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Fanfiction ► The Key and The Flame: Between the Years ~ D ~ Days, BBS, and perhaps Re:Coded Spoilers are included

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Re: The Key and The Flame: Between the Years ~ Days, BBS, and perhaps Re:Coded Spoilers are included

Day 110


No. XVI’s Room

Two boys stood in an old mansion on the outskirts of a small, bustling town. The two were making their way out of the mansion when something grabbed a hold of one of the boy’s ankles. The second boy was closest to the door. He looked petrified as his best friend was about to be consumed by a swirling mass of darkness. Small shadows rose from the floor. Their small stature, bug-like yellow eyes, crooked antennas and large claws made the boys even more intimidated.

The boy tried to grab a hold of the other boy’s hand, but his friend just pulled away. He gave the petrified boy a sad grin before being ultimately devoured by the dark mass. The last words from the friend rang through the boy’s mind, “Get out of here! You need to save yourself, Iz. And, promise me that you’ll fight for both our lights. We’ll meet again someday.”

The boy was about to sob. But, he didn’t have the time. The short creatures and the swirling mass of darkness approached him quickly. He fled to the doors. They were barred shut. The boy grabbed his aqua-blue locks with his hands and knelt to his feet. He began to pray.

His prayer was answered. A bright, blue weapon shaped like a full moon dangled in front of him. Iz opened his eyes. He looked up. The dark mass and the small monsters backed away from him nervously.

The boy, Iz grabbed the mysterious weapon. Its hilt was ivory, its blade was dark and shaped like a crescent moon, and had two grayish-blue half spheres that reached up to the blade. The chain of the weapon dangled from the hilt. It looked like a full moon. He grabbed the levitating weapon.

An unknown force ran through his veins. The young boy glared at the creatures and the mass. He swung the blade at them. They backed away from him. “You guys will pay for what you did to my friend, Eli,” the boy threatened through a tear-soaked face.
The boy pointed the weapon towards the creatures. A rush of silver rays struck one of the fleeing Heartless. It disappeared within a pile of smoke. Iz collapsed to his knees and dropped the weapon clumsily on the floor of the mansion. He pounded the floor with his fist and wailed his defeated friend’s name.


Where Nothing Gathers

The Superior, Xaldin, and Saix appeared in their assigned thrones today. All three of them had their hoods on. But, you could tell who they were if you counted the thrones from the odd on the right and the even on the left of the highest throne and also by their body build.

“This is getting ludicrous,” Xaldin said with his arms crossed.

Saix looked up to his throne and replied, “I concur with your statement, but we aren’t here to complain only to listen.”

Saix looked back to Xemnas’ throne and spoke, “Isn’t that right, Lord Xemnas?”

Xemnas remained silent for a while, but then answered the two. “Yes, I agree with you two. But, we have no other option, but to bring those traitors back into our midst. Aside from those two, Saix, how’s Vexen’s other replica doing?” Xemnas asked.

Saix replied, “It is doing better than expected, Superior. And, my plan about finding a potential replacement for the two traitors is in progress as well.”

“And, I suppose those brats won’t be a burden, especially that Lexi,” Xaldin asked Saix.
Saix went silent for a while. Xaldin chuckled a little. Xemnas dismissed the two so they can carry out their daily assignments.


Twilight Town

Station Plaza Clock Tower

Ukrix sat on the edge of the clock tower eating Sea-salt ice cream. His eyes gazed down several feet below him. The boy thought to himself, “I can’t believe they ate so high-up. I really miss-“

“Hey, I thought I would catch you up here,” a loud voice shouted.

Ukrix turned around. His ice cream stuck in his mouth with the stick hanging out. Ukrix bulged open with apprehension. “Le­-xi, you startled me,” Ukrix said as he took the ice cream out of his mouth and back into his hand.

“It doesn’t take that much to startle you,” Lexi said as he took a seat next to him.

“So, I see you’re eating ice cream,” Lexi remarked with interest.

Ukrix shrugged, “Yeah, I wouldn’t normally eat ice cream, especially Sea-salt ice cream, but…”

Lexi tilted his head. “But, you’re only doing it, because you miss them.”

