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Fanfiction ► The Key and The Flame: On the Run ~ Days, BBS, and perhaps Re:Coded Spoilers are included

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Dawn Rebirth

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Sep 4, 2009
Can you say vacay on Radiant Isle, and I'm growing
For all those who wondering, no you haven't lost your mind nor are you in the process of doing so ^0^

But all kidding aside, something happened and we decided to split the story, this is where everything that happens to Roxas and Axel is.

Enjoy when we get to it ;D

The Key and The Flame: On the Run



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Dec 15, 2009
This is for Dawn Rebirth and I. I wrote Day 356 where Axel and Roxas have just arrived from the World That Never Was and Dawn Rebirth wrote the part where the two meet Aqua on Day 358. And, sorry for double-posting. This is dedicated to Dawn Rebirth. Dawn, I hope you enjoy this part.

~Roxas' POV~
Day 356
Year: 2
The portal, Axel and I had escaped from brought us to this weird place. The lands were made up several tiny islands that floated above a massive orange sea with several boulders and rocks that pierced the virgin ocean. Trees were scattered everywhere on these tiny islands. And, among the island that the strange portal had brought us to stood a brown, crooked castle tower with a blue roof with several stars on shaped like a wizard's hat. The tower had several stars, moons, and sunshaped-windows to it, which reached up all the way to the weird-looking hat-shaped roof.
This place felt familiar for some reason. I know that Nobodies don't have hearts, but the 'feelings' I had with this place told me that I had been here before. As puzzled as I was, no memory I could muster could tell me if I or my Somebody had been here before. Besides the feelings of familiarity, this place gave me an eerie feeling. I guess I was just overthinking.
But as I was thinking, my friend, Axel had snuck over to the doors of this mysterious tower. I ran towards his side. He tried to take a little peek into the tower through a crack in the giant, blue doors. I tugged at his trenchcoat trying to tell him that it wasn't a good idea. But, Axel just shooed me away.
Suddenly, the doors magically opened on their own. Axel was knocked into some nearby bushes in the courtyard of the castle. I snickered as Axel picked himself out of the hedges. Axel screamed in pain as he turned around and a gaggle full of thorns pierced his behind. "Way to go, Know-it-all. I told you being close to those doors wasn't such a smart idea," I laughed.
His face turned redder than usual as he fumed up with embarrassment. "Oh, hahaha, why don’t you get over here and help me, Zombie," Axel retorted as he stepped closer towards me. He clenched his teeth as he didn’t want to yelp from the pain caused by the thorns.
The doors remained open. "You coming or what, Thorn Butt," I yelled to the redhead.
Axel gave me a death glare. He eyed the doors suspiciously "Yeah right, do I look like I want to get smacked again by those doors," Axel complained.
I gave Axel a big smirk and headed through the doors. They didn’t move an inch. I called to my best friend behind the doors, "See I made it through the doors, Ax. You can do it. Believe me on this."
Axel stood on the stone slabs that made up the castle’s porch. He gave the doors one last glare and took a deep breath. Axel headed through the doors with his eyes closed. He groaned in pain from the thorns as he made it through the doors to my side. "You did it, Axel," I cheered.
Axel opened his eyes. He looked at me and then at the doors. "Yeah, I guess I did," Axel chuckled.
"But, these thorns still hurt," Axel sighed.
He sent a pair of flames towards his butt. "You better make sure that you don't torch your coat again," I said to the redhead.
Axel snickered, "Stop worrying, Roxas."
The flames disentigrated the thorns. His coat remained undamaged. I gazed upon the swirling staircase in front of us. "Well, are you just going to stand there and gawk or are you going to join me?" Axel said as he stood atop the staircase and gazed down at me.
"Axel, how did you get up there?" I asked the redhead.
Axel chuckled, "While you were busy gawking, I used a dark corridor and snuck to my current location."
"But, doesn’t that seem like a waste of time," I asked the Flurry of Dancing Flames.
Axel scratched the back of his crimson spikes and gave me another glare. "Oh haha, you coming or what," Axel repeated my question to me.
"Yeah, of course I’m coming, Slowking," I called the redhead as I ran towards and passed him on the staircase.
