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May 27, 2010
Have people talked about why the Foretellers are named after the deadly sins?
If they have, could you link a thread or something.

Here's what I can see:

Ava / Greed - Eva's super nice and want to avoid conflict at any cost just so no one get offended, she's greedy and want to live comfortable in a world where she don't have to deal with anything real.
The new world her children create is divided among all these different worlds and there's walls shielding each world, further dividing them from each other all to avoid conflict.
My theory for KH UX is that they will confront this issue to some degree and it will all be about communication and keeping secrets from each other, exactly like Unchained.
In KH III (and I've said this since KH II) KH will return exactly like in Kairi's grandmas story and the worlds will unite once more but now there's no walls to hide the darkness lurking within each of the worlds and their citizen so there will be a bunch of conflicts and thus the new keyblade order of light will make up a bunch of laws and rules to keep order and peace among the "nations", they will be the bad guys in the end.
But I digress.
Ava is suppose to be Charity giving freely of herself and her goodness to all regardless of union etc but she end up placing everybody in a box.

Aced / Sloth - Ace don't strike me as the lazy type but he couldn't allow disharmony to exist and so instead of facing the problem at hand and completing his purpose to stay loyal to Ira he was to lazy to solve the conflict as intended and instead went on his own path.
He was a Sloth not to push Ira in the right direction.
Idk, it's a stretch but there's something there.
Symbolically Ira would be the voice of Truth except he have a bunch of lies to protect, Aced have more mental aspects and represent your Diligent thoughts except they ate to attached to comfort and so instead of serving the willpower in your voice they chose to stay in old habits and take over the show by overthinking etc.

Ira / Wrath - Like I said he's suppose to represent the voice of truth but he have to many lies to protect and he have to use his anger to do so.
At least that's what I know about Wrath but I can't really see how he does that in the game, it's probably real obvious if someone point it out.

Invi / Envy - This one is just really difficult, maybe it's related to her relationship with Ava?
You tend to get envious when you don't deal with your sorrow and then you start comparing yourself to everyone else.

Gula / Gluttony - I'm clueless, gluttony mostly arise from guilt, was he somehow responsible for the bangle thing collecting guilt? is there a theme in Unchained I've missed where he's hungry for guilt (or lux, more so than the rest)?

Luxu / Lust - He was tasked to stay an observer but never to interfere, the same way he was given the box of pride which he was never to open.
Symbolically pandoras box is among other things symbolic for the vagina or uturis and was originally shaped like a vase.
For anyone interested there's a lot more on that here:
This lead me to believe that he is at least really tempted to open the box and might as well do it at some point.

Superb / Pride / MoM - The box is most likely containing all the guilt that have ever been gathered by keybalde wielders and the fractured heart of Superb - Pride - MoM (?) which is the same thing (guilt = fractured heart).
That's just my theory but I'm very heavily leaning towards it, it would be the perfect KH story for this game(s).
KH I was about the heart of all worlds, KH II the heart of all men, BBS the true KH summoned by combining pure light and pure dark, X a man repeating KH's story within himself to be born in it's likeness.
Is it also possible that every heartless is related to him?

Pride is to see oneself as God, to ignore the truth and see ones own opinions as the truth of everything,
to stand tall above love and compassion because you are higher and better than everyone else, more important.
This whole plan is all about setting the world in to chaos (in his absence so he's guilt free) so that mr Superb can one day be born anew as a god.
He give everyone advice with his absolute authority so he can think of himself as a good person even though he know everyone will fail their task and then he walk out on them.

Edit - There is of course the possibility that MoM is not Superb but someone else (his brother?) is in that box however I still stick to my theory about the fractured heart and guilt.
The reason I'm saying this is that they might stick to the same symbolism as Prometheus and his brother who was given Pandora - his box.
Prometheus could see the future like the master while his brother could see the past.
This would be really cool because it make MoM and even bigger asshole, he allowed his brother to be looked up to suffer through all the worlds sins while he stay perfectly free of it all.
He's never confronted with the darkness within him, he's a wielder of light and the perfect master over the new order of light in KH IV.
I'm loving this idea more and more, I hope they go through with that instead.

Also somehow remind me of Vanitas if you've read the backstory in the novels.
It adds up even better still when you consider how Vanitas and Ventus were meant to forge the keyblade, gah, it's all too perfect.
I'm totally moving towards MoM not being Superb but he still is, he's prideful as diddly but he's not "X-Superb" locked in the box (X standing for a crossing btw, crossing of the guilt collected from all over the world).
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Nov 2, 2016
People have talked about it, but only a few figured it out. They're named after the 7 sins, but their personalities are of the 7 virtues. That's pretty much it. Some of us believe that the master is not named after the deadly sins, but something else.


Jul 5, 2013
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People have talked about it, but only a few figured it out. They're named after the 7 sins, but their personalities are of the 7 virtues. That's pretty much it. Some of us believe that the master is not named after the deadly sins, but something else.
Yeah that makes more sense... though why would they be named as opposites? Maybe in the end, their personalities will break and they'll become what they're named after? MoM seems to be from the future anyways, so maybe he thought it would be funny to name them what they'll become in the future... that's a bit too cruel though.

I personally believe that in the box is the MoM's body, and his heart is in No Name, the keyblade, connected to his eye so that what it sees is etched into his heart inside the keyblade. You may say, then what's under his black coat? I believe it to be his mind... with his heart and body so close together, his mind is able to manifest. Once Luxu takes both his Keyblade and Body away, his mind disappears... returning back to the heart inside his keyblade to watch over the events.

As I've mentioned before on here, you need a body at the destination to be anchored in time there, and a heart as a consciousness to travel through out time without an anchor, a body, to keep it weighed in that timeline. The box itself, now that chu mention it... could possibly be using the dark power of guilt and maybe even lux, so the body inside doesn't disappear. Thanks for bringing up the guilt part... I always wondered why the box could keep a body from disappearing...

Edit: Maybe the guilt, the essence of darkness, can keep a body in existence... while lux, the essence of light can keep the heart existing in the keyblade? The body appears to be darkness, and the heart is light from what it sounds like in the series. Maybe ish actually reversed... Lux inside the box to balance the darkness of a body, and Guilt in the Keyblade, to balance the light of a heart...

Side Note: Gula did mention summoning Kingdom Hearts through Lux after all... maybe the absence of light in the realm summons Kingdom Hearts?
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