The Name's Clues.....KeybladeClues?!??!



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Feb 1, 2019
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Hello, KHI Forums!

The Name's Clues.....KeybladeClues. Normally I'm Called MusicClues Elsewhere in the Interwebs of the World but I felt like Changing it up this time. Feel free to call me MC, KC or K-Clues.

I've been Playing a lot of KH3 right now and I LOVE it. It's my Second game Ever in the Series, The first being DDD 3D on 3DS. I Plan on Playing the Others After I'm Done to get Caught with the Story.

Other than KH, I've been a Long time gamer. Through I got my First Sony System in Quite sometime now since PS2. Otherwise, I've been playing on Every Main Nintendo System Since my first GBC system and Xbox since 2016. Longtime Fan of Sonic and SEGA as well. Longtime Pokemon Trainer and Master.

Other than Games, I Also love Cartoons, Music and Dancing. In Terms of Music and Dancing, I Love Motown, Gaming and MJ and The Jackson 5! (MJ is the King of Pop and The ONLY ONE!)

In Terms of Cartoons, I'm not a Fan of Many Modern Day Cartoons or Anime (Outside of Pokemon and Dragon Ball) but I Did Grow up with many of Nick, PBS Kids, Toon Disney/Playhouse Disney/Disney Jr. Cartoons as well as Cartoon Network.

For Nick and Nick Jr. (Mainly the Second One), I watch (and Still watch) Dora (Into the City and Classic), Go Diego Go, Wonder Pets and many Others. As for My FAVORITE One (If the Logo Doesn't Give it away), That's The Childhood Hit Show, Blue's Clues! I LOVE THAT SHOW SO MUCH and I'm HYPED for the Reboot, Blue's Clues and You! It's Mainly the reason behind the Usernames I talked About. BTW, Joe and Steve are BOTH Great Hosts, I Could Care less about what host was better.

For HB, I Grew Up with Scooby Doo (Lots of it!), Tom and Jerry (Also Lots of it.), The Classics (Jetzons, Etc.) and The Cattanooga Cats, Mostly because of the Wacky Characters and Cheesy music and Songs. Country Carnival is a CLASSIC! Country Carnival and You and Me! Down Towards- Sorry, Sometimes I can't help it. (Yes, it's spelled that way)

One more thing, I'm a LONG Time YouTuber as well. I own a Channel with My Real-Life Best Friend and Online Buddies called the GO Gaming Gang or Go Gamers for Short. We also Stream on Twitch and Mixer sometimes too.

I Guess that's it. Hope to see you around! KC (or MC!) Out!