We raced up the staircase of the tower until we reached a strange door. I was about to barge into the room, until Axel grabbed me by the hood of my coat. I still had redmarks around my neck from the time Axel had dragged me through that portal (that brought us to the Mysterious Tower from the World That Never Was) to begin with. Axel went to my level and put his fingers to his lips as he gave me a "Sh" sound. "Quiet Roxas, do you want them to hear us?" the redhead had asked.
"There’s people here?" I asked the redhead.​
Axel nodded and gave me another "Sh". He grabbed my hand and took me over to the strange door. Axel put my face against a crack in the door. I looked into the room to see an old man with a long thick grey beard and large, oval-shaped eyes glancing at a large book on an old desk. He wore a long, blue robe and a pointed-shaped hat, similar to the roof outside. Several bookcases lined the room from every angle in the room. And, behind the man stood two windows, one of a star and the other of a cresent moon.
The man looked up from his book and towards the crack where I was looking. His eyes blinked and he lifted one of his hands from the book and twirled it around. Small litters of glitter floated from the man’s hand. The door, Axel and I stood behind magically opened up on its own. Axel and I rolled into the room like a pair of boulders falling off a giant hill.
The door next to the study opened up. Two figures errupted from the door, one resembled a dog and the other resembled a duck. The dog-figure was dressed up like a knight and the white duck as a mage of some sort. "Master Yen Sid, what’s the problem," the dog knight asked as he held up his shield and glanced carefully around the room.
"The Organization," the duck mage screamed as he gazed upon Axel and me.
The old wizard known as Yen Sid rose up from his study and looked down at the two of us with those frightening, large eyes. He glanced back to the duck and the dog figures. "Now, Goofy and Donald, they are my guests," the wizard said.
"But, Yen Sid," the duck known as Donald exclaimed.
"Donald," the man retorted.
Donald pulled his staff back to the side and gave us a glare. "Who are you, two? And, why do you look so familiar," the dog figure asked as he came close to me and studied me.
"Uh, why are you so close," I asked nervously.
"You just remind me of someone," the dog-figure replied.
"Goofy, Donald, that is no way to greet our guests," the wizard, Yen Sid said.
The dog-figure known as Goofy and the duck, Donald went to the side of the man. "What do you mean by guests," Axel asked as he got up from his feet and stood up.
"Exactly what I meant," the man answered.
I got up to my feet. "Why are we your guests? How did you know that we were coming? Were you the one that made the portal," I asked the man.
"Indeed, I was the one that had summoned you two here. I require your services, Nobodies, especially yours, Roxas," the man said as he turned from us and took his seat at his desk.
"How did you know my name," I asked the man.
The man went to study his book and then looked back up at me. "Because, I was a Keyblade Master and it was and still is my job to keep the balance between the darkness and the light. And, what I require from you two is to bring back someone important," Yen Sid said.
"Somebody important? Who do you mean?" I asked the wizard.
"Aqua," Yen Sid said as he held up one hand and released tiny blue fragments from his hand. The fragments formed into a Keyblade. It’s guard was shaped like two shooting stars, the chain a crescent moon, and the overall appearance of the Keyblade was blue and looked a shooting star.
"Take this, you may need this," Yen Sid said as he handed me this strange Keyblade.
"Why are you giving me a Keyblade," I asked the man.
"This Keyblade isn’t your ordinary Keyblade. It was once used by a student of mine. It’s called Star Seeker. It will help you on your journey to rescue Aqua from the Realm of Darkness," he said to me as I took the Keyblade from his hands.
"It looks pretty special," I said as I held it up.
"Yes, and now observe its power," Yen Sid said.
"Power-" I exclaimed.
Star Seeker glowed with an elegant bright blue light. A small ray of glittering, light blue light emerged from it’s blade and a portal of blue energy appeared. The aura from the Keyblade dissipated. "What just happened," I asked.
"Star Seeker has made a path for you to the Realm of Darkness," Yen Sid replied.
"Excuse me, the Realm of Darkness, but isn’t that where Nobodies and Heartless go after they have been destroyed? And, who’s Aqua?" Axel asked Yen Sid.
"Aqua was a student of my old friend, Master Eraqus. She went there after trying to save somebody. And, yes Nobodies and Heartless do go there after they have been destroyed, but Star Seeker’s power can open any pathways, otherwise unavailable," the wizard said.
"How will we return with her? And, how will we know her after we find her," I asked the old wizard.
"Roxas, you should already know the answer," the old wizard replied.
I looked at the man dumbfounded. Axel grabbed my hood again and dragged me through the blue portal.

