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The Law of Ueki: The Neo Tournament (Sign-Up Thread)

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Note: This is only my second self-created RP. Plz go easy on me if i did something wrong. I don't think i have though...

The Law of Ueki: The Neo Tournament

Over 70 years have passed since the tournament where Team Ueki defeated Anon the Hellion and saved all three worlds of existence. A new tournament has been set up to decide the next God Candidate. Anxious to begin many of the god candidates have begun to seek out every day high school students all over the globe. This years tournament is looking to heat up the competition as only high school students will be participants in this battle. From Heavenly Beings to Humans the current God Candidates in the hopes of becoming the next God are seeking them all out. While those who fight for their God Candidates are all seeking to gain the main prize, Talent of Blank, which when gained will allow the user to turn it into any talent they so wish for. However in the shadows Hellions are gathering in hopes of being able to absorb power users both Humans and Heavenly Beings. Soon the battles will begin and calamity will ensue. The only question that remains is who will emerge victorious as the new God and the achiever of the Talent of Blank.

The Laws/Rules of Creating a Character

* If you want to be a Hellion then you must swallow up a current power user. This must be explained in the RP not before.

* All God Candidates are actually Heavenly Beings.

* Hellions have the power to swallow up other beings. Whether they be Heavenly Beings, Humans or even other Hellions.

* Hellions have superior strength to both Humans and Heavenly Beings.

* Hellions are able to gain and use the powers/talents of whomever they swallow. However they can only use the powers/talents of those they swallow so long as they are within their body. Once removed the Hellion loses that person’s power and talents.

* Talents can be used in battle. Such when using “The Talent to Run” a person can use that to move quickly to dodge and or attack. However “The Talent to Run” and “The Talent to Dodge” are two entirely different talents.

* Anyone who has a power Hellion, Human or Heavenly Being if they attack a non power user then a single talent is subtracted. If all talents are removed then the person disappears. However if the person defeats another power user then the person defeated loses a talent while the person who wins gains a talent.

* Humans and Heavenly Beings are each given a single power of which to do battle. The power is of their own choosing. However they must obey the following “The Power to Turn _____ into _____.” View my character's for examples at the bottom of the page.

* Those powers have the ability to “level up.” However there are only two levels per power. No exceptions. Level one allows the basic use of each power. Level two allows for a different aspect of the power to be accessed. For example “The Power to Turn Towels into Steel” would have the level two ability to turn into high powered magnets.

*Every Power has a flaw. For instance “The power to Turn Towels into Steel” would have the flaw of the person using it to have to hold their breath while they used that power. The instant they took a breath the power would undo itself.

* Every level two of the powers must be gained through the following requirements. One the one using the power must have total mastery over the power that they have. Two they must have a powerful desire to become stronger.

* Humans and Heavenly Beings all have a set amount of talents to begin with. However all beings can gain a single talent in battle if they defeat their opponent, while the loser of the battle loses a single talent.

* Humans often have more talents than Heavenly Beings.

* If any being Human, Heavenly Being or Hellion loses all their talents they disappear.

* Heavenly Beings all have the ability to gain the Ten Sacred Treasures.

* Each of the Ten Sacred Treasures are different and cover a different category of strength.

* Sacred Treasures can only be obtained in number order. They are not custom chosen.

* No Heavenly Being has complete mastery over all their Sacred Treasures upon starting out they must train and battle in order to access their other powers. Each of the powers has a certain requirement in order to access them. For instance the 10th Sacred Treasure “Maoh” can only be acquired once the Heavenly Being has obtained a strong will.

* The highest a Heavenly Being can start out with in terms of Sacred Treasures is 5-Star. As the story progresses they may gain more Sacred Treasures but keep in mind a Sacred Treasure is not easily gained and the higher the number of the Sacred Treasure the harder it is to obtain it.

* Every Sacred Treasure can be effected by the power that the Heavenly Being gains. For instance “The Power to Turn Trash into Trees” would effect the Sacred treasures so that they would become much larger than normal Sacred Treasures.

* All level two part of the powers can effect the Sacred Treasures.

* All Hellions are also able to absorb and use the Sacred Treasures of the Heavenly Beings that they swallow up. However they can only use them while the Heavenly Being they have is inside of their body. Once released all of the swallowed up Heavenly Beings Sacred Treasures are lost.

* The only way either power user would create a tie or not lose a talent is if both power users were knocked out at the same time or became unconscious within 5 seconds time difference.

* Upon using a Sacred Treasure the person using the power must be able to concentrate heavily as well as shout out the name of the power. For example when using the 5th Sacred Treasure called “Pick” the person using this power would have to shout, “Pick!”

* Only one Sacred Treasure can be used per time. Once a Sacred Treasure is used and disappears a second Sacred Treasure can then be used and so on, so on. This is a rule that everyone must follow with the exception of those who have powers that bypass the rule. For instance “The Power to Make Ideals into Reality” can bypass this rule by allowing for the ideal use of powers. Thus more than one power can be used then.

* God Candidates are not allowed to interfere in the battles in anyway. If they do they are immediately sent down to hell.

* All Heavenly Beings have superior stamina to Humans while Hellions have far superior stamina to Heavenly Beings.

* All Hellions have far superior strength, speed and as mentioned stamina to Heavenly beings and Humans.

* Currently a treaty is in effect so some Hellions currently on Earth are allowed to wander about without the use of a “swallowed up” Human or Sacred Being. However they are secretly being closely watched by God.

* All Heavenly Beings start out with 11 talents maximum. Heavenly beings can earn more talents in battle against other power users.

* All Humans start out with 20 talents maximum. Humans can earn more talents in battle against other power users.