Ukrix cocked his head to the orange-head. His face was covered in blue icing and his cheeks were puffed up due to the fact that he had shoved the whole ice cream into it. “H-how’d you know?” the boy asked.

Lexi chuckled as he slapped the boy on the back playfully, “Because, you’re not that hard to figure out, man.”

“But, don’t worry, most male Nobodies aren’t that confusing,” Lexi exclaimed.

“What about Xewn and other female Nobodies,” Ukrix asked.

“Well,” Lexi scratched his head and sighed, “they’re just a single dose of confusion.”

“And, speaking of Xewn, have you seen her around?” Lexi asked looking around the clock tower for any sign of another cloaked figure.

Ukrix shrugged, “I haven’t seen her face around here that much, only in the mornings when I’m off to missions. And, when I do see her she usually seems upset about something.”

“Oh, she must be distraught about the whole ‘Axel Controversy’,” Lexi said.

“Why would she be upset about Axel leaving? Why would she be upset at all?” Ukrix asked.

Lexi glanced at the boy. “Well, aren’t you upset about Xion leaving?” Lexi asked.

Ukrix shrugged, “Yeah, I miss all three of them, especially Xion. I know it’s weird that we even feel anything¸ after all being told by the Superior that we don’t have hearts to feel with.”

Lexi gazed into the sun. His knees crouched against his chin. The orange-head’s dark goggles glimmered in the dimming light of the twilight sun. “Yeah, I do kinda wonder that I, ya know? But, I just remind myself that it’s probably just memories from my old days,” Lexi spoke with a soft tone in his voice.

“You mean, the days before you became a Heartless?” Ukrix asked.

Lexi nodded, “Yeah, man, that’s exactly what I meant.”

Ukrix lowered his head and threw his Sea-salt ice cream down. “Lucky, you get to remember your past, but not me,” the boy cried.

“Well, Ukrix, my past is nothing to be proud of. Believe me; I wouldn’t want to go back to having that wretched life. And, having no memory of your past is a good thing, because it gives you a clean slate,” Lexi smirked.

“I never thought of it like that,” Ukrix pondered.

Beast’s Castle

She fled into the ballroom of the castle. The girl’s jaw dropped when she saw that there was a large, green pine tree sitting near the glass ballroom doors and decorations on the top of the second floor of the ballroom. Presents sat underneath the giant tree. The dark-haired girl in black approached the tree.

She read the names of the presents. “What is this strange event?” the girl asked herself.

“Oh, Lumiere, you’ll love the gift I got for you,” a nervous voice said excitedly.

“I know I will love it, Cogsworth. Besides, it’s not every day that we get to celebrate Christmas within this castle,” a voice said with a French accent.

“You can thank Ms. Belle for this extravagant festival,” an elderly female voice replied.

The girl looked around for a place to hide. The voices were approaching quickly. So, she summoned a dark corridor and ran through it. It closed up and took her to the second floor. The portal opened and the dark haired girl looked over at the railing down towards the owner of the voices. They belonged to a clock, a teakettle, and candelabra.

“Why would they need to celebrate this ‘Christmas’ in such an empty castle?” Xion thought.

Her thoughts were interrupted when a young woman rushing into the room. She had long brown hair that she kept back in a small red bow and wore a bright red dress. The woman was followed in by a large, husky creature that looked like a mix between a wolf and bull. “Belle, why are you holding such a ridiculous tradition?” the creature asked in a gruff voice.

The woman replied with enthusiasm in her voice, “It’s because I want to bring back some joy in this castle and not let everyone get so upset about the recent Heartless attacks.”

“Belle, I admire your passion to liven everyone’s spirits, but we shouldn’t waste time, while those creatures are out wondering my castle,” the creature snarled.

Belle’s joy shorten as her voice became soft, “I haven’t seen my father in a long time, so I thought it would be a good idea to see him this holiday. We always spent it together.”

Beast sighed, “Alright Belle, I trust you. You can only invite your father to this Christmas, but nobody else.”

Beast walked off. Belle’s expression went up a little. “Good, you won’t be disappointed,” Belle yelled so that Beast could hear her.

Meanwhile, the girl listened to the conversation from atop of the railing. “So, she wants to be close to her father, because she only gets to be with him only on Christmas and she’s trying to cheer everyone up. I guess this is what Christmas is about, spending time with the people close to you.”