Day 358:
Master Aqua

Year: 2
Point of view: Roxas
We arrived at the shores of darkness, the Dark Margin. Axel looked around, "So, where is she?"
"We're not going to find out by standing here" I said walking forward.
Axel shrugged with a sigh, "As usual all work and no play"
All around the dark road were floating rocks with blue crystals glowing faintly, "Seems like I've been walking for ages" the Keyblade Master said wiping the from her forehead, "How long have I been down here?" a Darkside emerged from the voidful darkness. Aqua summoned her fallen Master's Keyblade as three more arrived.
One of then began to raise it's fist as she dismissed the blade, "Maybe ... I should fade into the darkness here" just as the she was about to succumb a flash of light destroyed every Darkside; it was the Keyblades of her fallen friends.
"Yo, you her?" she turned her face to us, more specifically Axel.
"Two more, when does it end?"
Axel tried to get the point across, "Wait a minute, you're Aqua, Master Aqua?"
"Who wants to know?"
"Friends of Yen Sid"
She gasped and then began to glare, "Nice try, but Yen Sid would never associate himself with beings of darkness!"
Axel scratched the back of his head with his right hand, "Ouch, and we're the ones with no heart"
I shook my head, "We'll just have to leave, she isn't going to believe us" I turned around, and was about to step to walk away.
She stopped glaring, "Wait, that voice ..." she walked over to me, turned me around, knelt down, and pulled down my hood. Her eyes grew big and then she hugged me, "Oh my god, Ven. I thought it was you, I didn't think you could wake up on your own"
"Uh, not to ruin your reunion, but that isn't Ven"
She look at him with a hard look, "What do mean?"
"I know, I know. I thought he was Ven too, but he isn't ... But Ven's heart does reside in him. Also, you might wanna let go of him"
"Uh well, it's just you're kinda ... Smothering him"
She let go, to see that was beat-red, "Oh, OH! I'm uh so sorry!" She said stepping away.
"You uh, abouta have a nose bleed 'Mr. Sly Fox'?"
I put my hands in front of me, "That wasn't what I was trying to do honest"
Axel laughed and she hit him, "It's not funny, whoever you are" she was also beat-red.

"We have returned with Aqua, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!" I yelled coming out of a corridor.



Mar 23, 2010
I really like this, great detail and stuff. A little hard to read at some parts because everything was smothered together. How you wrote it was sort of cool too. But the ending shouldn't have went by so fast. I would like to read more of the ending then just finding out that they reached Aqua and got her out in a snap.


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Dec 15, 2009
Day 359

Realm of Darkness

Dark Margin

~Axel’s POV~

I stood next to Roxas.
“Roxas, you ready to go,” I asked the kid.

Roxas nodded and summoned the Keyblade, which old man had
given him, “Yeah, as ready as ever, Axel.”

The woman in front of us, Aqua stared at the Keyblade in
amazement. “Wait, isn’t that Mickey’s
Keyblade? How did you get your hands on
it?” she asked as she examined the Keyblade closely.

“Yen Sid gave it to us to get here. He said it has a mystical power,” Roxas
explained to Aqua.

“Are we just going to stand here and talk or are we going to
go already?” I complained as I flexed my arms behind my head with boredom.

Aqua gave me a sour look.
But, it didn’t hurt, one of the many advantages of not having a heart,
lol. Roxas pointed Star Seeker towards a
dim light on the shores of the dark beach.
The Keyblade glowed like it did before and a portal opened up. I headed through the vortex and ended up in
Yen Sid’s study. Roxas came in after me
with Aqua attached to his arm, he was bright red. Oh boy, I guess Roxas is a real lady’s man.

The portal closed.
Roxas returned Star Seeker back to Yen Sid. Donald and Goofy looked at Aqua with
shock. Aqua gave them a reassured smile
and turned to Yen Sid. She bowed and
then looked up at Roxas. “Master Yen
Sid, I would like to request that these two come with me on a mission to Castle
Oblivion,” she said as she rose back up.

“What, you want that guy to come with you, Aqua,” Donald
shouted as he pointed a wing at me accusingly.

I rolled my eyes at the duck. Sure, I planned to find the secret chamber
for Saix and my plot, but that seemed out-of-the-picture for now, anyways. Yen Sid nodded. “Yes Aqua, you may go, but I will be keeping
a close eye on your companions.” The old
man looked at Roxas and me with his big eyes.
If I did have a heart they would freak me out.

Aqua smirked and then turned towards Roxas. “I think I may know a way to wake Ven up,”
Aqua said as she ran out of the castle and into the courtyard.

I was about to summon a dark corridor, but Yen Sid glared at
me. “I forbid you use those things in my
castle,” the old man said.