* All Hellions start out with 0 talents. But can gain them by swallowing up both Humans and Heavenly Beings.

*All Hellions can make up a character to absorb/swallow up as their first victim. However that is the only time they can do that.

* All Hellions can change their physical appearance so they look like any person they swallowed up.

*All Hellions, Humans and Heavenly Beings participating in the tournament are in high school. Thus must be high school age.

* Another thing to keep in mind is that no character is all powerful in this RP. We’re all equals however there are going to be villains obviously. So with this in mind please remember to limit power so that your character is ridiculously strong.

The Laws/Rules of the RP


* You may have as many as five characters each and each may have a God Candidate if you wish. But they must follow the rules. You may have one character if you want but it is recommended that each person have at least 2 characters so that if one dies a backup is in play.

* The beginning of this RP will consist of power users going after each other but at a certain given time which will be announced by DT the 2nd phase will begin.

* No powerplaying

* No godmodding

* During the RP a character can change from a good guy to a bad guy.

* No killing without negotiation. (I would appreciate it if you let me know when a character is going to die as well. Though it is not necessary.)

* Post at least one paragraph per post.

* Double posting is a very big no no. Please use the edit button if you want to add more to the thread before another person posts. Trust me it doesn’t bite…..hard. You may possibly receive a warning for double posting too much.

* When writing make sure you read the previous posts as to not make a mistake in posting.

* No spam/flame and if you’re leaving just say so don’t say anything else just say “I quit.”

* Remember to check through your post before posting. Spelling errors will not get you banned or warned. But try to keep the spelling and stuff to a minimum. If it continues for more than three posts with spelling errors at a somewhat high degree I will warn you once before banning.

* You can always change your character just post it so people know.

* Please try to keep romance to a minimum. (However if for any reason you would like to involve romance in the RP just contact DT via PM if you’d like to know the maximum of romance here.)

* Break any of the rules get one warning and then a second time you get banned. (A second warning before banning may be considered by DT. Depending upon what is done.)

* Have lots of fun. ^_^

A List of the Ten Sacred Treasures


The 1-star sacred treasure, gained through consciousness/realization of the fact that the user is a heavenly being. It is a large cannon grown out from the user's arm that fires a large ball at the opponent. For Ueki, a large cannon grows out from a tree and fires a large ball of wooden strands at the opponent.


The 2-star sacred treasure, gained through perseverance. It is a giant arm grown out of the ground to protect the user from attacks, but it can also be used offensively by striking at enemies. Fudo cannot be moved from the ground without the help of a power like Robert’s Power to Make his Ideals into Reality.


The 3-star sacred treasure gained through firmness. Ranma is a gigantic knife grown from the arm of the user. Ueki's Ranma grows out from a tree to strike the opponent. The shape of the blade varies from user to user.


The 4-star sacred treasure gained through body and strength. Mash is a cube-like big mouth that chomps the opponent. It can jump out of the ground towards the opponent. Ueki's Mash is a big mouth with tree legs that comes from the ground to chomp the opponent. Mash can be used to defend against attacks as well by chomping on Kurogane, Ranma and Pick.


The 5-star sacred treasure, gained through centralization. Pick is a large column that shoots out very fast from the arm of the user towards the opponent. It can be pointed downwards to propel the user upwards or it can be detached from the arm and used as a ramp. Ueki's Pick grows from a tree and has yellow and black stripes. Each heavenly beings Pick are made from differing matter and have different markings on them, but Robert Haydn's pick is the shape of a corkscrew and Balo's pick is also pointed at the end.


The 6-star sacred treasure, gained through anticipation. Raika is a pair of rollerblade-like attachments on the user's feet allowing them rapid movement on the ground. However, the user cannot jump when using these.


The 7-star sacred treasure, gained through speed. A grid of light appears on the ground, followed by a boxed wall that is shot up from anywhere on the grid to capture the opponent. Any attempts to attack while inside the box are futile and can be directed back at the captured. The opponent only has half a second to avoid imprisonment.


The 8-star sacred treasure, gained through an unknown test. The appearance is that of a massive whip. It is a highly flexible weapon which can be turned in any direction desired by the user.


The 9-star sacred treasure, gained through balance. A pair of wings will appear on the user's back, granting them flying capabilities. The color of the wings varies from user to user.


The 10-star sacred treasure, gained through will. Summons a creature that varies from heavenly being to heavenly being. Maoh is a formless weapon. The power of the summon is based on the desires of the fighter, which in Ueki's case was to protect his friends. Ueki's Maoh takes the form of Kobayashi and is relatively weak compared to Anon's Maoh due to his low will power. But due to an increase in Ueki's wishes to save his friends, his Maoh's strength increased and he gained control over it. Robert's Maoh is an extremely hideous black skeletal ram and is the embodiment of his hatred for humanity. It is used by Anon after Anon absorbs Robert. Maoh can only be used only six times in a lifetime.

Tenso - Demi-Weapon - (God Only Weapon)

The unknown sacred treasure that changes the geography of any place. Only God has this power, but since Anon can absorb powers from whom he devours, he wielded it and created the pathway, where the last battle took place.

Character Template

Affiliation: (Are you a good guy or a bad guy? Only God can be Neither.)

Name: (What your character’s real name is.)

Nickname: (What your character’s nickname is.) (Optional)

Age: (How old your character is.)

Gender: (What gender your character is.)

Grade: (What grade is your character in?) (Optional) (Only For Heavenly Beings and Humans.)

God Candidate Name: (What is your character’s God Candidates name?) (Only for Humans and Heavenly Beings.) (Optional for Hellions.)