She thought back to her friends. Their names came to her lips. “Roxas, Axel,” the girl spoke as tears ran down her pale face.
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Re: The Key and The Flame: Between the Years ~ Days, BBS, and perhaps Re:Coded Spoilers are included

After a longgggggggg respite I'm making a bit of a comeback, keep an eye on the days to make sure you don't get confused on the time-frame. Enjoy ^_^

Note: You should highlight the words if you can't read them.

Day 20: What are you playing at?

Year: 2

Point of View: Xemnas

"I would assume you are wondering why I summoned you here" I began leaning against the wall of a small room.

"Indeed. So why have you?" Vexen querried; a elderly man, long platinum blond hair, shorter yet still long bangs which framed his face, and bright green eyes.

"Your recent requests have piqued my curiousity, was it all for that replica? And why collect more members as soon as possible? I imagine it isn't something asinine like wanting to change the name of Organization XIII"

Vexen turned his back, "Xion was to be our new Sora, however something belayed that from happening. She is a failed experiment, but for some ungodly reason I cannot bring it upon myself to merely dispose of it. I've decided if Xion can at all gain some of Roxas through being with him, than why not. However that leaves us at a gamble to gain, so I decided to create a unique replica, the one known as Xewn. Just like Xion, it takes on differing appearances to the person looking at it's facial form, that is not a sign of defection, but proof that it is what it was meant to be"

I rose an eye brow, "Which is what?"

A demonic grin touched Vexen's lips, "Why, a replica of the organization of course"

I folded my arms, "A replica of the organization? So it takes on the appearance of an organization member or something far more different?"

He sighed, "I'm afraid ... That the answer is far beyond your comprhension. If you do not understand the deep connection that every heart possesses, then you do not understand Xewn, it is that simple"

"How arogant, you say I cannot understand one of your creations, because I do not understand the workings of the heart?"

"Not the workings, but what lies deep within it's essence. If you look at it's face you will see a girl who matters to you, if one such as Xion, Larxene, or Xia were to look at it, the face of a boy who matters to them will be who Xewn takes on the appearance of. If you still do not understand, than you never will. This is not arogance nor insolence. For if you were to look at it, she whoever it may be that matters to you the most is one you would see. The person who is the only one who can make a nobody without a heart feel ... Truly" he began to walk away.

Day 49: What just happened?

PoV: Xewn

World: Darkness' End

I arrived to small beach; The Dark Margin. There the Superior was there, in the same place as before, only this time instead of gazing at the eternal moon that lay on the surface of the alcove his amber eyes were glaring at it. When the CoD that I had come from dissppeared he immediately looked at me with a twitch of his head.
"Ah. ... You came" The silver haired man said his expression seeming bored.
I backed away, "That is ... What you wanted?" I asked him sounding unsure and partially afraid.
He rose walked over to me, forced down my hood, and his eye bulged.
My eyes gazed upward, I was having a hard time keeping them straight.
He put his hands firmly on my shoulders, his lips mouthed something with two sylabbles, he leaned closer ever so slightly, and forced me closer just as much.
I wasn't sure what he would do, he seemed almost in a trance.
His head leaned closer, his eyes began to shut, just as he was just beginning to invade my personal space he stopped moving. His head then began to tremble, his hands began to push down into my shoulders, it was rapidly beginning to hurt as his nails felt like they were digging into my skin. Finally he pushed me away, making me nearly lose my balance.
I wasn't sure what had transpired, I desperately wanted to say something but couldn't muster the words.
He looked away, "Leave the organization"
I looked at him with such uncertainty, "Wh-wh-what?"
He looked at me with a ferocious glare, "LEAVE YOU VILE TEMPTRESS!!!" He demanded after shoving me aside with his back hand, and then storming off leaving a tear behind.

Day 49: The riddle of Xewn
Author: Xemnas

Today ... I did something I will never forgive myself of. After so long from my talk with Vexen I decdied to meet with Xewn. When I saw her face ... She is who I saw ... My Buetiful ... Kind ... Memories from past took over, my master's heart may be a worthy scapegoat, but I know it was my actions and mine alone. Before I let the feelings overtake me I harmed the replica.

