly. Yugi's palms were sweating and Ryou had butterflies in his stomach as they examined their train tickets.

"I think that language charm must be malfunctioning," Yugi said. "It looks like this says our train leaves from platform 9 ¾. That's not right, is it?"

"It's not the language charm," Ryou replied. "That's what it says. I don't remember platforms being numbered like that."

"I guess we'll find it when we get there..."

When they arrived, the drivers loaded the trolleys, much to Nightshade the raven's protest. She clamed down again after Ryou fished a cracker out of his pocket and gave it to her. Then the drivers then left them alone, apparently assuming that the boys knew where they were going. Yugi and Ryou entered the station, counting off the platforms as they passed them.

"Eight... Nine... And there's ten. I don't see a 9 ¾."

"Excuse me, sir," Yugi said to a passing station worker, "Could you help us find platform 9 ¾?"

The man took one look at Yugi and cocked an eyebrow. "Cute kid, real cute... Sorry, I don't have time for this now."

Yugi groaned as the worker walked away. "Well, so much for customer service..."

"The train leaves in twenty minutes. We'd better find it soon..." Ryou said. "I wouldn't know what to do if we missed it... H-hey!"

"Watch it kid!" Said a man as he rushed to catch his train at platform ten, rudely knocking Ryou out of his way. Ryou flailed backwards, unable to regain his balance. He stumbled, seemingly about to fall against the barrier between platforms nine and ten, and then he disappeared.

Yugi stared wide-eyed, sure that he was seeing things. "Hey! Where'd you go?"

Ryou landed hard on the floor. He stood up slowly, nursing his bruised bottom, and finally looking up, he saw the Hogwarts Express in front of him. "Ah! Yugi, I found it! Uh, Yugi?" Turning around, Ryou saw nothing but a bare wall. Sure that that was where he had just come from, he placed a hand on it. It was solid. He pushed on it. It did not budge.

"Gotta put more speed on it if you're trying to get back through," came a voice. Ryou turned to see and Asian girl that seemed about his age next to him.

"More speed?" Ryou asked.

"Right. The barrier doesn't work if you go slowly. That's to keep muggles out. You have to go at a bit of a run to pass," she said.

"Th-thanks," Ryou replied.

"You new to Hogwarts? I don't believe that I've seen you before."

"Yes. I'm new. Still getting adjusted."

"Well, that's understandable. You'll catch on soon." She smiled and headed to the train.

'She seemed nice,' Ryou thought as he backed up to do what he was told. He felt kinda silly and more than a little nervous. He was, after all, preparing to run into a wall. He sighed, took a deep breath, and broke into a run.

On the other side of the barrier, Yugi was searching for Ryou. He couldn't believe that he just disappeared. Yugi eyed the barrier, wondering if it was a trap door or something. Then...

"Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" Yugi screamed as Ryou suddenly appeared though the barrier and almost crashed into him. Ryou quickly shushed him.

"Relax, relax! It's a trick. I found the train."

"Really? Through that?" Yugi questioned.

Ryou nodded. "It's protected by magic, or something. You have to run at it to get through it. Grab your trolley."

Yugi and Ryou took hold of their luggage carts and (with Yugi feeling rather ridiculous), they glanced around to make sure no one was looking, and charged toward the barrier. They of course, passed right through. Yugi was amazed, but they didn't have time to waste. The train was already blowing its whistle. They boarded the crowded train, finally finding an empty compartment at the back, and getting awed stares the whole time.


"Hurry up! Come on! Ten minutes! You've got ten minutes!" Mrs. Weasly yelled as she rushed her group to the barrier. "Fred! George! You first!"

"Alright, Mum, we're going."

"Ron, you and Harry next. Then Hermione and Ginny. Hurry up, now."

The students did as they were told and separated as they boarded the train. Fred and George entered a compartment with their friends, and judging from their snickers, Ron, Harry, and Hermione felt it wouldn't be wise to share a compartment with them. Ginny joined some girls from her year. But Harry and company were having a hard time finding a place to go. There were so many new students! There were at least double the first years that there were last year. At least four people already in every compartment. Even Neville's compartment was full.

