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Fanfiction ► The Legend of Water Horse Bay (Kairi/Demyx)

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Oct 12, 2007
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So here we have Halloween Fanfic #2! And this time it's more of a horror story! But it's hard for me to write horror and have Demyx be...well, Demyx, at the same time. But I like how it turned out. Be prepared; it's a LONG one-shot.

Pairings: Kairi/Demyx friendship, one-sided SoKai from Kairi's side
Setting: 358/2 Days-ish? It does NOT take place in the same universe as my other three Kaimyx fics.
Summary: Kairi goes to the legendary Water Horse Bay to help Tidus and Wakka prove that a kelpie really lives there- the same place where Demyx happens to be on a recon mission for Organization XIII.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Kingdom Hearts. And the horror movie titles that the kids mention are spoofs off of actual horror movies out right now; I'm sure you can figure them out! Also, credit goes to madammina for helping me come up with the idea for the monster in this story! It's called a kelpie and they're part of Irish folklore!

“The Legend of Water Horse Bay”

At noon, the busy high school cafeteria was filled with some unusually delicious smells; it was the day before Halloween and the cooks had somehow managed to make better food than the students normally expected. Kairi took a deep whiff and grinned as she caught the scent of everyone’s favorite holiday treat: chocolate-covered fried paopu fruit. Then she quickly helped herself to several of them before the hungry crowd of boys behind her could snatch them all!

Her good friend, Selphie Tilmitt, was waiting for her at their usual table. As soon as she saw the food on Kairi’s tray, her eyes widened. “Oh good, they have more! They were all out when I went to get some!”

“Not for long they won’t,” Kairi corrected her, “There was a big line behind me!”


“Here, you can have some of mine; I got a stash of them just in case!”

Selphie smiled eagerly. “Thanks Kai! C’mon, sit down and eat before your food gets cold! I have to talk to you about something important!”

“What’s that?” asked Kairi, though she wasn’t feeling especially intrigued. Selphie always had something important to talk about, whether it was actually important or not.

“My Halloween party, duh! I need your help planning it!”

“You haven’t started yet?! But it’s tomorrow!”

“That’s why I need your help!” said Selphie, “I know Tidus and Wakka want a scary movie marathon, so I need your advice on what to pick!”

“Annnd speaking of scary movies,” said a voice right in Kairi’s ear; she squeaked and jumped, but it was only Wakka, “Are you ladies interested in helping us with a special project?”

Kairi and Selphie shared suspicious looks. “It depends on what the project is,” Kairi told him.

“Something REALLY awesome!” said Tidus as he dropped his tray down on the table, “See, me and Wakka just saw the scariest movie ever last night…”

“Was it one of the stupid Death Trap sequels?” asked Selphie with a groan.

“Nah, we heard that was lame, so we went to see this one called Supernatural Activity instead! And it was SO worth it!” said Tidus excitedly, “These kids thought their high school might be haunted, so they started investigating, hacked into the school’s surveillance tapes, stuff like that. But whatever they did must’ve upset the spirits, because everything started going crazy and everyone in the theater was screaming!”

“Except us!” added Wakka quickly.

“Right! Except us!”

“Oh sure,” said Kairi, “So what? You want us to see it too?”

“Nah, we want to try doing something like that ourselves!” replied Wakka, “The whole movie looked like it was filmed on a home video camera, so Tidus and I got ourselves one, and we’re going to find different haunted places on the island and investigate!”

“Join us if you want to get rich and famous!” said Tidus.

Kairi folded her arms. “And just who’s supposed to do the research so you two know what places to check out?”

Wakka scratched his head nervously. “Weeeeeellllll…we were kind of hoping that you girls could do that…BUT you don’t have to it for the first visit, ‘cause we already picked out a spot! D’you remember the legend of Water Horse Bay?”

Kairi frowned. “I’ve heard of Water Horse Bay, but I don’t think I’ve ever been there before…”

“No one ever goes there!” said Tidus in a dramatic voice, “Because the legend says that a fearsome kelpie lives beneath those waves…a giant water horse that lures little children onto its back, takes them down to the bottom of the bay and then EATS THEM ALIVE!!!!! Muhahahahaha!!”

“Nice try Tidus,” said Selphie dryly, “But you can’t scare us. We’re not five anymore!”

“It was worth a try…”

“So, whaddya say?” asked Wakka eagerly, “Are you up for a little adventure?”