I sighed and let it go.
No portal appeared. Roxas was in
his usual trance. I grabbed his hand and
we rushed down the long staircase into the courtyard to meet Aqua. She pulled out an old Keyblade. “This was my master’s Keyblade. He died a long time ago at the hands of a
friend. So, I carry his Keyblade in his
honor,” she said with a sad face.

I scratched the back of my head. “But, how are you going to get to Castle
Oblivion? You have no means of
transportation,” I said to Aqua.

Aqua stared at me and lowered her master’s Keyblade. “Yeah, I guess you’re right. But, how do you guys travel then?” she asked
me with a smart look.

I smirked. “Simply,
Roxas and I are both Nobodies. We have
the power to summon Dark Corridors at any time we wish. But, since you aren’t a Nobody then it might
be hard for you if you come with us.” I
noticed her wardrobe.

“Yeah, and what exactly will I need to get through a Dark
Corridor?!” she asked giving me a glaring look.

Roxas smirked. He
pulled out a black trench coat from out-of-the-blue. He approached Aqua and handed her the black
coat. “You can use this. It’ll protect you from the darkness,” he said
to her.

Aqua slipped on the black coat. I looked down at Roxas. “How did you get that,” I asked him.

Roxas gave me a mischievous smirk. “It’s one of your extras, Ax,” he replied.

My jaw dropped. “You
stole one of my extras! You little
sneak!” I exclaimed.

“Are we going or what?” Aqua
asked interrupting our conversation.

I turned opposite of the tower
and flicked my hand opened. A black mist
appeared and a portal appeared. Roxas
headed in first, I followed next, and Aqua went in after us. “You have to be careful, while you’re in
here. Darkness is everywhere. Don’t give in and don’t give up,” I told the
blue-haired woman.

Castle Oblivion

Chamber of Waking

We arrived outside of Castle Oblivion. Aqua stared up at the castle. “Ven,” she gasped as she stared at it.

Sounds of rushes and several vortexes of white swirls
appeared. “Uh-oh, how’d they find us
here?!” I gasped as the portals gave way to several Dusks.

Aqua’s trance was broken by the sounds of the Dusks. She summoned her master’s Keyblade. “What are these things,” she asked us.

“They’re called Dusks, they’re the minions of Organization
XIII,” I answered to her.

“Organization XIII, what’s that,” she asked us.

“No time to explain.
Axel, we need to head to the castle ASAP,” Roxas said as he headed
through the castle’s doors.

I followed suite.
Aqua tried to follow, but she was quickly outnumbered by the Dusks. Roxas looked at the crowd of Dusks, Aqua was
fighting so hard against them. There
were too many of them. Roxas turned from
the doors and fled back to Aqua. I
called to him, “What are you doing, Roxas?
They’ll destroy you.”

Roxas summoned his Keyblade and ran to Aqua’s aide. Lights of blue appeared out of Roxas’ body
and they ran straight towards the Dusks.
Hundreds of dusks were destroyed, but several more took their place. I looked at the doors and sighed. Circulating the Dusks, I gave Roxas, Aqua,
and myself plenty of time to head through the doors.

Roxas and I pulled the doors opened and Aqua ran through
them. I went in next and Roxas
last. The flames vanished and the Dusks
were slithering closer to the castle, to us.
We pushed the doors closed as quickly as we could. Roxas leapt back a few feet and shot a light
of silver light from his Keyblade. The
light hit the doors and the doors became locked.


Dawn Rebirth

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Sep 4, 2009
Can you say vacay on Radiant Isle, and I'm growing
This my add-on, enjoy ;D

Day 359: Ventus' Waking

Year: 2

Point of View: Roxas

I let out a sigh of relief as I dimissed my Keyblade, "That was too close"

Axel examined the two seperate staircases, one going up and another going down, "So Aqua, which stairs do we take to get the CoW?" he asked wiping off some sweat from his forehead with his right hand.


"Neither?! So what, we just sit here until they catch us?!" Axel demanded flailing his arms.

Aqua walking forward summoned her 'Master's Key', then putting her left hand over her right she lifted the key, pulled it, and thrusted it forward. A beam of light the came from hit the wall which seperated the two sets of stairs. The black wall revealed a large white door bearing a silver heart-shaped symbol, black lining, with a blueish-white center, a silver chain-like pattern running across the outter sides of the symbol. Both me and Axel's mouths were gaping, "Ventus should be inside" Aqua said before walking on ahead to open the door.

Axel looked somewhat annoyed his eyes half-way shut, "I passed that door 32 times and I never once suspected it was there"

"Ventus is inside ... I wonder ... What is it about him ... That I remind everyone about" I said aloud deep in thought.


