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Fanfiction ► The New Organization

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A.K.A. Jemxas
May 24, 2004
Maple Shade: A small town in NJ
Here is a treat for my fans. Ch.8 Enjoy

Cid was cursing up a storm due to the fact that he made very little progress in fixing the machine. merlin on the other hand was completely calm. Although it was clear by the sighs that Merlin didn't approve of Cid's choice of words. Cid clenched his free hand into a fist and threw his wrench to the ground. He stood and kicked the machine once more.

"You kicked the machine before and nothing happened."

"It is a good way for me to blow off some steam." Cid sighed and looked at Merlin. "Desperate times call for desperate measures."

"What do you mean?"

"I want you to use your magic to fix the system."

"I told you before that my magic will not work on this confounded contraption."

"Could you at least it it a shot?"
Merlin sighed as his wand appeared in his hand.

"Very well. But I am warning you Cid. There is no telling what may happen. Now stand back." Cid proceeded to do as he was told.

Over in the marketplace Leon, Yuffie, and Aerith were reminiscing about the past.

"It's amazing how strong Sora has become."

"I agree with you there Aerith. Personally, I didn't think that he would succeed."

"That is not a kind thing to say Yuffie." stated Leon.

"But it's the truth Leon." admitted Yuffie.

"I had my doubts about Sora when I battled him. That changed though when we witnessed him defeat the giant heartless in Traverse Town." said Leon.

All of a sudden an explosion went off in the distance. The three looked in the general direction from which the blast emanated. Aerith pointed to a specific spot not far from their location.

"I can see smoke coming from somewhere." proclaimed Aerith. Aerith, Yuffie and Leon dashed toward the source of the smoke. They stopped in front of the small cottage. and could see smoke emerging from the door, windows, and chimney. Suddenly the door burst open. Merlin and Cid came out of the house coughing. All of their clothes and faces were covered in ash.

"Are you two alright?" inquired Yuffie.

"I am fine thanks." responded Merlin. Merlin used his wand to remove all the soot from their bodies.

"Yeah. I'll be ok. It is just now that the security system is in worse shape."

"I did give you fair warning Cid." Yuffie was going to make a comment when out of the blue, she felt a sharp pain on her left cheek. She quickly placed her hand on her cheek. When she removed it, she could see blood on her fingers.

"Are you hurt Yuffie?" asked Merlin.

"I'll be fine thanks." Yuffie was scanning the area for the cause of her injury. She squinted seeing a golden object imbedded in a wall. Everyone walked over and were shocked at what they discovered.

"It's a bloody dagger." announced Cid.

"But who does it belong to?" questioned Aerith. A voice not far from them answered her question.

"The dagger belongs to me." They all turned and and were shocked to see the robes worn by Organization XIII.

"Who are you? Why are you wearing the same outfits as Organization XIII?" Leon's questions were a mix of intrigue and anger. The trio just ignored Leon's questions.

"What's wrong Phestx? Is your aim slipping or something?" asked Xanok in a cocky tone.

"Apparently you have a poor memory Xanok."

"Excuse me?" Did you say something Arodax?"

"Arodax has a point Xanok. We were told not to kill. Do you remember?" asked phestx who was tapping her foot. Xanok chuckled for a moment.

"Of course I I didn't forget. I just did not remember it right away is all." Cid was getting ticked off since they were being ignored.

"Now listen here you bloody yanks! You were asked a couple of questions and we demand answers!" Phestx sighed as she took a step forward.

"Very well. I shall answer your questions. My name is Phestx. The one beside me is Xanok and the big guy behind me is Arodax." Xanok smirked at the group before speaking.

"The answer to your other question is simple. We are part of A New Organization."

"A new organization?" asked Leon.

"How is that possible?" questioned Aerith.

"Ask our leader if you want that answered." announced Arodax softly.

"Can you speak a little louder? I didn't hear what you just said." stated Yuffie.

"Do not mind Arodax. He is always soft spoken. Basically he said take the issue up with our leader." stated Phestx.

"Enough talk. Time for some fun." proclaimed Xanok.

"Fine by me." said Leon as his silver gunblade instantly appeared in his hand. Yuffie raised her hand and a large shuriken appeared in her hand.

"It will not be easy for you to retrieve that dagger with us standing here." stated Yuffie smiling. Phestx smirked and extended her arm out. Her hand was was pointed at her dagger. The dagger began to melt. The jewel in the handle dropped into a pool of liquid gold. Everyone watched as the pool and the jewel moved across the ground toward Phestx. The gold puddle reformed back into the dagger. Phestx picked up the dagger and formed an identical one in her free hand.

"How the hell did you pull that off?" asked Cid who was in shock.