God Candidate Description: (Brief overall description of your character’s God Candidate.) (Only for Humans and Heavenly Beings.) (Optional for Hellions.)

Power: (The Power to Turn _____ into _____.) (This can be altered a bit but tell me what it is you want to alter to make your power first.) (Only For Heavenly Beings and Humans.)

Power Description: (How your character’s power works.) (Only For Heavenly Beings and Humans.)

Power Flaw: (The sacrifice or flaw the power has.) (Only For Heavenly Beings and Humans.)

Power Level 2 Ability: (A description of how the level 2 ability of the power works.) (Only For Heavenly Beings and Humans.)

Absorbed Power: (What power your character has absorbed from a Human or Heavenly Being.) (Only for Hellions.)

Absorbed Power’s Description: (Description of the power your character has absorbed from a Human or Heavenly Being.) (Only for Hellions.)

Absorbed Power’s Flaw: (The sacrifice or flaw the power has that was absorbed from a Human or Heavenly Being.) (Only for Hellions.)

Absorbed Power Level 2 Ability: (A description of how the absorbed level 2 ability of the power works.) (Only For Hellions.)

Talent(s): (What kind of talents your character has. All of them and remember the maximum amount for each race.) (Only For Heavenly Beings and Humans.)

Sacred Treasures: (How many of the Ten Sacred Treasures they have.) (Only for Heavenly Beings.)

Power Influence on Sacred Treasures: (How the Sacred Treasure is effected by your character’s power.) (Only for Heavenly beings.)

Race (1): (Human, Hellion or Heavenly Being)

Race (2): (North American, South American, Japanese, ETC.) (Only for Humans and Heavenly Beings.)

Nation: (Mexico, Russia, Australia, ETC.) (Only for Humans and Heavily Beings.) (Optional)

Appearance: (What they look like)

Clothes: (What they wear clothes, glasses, ETC.)

Personality: (How they act emotionally, ETC.)

Bio: (Brief summary of their past) (Optional)

Affiliation: Neither

Name: Unknown

Nickname: God

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Talent(s): Unknown

Sacred Treasures: 10-Star Heavenly Being and has the God Only Demi-Weapon.

Race (1): Heavenly Being

Appearance: At 6’4” he is rather muscular for his height. He has neatly combed off to the side brown hair and green eyes.

Clothes: A black suit and a red tie.

Personality: A bit on the carefree side he doesn’t interfere with other realms or people that aren’t Heavenly Being

Bio: He’s been God for 10 years now as decreed by the original God of centuries ago. His only rule is to obey the laws and no one gets around them. A man of justice he carefully watches over his people and those participating in the tournament to make sure no rules are broken that he decreed.

Affiliation: Good Guy

Name: Sung Gi Chin

Nickname: None

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Grade: Senior High School

God Candidate Name: Shane Richardson

God Candidate Description: He stands at a tall 6’2” and is muscular enough to stand out well. Shane loves the idea of power which is why he’s sought out the strongest man he could find. He dislikes the weak and never looks over them. He wants to become the next God so that he might banish the weak to hell and create a perfect world of strength.

Power: The Power to Turn Imaginative Thoughts into Reality

Power Description: By bringing the thoughts within someone’s imagination into reality things can be created or altered. Anything to the limits of the person’s imagination can be made or altered.

Power Flaw: While each thing created or altered can be made numerously over and over again without harm. Anything created or altered from the power takes a large toll on the user. For each thing created or altered a week of life is removed from the user’s existence. Another flaw in this ability is that it does not target other people but rather just creates new things and alters inanimate objects.

Power Level 2 Ability: The level 2 ability of this power allows for the user to effect other beings of existence with the effects of this power. For example if someone using this power were to use the power to imagine their opponent as a magnet to the attack then both the attack and the opponent would end up connecting unless something were to black the attack. However this level 2 ability only works with minor words and only one word not multiple words. So for example the words like “Magnet” or “Gravity” are ok. But words like “Kill” and “Oxygen” wouldn’t work.

Talent(s): Run, Sleep, Eat, Fight, Be Creative, Understand, Hold One’s Breath, Mimic, Steal, Reaction and Make Friends.

Sacred Treasures: 5-Star Heavenly Being

Power Influence on Sacred Treasures: The Sacred Treasures can be altered by The Power to Turn the Thoughts Within One’s Imagination into Reality with the results being multiple Sacred Treasures used at a time. It can also allow for some of the same Sacred Treasure to be multiplied as well as change the forms and shapes of each Sacred Treasure.

Race (1): Heavenly Being

Race (2): South Korean

Nation: He was born in South Korea however he is living currently in North America.

Appearance: Tanned, the man stands at 6’0” and has brown eyes. He has messy blue hair.

Clothes: He wears a black shirt with a large Yin Yang symbol on the front of it. He also wears long black pants.

Personality: He is a friendly man who is kind to most everyone he meets. He makes out his life to be the last each day by enjoying himself as much as possible. He can be serious but he’s more likely to smile and be happy most of the time. A smile on his face is anything but rare.

Bio: Sung has lived in the world of humans since he was a child and has learned to enjoy it. He was approached by the God Candidate Shane Richardson one day and was offered the opportunity of a lifetime. In exchange for helping him become the next God Sung would have to fight for Shane in a tournament and defeat the other competition. Shane also helped Sung expand his grasp from a mere 2-Star Sacred Treasure to a 5-Star Sacred Treasure user. Shane plans on training Sung some more in order for Sung to eventually reach his ranking as a 10-Star Sacred Treasure user. This is because Shane knows Sung will need all of the in order to become the winner by the end of the tournament. Sung has enjoyed the idea of a tournament and can’t wait for the fights to start.