My mouth was gaping again, "No way" my lips mouthed.

The room was somewhat small, the symbol of the heart was in each direction of the room, silver chain-like patterns on each side. In the center was a white ivory chair, that looked more like a throne to be honest, sleeping in it was a boy dressed in silver and platinum green armor. His shirt was somewhat similar to a mixture of my jacket and shirt underneath my coat. On his left wrist was a white wrist band, white and black in a checkered pattern that reminded me of the white and black wrist band I had on mine and the black paint of my index and the white paint of my middle.

His jeans were similar the ones I had on, the shoes I had on, he even had a silver badge in the same place that my necklace was. And his face looked exactly like mine. I stared down at the ground, "Am I ... Am ... I just a bunch of used parts?" I asked starting to realize that I wasn't my own person.

Axel and Aqua were having a hard time looking at me straight, "I'm sorry Roxas" they said sharing their sympathy at the same time.

I shook my head, "Then I guess I owe him this much" I started to walk forward grabbing his right hand as the room dissappeared in a blindinng flash.


I looked up surrounded by the eternal darkness standing on top of a pilar of stained-glass. On the right side was a boy with brown hair, wearing a red jumpsuit, yellow shoes, and blue jacket he was surrounded by palm trees galore and a blue sun. On the left side there was a picture of Ventus who was surrounded by a a bunch of orange bulidings and an orange sun.

I looked around, "Where am I?"

"Our heart"

I jumped to see a mirror seperating the two sides, Ventus was standing on the other side, "What the hell- Our heart?" I asked somewhat glaring.

"About 15 years ago after my former master, Master Xehanort had released my darkness I was almost left as shell. But, then your heart called out to me and joined with mine. Four years later, after my heart had been shattered again your heart saved me and they became one again. By doing this you took on the role as my darkness, just as I took on the role as your light. Xemnas found out you had my heart, and made it so I couldn't protect your from falling into darkness. And thus Roxas was born taking on the appearance inside my heart"

"I'm darkness? What is that supposed to mean?!"

"... No, Sora is my darkness. His heart isn't with you, but you still remian my shadow, as I remain your reflection"

"Stop talkin' in riddles, already" I looked down somewhat sad.

"And now, just like 15 years ago, it's time for my new begininng. Our new begininng"

"Our Birth by Sleep!" we said together.


The begininng ... The end ... Where it does it start ... Where does it end? As Axel and Roxas, having left the organization and having met new friends now have reawoken Ventus after a long a 11 year slumber. However as so much takes place, it is begininng to seem something terrible is on the verge of transpiring. But the question is what?

End of chapter 1 :D

Dawn Rebirth

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Sep 4, 2009
Can you say vacay on Radiant Isle, and I'm growing
Beginning of the new chappy :D

Chapter 2: The Death-Blade's reach

Day 12: Where the heart goes: Another side

Year: -9

Point of View: Vanitas
"Damn him" the boy with spiky black hair cursed. "Is it those friends of his that give him such strength?"

"Fading ... Fading into light", his eyes golden-amber shut as he was beginning to fall into a deep sleep. "Who am I? ... Where am I?"

"How dissapointing" a dry voice called out.

"Whose there?" the boy called out.

"So you have forgotten, have you? What you took has been taken from you. Broken Death-Blade"

"AHHH!" the boy screeched as his skull felt like it had just been shattered. "M-master?"

"It would seem you are following exactly in my shadow" the voice said following a sigh at the end. "Listen well. We may have lost the battle but the war, ohoho no. The war is far from over, and as long as there is light in every world, in every heart, it shall continue!" the voice claimed with a much greater amount of enthusasim.

The boy laughed softly "Easy for you to say, as far as I can see, I'm getting a discharge"

"Not yet you aren't! As long as Ventus exists you must as well, even if you are no longer his darkness"

"Ven ... Tus?"

"Yes, your ... Former other half. He has a connection with that boy, you have none"

"And ... You're ... Going ... Where ... With ... Th-" the boy tried to queirry sleep taking him.

"It is not your time, not yet" three gaps of darkness appeared around the boy. "I offer to you three of my roads, each containing no current darkness upon them. Take one, but choose carefully for it shall be a shackle for you until your recovery"

The boy opened his eyes, "Never was one for random descions" his body was immediately surrounded in a black orb of darkness. "So ..." the darkness dissappeared to reveal three shards of his broken heart, each divided and and dripping with darkness, "I'll take each, makes the game interesting afterall"

"AHAHAHAHAHAHA! That's m'boy, let that darkness overtake the hearts of those Ventus' does not reside in!"