I will never be forgiven for such an action, one which is almost unbearable to live with. Aqua isn't the organization, the riddle is yet to be unsolved ... A riddle that I have decided to leave be.

There is a side to everyone which only few people are allowed to see ... Even to a nobody.


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Re: The Key and The Flame: Between the Years ~ Days, BBS, and perhaps Re:Coded Spoilers are included

This is something that Dawn Rebirth and I worked on for the pass few days.

May contain spoilers, read at your own risk. And, please don't be afraid to post.

Year: 2

Day 118


Ukrix’s Dream

The young Nobody found himself standing in a long hallway. This hallway didn’t have any indication of it being a corridor, because it had no walls, no doors, nothing, but pitch darkness. Several pods lined the hallway. Ukrix strolled down the vast darkness. Each pod he passed contained a body of a person.
And, each of the bodies flashed memories into his head. Ukrix fell to his knees as the memories rushed into his head like traffic in New York City. The amount seemed almost unbearable. Ukrix did the only thing he knew, he screamed. But, no matter what he did the memories continued.

“Why’s this happening? Why is it happening to me?”

“Dumb question, Riku, you were never the bright one.”

Ukrix looked up. He saw a boy that looked very similar to him approaching him. Ukrix stared into the boy’s eyes. They were amber just like the Superior’s. And, they seemed to have the same quality to them, as well emotionless and menacing. But, beside the eyes, the boy also wore some kind of red armor. Ukrix found the courage to stand up for himself. “Who are you? And, why did you call me Riku?”

The boy chuckled, “It would seem that you have forgotten who you really are. I guess my tricks aren’t as rusty as they were ten years ago.”

“What are you talking about?!”

The boy rolled his eyes and summoned a Keyblade. It was mostly red like the boy’s armor and it had two blue orbs in the middle of it. The blade seemed to have two half circles. “Don’t play dumb with me, Riku. You and I are connected.”

“Connected?! How’s that possible? I don’t know you. Stop confusing me!”

The boy pointed the blade of his Keyblade towards a terrified Ukrix. Ukrix jumped back a few inches. He felt himself losing his balance. The boy approached Ukrix and heads the blade just a few meters from his neck. “Do you remember now?!”

Ukrix looked at the boy and then at the hallway. All of the pods had vanished, except for two. The pods evaporated. Two teenagers approached the struggling Ukrix and the vicious boy. One of them was a boy about his age, but with brown hair and wearing a white and blue jacket over a red jumpsuit. And, the other was a girl with short strawberry-blonde hair wearing a pink dress.

The boy looked at the two figures with fear in his eyes. He lost his grip of Ukrix and jumped several feet away from them. “No, I will not allow you two to win this time,” the boy screamed as he faded away in the background.

Ukrix looked up at the two figures. A flashback rushed into his head. Unlike, the other memories he had this one felt refreshing. He could see the boy, the girl, and a boy with a very light complexion chasing after the two down a beach. He could also smell salt-water and the wetness from the oncoming shores sweeps through his toes.

Ukrix was snapped back to reality by a mysterious voice. He lifted his head to the boy in red. “Yes, did you say something to me?”

“Riku, I’m so glad I could make contact with you at last.”

“Who are you?”

“I’m a memory. A memory of a close friend of yours, Riku, I have come to let you know who you truly are.”

“Riku? Who am I really? What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Yes, your real name is Riku, but…”

The two figures vanished. “Wait I need you to answer my questions. Who are you? Who was that boy?
Why’d he flee you two? And, who are all these people? Who’s Riku?”


No. XVIII’s room

“Hey Ukrix, wake up, bud!”

“….Five more minutes, mommy…”

“Ukrix, don’t make me pull out the big guns.”

“…But, mommy I don’t want to go to school…”

“Okay, you’ve left me with no other choice, bud.”

Ukrix rose in his bed quite suddenly. He knocked into Lexi’s forehead. “What did you do?” Ukrix asked as he
felt the insides of his ears were damp.

Lexi rubbed his bruised forehead. “I…Nnghh…gave….owww…a …nghh…Wet…Willy.”

“You gave a WET WILLY?! Dude, do you have any idea where your gloves have been?! For all I know, I might
have ear fungus!”