Affiliation: Good Guy

Name: Shin Tai Lee

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Grade: Senior in High School

God Candidate Name: Will Shore

God Candidate Description: He stands at a tall 6’2” and is muscular enough to stand out well. Will loves the idea of power which is why he’s sought out the strongest man he could find. He dislikes the weak and never looks over them. He wants to become the next God so that he might banish the weak to hell and create a perfect world of strength.

Power: The Power to Turn 1 Second into 15 seconds

Power Description: The power pretty much speaks for itself. Upon activating this power 1 single second may be turned into 15 seconds. This allows the person to appear to be moving much faster then they actually are almost as if they have super human speed. However the ability of superhuman speed does not apply to this ability.

Power Flaw: There are several flaws in this ability one being that it obviously puts both physical and mental strain on the user. However there are also other strains that are put on the user including the main flaw to this power which is the fact that this ability is regulated according to how strong both in mind and body the user is. There is also the flaw that none of the users abilities strength, speed, agility, abilities, ETC. are increased. They all remain the same as the user would be without the user of the power. It’s the user’s ability to bend the ratio of 1 to 1 second to 1 to 15 seconds that makes them seem as though they have superhuman speed.

Power Level 2 Ability: The level 2 of this power is to do two things both increase the speed of the user and increase the ability from a ratio of 1 to 15 seconds to a ratio of 1 to 20 seconds. The speed however is only increased a bit from the natural speed and is available after activating the ability. However this ability upon activation must stay activated and is basically a runaway bomb. The ability may be used on different amount of times depending on the user for someone of large scale physical abilities without the use of the power the ability can be used to a maximum of 15 minutes real time. After the 15 minutes is up the user would lose all of the level 2 abilities, it would also result in the user losing consciousness. Due to the strains on this ability it can be used at a maximum of only once per day. Severe “consequences” await those who even attempt to use the level 2 more than once a day.

Talent(s): Counter, Reaction, Do Martial Arts, Vocabulary, See, Hear, Punch, Cook, Resistance, Sprint, Memorize, Flexibility, Play Baseball, Improvise, Run, Learn, Crush, Kick and Popular.

Race (1): Human

Race (2): South Korean

Nation: South Korea

Appearance: Standing tall at about 6’1” he is muscular while not overly muscular. He has long black hair and blue eyes.

Clothes: He wears long baggy white pants and a short white jacket that is always unzipped. (The image below shores what he sort of looks like.)
http://i98.photobucket.com/albums/l...n/Grimmjow and Jubei/250px-Grimmjow_sword.jpg

Personality: Naturally calm he does like to pick on people a bit and boast a bit. He’s nearly impossible to be angered as he is trained to be calm. Even when angered he never shows it not as rage at least. He focuses his anger into strength and attacks the enemy without hesitation.

Bio: Shin has trained for years as a martial artist and has honed his abilities to the breaking point. He has become such a strong martial artist that he has learned how to repel cannon balls. Mastering the many large enemy techniques Shin has nearly assured himself a high spot in the tournament. Early on his God Candidate, Will Shore, sought Shin out, he offered him like many others a magical power in exchange to fight in the tournament. At first Shin turned him down saying there were other things more important to him than fighting. However over time and perseverance he was finally convinced. Shin hopes to win the Talent of Blank to gain a talent in which to help those less fortunate than himself. He while helping his God Candidate secretly dislikes him and his God Candidate’s hatred towards the weak.

Affiliation: Bad Guy

Name: Todd Chambers


Age: 17

Gender: Male

Grade: Junior in High School

God Candidate Name: Matthew Thorne

Power: The Power to Turn Sand into Fire.

Power Description: The Power to Turn Sand into Fire allows for the user to instantly create fire from any sand. However as the fire pertains to sand if sand is not present the user is powerless.

Power Flaw: In order to use this power the left hand of the user must remain a tightly closed fist if it is opened even a bit the fire returns back to being sand.

Power Level 2 Ability: For this level 2 ability it allows for the user two not only user to turn sand into fire but also the higher element of rocks. Anything made out of rock or that is a rock can be turned into fire. So for example a stone wall made of rocks would be changed into a blazing fire wall to be used by the user of this power. Again however if rocks and sand are not available then the power is unusable.

Talent(s): Run, Dodge, Fight, Crush, Learn, Memorize, Swim, Play the Piano, Organize, Target, Sew, Shop, Fashion, Forge Basic Weapons, Throw an Object, Stay Calm, Throw Darts and Swordsmanship.

Race (1): Human

Race (2): North American

Nation: North America

Appearance: Standing at about 5’11” he is some what muscular. He has neatly combed short black hair and red eyes. (The image below shores what he sort of looks like.)

Clothes: Long green pants and a short-sleeved white shirt with a green vest over it.

Personality: He doesn’t much care for other people. Dismisses all others but is willing to save those in need with the excuse that they are too weak to protect themselves. He dislikes the weak and hates those who pick on the weak even more.

Bio: A man who dislikes others Todd has trained himself through practicing with a sword. Although he is a good student he has never found anyone in any class that he could work with. This includes teachers. He has recently been approached by a God Candidate named Matthew Thorn and like others has been offered a power in the tournament. The power offered was to turn sand into fire. He has been searching for other power users and intends to enjoy his time off from school. His current intentions for the Talent of Blank are unknown. He is commonly seen carrying around a sword or a backpack with large glass jars containing sand in case of a battle, however this is not always so.