Note the the minus sign next to year's number.

Dawn Rebirth

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Sep 4, 2009
Can you say vacay on Radiant Isle, and I'm growing
DR: Yeah, we're back, but for the time being, Desire (Dreaded_Desire62) is going to take over for F_H (Fractured_Heart). Anyways, we have one written by me and one by her.

Here's mine :D

Day ???: The matured vessels

Year: -11/-6/-3

Point of View: Ienzo-Riku-Kairi

I hurried in quietly and made my way to the computer, shifted my head to the right, checking to see if anyone had followed me (Never can be too sure with Braig) before reaching for the keyboard.

"Ienzo, what are you doing?" a voice emitting from the computer queried.

I put my left index finger to my mouth, "Shhh, don't give me away, Tron" I whispered.

On the monitor the bar lowered itself as the voice warned in much more hushed voice, "Ienzo, you could get a lot of trouble if Xehanort found out you were here"

I sighed, "I know, but I can't let him have his way. The people in the castle, even the people on the outside are all in jeopardy because of him ... I've done horrible things to innocent lives ... I don't want the city of light to be wiped from the sky"

"... I'm afraid that's no longer possible, when that machine goes off this moment along with everything up to that point will be erased from my memory banks"

"Maybe, but I can at least try. Please Tron"

The voice was quiet, the arrow having an hourglass to the left, "... ... ... The password is 'memory' " my friend told me as the hourglass went away.

I nodded with a smile, "Arigato, Tron" I moved the mouse and clicked in the text box, followed by typing in 'memory', and pressing the 'enter' button. The loading circle rotated clockwise three times before revealing the contents. After two minutes of reading, my left eye bulged, "This ... Can't be right ... Xehanort ... ..." I looked down in with a expression of sulk.

"I'm sorry, I didn't think you would want to know"

"No, it's my own fault, this is the price I had to pay in order to know what Xehanort was planning" after another twenty minutes of searching through I muttered, "Death-Blade ... Vessels ... I'm ... one of them?"

"It would seem Xehanort has a very complex history, and also he's been recovering from his amnesia ever since Even and the Master did their experiment on him"

"Astonishing, arigato Tron. Unfortunately, I can't risk any of them finding out, I have to delete your memory of me accessing this terminal"

"I understand, but I want you to promise me you won't do something this risky again, don't take any illogical routes, even if your user urges are there"

I folded my arms, "Tron, I know you're just a program, but I find that very offensive"

"And you think I don't find that offensive?" he queried with a laugh.

I opened up the history, made him the promise, and deleted all traces of evidence of my hacking in. I hurried to my room right after I hit delete, thinking 'please let no one have seen me' over and over in my head. I arrived to a wall pressed my hand, the scanning took place, and ran in my room the door shutting behind me. I breathed a sigh of relief, as I leaned against the door. "Now to write down what I've learned"


I stare into a sea of stars laying on the beach my hands behind my head, "If there are other worlds ... Why did we end up on this one?" I wondered. "And suppose there are other worlds, then our's is only part of one much greater"

My mind went back three years, back when I met that man, the one who was from another world. I saw him gazing at the sunset, "Hey, did you come from the outside world?"

He jumped at the question, "Huh? Why would you say that?"

"Because nobody lives out here, and I know you're not from the main island"

"Smart kid. So how about you, what are you doing here?"

I looked to my friend Sora; white T-shirt, crimson red shorts, and caramel brown spiky hair who was over at the pier, "Oh, my friend's dad took us out on the boat. This is where we like to play, but they won't let us row out here by ourselves, not till we get older" I kicked the sand a bit.

"Must be hard, huh, stuck in one place"

I then thought about something that had taken place a six months before it. I was at home, I ventured into a closet that must have not been touched in at least a decade. I glanced to my right and then to my left, not much to see in the wooden cramped room, something on the top shelf grabbed my attention. I dashed into the kitchen to get a stool, grunted while trying to get it over to the closet. I placed it in the closet, got on it, but still couldn't reach. I reached for it, grabbed onto the shelf and the stool tipped over, "Whoa, wha-wh-wh-wh" I repeated flailing my feet, and then I heard a crack, in about an instant it collapsed.

I could hear my mom's feet stomping as she hurried to tend to me; her hair was the same as mine but in a ponytail, she wore a pink zip-up gown, an orange tank top, gray sweat pants. After an hour she finally asked, "What were you looking for?"

