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The Miracles: Reborn (OOC & Sign-ups)


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Just wanted to post this one, she's a minor character and I don't think she'll get too many POV posts. She's kind of one of Will's biggest support systems right now.

Name: Kelly Paragon

Code Name: N/A

Miracle/Average Citizen/Meta Human Criminal: Average Citizen

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Personality: Quiet, observant and soft-spoken, Kelly tends to analysis her situation carefully. It is only after she has a good feel for the situation that she’ll say something, much like Will. She keeps a tight control of her emotions, rarely outwardly reacting, she also has a habit of apologizing a lot. She does have a kind heart, and she tries to help those that need it. She doesn’t have a desire to join the military, she’ll be the first to admit she’s a lover and not a fighter. She has a strong sense of duty though, willing to put her own desires on hold if it conflicts with a task. She can be nervous, especially when it comes to speaking to strangers and in public, but it’s something she tries to hide. A gentle soul, Kelly will do whatever she can to please those around her, even if she has to sacrifice her own happiness. Compared to Will though, she understands humor a little better. She is also very empathetic to the needs of those around her, although she's not an empath.

Appearance: 5’4” and a slim, delicate build; she’s the shortest of the Paragon family. She has grey eyes, dark lashes and short dark black hair that goes to the nape of her neck. She’s uncharacteristically pale, even though she loves the sun, her skin is as pale as fresh snow. She wears a black halter top, the top exposes her mid-drift and her black leggings rests on her hips. She wears a black cloth belt that has dark navy accents. She wears black combat boots that are slightly scuffed up from recent use.

Costume: N/A

Bio: Kelly was originally from Russia, in a cold isolated little city. She had tests run on her since she was an orphan, something she couldn’t quite understand. At the age of five, Bradley adopted her during one of his tours. She was quickly taught the ways of her new family, she learned that to be praised she had to be the best. She comforted Will during some of his hard times, and she confided in him with things that would get her disciplined by Bradley.

She has started college courses, strictly online because of the unpredictability of being able to stay in one spot. She has is also probably the only one in her family that suspects that the situation between Adam and her brother isn’t what it entirely seems. She doesn’t dare speak up though, it’d be too risky of earning Bradley’s rage. Although, she kind of wants to find out what is going on.

Other: She’s from the same story as the other characters of Dream and mine. She also plays host to a goddess, but it doesn’t matter for her in this one. Although despite being a Paragon, Kelly despises fighting, even so she's got quite a bit of skill in combat.

Power: N/A

Weapon: Kelly doesn’t have a warrior’s heart, even so she’s trained in multiple forms of combat. Her preferred methods are a pole arm, a long sword and a revolver. Again, she prefers not to fight; but when she has to she prefers to finish it as fast as I can.

Voice Actress: Colleen Clinkenbeard as Akito Sohma

Theme Song: What I Cannot Change by LeAnn Rimes

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Hidden Theme: Here’s to Us by Halestorm

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Battle Theme: Rose of May by Erutan

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*sigh* I'm trying to get a post up, but you guys are dishing it out faster than I do! 😓