Competitors In the Neo Tournament

1. Sung Gi Chin

2. Shin Tai Lee

3. Todd Chambers

4. Emina Verol

5. Dante

6. Lee

7. Hank W.

8. Richard Dante/Allan Maxim

9. Diego Lennox

10. (Real Name Unknown) Fear/Tobias Follett

11. Adele Skye

12. Remnas Thornhill

13. Alex Keller







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Affiliation: Good Guy

Name: Emina Verol



Gender: Female

Grade: Senior year

God Candidate Name: Roan Destry

God Candidate Description: He looks a lot like EV, with his skinny frame and dark hair. He's got blue eyes though. Roan's also quite popular; at 25, he is one of the youngest god candidates, and he already has quite a rep with the ladies. EV usually makes fun of him by saying that she hates how her "clone" attracts far more girls than she could ever do with boys.

Power: The Power to turn her sketches into real objects

Power Description: Simple. She draws a wall, out comes a wall. She draws herself, she gets a "clone".

Power Flaw: She can't make more than three drawings come to life at a time. Even if she "clones" herself, she can't increase the amount of drawn objects in the field. Also, it can't affect people directly. She can change people's clothes, but can't change their physical appearance.

Power Level 2 Ability: When she draws another person, she can temporarily copy one ability, talent or weapon for a short period of time.

Talent(s): Running, Dodging, Imitating people, Dancing, Charming people, Disguise, Sarcasm, Insults, Self-Defense.

Sacred Treasures: 2-star Heavenly being

Power Influence on Sacred Treasures: At the cost of one of all other drawings, she can "juggle" her weapons( If she sends out Pick, she can change it to Kurogane)

Race (1): Heavenly Being

Race (2): Japanese

Nation: USA

Appearance: Dark hair and eyes, around 5'1", really skinny.

Clothes: Usually spotted sporting a hooded jacket and loose pants. She ties her long hair back in a low ponytail. Seldom seen without earphones blasting loud music on her ears.

Personality: Cheerful, cheeky, and strong-willed. Never seen crying or complaining. Sometimes plays pranks with her powers.

Bio: She lived a pretty normal life, spending her first years in an orphanage, finally leaving at the age of 16 for a scholarship in an art school. But when a strange young man who looked exactly like her proposed that she join the "battle tournament" for the title of "God", she started to doubt she was anything but ordinary. After relentlessly questioning the man, she finds out that he was her brother by birth, and she too was a heavenly being who was separated at birth from her family. Unfortunately for her that she only got as far as 2 stars during her training when the tournament finally started. But she reckons she can handle the others, being as strong-willed as she is. She gets along well with her god candidate, finally accepting him as her brother the more time they spent together. She intends to use the Talent of Blank to help as many orphaned and separated children find the families they've always wanted, much like what happened to her. Well acquainted with Hank, but doesn't know he's also in the tournament.
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Affiliation: (good guy)

Name: (Dante)

Nickname: none

Age: (17)

Gender: (male)

Grade: (junior grade 11)

God Candidate Name: (Jack)

God Candidate Description: (jack is a man in his 30s about 5'10" and average weight. he wants to become god so that might keep order. his train of thought is mainly a cold and logical think and bases his decisions on facts and calculations. he despites people who break rules are is simple given a warning he thinks that there sure be no exceptions unless decided by a formal group of people. he is a very convincing and single minded person)

Power: (The Power to turn solid matter into metal.)

Power Description: (by holding his hand over any solid he can make the general shape of the object he wants to make or reshape other metals.)

Power Flaw: (to create objects he must close his eye and visualize the object while his hands shape it and he must hold it until it is fully shaped as it is in his mind)

Power Level 2 Ability: (with level two he can make sharper and more detailed designs and control its weight, type of metal, and strength with level two he can create with his eyes open if he can concentrate and make small objects at a distance but this is limited to level 1 detail)

Talent(s): (throw objects, fisticuffs, swordplay, swing objects, jump, talk, calculate, jog, swim, tie a turneket, sleep)

Sacred Treasures: (4.)

Power Influence on Sacred Treasures: (any part of the treasures may became metal or sprout out of a metal object)

Race (1): (Heavenly Being)

Race (2): (North American.)

Nation: (American)

Appearance: (standard height and weight with pale skin)

Clothes: (wears black shoes and grey pants with a red t-shirt and a blazer)

Personality: (a quiet man but when he talks its worth saying and people usually listen. he thinks a lot about things)

Bio: (all dantes life he has never been to popular although he was never friendless he has a few good friends. in and out of class he usually sticks to his work till its done)

Affiliation: (good guy.)

Name: (lee.)

Nickname: (none)

Age: (17.)

Gender: (male.)

Grade: (junior 11)

God Candidate Name: (John)

God Candidate Description: (john is a man in his late 20s he has average height and weight and is jack opposite despite that fact that they are friend he is a funny guy that everyone laughs with expect for jack. he wants to became god to make sure everything is fair if he does become god he will keep jack at his side as a close advisor)

Power: (The Power to turn models and toys into larger/functioning versions of themselves.)

Power Description: (by touching the toy/model and saying enhance the power takes effect)

Power Flaw: (the power can only effect 5 toys at most and has the durability of what they were originally made of)

Power Level 2 Ability: (the power can effect 10 toys and robot toys and toy soliders comes to life)

Talent(s): (drive, dodge, run, block, swim, operate all weopons, make his opponents laugh to make there lose focus, talk, fisticuffs!, learn, do flips,)

Sacred Treasures: (3.)

Power Influence on Sacred Treasures: (treasures can all be equiped to toys.)