I looked at the picture, it was a picture of a man his back to the setting sun in the background. His hair was silver somewhat Mohawk-ish in the back, two foot long bangs on each side of his face, eyes like cat-green. He wore a black silk-sleeveless vest the collar sticking up, a gray button-up shirt collar sticking up and two black belts going across it, dark gray jeans, black boots, and a gray wrist band on each arms.

"Mom, who is that in the picture?"

She looked up with a wild expression on her face, "Picture?" she turned her head to the left in five seconds and then froze up. "Where did you find that?" she asked not looking away from the picture.

"That’s what I was trying get to, before I fell" I answered sullenly.

"Oh. I didn’t know it was there" she thought aloud.

"Who is he?"

She looked my way tears in her eyes, "He’s someone I care about that left the islands"


Her eyes got big, and she sighed, "Your dad's a fishman, he goes out to sea everyday, kiddo" she said with a smile rubbing my head.

I shook my head violantly, "Mom, you know I don't like that!" I yelled glaring at her after I shook her hand off.

Back to the other time, I finally remember saying to him while gazing at the sunset, "I heard once there was a kid who left for good" I then looked at the man with brown hair, blue, covered partially in armor, wearing a grey shirt, and a tan hakama he for some reason gasped, "So how did you get here, anyway?"

He then looked down, "Is there some reason you're interested in the outside world?"

I went back to gazing at the sun, "Yeah. I wanna be strong one day, like that kid who left. He went to the outside world -- I bet he's really strong now. I know it's out there somewhere the strength I need"

"Strength for what?"

"To protect the things that matter. You know, like my friends"

"Outside this tiny world is a much bigger one" he said stepping forth a Key-shaped blade appearing in his hand, "In your hand take this Key and" he cited kneeling and handing it to me, "So long as you have the makings, then through this simple act of taking ... Its wielder you shall one day be. And you will find me, friend --- No ocean will contain you then. No more borders around, or below, or above. So long as you champion the ones you love" I took the Key in my hand and kept it from falling.

"That Key ... Will I one day wield one as he said?"

My mind went ahead half a month later. A crowd gathered around, "What's this all about?" I asked looking unsure at Sora.

"Now, now no need to crowd the girl" The mayor called out in his somewhat stuffy voice yet dignified moreso, he was wearing his usual suit; a golden brown dust clothe, a handkerchief with an amethyst attached to it, a light green vest underneath, light yellow workpants, and brown sandals that had no other visible opening.

There was a girl about our age, red hair, blue eyes. She was wearing a white appron-like shorts, a flower-ish design to it, and fuchsai at the bottom.

"Do you have a name, child?" he asked getting on one knee, making it so he was at her exact eye level.

She nodded, "It's Kairi"

"Where is your family, Kairi?" he asked in soft voice with a concerned expression.

She shook her head, "I don't know"

"You don't know?"

She nodded again.

"Well, do you remember anything?"

She paused, "A man with gray hair like you in a lab coat sent me here" she replied.

The mayor sighed deeply, "Is that so? Well, I don't know where your family is either. Kairi, do you have any place to speak of on where you'll be staying?"

She shook her head again.

"Well, that won't do. Would you like to come live with me? I can't offer much, but I certainly can give you a place to stay and 3 meals a day. Would you like that?"

She nodded.

"Well" he said getting back onto his feet, "Come along then"

"A man with gray hair like the mayor?" I asked myself looking at my hand.


I hopped out of my rowing boat and onto the pier, I checked to see if both Sora and Riku were here, one boat was here, but I didn't know whose it was" After exploring around I found out it was Sora, and he was sleeping on the plam tree like it was hammock, "Afternoon, Mr. Sky"

Sora let out a yawn, "Kairi?" he asked in a sleepy daze.

"Anyone else you know with hair this red?" I asked brushing it.

"Nope. So how's it going?" he asked following the tapping of his tougue.

"Well nothing interesting if that what you're asking"

"Oh nothing interesting, huh?" I turned around to see Riku, "A little too bland for your sweetheart don't you think?" he said smiling.

Sora groaned, "I'm too tired for your teasing" I began to turn my head between their parts of the conversation

"You've been tired every morning and every afternoon for a month. Having a hard time trying to sleep?"

"Nope. I don't sleep at night"

"Sounds like sleeping troubles to me"

"No, I mean I don't sleep at night. I'm too busy training"

Both of our eyelids opened up at that, "Training?" we both asked at the same time.