The two girls exchanged glances again. “Okay,” Kairi agreed, “When did you want to meet there?”

“Today, after blitzball practice! How ‘bout we meet you there around 5:00? Be prepared to do some filming!”

“Okay,” said Selphie, “Count us in!”


After school, Kairi walked home by herself and decided to head over to Water Horse Bay early. As Tidus had told them in his story, the place was deserted and silent, save for the sound of the water lapping against the rocks and the sandy beach. There were no buildings nearby; just a forest of tall palm trees several yards away, and the path that she had taken to get to the bay in the first place. A breeze blew Kairi’s blood-red hair back as she stared out at the horizon. Even now, when she was several miles away from home, she still watched that skyline, waiting in vain for her two best friends to come home. Wow, she thought, I just realized…this’ll be my first Halloween without Sora and Riku! Oh I wish they could just come home already!

“Aw man, I wish I could just go home already!”

Kairi jumped; startled to realize that she wasn’t alone on the beach anymore! In fact, there was a young man in a long black overcoat walking along the shore, talking to himself and occasionally picking up a seashell. He hadn’t noticed her at all, but it sure was hard for her to miss him. His hair was styled in a strange mullet/Mohawk combo that made him look something like a rock star, and he even held a large blue guitar in his hand. She had never seen him before and continued to watch him with curiosity as he stopped walking and looked at his watch. “Why’d Saïx have to give me a time limit!” he whined, “And a three page report about my results! Yeesh, don’t I work hard enough for them? They’re lucky I do anything at all!”

Kairi cleared her throat. “Um, excuse me?” she called out, “Are you looking for something?”

Now the boy jumped and looked up at her in surprise. “Whoa!” he cried, “What are you doing here?!”

“Um, I live here?” replied Kairi. Well, that wasn’t entirely true, but she lived close enough to the area, “What about you?”

He wagged his finger at her and winked. “Nuh-uh, sorry! That’s classified information!”

Kairi folded her arms and tried to look stern, but her smile gave her away. “Ooo, excuse me! I didn’t know I’d stumbled onto such a top-secret assignment! Are you a secret agent?”

The boy burst out laughing. “You’re kidding! Me? A secret agent? Now THAT’S hilarious!” She started to laugh too, which made him grin. “Nah, I’m Demyx. What’s your name?”

“Kairi,” she replied, “So, are you trying to see if the legend of the kelpie is real too?”

To her surprise, Demyx’s face grew pale. “There’s a kelpie living here?! Whoa, whoa, no way am I going near that!

“But it’s just a story,” said Kairi, “It’s not real!”

Demyx stared anxiously at the relatively calm water. “Fine,” he said, “Then you go in there and prove to me that it’s safe!”

Growing up with mostly boys for playmates meant that Kairi never backed away from a challenge, least of all because it had the potential to be scary. So she tossed her hair and walked boldly into the water, ignoring the look of dread on Demyx’s face and the way he’d started backing away from the shore. Just as she had expected, nothing came out to grab her. She turned her back to the ocean and called out, “See? I told you so!”

But suddenly, Demyx started pointing frantically to something behind her. “KAIRI!” he yelled, “Something’s coming out of the water!!”

Kairi whipped her head around, and what she saw almost made her heart stop. But it wasn’t a kelpie. It was a boy…a boy she had been longing to see for months…a boy with brown spiky hair, baggy red pants, and a big, happy smile. He was standing a few feet away, waving to her energetically the way he always used to. Kairi opened her mouth to greet him, but she was so shocked that the words wouldn’t come out at first. She tried again and managed to croak out, “S-S-Sora…?”

“Hiya Kairi!” said Sora cheerfully. When she didn’t say anything else, he frowned and said, “C’mon, aren’t you going to hug me? I haven’t seen you in a while!”

She wanted to; she wanted to hug him very, very badly. It was just hard to do when her legs were numb. She stood there in silence as the tears poured down her face, taking in the wonderful sight of Sora home, safe and sound. In the back of her mind, she wondered where Riku was, and the rational side was telling her that there was something very wrong about how cheerful Sora’s behavior was when he’d left to go save Riku, and now he was apparently turning up empty-handed. But the shock and her longing to see Sora again made Kairi ignore her rational side, and a few seconds later, she overcame that shock and rushed over to embrace him. “Oh Sora!” she sobbed, “I missed you so, so much…wait…why’s your skin so cold? You’re not sick are you?”