Race (1): (Heavenly Being)

Race (2): (Japanese)

Nation: (America)

Appearance: (lee is a large man with tan skin and messy hair)

Clothes: (a white sort sleeve shirt and a pair of shorts)

Personality: (Lee is a happy go luck guy who doesn’t seem to have a care in the world and can always make someone laugh and when a conflict arises he looks for a compromise)

Bio: (Lee is an exchange student from Japan on his first day at his day of school he was offered a place with the popular kids but then saw Dante and talked to him then after talking with him they became friends because they had similar interests)

btw ive never done one of these before
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^the first power of metal is ok.. however please rethink the second power. the one for your second character sounds an awful lot like my character's power to turn polyester in to diamonds does it not?

Imma make 'nuther one later, lol
ok it's up to you how many characters you make and whatever. ^_^
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Wait, if a character's an anti-hero, is he a good guy or bad?
Lol. i don't know um just write anti-hero it's no big deal xD

lol this sounds like tons of fun but i dont get the story i just got into anime so is this some kind of show that this is based off of?
it was based off the anime Law of Ueki. the story for this RP is that 70 years from the tournament that Ueki took place in a new tournament has begun. many new players will fight in this tournament. and that's about it for the story for now.


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Take this!

Affiliation: Good guy

Name: Hank W.

Nickname: Pro

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Grade: Senior High

God Candidate Name: Matt Julius

God Candidate Description: Tall, bearded, and strong-looking. Age is around mid-20's. Like Hank, he is also a gun fanatic. Has a unique sense of humor. Loves making cartoons.

Power: The Power to turn key chains into guns

Power Description: Straightforward, really. As long as he has a key chain with him, he can "create" any gun of his liking. If he has two or more, he can "create" as many guns as he has key chains.

Power Flaw: He has to close one of his eyes in order to "create" a gun. He also cannot make a gun that doesn't exists yet unless he uses his PL2.

Power Level 2 Ability: If he combines more than one key chain, he can create any gun or sword he he wishes, for example, a Deagle with a water balloon launcher, or a light saber. But he can only make two at a time.

Talent(s): Accuracy, Intimidating People, Marathon Running, First-aid, Wood carving, Martial Arts, Marksmanship, Sword fighting, "Sensing" others, Making friends, Pugilism.

Race (1): Human

Race (2): North American

Nation: USA

Appearance: About 6' tall, black hair, pale skin, deceivingly powerful limbs.

Clothes: Black hooded jacket, hood up, red goggle-like shades, cargo pants, boots. The jacket has a high collar, similar to Aburame Shino's outfit in "Naruto Shippuden". Has about a dozen key chains hanging around the pockets.

Personality: Serious, quiet, a bit pessimistic and hardly smiles, but he actually has a strong and gentle heart. Hates people who abuse power, clowns and smokers. Likes guns, fighting, and music, mainly D'n'B, techno and dance mixes. Has a rep as a tough baddie, and he likes to keep it that way.

Bio: Not much is known about Hank, except he used to live in Nevada before he moved to San Francisco. It is assumed that he lived in a tough neighborhood, judging from his love for battle. When he was approached by Matt, he agreed to the conditions without a moment's hesitation. His love for fighting is quite well known, and gained a reputation even before the tournament started. He claims he has absolutely no intentions for the Talent, but actually good intentions for it. Well acquainted with EV, but hasn't told her that he joined the tournament. Matt did tell him about her "discovery" of her true origin, though.

And another!

Affiliation: Anti-Hero

Name: Richard Dante/Allan Maxim

Nickname: Flame/Slim

Age: 16/17

Gender: Male

God Candidate Name: Mauri Danes

God Candidate Description: Really burly. A power-hungry and boastful. Wears a tank top even in the cold seasons. Very disagreeable.

Absorbed Power: The power to turn paper into a metal-like state

Absorbed Power’s Description: Think R.O.D.'s Anita King gone male. The paper hardens into a metal-like state that can slice through most things. He can also use it as a sort of armor.

Absorbed Power’s Flaw: He can't use it unless his hair's tied down. His power also can't work if the paper's wet.

Absorbed Power Level 2 Ability: True to the R.O.D. attributes of his power, he can make puppets or weapons out of the paper.


Race (1): Hellion

Race (2): ?/German

Nation: ?/Germany

Appearance: As Flame, he has burning red hair, brown eyes and tan-ish skin. As Slim, he has blond hair, blue eyes and pale skin. Both stand around 5'6" tall and are athletic in build.

Clothes: Usually seen in long sleeved shirts with a vest over it, denim pants and tennis shoes.

Personality: Flame is usually quite cheerful, but has a sadistic nature in battle. Will do anything for his pals, but is usually selfish. He is cold towards "enemies", but gentle to his friends.

Bio: Flame was best friends with Slim before the announcement of the battle games. When Slim was chosen to battle, Flame decided to tell him the truth of his race. Slim, being a cowardly soul, made a pact with Flame, a boy who would do anything for his friends, that Flame "absorb" him and fight in place of Slim in the tournament. Naturally, Flame agreed. Their intentions for the Talent of Blank are currently unknown, though Flame may use it to help Slim with his "problem", also currently unknown. Both share an intense dislike for Mauri, and may intend to "absorb" him before the tournament is over. He is known to have said that he won't let anyone get in his way of winning. Rumored to be a part of the "Protector Clan", the ones who originally wrought chaos on the first tournament 70 years ago.
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just the number of talents possessed. what they are doesn't matter that much. however if you want to then feel free to go ahead and do so. btw this RP will not start until Sunday earliest. so please feel free to take your time...

