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Fanfiction ► /!\The Keyblade Wars what really Happened (You choose what happens)/!\


Badly spelt story in script form, or this?

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Feb 6, 2005
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For those who do not know, I suspended ddwrh 2, so I am going to start a new story altogether, based on the secret ending (why is this so popular?)
(By the way, you still choose what happens)


Ned}----from previous
Shaun}--- fictions

Ned is the master of light. Shaun is the master of darkness. Yeah. They are a good team, I swear. Everybody uses a keyblade here, because of the keyblade wars concept. There will be a prologue, so don't be so unaware of characters, ect. And for the people who flamed -welcome to the abyss- it was just a random thing I wanted to try, If a mod wants, delete it. I will do so myself if it is needed (can members delete topics? I'll just close it) ANYWAY!!!!

The Non Organization

It is 8:42. Shaun wakes up and bangs his alarm on the top. He pushes kicks Ned who is sleeping on the floor.
"What? Sausages? No, no cheese. Would you like that with ice?" He mutters.
"NED YOU IDIOT!" Screams Shaun. "GERRUP!"
"Is it breakfast already?" Says Ned. He shakes his head, and strolls across the hallway to the bathroom, and Shaun can hear the distant noise of somebody being sick.
"I'm not cleaning that up." He shouts.
"Where are the others?"
"Asleep downstairs. I think they'll be awake by now."
There was a crash of a plate breaking.
"Yep they are awake." Shouted Shaun. Ned rushed down the stairs and saw Sora shouting at Kairi.
"You dropped it!" He shouted.
"But you gave it me!" Kairi shouted back.
"So? You still dropped it!"
"But who's gonna clean it?" Said Shaun, coming behind from Ned. "I know, both of you. Ned, help them."
"Alright." They muttered together. Sora went into the dining room and stepped over Roxas's limp, tired body to get to the cupboard where the brush was. Sora saw Roxas was asleep and started poking him with the hard end of the brush.
"Ow. Ow ow ow." He started muttering. Sora began to laugh, and stepped over him again.
"What time is it?" Said Roxas.
Sora froze.
"Urm... 5 o'clock. go back to sleep."
"Is it? That clock must be wrong then. Ah well."
Roxas started to shut his eyes, but could not get back to sleep, so he went into the lounge where Ned was sat on a office chair, spinning around, and Shaun was stood on the bottom stair bossing Sora and Kairi around.
"That's right, brush it into the bin. Oh, morning mate."
"Hi." Said Roxas.
"How are you?" Said Ned, from a corner. Roxas suddenly had a flashback of him looking over a cliff wearing a bungee, and Sora telling him it was okay and pushing him off the edge. Roxas shivered.
"...Fine." He rubbed his shoulders.
"Urr, yeah, sorry about that." Said Sora.
"He was crying all night in agony." Exclaimed Kairi, and she smiled.
"Where's Donald and Goofy?" Said Roxas.
"Out. With Riku." Muttered Sora.
"Again? What are they up to?" Said Ned.
"God knows." Said Shaun, stepping off the stairs and examining his partly destroyed living room. "How about we fire up the PS2?"
Everyone agreed, so they took it in turns to play Soul Calibur 3, winner stays on. Time was quickly passing, and as Ned and Roxas were in the middle of a match, there was a knock on the door.
"I'll get it." Said Sora. He crossed the 'Threshold' with a couple of complaints on the way, ("Move you dimwit I can't see!") he got to the door and opened it.
"Oh, look who it is." Said Sora.
"Thats no way to greet a friend, Sora." Said Riku.
"Where's Donald and Goofy? I thought they were with you?"
"They are. They're in the van."
Sora looked over behind Riku's shoulder to what looked like a copy of the A-Team van.
"I thought you had the batmobile?" Said Sora.
"I did. It blew up, remember?"
"Oh yeah." Sora had a flash-back of when he decided to test out his magic skills on Riku's car. ("I knew I should have used thunder!")
"I got this for cheap anyway. Just customised it a bit, this T.V set was bankrupt and selling it for 20000 Munny." Said Riku.
"So that's what you did with that money we got from saving Olympia."
"Well, I didn't use all of it. Bring everybody with you, and I'll show you what I mean. Kairi should stay here though."
"Alright." Said Sora, and he and Riku headed inside.
If you don't get the thing with the batmobile... read my past fic.... heheh.

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Feb 25, 2006
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I hope Databanks hurries up and updates, I'm getting bored. BTW: if you skrew this up like your last one, you are soooo dead meat! While your last one was laugh-out-loud funny it was too, too random to even begin to make sense of!
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