The mark of my return!



Fear the Mist
May 25, 2006
Shifting through the spaces like only Mist can.
Alright, I'm back and hopefully for good this time. Now, to mark this I was thinking about making a canon RP for something that I'm certain has not been done yet.

Starship Troopers.

I saw the fourth movie while I was gone and was starting to think that a good RP could be made from this. At the very least a good video game. But then I realized that there was little to no way for humans to oppose something a little more familiar. I mean, the Skinnies joined up with the humans to fight the bugs so that was out. Then I remembered the Control Bugs from the second movie and thought that could work, but then I realized that has already been used as a main plot ingredient. But then I remembered something about the movies. Why not utilize the growing protests for the war? Have humans fighting other humans? For a while this was on the backburner until I looked up the Wiki for the name of the Control Bugs and that's when I found that the movies are based on a book that focused quite a bit on the politics. So taking this new information into account, I'm left with the task of figuring out how the protestors could come up with the military might to oppose the Federation, but then I decided something else. Have it centered on Earth for a change.

That being said, once I get everything worked out and written down, I will post the thread. Just think about it.