EDIT: it will be starting on Sunday i'll make the first post. so long as we have 10 characters at least if not i will start it up on Monday.
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Affiliation: Good

Name: Diego Lennox

Nickname: Dee

Age: 15

Gender: Male

God Candidate Name: Judgement

God Candidate Description:: Appears as a slim white knight in light armor. He also has a silver and black mask over his eyes and mouth covered in armor with a white crown with long tips and rather long grey hair sprouting out the back of it. The chest armor is a turtle-neck and his legs turn to thin points at the end as it moves down. His left hand is the only hand covered in a gauntlet that has a claw installed that can be extended out for all five fingers. He has a white waist cape and a black cross etched onto his back. He also carries a long heavy sword with a long handle with a cross attached to the end of the handle and the hilt is designed with a red orb at the center with a golden circle around it broken at the handle and joint at the blade with 4 spikes extending from the red orb till outside of the circle on each side and the sword blade coming from the red orb and growing in width as it grows out longer till about the same width length as the hilt. The sword’s base stem glows gold in color and breaks at the center from the top down slightly. He has a white long barrel revolver equipped at his back of his waist and a chain tied around the right hand.

Power: The Power to Turn himself into animal.

Power Description: He can turn himself into animal. The most powerful form is bear, however he doesn't transform into it, cause he is afraid of bears.

Power Flaw: He can't alter his size. Furthermore he gets exhausted easily. This is the reason why sometimes he doesn't chose to transform himself into animal. In the beginning of each combat he prefers using some martial arts moves he knows and when he sees that he can't win in that way, he turns himself into animal. Finally, it is likely not to be able to control himself.

Power Level 2 Ability: He can transform into bigger animal-like beings, which are best described as monsters.

Race (1): Human

Race (2): Unknown

Appearance/Clothes: His head is angular in shape with unkempt, slightly long, blonde hair residing on the top of his scalp. His hair reaches just a few centimeters from the base of his neck. His hair also has a few slightly darker colored locks that came from his father’s gene pool. He has cerulean blue colored eyes, although they become green because of his contact lenses. They can't, however, hide the small shine in his eyes whenever he talks about animals. He has a slightly small nose and shallow cheeks. He has thin lips, and hiding behind them are pearly white teeth.

He is of tall height, being only about five feet and six inches tall. His skin has a fair pigmentation, making it obviously red when he stays under heat for very long periods. Even when giving him some time under the shade, his skin would only become light pink and stay in that color for some time. He has a lanky build, having a somewhat long and thin body, although not so thin that he looks anorexic. His chest and torso are also thinner than most, although Andi is slowly growing into his new body and height. His arms aren’t that big, but his knuckles are bony, giving the impression of a larger hand than it actually is. However, his hands are still fairly larger than most teenagers' his age. He is also bony and somewhat sharp at some points of his body, most noticeably his arms and legs.

His upper body is normally adorned by a light blue, long-sleeved shirt with a silhouette of a wolf’s head on it. Over the shirt is a dark gold, black rimmed vest. On the right side of the best is a pocket where he'd be able to store a small object. He tucks the shirt under his dark gray slacks. He wears a black belt around his slacks. On the black belt is a gold-colored buckle that glints under light. His slacks are particularly long, the pants ending a little bit over his white and black sneakers. He also wears a dark blue visor on his head. Emblazoned on it in black is an eagle's wing.

Personality: Diego's ordinary first impression is that of a shy and silent boy, which, in reality, is actually very true. Often distant and quiet, he would usually be seen staring outside a window or at a piece of scenery, observing a rather peculiar animal or insect, or engrossed in a book of varying genres. He doesn’t talk very much and prefers to use one-word answers and short phrases rather than full-blown sentences. He isn’t very likely to voice out his opinions on various subjects, having only enough confidence to raise them only on a few topics. This sometimes gives the impression that he’s cold and anti-social. This, however, is very wrong. He is sometimes lonely, often finding his only solace in animals or books. This is because he lacks self-confidence in himself to actually make friends that would like him for himself. He also lacks the ability to believe in others, thinking that somehow, someway, people will always let him down.

Because of his low self-confidence, he is apt to make self-degrading remarks, although most of it would only be said in his mind. In these times, his face would be shadowed, and he'd emit a negative aura. This aura would get many reactions, although most are usually of fright or pity. These are also the times that he may even make snide and angry jibes, although they'd mostly be half-hearted. However, when mixed with his negative aura, threateningly low voice (despite it being unintentional), and often hard comments, they can be quite harsh comments.

His voice isn’t that loud either from speaking so little times. However, being silent allows him to be quite observant if the situation calls for it; he has the ability take in everything he sees, hears, and smells in one single moment and can easily recall them in just a few minutes if not seconds. He can also pick up slight details in pictures if the need calls for it, which he usually does when he’s studying or observing one animal or another. However, he is prone to go into a mental monologue about what he's observing, leaving him oblivious to all his surroundings. This is often a paradox to his parents, who knows he has photographic memory despite his times of ignorance.

He actually trained his eye for detail since he was still seven years old, when he decided he wanted to become an Animal Behaviorist, or a scientist that studies animal behavior in layman’s terms. It has been an amazement to many that he has stuck to this goal for such a long time. His eye for detail also allows him to be able to identify some people’s psychological state of mind; why they do so and when they are most likely to do it. He isn’t, however, always right. However, he never delves on a person too long in fear of becoming close to that one person. He usually uses this ability to identify and calculate an animal's behavior.

As implied before, he absolutely loves animals, more so than the average child. He is also quite knowledgeable about different kinds of animals, his knowledge on fauna surpassing that of both his father’s and mother’s combined. At a very young age, this is quite a feat. Also, his love for animals even initiated him to become vegetarian when he was only eleven years old, much to the surprise of his parents. It also made him want to take pictures of the different animals he sees, and thus, he brings a digital camera everywhere. This shows his dedication and love for animals. However, despite it, he isn't very likely to show it in front of people. He also has a great fear of bears. Not so much as to run away screaming when he sees one, but enough to make him stay far, and I mean far, away. He is likely to freeze stiff when he sees one.