Sora didn’t answer. “Sora?” she said in an uneasy voice, “What’s been going on? What happened to Riku?” Still, she got no answer. Kairi decided to pull out of her hug and look into his face…but she couldn’t. When she tried to untangle her arms, she realized that they were stuck to Sora’s skin! “Sora!” she cried out in alarm, “What’s going on?! What’s wrong with you?!”

Finally, Sora pulled back enough for her to see his face, but she immediately wished she couldn’t, because he had a wicked smirk. When he spoke again, it wasn’t his voice coming out of his mouth; it sounded like a deadly hiss. “Finally!” he snarled, “Some fresh meat!” Kairi stared at him in speechless terror, but it only got worse from there. His neck began to grow longer, his skin grew darker, and his body arched until his entire shape had shifted into the form of a huge, black horse! His skin was colder than ever and his eyes changed from bright blue to cold yellow. But the scariest part was his teeth: they were clearly sharper than a normal horse’s!

Meanwhile, back at the beach, Demyx had been too far away to hear the conversation between Kairi and “Sora,” but he put two and two together when the horse suddenly appeared where the boy had been standing. “KAIRI!” he shouted, “GET AWAY FROM THAT THING! IT’S THE KELPIE!”

Kairi let out a bloodcurdling scream and tried to wrench her hands away from the kelpie’s cold skin, but her entire body was glued to the monster! She cursed herself for being stupid enough to run up and hug it! Now she was completely trapped, and Tidus’s words were coming back to haunt her: “…a giant water horse that lures little children onto its back, takes them down to the bottom of the bay and then eats them alive!!!” Suddenly, the kelpie reared up on its hind legs, with the terrified girl trapped on its back, and started galloping quickly towards the deep ocean beyond the bay. “HELP!” she screamed, “Someone please help me!!!” She knew it was only a matter of time before the creature found a spot it liked and dragged her down to her death!

Back on the shore, Demyx was running around like a chicken with its head cut off. “HEY!” he shouted, “Somebody come quick!” After all, there was no way that HE was going into the water to save her! He wasn’t the kind of guy who could fight off a kelpie! But no one answered, and he was beginning to realize that he was the only person who knew that Kairi was in deadly danger. Her screams were growing fainter, but they still managed to bore a hole into his brain and the empty space where his heart used to be. Demyx was the laziest member of Organization XIII and their resident coward. They all knew that if they wanted a job done right, they couldn’t trust him. But the one thing that they always overlooked was that Demyx still cared enough to occasionally lend a hand. He never completely abandoned his colleagues whenever he had to team up with someone on a mission, and he couldn’t simply turn his back and let an innocent girl suffer a horrible death, not when there was no one else who could help her.

“DEMYX!” she screamed out desperately as the kelpie took her farther and farther away.

Great, now she was calling for him! That voice was going to haunt him in his dreams if he didn’t do something. “Aw, come on!” he yelled at the sky, “Why me? I’m not cut out for this!”


“All right, all right, I’ll do it!” he grumbled to himself, “At least it’ll make for an interesting report when I get back.” Since the kelpie was too far away for him to swim to it, Demyx formed a corridor of darkness with his hand and decided to teleport directly to the spot where the kelpie was taking its prisoner. “Hang on Kairi!” he called out as he ran in. But when he reached the ocean, there was nothing there! “Kairi?!” he yelled, “Where are you?!” He could see the beach from far away, so he knew he was in the right spot, but how could the kelpie have disappeared like that…?


Demyx ducked his head underwater. Sure enough, the kelpie had already plunged beneath the surface and was speeding toward the bottom to enjoy a tasty dinner!

Meanwhile, a thoroughly petrified Kairi was still struggling to escape before the kelpie could reach its destination, but nothing worked and she was growing exhausted. Suddenly, she felt a pair of strong arms wrapping themselves around her body. At first, this only made her panic even more, but then she turned her head and her heart was filled with relief- it was Demyx! Somehow, as he pulled with all of his might, the water around them churned and began to propel them towards the surface. The kelpie thrashed around angrily as it began to rise with them, confused as to why it suddenly wasn’t going in the direction that it wanted to. While this was happening, water was beginning to seep in between Kairi’s body and the kelpie’s skin, and then it started to build pressure until she popped loose in a huge wave of bubbles!

