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Jun 2, 2005
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I Was intending on making this an RP. But I figured I'd give it a shot as a FanFic first and see if it gets feedback. So read up and gimme some criticism. Try to figure/understand what its about. I'll explain if needed
Also...im a first timer! =)

Chapter One:
Rug Burn

Your Dreams Come True
Your Worst Nightmare

Inside your dreams, your mind is your playground, you mold and change things to your own will, anything is possible, but limited to your own imagination.

Rachael let out a scream as she sat up in her bed. Wind crept in from the open window and she shivered, though she was freezing in the room her face dripped with sweat. It was almost pitch black, light from the moon peeked in from high above the glass window. As if coming to the realization of something, she smiled. Just as she began to lay her head back down on her pillow she looked over to her night stand. Her heart nearly skipped a bit as she caught sight of her wrist watch. Slow blinking red numbers counted down

"Oh No...this means!"

She shot back up and removed the covers from herself. A noise had came from the hall outside her door, the eerie sound made her flesh crawl. It was a low gargling sound followed be a menacing giggle.
"I have enough strength left! Dont think you've won!" she screamed at the door. She grabbed her watch ab placed it on her wrist. She fumbled for a few minutes before she had it completely strapped on. Her hands where shaking making it quite difficult.
"Force!" She said with a low tone, a small dagger began to materialize into her hand, its blade not very sharp.
She started towards the door and swung it open. Red light poured into the room followed by an overwhelming smell, she struggled to keep her composure as she put her hand to her nose. "Oh dear Rachael, is something the matter?" A voice echoed. She ignored and stepped out into the hall, the rug beneath her feet felt so familiar.
"I can use this!" She closed her eyes and focused on the floor below.
"Come on, come wake...."
" Not this time dear!"

A furious voice boomed through out the hall way. Rachael's eyes opened wide and glared upon her watch. It was no longer lit, it sat silent, dim, and Grey. Something behind her made a hissing sound. "Looks like your time is up child." Her blade vanished from her hand, she let out a scream and began to take off, only to be grabbed by the shoulder and thrown to the ground.The creature began to drag her down the hall kicking and screaming...

"Cole! Cole! Wake up!" The teacher stood at Cole's desk tapping him on the shoulder, he sprung up with a look of confusion. "Good morning sunshine." She said "I understand how important today's lesson is to you, but you are needed down in the office." She said sarcastically. A few kids in the class let out giggles as he got up and left the class. He let out a yawn as he paced down the hall, staying up all night watching old movies and anime did a number on him. He made it to the front desk and was directed into the principals office where has parents where.

"Mom, Dad, whats going on?"
Tear stains could be seen on his mothers face.His father spoke up "Cole, somethings happend to your sister."
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