Is this good?

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Well i made two more characters for this RP. good job waslis. i hope more people will join on us in this RP ^_^

Affiliation: Unknown

Name: Unknown

Nickname: Fear

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Absorbed Power: The Power to Turn Fears into Powerful Illusions

Absorbed Power’s Description: As the title says the user of this power can unleash very strong hypnotic like fears that appear to the person targeted and to others as well. The power cannot be stopped by anyone unless they face their fears and over come them. However this is a very difficult thing to do and is almost more than likely to prove impossible.

Absorbed Power’s Flaw: While the power is in effect the user must place his left arm behind his back. If the opponent overcomes their fears they can then dispel the powerful illusion. Though for almost anyone who isn’t of at least 8-Star ranking a feat such as that is impossible. However some people are different and their fears as well so the effect varies with the solution.

Absorbed Power Level 2 Ability: The level 2 of this power is to instead of feeding on fears that are already present. The person using this ability can create new fears and increase the amount in which the fear effects a person. The level 2 of this ability can only be stopped by beings of the 10-Star level. However the level of fear also effects others differently again so the destruction and overcoming the fear can vary from person to person.

Talent(s): He absorbed those talents that belonged to the power user named Tobias Follett. Tobias had a grand total of 20 talents. Information on those talents is limited at best.

Race (1): Hellion

Appearance: Around 6’3” and has red eyes. He is muscular as far as Hellions go and has long blue hair.

Clothes: Unknown

Personality: Unknown

Bio: Not much is known about the Hellion only known as Fear. He is one of the Hellions allowed on earth. He shortly after learning of the competition swallowed the closest power user. After swallowing him up he vanished without a trace. His current whereabouts are unknown as are his intentions. But it is clear something devious is in store for the tournament and possibly the others involved in it.

Affiliation: Unknown

Name: Adele Skye

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Grade: Senior in High School

God Candidate Name: Known only as “Orange Head.”

God Candidate Description: A tall woman of 5’7” she is a martial artist and skilled at it too. She found her candidate quite some time ago and has been teaching her the way to use her Sacred Treasures and train her body to fight in hand to hand combat. She has long orange hair and brown eyes and has been named OH by her candidate for the tournament that is short for Orange Head.

Power: The Power to Turn Oxygen into Transferable Power

Power Description: By using the oxygen in her lungs she is able to turn it into raw power, which as it sounds, can be used in multiple fashions. The cliché energy blast is possible though a lot of oxygen must be gathered for one blast. Energy may be transferred to objects of any sort such as her Sacred Treasures or even just adding them to a plant to make it grow. The energy can also be stored up in her body for short periods of time 24 hours being the maximum. By placing energy into a foreign object she is also capable of creating an energy like magnet by storing power in her Sacred Treasures. Upon using certain Sacred Treasures like Pick or Kurogane it would follow then follow the energy that was placed into a foreign object until destroying the foreign object or being destroyed itself. However in order to use that ability she must touch the foreign object to send her energy into it.

Power Flaw: Not only must the oxygen be in her lungs when using the power but regulated amounts determine how much and what way the energy can be used. In other words the more oxygen the more ways and more powerful the energy is. If the energy she stores in her body exceeds 24 hours then she will lose consciousness. However usually losing all of her energy will leave her either defenseless or unconscious. She must also touch any object in order to send her energy into it. However upon releasing it the energy would remain in whatever she touched.

Power Level 2 Ability: She is able to use the oxygen in the air now however it must be within a radius of 5 feet. Also her previous hinders besides the one about being able to use the oxygen in the air mentioned still exist. The one slightly altered flaw is that upon using her level 2 ability she must release all of the energy she stored up while using the level 2 ability within 12 hours, if not she loses consciousness. If she concentrates her energy into both hands she is able to use two sacred treasures at the same time. But she is limited to only two at the same time maximum.

Talent(s): Sympathize, Kick, Crush, Punch, Eat, Focus, Play Volley Ball, Stare, Comprehend, Ride a Bike and Fashion.

Sacred Treasures: 5-Star Heavenly Being

Power Influence on Sacred Treasures: She is able to concentrate the power of a Sacred Treasure to a precise point or spread the power to every part of the Sacred Treasure. If she spreads the power to every part of the Sacred Treasure it is upgraded and takes on a superior form.

Race (1): Heavenly Being

Race (2): Canadian

Nation: She has been living in Canada but like others is deciding to travel to North America to fight.

Appearance: She is 5’6” and has a fairly strong build for a beginner martial artist. She has long brown hair and turquoise colored eyes. She looks very similar to the image below except the eye color difference and the hair being longer.

Clothes: She wears a vanilla colored shirt and long blue jeans over her jacket she wears a large brown coat. This all looks sort of like the image below.

Personality: Normally a bit arrogant she likes to comment on the flaws of others especially in combat. However she isn’t mean and is actually kind to those she considers friends as well as protective. She is cautious about other people especially those she considers “shady.”

Bio: She lived in Canada her whole life and has enjoyed it. However most of her life she’s been involved in any sort of club that involves fighting from martial arts to wrestling. She when confronted by her God Candidate thought it was a joke however she was proved wrong by her God Candidate when she used a power to annihilate an entire tree. She immediately joined the tournament and has been training with her physical abilities, power and Sacred Treasures. She enjoys the company of her God Candidate and has nicknamed her OH as her original nickname around other Heavenly Beings/God Candidates was Orange Head. While she is looking forward to fighting other Power users she is particularly interested in fighting other Heavenly Beings, which she has made clear to her God Candidate.
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