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Fanfiction ► The Matrix - Online and Ready

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Mar 28, 2006
This is a short story. I wrote this fan fiction a long time ago when I was really into The Matrix trilogy. I guess it's an unfinished one but enjoy.

“This...this can’t be real?” said Neo. He was all confused and afraid. Afraid of what he’s going to do. He didn’t know what to expect. He wasn’t ready for the truth, perhaps he was not ready what he was seeing now. “What is real. How do you define real? If you're talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste and see, then real is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain.” Morpheus explained. A short paused from between them, then Morpheus pointed the remote at the TV. “This is the world that you know. The world as it was at the end of the twentieth century. It exists now only as part of a neural-interactive simulation that we call the Matrix.” Morpheus glanced at Neo and he did the same. Then, Morpheus turned off the TV. Suddenly a green light appeared flashed out and the screen went black.

“Are we ready?”
“How much time do we have left?”
“It seems they’re back again but there are some new ones that are made...”
“Is that bad for us or good for us?” Someone was typing on a keyboard. However, the screen was still black since there wasn’t much an explanation of any of what’s going on.
“Well it seems it’s heavily guarded. They can appear anytime in any place.”
“We haven’t got much time...”
“Are sure about this?”
“He’s new at this. He passed the agent training program....I think he’ll be alright.”
“Alright? Shit. He barely made it out alive...and with that he couldn’t called out for an exit because he requested it to turn it off. You gave h..” Someone interrupted.
I’m sure....that I will make it.”

The sky. The buildings. Cars driving in the street. People walking down the sidewalk running their own lives day by day. It is as marvleous and integrating people of their own precious lives. What they don’t know is they are in a dreamworld. A world where truth is placed hidden somewhere inside and will not be revealed until someone is ready for it.

A man is sitting down on a chair with a variety of monitors around him. He was typing fast. He was observing and monitoring all status on some of the screens. “Cube, drop us some supplies will ya?” Someone on the intercom speaked out loud from his headset. He grabbed the little microphone close to his mouth. “Almost. What else do you want?” He asked. He continued typing on the keyboard. “Some few little killer accesories, if you know what I mean.” Cube touched the screen to his right. Where he touched, was a button labled: LOAD. “Alright, this should do.”
White blank space.....Here, there were two people standing over at a table. On the table, there were some pistols and a few rifles laying around. “I’ll take both of these.” Said a man. A woman looked at him. “That’s it?” she asked when her eyebrows raised. He looked her. “That’s all I need and what I need to hope.” Said the man. The woman sighed like in a feeling of despair. “Like Cube said, you barely made it out alive.” She said. She took two P220 Pistols and put them in both gun holsters from her waist. “Tsu, just get ready to back me up.” He told her very seriously. His dark sunglasses was unable to show his eyes and Tsu can only see a reflection of her from the lenses. “Don’t worry, I’m there for you. Do what you need to do.” She exclaimed.

Walls. Tables. Shelves. Glass Windows. They all moved fast, going everywhere. It’s as if they were witnessing somone creating the dreamworld for the first time. However, this was a man’s first time to jack into.....the Matrix. “Jin, Do me a favor.” Tsu pointed out something. Jin looked at her and then to where she was pointing at. “What do you mean?” Jin asked. She turned herself to face him and Jin did the same. “I want you to get back here. Cube set up the exit right here. You have three hours. That’s all we can give you. Time is always against us.” She said. Jin looked outside. He noticed that they were in a warehouse and on the table beside them was the phone. Around him, was an old abandoned building and it’s like no one ever used the warehouse and they just built it for no reason or someone never even used it, so the warehouse just aged. Outside from the warehouse was a car parked and ready to use. Tsu and Jin went out and went inside the car. Tsu was the driver and so they head out to a bar.

Once there, Jin got out of the car and bend over to say farewall to Tsu. “Three hours. Time is what I don’t really need.” He said. Tsu smiled at him. “That’s what we really need in our lives. No matter what. I’ll see you back into the real world.” She said. Jin nodded and closed the car door. He stood up straight, watching the car driving away from him. For a moment, he stood silently. He thought that he would not make it out alive. This was a real test for him and this time he can get killed by the strongest men that pursuits anyone who knew the truth. The agents. Though, he did not fear him nor he is afraid right now. What he needs to do is what he needs to do now. Go to the bar and retrieve answers to where she is. The mother of The Matrix. Jin entered in the bar and found few people drinking. Some where watching a football game.....Or was programed to do so. He looked around the bar, noticing the place was old. The walls were made out of wood and the floor is also made out of wood. He found an emtpy stool to sat on. A bartender came over and looked at him suspicouly. “So, what do you want pal?” He asked. Jin tapped on the coutner with his index finger twice and stared at him seriously at the bartender silently. The bartender stared back at him and nodded. “Follow me..” the bartender said. Jin got out of the stool chair and went around behind of the counter and followed the bartender at the back of the bar. Jin was in a short hallway and found the bartender going inside to a certain door from his right. He went in.

Jin was surprised that he was in a long hallway of infinite doors. “I’m sure it’s your first time and time is running out. I’ll show where your destiny lies.” The bartender said.
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