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~=))|>The Last Stand<|((=~

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Like No Other
Jan 3, 2005
The following rp is inspired by the Greek-Persian Battle of Thermopylae. Recently, a motion picture was released based on this important segment of the Greek-Persian War. The movie, 300, is a rough adaptation of the event and tells the tale of one of the most heroic last stands in world history.

Humans….they are our greatest failure yet..
Blasphemous mortals that greedily slaughter one another for land, treasure, and all the glory in the world.
They are weak.
Hear me, my immortal brethren, for even we, the great gods that hold up the skies and earth have put up with their unruliness for long enough!
It is time the humans learn to repent their sins, or perish in condescension….

The city of Metropolis, the core of human society, is in great danger. The great gods, who have once honored and cherished them, have turned their good impression into a merciless rage against their race. Advised to carry out this mass extermination by the rancorous war god, Erebos, he calls upon the ancient race of the Thrans, whose thundering legions of troops flourish in both numbers and strength. Human-populated countries immediately shun away from all matters and plead for mercy to the gods; only one kingdom remains unscathed by the threat of the Thran. Metropolis, the last standing kingdom of man, provokes the Immortal Erebos, questions his meaningless campaign, and sends her best to the Pass of Hermeticia for a final stand against their superiors and for their freedom.

The guardians of Metropolis consist of small battalions of elite warriors, remarkably gifted in both talent and strength. At birth, they were taught never to surrender and never to abandon their comrades. Fore to them, to die in battle is the greatest glory one could ever achieve.

These wily champions have proven their cunning and experience in combat for many many generations. They use their surroundings to create a substantial geographical advantage. They react in unity and assault at any time they are given the chance. They are in fact the proudest military power among the human race. Each warrior, more than willing to give their last breath to defend their home. Thus, the Metropolis knights: the finest soldiers the world has ever known.

Though they are outnumbered 500 to 1, the narrow pathway and high cliffs at the Pass of Hermeticia provide the Metropolians with a sturdy advantage. Even with the Thrans’ superior numbers, the heart and will of a human are not easily destroyed; and when given enough of this triumphant determination can even make the most immortal of gods and beings….bleed.

Yes everybody this rp is based on a single battle.

Everyone should know by now. If not, go here.

Race: Human. No discussion..unless of course you want to be an opposing force.
Bio: (Be creative..I’m allowing your own personal bio and birthplaces..just has to correspond with the storyline and the setting.)
Weapon Mastery: (What kind of warrior are you? Swords, Spears, Axe, Mage.)
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