Immediately, Demyx began to swim as fast as he could for the surface, holding Kairi tightly in his arms. She was starting to grow faint from the lack of air, but he got her up just in time. As she struggled to catch her breath, she flung her arms around his neck and began to cry. Demyx just smiled down at her. “That was the scariest thing I’ve ever done!” he told her proudly. Kairi let out a choked giggle.

“Th-thank you Demyx, th-th-thank you!” she sobbed.

“Hey, don’t mention…” They were both cut off by the sound of a loud roar as the kelpie broke through the surface of the water and pawed the air over their heads. “RUN! I mean, SWIM!” screamed Demyx, and before Kairi knew what was happening, both of them were speeding through the water towards the shore, at a speed that Kairi hadn’t thought was humanly possible. She wasn’t going to complain though, not when the kelpie was chasing them and its teeth were snapping at her heels! “Hold on tight, Kairi!” shouted Demyx over the monster’s angry roars, “We’re almost there…almost there…YES!”

They both washed up on shore, and Demyx quickly picked up Kairi to get them away from the kelpie’s reach. Finally, they both collapsed in the sand, gasping for breath. Kairi was still crying. For several wonderful seconds, maybe even up to a minute, she had sincerely believed that Sora had come home. Seeing him like that only made her realize just how badly she missed him.

Demyx was completely oblivious to this and thought she was just scared about her near-death experience (which she was, but the Sora part hadn’t helped matters). “It’s okay!” he told her with a grin, “That creep’s gone now! You’re safe!” That had been, without a doubt, the greatest adrenaline rush that he’d ever had. Except he normally hated things like adrenaline rushes. “I still can’t believe I did that!”

Kairi wanted nothing more than to continue lying on the beach so she could cry, but Demyx was looking so excited and cheerful that she thought it would look rude if she disregarded her rescuer. “You did great Demyx,” she said quietly, “You really did!”

“KAIRI!” The duo looked up and saw Selphie, Tidus, and Wakka dashing towards them. (Tidus notably had a video camera in his hand.) “Are you okay?! What happened?”

“Did the kelpie try to eat you?” asked Wakka.

“It almost did,” said Kairi with a shudder, “But Demyx here, he saved my life.”

The kids gasped and looked at Demyx with wonder and admiration, two looks he wasn’t used to getting. Then Tidus stuck his camera in the Nobody’s face and said, “Can you describe it for us, please?”

“TIDUS!” everyone yelled.

“All right, all right, I’m putting it away!” he said. (He’d gotten some sweet footage of the kelpie anyway.)

“C’mon Kairi,” said Selphie, “Let’s get you home. You can come too if you want, Demyx!”

He shrugged. "Okay, sure." Technically, this was a recon assignment, so he could count going to a civilian's house as recon...

Together, the five young people walked away from the beach, up the path, and back to town. None of them heard the soft gallopping of hooves behind them...

- The End -​

Reviews? Critiques? Flames? I'd appreciate the first two, the last one not so much!


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Feb 14, 2008
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Too bad it wasn't in the same universe.

Anyway, I really liked it, particularly the whole "SWIM AWAY!", The Kelpie turning into Sora, and just Demyx acting.

Better on the making everyone sound different bit too.

I can't think of much I didn't like.


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Oct 12, 2007
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Originally, it was going to be in the same universe, and Kairi was supposed to dream the whole thing, but I changed my mind later. Not everyone's read all my fanfics, and it was getting harder for me to say, "Don't worry, you'll get it whether you've read them or not!" So I went with something different.

I'm glad I improved on the speech, and that you liked it! Thanks for the review, and the idea for the kelpie!!


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Oh my god, that was so great!!! I just loved how, even in a time of sheer terror and insanity, you pull off Demyx's character and personality perfectly. Man, everytime you write a Kairi/Demyx story, you make me love the pairing even more. I just love the dynamic between them; they are really cute together. Anyway, great job, and I look forward to more.


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Sep 10, 2009
This is quite cute. Reading your Kaimyx fanfics make me really like this pairing. :]


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Oct 12, 2007
At the ball
^ You guys don't know how happy you make me when you say that! :D

Oh my god, that was so great!!! I just loved how, even in a time of sheer terror and insanity, you pull off Demyx's character and personality perfectly.

And I'm REALLY glad to hear that, because I was trying very hard to have Demyx save Kairi, instead of taking the easy way out, while keeping him in character. And given Demyx's inherent nature to kick back and chill, that was no easy task.

Thank you so much for the reviews, guys! YOU ROCK! :D!
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