Lexi regained his formal composure. He placed a finger to his lips and gave a ‘sh’ sound. “Quiet Ukrix, do you want to wake everyone else up?”


“Ukrix, we’re going on a special mission together.”

“But, isn’t Saix responsible for assigning missions?”

“Listen Ukrix, you’re starting to sound a lot like Roxas, an Organization Dog. You can’t let the Organization run your whole life for you, catch my drift?”

“I don’t understand.”

“Ukrix, I’m saying that we’re going to get out of this dusty castle for some well-deserved R&R.”
Lexi turned around and flicked his hand open. A dark portal opened up in the room. “Alright, I’m going to Twilight Town. If you don’t want to come than that’s your choice. But, let me inform you that you’ll be missing out, man.”

“Wait up,” Ukrix yelled as he ran into the portal after him.
The portal closed, but a nearby Dusk heard the whole conversation. It slithered down the hall until it came and stopped in front of Saix. Saix stared at the Dusk. The Dusk unfolded itself and restored itself to its former manner. “My liege, Lord Ukrix and Lexi have left for Twilight Town for yet another of Lexi’s daily misadventures. What should we do?”

Demyx strolled down the hall. He overheard the Dusk. The mullet-headed, sitar-playing Nobody ran up to Saix and pulled his hands together, quivered his lips, and made his greenish-blue eyes go big. “Saix, can I go with Lexi on his adventure? I want to get out of this castle.”

Saix rolled his eyes. “Lexi and you are getting to be a real nuisance, especially on that Ukrix.”

“So, do I get to go the field trip?”

Saix flipped through his clipboard and grimaced. “Perhaps so, Demyx, but you’re mission is to bring back those two back here.”

“Ah man, that sounds like work.”

“Stop your complaining and get going.”

“Alright, sheesh…X-Face!”

Olette stood there dazed, "Wh-wh-wh-what just happened?"
The 'Melidious Nocture' shook his head, Personally I would've picked the cute girl over the companion but whatever. He then ran quietly behind.

Olette saw the male with the mullet-hair style chase after the two. After three solid minutes of just standing there she finally decided to chase after them.

Suddenly water in the form of instruments began to circle all of them. They were all playing a strange music, "If I were you, I'd start bash those things" they all turned to Demyx who walking casually up the alley of 'Tram Commons' as we speak water is slowly being put into lungs, wait too long and it's-" he slowly glided his right index finger across his neck, "--hhckk-- If you catch ya my drift"

The 'Melodious Nocturne' quickly summoned his Sitar and merely batted the clones away with ease, after so closed his eyes, "So X-Face, sent you here to relieve me of my duties, huh? Normally I'd RTC in a flash, but ..." He opened his eyes with a look of determination blaze through them, "When someone hurt my friends I've just gotta get in the way"

Demyx sighed, "So, it's one of those emotionless-uninformed-bastardous type of nobody we're dealing with.

Honestly I was hoping for more up-beat opponent. Well not like it matters" he ended with a grin.
Demyx quickly grabbed his forehead, "I come flying out of a book, screaming at that the top of my lungs, hit my forehead on solid concrete, and the first thing you think to say is 'are you okay?'"

"He was just asking you out of concern!" everyone turned to see Olette glaring at them all her hands on hips. Lexi tried to say something but was cut-off by, "And you, Lexi I haven't seen you in since fall. And you didn't even wanna catch-up"

Demyx eyed her weirdly, "Cost ya get for ignoring a friend"

"Yo, multiply boy!" Demyx said as he stopped near the foot of steps at the 'Station Plaza' "I've got a question for you!"

"Oh, and what would that be water boy?" the boy asked sounding totally uninterested.

"What's your connection to Zexion?”

Everyone gave a look of confusion. "... I know of no, Zexion. If you are trying to distract me then I'll you know I won't fall for any of your trickery"

"Then how about, Ienzo?"

Demyx looked over the 'Sword of Darkness' shoulder, and his eyes bulged, "Is this his Lexicon? ... No way"
Ukrix looked at him, "What is it?"

Demyx looked the way member went, "Let's go, before your friend" he turned his head to Lexi, "Gets Nobodified"

"Wh- Eh never mind. Okay lets go-" He looked back at the girl that he had liked her reflecting his own facial expression. "Um- Olette, please stay here"

"But, why?"