"Yeah, I figure if I train every night, all the way through, I'll become stronger"

We both looked at him with raised eyebrows, looked at eachother, and flatly said at once, "That is the dumbest thing I've ever heard"

"Well I'm full of energy at night anyway, so thought what the heck"

Riku began, "I repeat, sounds like sleeping troubles to me"

"Okay, we'll see ... I'll take you on"

"Alright, let's g-"

"Right after my nap"

Riku began to lose his balance for a second. "Huh, is that right?" He asked walking over to the palm tree, "And um are you going to wake up ..." He began to smack the tree with his foot, "TODAY?!!!"

Sora began to shift, and didn't wake up it was too late. He fell of the tree and into the ocean. After few seconds he stood up, "Alright Riku, you're going down!!!!" Sora said his eyes wide awake and lit with fury.

"This will not end well" I said face palming.

"I've never seen him so angry" Riku said, you could practically hear he had lost his composure.

I decided to sit down where Sora had been sitting before, I couldn't see what was happening because I closed my eyes, but there was a lot of rah! and the sound of their wooden swords clashing, every seocnd, for the next 15 consequentive minutes.

"Okay Sora, okay, I get it! Don't ever wake you up that way again! I get it" after that I heard what I thought was the cracking of bones, "AH!!! OH MY GOD!!! I THINK YOU BROKE MY NOSE!!!!"

I felt an illness welling inside of me, as my right eyelid twitched, "And .. We'll . Be going .. To . the hospital ..." I began saying, opening my blood-shot eyes, and dashing, "NOW!!!" freaking-out.
And here's her's :D
Year: Present.

Sora's POV

I walked the streets of this town of in-between worlds. The sun glitted down on my black skin as I scurried across the gold colored pavement. I rose up to my full form as I heard some voices come from beneath me towards the place the people of this town call the 'Sandlot'. So, I followed the voices there.

I saw seven kids in the 'Sandlot'. The group of three kids that I've come to know as Hayner, Pence and Olette were making fun of the group of four's leader, a boy in his mid teens known as Seifer or the town's disciplinary commitee leader. I watched them as Hayner antagonized Seifer about the upcoming Struggle competition. Seifer looked ready to punch Hayner at any moment, but that was quickly settled when that odd occurence happened.

I heard a WHOOSH and from a portal made by white thorns three bulky, white Nobodies carrying large sword-like weapons appeared. "I'll handle these guys," Seifer said as he grabbed his bat and approached one of them.

"Seifer, wait," a girl with white hair known as Fuu said, but Seifer didn't heed her warning.

"Hey, you, get outta my town," Seifer said to the thing, but the thing just knocked him back with it's big bulky sword-like weapon.

Rai, Vivi, and Fuu helped their leader back to their feet and they ran out of the 'Sandlot'. Hayner, Pence and Olette followed their example and headed back to the 'Usual Spot'. I wanted to help those kids, but I didn't due to the fact that those things were after me and I didn't want to be a dead giveaway. After all, Saix had sent them after me.

Saix, Organization's Number Seven had planned to have me retrieved after I had escaped that dreadful, lonely pod in that forsaken room he had placed me in. I couldn't go back there. Not now not ever!

One of the things turned towards me. I did the only thing I knew to do and that was to run. I sanked back into the ground and flashed pass them towards the streets with them chasing after me. I lead them to the forest and then the Old Mansion. That is where a boy with blue hair said, "Holt!"

He drew his keyblade and approached the things and me. "I cannot let you trespass," he said as he clutched that crescent-shaped blade at us.

The things (Berserkers) turned to each other and nodded, "Master would be pleased if we use this keybrat as a substitute," they said.

They turned away from me and approached the boy. The boy dropped his keyblade and backed away from them towards the gate to the Old Mansion. They pounced on him and slithered back to their original form and disappeared within the white thorny mist. I had to go after them to rescue that boy. He had been my substitute. So, I followed them by using a dark corridor back to that dreadful world.

I knew that Saix wanted a keyblade wielder. I just couldn't let that boy take my place. Even if it meant that I was going to be absorbed by Akix.
Hope you liked and maybe found it amusing. More to come, rest assured. :cool:


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Just a random comment, I haven't read anything, but through glancing, you two both need to work on layout issues.

1. Size. Just leave it the default size, please. ene It's hard enough to scroll as is, there's no need to make it bigger.
2. Other than centering titles, and other various thing, you really have no reason to center your writing.
3. Spacing.

You just need to do this. But you also have to do that. The 1st chapter is just an intimidating wall of text.

The things I mention make things a lot easier for readers. =w= I just wanted to say all that.
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