Ron led the way to the back of the train. This was their last hope of avoiding a crowd. Ron peeked in through the small window on the door. His eyes widened a bit. "Uh, there's only two in this one, but... they... they seem strange. These must be those two Fred and George told us about. I though for sure they were joking."

"Really?" Harry asked. "The kids with the weird hair and eyes?"

"Yeah, that's the ones. I wonder what's their story. They're obviously too old to be first years."

"Oh, will you too stop gawking at them like they were zoo animals and just knock and see if we can share the compartment?" Hermione said. Ron and Harry hesitated. "Oh, step aside," Hermione said. She stepped between the boys and knocked without looking in. She heard a polite "yes?" from inside and opened the door. "Hi! Excuse us, but would you mind sharing this compartment? Everywhere else...is...full..." Hermione was, for once, speechless, as the images of the forms before her registered.

"Sure!" Yugi replied, smiling cheerfully. "There's plenty room."

"Yes. Please join us," Ryou agreed.

Hermione shook her head and returned to her senses. "Thank you," she said, grabbing Harry and Ron by the hand and pulling them in, trailing their luggage behind.. The three sat down opposite of Yugi and Ryou. There was an awkward silence. "I guess we should introduce ourselves. I'm Hermione Granger."

"Ron Weasly"

"Harry Potter." Harry waited for it. Every time he introduced himself, there was that stunned silence, followed by the glances towards the scar on his forehead. But neither of the boys sitting before him reacted to his name. In fact, they reacted to Ron's.

"Weasly, you said," Yugi replied. "I think I met your relatives in Diagon Alley. Twins?"

"Yes, my brothers."

"I can see the resemblance. I'm Yugi Mouto."

"My name is Ryou Bakura. But most everyone calls me just Bakura. Nice to meet you."

"What year are you," Harry asked.

"Fifth," Yugi and Ryou replied together.

"Really? That's our year," Ron said. "How'd you manage to skip four years?"

"We just got out invitations over the summer," Yugi replied. "Dumbledore said he would make sure we got caught up."

"Oh... You know, if you need a tutor, I would be more than happy to-"

"Give it a rest, Hermione," Ron said. "In case you haven't noticed," he said, turning to Yugi and Ryou, "she's the brains around here. Don't ever waste your time in the library, because it will be easier and quicker to just ask ol' Hermione." Hermione gave him a look.

"Well that would certainly explain how you managed to pass last year, Weasly."

All turned to face the door, which had been left open. Standing there were three forms.

"Malfoy," Harry and Ron muttered with disgust. "Don't you have somewhere to be? I can tell you where to go if you don't."

Malfoy sneered. At his side, Crabbe and Goyle cracked their knuckles. "Normally, I would have your nose broken for that. But I happen to be busy now. I'm looking for someone. You haven't seen a girly guy with long blonde hair, have you?"

"Like we would tell you if we did."

Ryou nervously sank in his seat, worried that his yami must have ticked somebody else off. <It's not us he's looking for,> Yami Bakura told him. <If it was I would have already sent him to the shadow realm for that "girly" comment.> Ryou knew he was exaggerating slightly, but he still wondered how his yami could be so sure.

"Clear out Malfoy. You're not wanted here," Harry said.

"I wouldn't want to stay here anyway, Potter. What with a prima donna, a mudblood, and a welfare recipient all in the same room..."

"You shut up, Malfoy!" Ron said jumping to his feet and getting in Malfoy's face.

"Are you asking to get hurt, Weasly?" Malfoy sneered. "Okay, if that's what you want. Crabbe, Goyle, give him what he asks for." Crabbe and Goyle pulled their fists back, preparing to punch Ron's lights out. But then they stopped. Their eyes glazed over.

"What are you waiting for? Hit this jerk!" Malfoy ordered. Crabbe and Goyle drew their fists back again and let fly... right at Malfoy. He collapsed upon impact and fell heavily to the train floor. Everyone gawked at the sight. Crabbe and Goyle merely stared blankly.

"What... what was that about?" Harry asked.

"Apparently, it's not just me. This guy seems to get on everyone's nerves," came a voice from the hallway. A figure with blonde hair and gold in abundance entered. He nodded toward the occupants. "Yugi. Bakura."