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The Legend of Zelda: The Imprisoning War



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Aug 8, 2004
It’s hard to say how long it’s been since the war started, but I don’t think I’ll ever forget how it began. The look of urgency in the princess’ eyes as the one who would soon proclaim himself our new king quickly made chase is on that I will never forget. I can still remember the tone in Captain Lyon’s voice as he told us to retreat. The king was dead, the power of the knights had been greatly weakened, and the “hero” the princess spoke of was nowhere to be seen.

It wasn’t long after that day that “his majesty” began his full-scale attack. In not even a month he had taken the castle, and with it the surrounding town. We stayed for as long as we could, but before long General Faire gave the order to retreat. Citizens of the town escaped when they could, but many were unable to make it out during the assault. We were ordered to regroup at the lake. We were told that in the time of crisis, the Zora people would come to aid us.

The lake had dried up, and word quickly reached us that the Zora’s Domain had somehow been frozen. It would seem as well that someone had leaked our plan to one of the agents of the Dark Lord, and we were ambushed at the lake. The majority of our forces were wiped out that day, it was all we could do just to escape and regroup. The battle of Lake Hylia dealt the largest blow to our numbers, and since then we have been unable to get even close to our previous strength.

I would be lying if I said that my small group of surviving guards was the last, however since the battle of the Lake, we’ve changed our style greatly. No longer able to compete with the sheer numbers of the dark forces, we’ve begun instead assaulting supply caravans and performing sting operations in order to gain an upper hand however we can. This has carried on for years, and in this time we have watched our once wondrous land slowly descend into the hell it is today.

It would seem that if we are to return this land to it’s once peaceful and prosperous state, our only hope lies within this young man who calls himself “Sheik.”

Setting: The setting for this roleplay will be Hyrule just before Link awakens as the Hero of Time in the Temple of Time and begins his quest in order to defeat Ganondorf. However, as you may have gathered we’re going to have to do a few things in order to make the roleplay work. One of the most important things is going to be adding a few things here and there to the map and the environment. This will mean that Hyrule field won’t be nearly as barren as it is in the game, and a lot bigger. When I say adding more to the environment, I mean a few small settlements here and there, a lot more vegetation, and various other places that suit our needs.


  • There will be no killing of another person’s character unless given permission by the other person, and you both run it by me.
  • Every character must be a guard.
  • You may not play Sheik, I will be controlling him for the brief periods he interacts with our characters.
  • Follow the guidelines within the template I wrote.
  • I reserve the right to request that you make any corrections I see fit to your character, as well as the right to remove you from this roleplay if I deem it necessary.

Character Template:
Age: 22-25

Weapons: I’d like you to keep in mind that throughout the majority of the seven years the characters have been on the run. Thus, they shouldn’t possess any weapons that would give away the fact that they are affiliated with the guards. By this I mean that they wouldn’t be as well equipped as they would have been before everything went to shit.

Inventory: If your character carries flint, a pictograph of their family, or any other miscellaneous objects I’d like you to write that here.

Skills: By this I mean whether or not they’re particularly good at mixing herbs to make medicine, tracking, stealth operations and other things like that. I don’t mean that your character has the ability to shoot lasers from their sword, because that’s impossible. Hylians cannot use magic unassisted by ancient artifacts or supernatural beings.

Appearance: I’d like you to describe both their clothing and their overall physical appearance in this. Include any tattoos, piercings and other marks within this. Feel free to be as detailed as you’d like. Some guidelines I’d like you to remember is that despite attempting to go unnoticed by their enemies, they still wear some form of armour. Again, I’d like you to focus on the fact that they’re not as well equipped as they previously were, but are still trying to make the most of what they have. I’d like the focus however to remain on keeping characters as light as possible in order for them to move quickly. Each character should carry a pouch of some kind to carry the items in their inventory.

Biography: Be creative with this. If you don’t know too much about Zelda and would still like to take part in this roleplay, feel free to ask me any questions you have about anything. Keep in mind that this takes place 6 years after the war began.