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The music of Limit Cut - Possible hints?



Jun 16, 2015
As you know, each of the 13 Data fights got its own unique remix rather than using the base game's track for existing bosses and 13th Reflection for the new bosses like in 2FM. (aside from Vanitas who does use the base game's track...sadly. Enter the Void would've been nice.)

My attention was drawn to the new remixes of the tracks of those who we know we will meet again in the future.

That is, Saix (Isa), Larxene (Elrena), Xigbar (Luxu), Marluxia (Lauriam) and Luxord (probably Ludor).

With both Saix and Larxene, there's almost no changes made to the original theme. Just updated instrumentation, but that's mostly it. It's unlikely they would retain any part of 13th Dilemma/Struggle in their personal themes, and they're both likely not important enough to even get one of their own in the first place, like how people like Ansem the Wise, Ienzo or even Axel/Lea don't have their own themes despite being common characters now.

The easiest one to turn into a character theme is obviously Marluxia as his Lord of the Castle is already unique to him. Plenty of room to work this into a character theme, which is likely with his real self having been a Union Cross leader, so its likely he'll be somewhat important at least.

But then there's the remaining two. Xigbar and Luxord.

Their versions of Dilemma/Struggle contain some entirely new segments that underscore (or even replace in case of Luxord's Gambit version) the Organization-related parts of the song, and are structured thematically very differently to the original version of either song.

This makes me believe that the additional sections added are going to be a part of those character's leitmotif, signifying that Luxord isn't just going to be someone Yozora knows, but genuinly an important person in the next saga, alongside Luxu who we could already guess this would be the case.

Yoko loves connecting themes together, and both Xigbar's and Luxord's themes were almost certainly arranged by her, so I just thought it was a neat touch that these two mysterious characters have the theme's we associated them adjusted just enough to make it clear they're not just who we thought they were. It's just masterful music writing.

Perhaps anyone else has noticed some more musical nods or changes that reinforce are foreshadow a connection in the new Re:Mind tracks?


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Nov 1, 2009
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Xigbar did get a character theme in 3D that was a riff on the classic Organization theme.