"Simple really. I can control liquid gold." Xanok smiled as a large hammer like weapon appeared in his hands. The hammer was surrounded by a dark aura.

"You fools will be no match for me and my hammer." proudly stated Xanok. Arodax said noting as he formed a silver sword known as the spider which was as long as himself. The handle was black with golden designs on it.

Merlin and Cid moved toward the hut for safety The remaining six separated going head to head. Yuffie her shuriken toward Phestx. She barely dodged to the left avoiding her right arm from being cut. Yuffie smiled as her weapon returned to her hand like a boomerang. Phestx dashed forward toward Yuffie. She slashed hr dagger toward Yuffie's head. Yuffie lowered her head to avoid the dagger.She brought her her other dagger down upon Yuffie but it was blocked by her shuriken. Phestx raised her left hand but Yuffie used her free hand to grab Phestx's wrist. Both girls struggled to gain an edge. After a few minutes they both jumped back and glared at each other.

Leon and Arodax were squaring off with their swords. Their swords clashed many times sending echoes throughout the land. Leon moved in and tried to slash at Arodax's chest. Arodax jumped back with amazing agility for a guy his size, to dodge the fatal blow. Arodax used his blade's length to his advantage. He forced Leon back a few feet and began to slash his sword in multiple directions. Leon was agile enough to block each strike with his gunblade. Although sweat could be seen pouring down from Leon's brow. Leon turned to his left to avoid a downward slash from the blade. Leon used this spare moment to raise his right hand at Arodax. A bright and red and orange circle quickly formed in Leon's palm. It took form and Leon shot the fireball hitting Arodax in the chest. Arodax stumbled back a few feet and placed his hand to his chest. Arodax's breathing was a bit heavier at the moment as he stared Leon down.

Xanok swung his mighty hammer. To his surprise Aerith ducked the blow. Xanok brought the hammer over his head. He quickly brought it smashing down upon the ground. He frowned seeing that Aerith had jumped out of the way. He placed the end of the hammer on the ground and was leaning on the handle.

"I give you credit for being fast, but you are a pathetic fool for challenging me. Especially since you don't have a weapon." Aerith smiled as she stood up.

"Who said that that I was unarmed." Aerith raised her hand and a bright flash of light engulfed the area. Xanok dropped his weapon and covered his eyes.

"My eyes! I can't see! You stupid girl!" Aerith smiled as a steel staff appeared in her hands. She moved in and thrust her staff forward. Xanok doubled over in pain holding his stomach. Aerith spun her staff around and the end of it struck Xanok in his jaw. He fell to the ground and quickly stood regaining his vision. "Phestx! Arodax!" His comrades gazes turned to him before they gathered around him.

"Is there a problem Xanok?" asked Phestx.

"That wench over there made a fool out of me!"

"And your point is?" asked Arodax.

"Shut up Arodax! My point is, I didn't expect her to be so strong."

"Our opponents are indeed worthy." stated Phestx. Arodax nodded his head in agreement.

"It figures. We had to land in a world with tough enemies." Xanok sighed and shook his head.

"Should we leave yet Phestx?" questioned Arodax. Phestx rested her chin on her hand and thought about the question.

"Not yet. I am having fun so we shall stay." They turned and faced their adversaries.

"I guess that we are having a round 2? surmised Leon. Arodax nodded his head.

"Fine by me. Besides, I finally have something fun to do around here." stated Yuffie happily. Aerith was silent as she held her staff in her hands.

Suddenly a chain wrapped Leon's gunblade. At the end of the chain was a sharp blade. The gunblade was yanked from Leon's hands and landed on the ground. The chain was pulled and returned to the owner's hand. He looked to the Organization members smiling as he lowered his hood.

The man was at least six feet tall. He had short blonde hair and slate colored eyes. He appeared to be eighteen. Also the left sleeve of his coat was missing and his arm was heavily bandaged.

"I thought that you guys could use a hand." announced the man to the Organization members.

"Who are you? Why are you here?" asked Aerith with a hint of concern in her voice.

"The name is Jaxannoth." He was silent before speaking again. "Actually I am not sure how I arrived here. I remember waking up in a castle in this outfit with my arm bandaged."

"Jaxannoth is definitely one of us." declared Arodax.

"Come and join us friend. My name is phestx, the big guy is Arodax and he's Xanok."

"So now the scale has tipped in our favor." smiled Xanok.

In another part of Radiant Garden was the same man from earlier who was gazing out at the castle. He was now at the bailey. He was deciding which path to take. Should he take the flight of stairs or should he take a long narrow path. He eventually chose the path which led up the flight of stairs. He could see the valley from his left side down below as he slowly followed the path ahead of him.


Mar 27, 2007
*Applause*That was a truly awesome chapter this is by far the best in the story.
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