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Fanfiction ► The New Organization

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A.K.A. Jemxas
May 24, 2004
Maple Shade: A small town in NJ

An eerie silence could be felt by every member in the library. Jemxas' orange eyes scanned the room. He wondered who would shatter the silence.

Xidon took a great interest in this discovery. A book about the original Organization XIII? They are all dead. Why should there even be a book concerning them. "An impressive find Jemxas." Jemxas was a little surprised to hear Xidon speak first, but a smirk crept across his face.

"I agree with Xidon Jemxas. This statement was worth the wait." Jemxas ignored Claxil's statement and looked to each member.Claxil was a bit peeved that she was ignored but for now she would let it slide.

"Does anyone have any questions about this book?" Jemxas had a hunch on who would speak first. Jemxas sighed and a few of the members groaned for he was right.

"Did you know about this book Jemxas?"

"Actually I did Catrixna."

"I do not not gotcha Jemxas."

"I was informed about it by Xemnas himself Shiruix." Exandra looked to Jemxas before speaking.

"I can't believe that you actually spoke with Xemnas."

"It is the truth Exandra." Claxil slammed her hand against the desk.

"Jemxas! I want to know everything about Xemnas and this book!"

"For once I agree with Claxil." Xanok stated. A sly smirk on his face. Jemxas nodded his head.

"Very well. Now I am right in assuming that none of you have encountered Xemnas before." All of the members were silent.

"Never." Flyxia whispered in a low voice. Jemxas nodded his head seeing that his assumption was correct.

"Xemnas actually discovered me. I was laying unconscious in an alley in The World That Never Was."

That makes sense. I was also unconscious when Jemxas found me. Tsurix thought to himself.

"Xemnas led me to a large white castle. He explained to me that the remaining members were preparing to attack Sora when he arrived."

"Obviously they failed."

"Correct Juxi."

"Why didn't you battle Sora Jemxas?" asked Shiruix

"Xemnas ordered me not to attack Sora." Shiruix's eyes went wide.

"Oh. I gotcha."

"While resting in the castle, I met a young girl. She had shoulder length blond hair, a white sleeveless one piece top, white shoes and blue eyes."

"What was her name?" asked Tsurix. Catrixna chimed in.

"Did you literally steal her heart Jemxas?"

"Her name was Namine and I spared her." One member just stared at Jemxas.

Why would Jemxas spare someone. Perhaps he isn't fit to lead after all.

"What's wrong Jemxas? Too weak to steal a little girl's heart?" Implied Xanok. Jemxas snickered and then burst out laughing.

"I don't see what is so funny." Yatrox said as he scratched his head in confusion.

"Namine had no heart to steal."

"I understand Jemxas." Juxi stated with his arms folded across his chest.

"I gotcha Jemxas. Namine was a Nobody like us."

"Correct Shiruix."

"Continue Jemxas." Arodax softly stated. Jemxas nodded his head and continued his tale.

"Before Xemnas fought Sora, he told me that he kept a log of all thirteen members of the Organization. I was informed that I could find the book in this mansion."

"When did you retreat to this mansion?"

"I relocated to this mansion Claxil, when explosions could be heard from within the castle."

Jemxas went into details about the book. He mentioned all the battles each member had against Sora. He also related how certain members operated in a place called Castle Oblivion. Jemxas also told them how Axel betrayed the Organization.

"We may not all like each other."

"That is dam true." said Claxil as she, Jemxas, and a few of the other members looked right at Yatrox.

"I love you to guys." Yatrox responded back.

"But i will not tolerate traitors in this organization! Is that clear?!" He looked to each member who in turn nodded their head at him. "Now with that put aside, I shall be giving out assignments. It is time for the new organization to do what the old one couldn't." The members smiled smiled and smirked looking forward to complete their unified goal. "A quick note though. Under no circumstances are any of you to steal any hearts." The members just stared at Jemxas as if he was crazy.

"What ya talkin bout Jemxas?"

"It is simple Yatrox. The goal of these missions is to gather information and to make our presence known. You may engage in battles, just don't steal any hearts." Nobody protested Jemxas' words. Well almost everybody. One member was deep in thought.

I don't agree with Jemxas. It would be wiser to steal as many hearts as possible while we have the element of surprise. Perhaps I shall eliminate the weak link and take my rightful spot as leader.

"Once given your task then you may leave. Yatrox, you and another member shall travel to Disney Castle." Yatrox had a smile on his face.

"So who wants to come with me?" All of the members were silent and Jemxas sighed. "Dont everyone volunteer at once."

"I anticipated this so I came prepared." He placed an old bowl on the desk. He had eleven slips of paper. Each with a different number on them from two through thirteen. He shook the bowl with the slips inside. "Yatrox shall choose one slip. If your member number is chosen then you will join Yatrox."

"I like that idea." Yatrox stated as he pulled a slip out. "Number eleven."

"Tsurix. You have been chosen."

"Very well." Tsurix quickly vanished in a cloud of darkness. Yatrox was silent as he also disappeared. Claxil took out every slip.

"what the hell Jemxas?!" He spoke to her in his usual tone.

"Is there a problem Claxil?"

"Why wasn't your number included?"

"Simple. I have a goal of my own." Claxil glared at him, but he just simply ignored her. "Juxi-Maboro. You are to to stay here and guard the mansion." Juxi bowed low toward the ground.

"I will not fail you." He slowly turned and exited the library.

"Flyxia. I want you to travel to The World That Never was. Find out what has become of the castle." She nodded her head and then went on her way.

"So Jemxas, will I be holding someone's hand?" asked Phestx in her sarcastic tone.

"Indeed you will. You will be joined by by Arodax and Xanok." Arodax smirked at this.

"That is fine by me. As long as they stay out of my way." Arodax stated in a soft tone."

"The three of you are heading for Radiant Garden." A smirk spread on Xanok's face.

"Those fools don't have a prayer against us." Xanok said as tthe other two nodded before all three dispersed.

"What is my mission Jemxas? Where will I be going? Is this a solo assignment?" Jemxas raised his hand to silence Catrixna.

"Exandra. I know that you prefer solo missions, but you will be paired with Catrixna and Shiruix." Exandra nodded her head and said very well while Shiruix had a smile on her face.

"Where are we going?" Catrixna inquired.

"Your destination is Destiny Islands." Shiruix went wide eyed.

"We gotcha Jemxas." All three were gone in a flash of darkness.

"The two of you will aid me in my task." Jemxas raised his hand and a dark portal formed. "We are traveling to the Underworld." Jemxas vanished through the open portal. Xidon and Claxil just silently stared at each other before entering the portal.

Meanwhile something unusual was happening in Twilight town. A lone figure was slowly stirring in an abandoned building. She was unsure how she wound up in the building and why her attire was all black with gloves, coat, and hood which was presently raised.


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Oct 15, 2006
Why do you want that?
Smexy James ;)
love it!

Oh my character is the silent type :)

I am sooo guessing who is the wannabe leader one, but I am keeping that to myslef!
May 17, 2007
Great chapter... but...
Why does everyone hate my character, Yatrox? What did he ever do?

No, seriously, you did a great job.
May 17, 2007
Don't fear wae!! Tsurix is with you!! Until he turns and possibly assassinates you... but lets not get caught up on the minor details, eh?

WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOSH!!!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH!

Nelo Angelo

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Dec 13, 2006
yees, very good AJ. kept us waitin but bought us a good chapter. nice one man.
I see my Juxi-Marboro is entrusted to guard the mansion, my seven blades shall decimate all who tread towards this mannsion. i shall let no one pass!
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