The Mystreies of The Mansion



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Jan 3, 2016
This is going to be my first thread in khinsider and I hope you all enjoy it.

At first lets talk about the mansion that is located in Twilight Town :

We know that its the mansion that you sora , donald and goofy were sleeping at after KHCoM and at the begging of KH2 , we also know that if you explored the mansion you will found many signs and statues of the unicorn foreteller and the leopard forteller , you can find them here is this link of thegamersjoint youtube video :

But what the others didn't find ( I think ) or didn't even talk about is about this picture here :

This place in were donald and goofy were sleeping , we know that sora have been sleeping inside different room and different capsule . if you see this picture here you will notice that there are like 6 capsules totally , 2 were used for donald and goofy so that left 4 other capsules .

the question is : what do you think they were made for ? and for who ?
and the most mystreies thing is that if you pressed x next to one of these capsules , a massage will tell you that ( THIS CAPSULE HAVE BEEN USED NOT LONG ) or something like that , that means that THERE HAVE BEEN SOMEONE ELSE SLEEPING BEFORE OR DURING SORA , DONALD AND GOOFY WERE SLEEPING.

WHO DO YOU THINK THAT PERSON IS ? tell me what you think in the comments below