"I promise I'll explain everything the next time we meet, but now it isn't safe. I'm sorry" he said a tear falling down as ran.

The two followed suit, "Once again you're leaving Juliet, Romeo"

Lexi gave an expression of sadness as he kept running "Shut it, even if I did decide on staying the organization would track me down" he sighed, "It may not be fair, but a nobody and a human can never be together"

"How do you know that, rejecting one's fate isn't stupidity? Neither is having dreams and wanting to make them a reality"

"Maybe, then again maybe not"

"Can we please change the subject; you two are reading into this way too much"

Lexi batted his right hand away, "Ah, let them go on, it's actually sounding pretty deep"

"They say most 'dreamers' make it pretty big in life. What do you have if not either friends or dream?"

Lexi looked at him flabbergasted for a sec, "Look to your left, and ask again. We have to shake off those nobodies bef-"

"Taken care of" the dusks slowly began to fell. "They let go of their souls, they'll remain empty shells till the end of time"

Iz came to, and felt his head, "What happened here?"

"The dusks are dead, and we should be on our way.

"Eli, is that you?"

Lexi's head twisted the way of his friend, and he cracked a smile, "Sup, Iz?"

"That coat, I take it you're one of them now"

"So what, we're enemies now?" he asked laughing.

"I suppose so"

Everyone jumped, "Tell me that's a sick joke"

"Yeah, that's what it was" he said with a smirk and chuckle, but it is surprising to see you"

"I said I wouldn't let anything happen to you, didn't I?"

"Not that didn't; but I was referring to you being a nobody at all"

Lexi scowled, "Yeah, I'm a nobody now" he held his hips and leaned forward, "And from now on you will address me as, 'Lexi your Protector'"

Iz dismissed his Keyblade, "In your dreams" he said walking away, "Thanks for you help though, old friend"

Demyx sighed, "Weird kid. Speaking of which, how much do wanna bet that member went back to the org?"

"Why do you care so much?"

"Zexion was a friend of mine, not just in org either. When my world met it's end, I and a few others escaped to HB, back when it was RG. I befriended Braig, Isa, Lea, and Lumaria. Xigbar, Saix, Axel and Marluxia's somebodies, when we joined the org numbers 7-11 broke off"

There was an odd silence as a desolate gust blew by. Then after so long something occurred to Ukrix, "7-11 ... That means ..."

"Shortly after Lexi arrived I found out from Saix that Zexion had been done in by a heartless"
"Were you sad?"

"If Zexion is dead, he's dead" he said summoning a CoD.

"What about that friendship preaches you gave?" Ukrix asked.

"If you wanna know why, then go into his room, behind a painting is a vault, type in 4-6-9, and look through every context of what's in it. You'll have your answer after" Demyx replied.

"Where are you going?" Ukrix asked.

"Well I'll tell you where I'm not going, back to Castle. Oh" he turned around quickly and shot water slit the center of Ukrix's chest. "I gave you the injury, and Lexi stopped to help you, that are how I slipped out of your fingers. That's your alibi" he said before vanishing with the corridor.

"Ah, did he have to hit there?!" Ukrix complained holding his chest.

"Just when you think you've got him all figured out, he somehow puts doubt in our minds" Lexi added.

End of day...

Day 122

Where Nothing Gathers

“Superior, about the other two replicas of Vexen’s, what are we going to do with them?”

“You mean, the failures, those two I was going to obliterate, but I have reconsidered. The situation with Lexi has proven ideal.”

“Really, how was that possibly?”

“I have chosen to reassign Lexi to recon at C.O. for a while. And, Ukrix will be reassigned to our newest addition No. XX, the Rapid Gunner.”

~New Mentor~

Tears ran down the boy’s face. He had no idea what had been happening for the past couple of days within the Organization or with a certain new member showing up, Xiolio. That man was enough to boil even the strongest member’s blood. He was arrogant and selfish. One could never turn their back without the
Rapid Gunner stabbing them in the back with his weapon. And, Ukrix hated the fact that he had been given over to this man for mentorship.

The training that the young Nobody had endured under his ‘new’ mentor was agonizing. Neither, Xion or Lexi were neglectful and careless. Ukrix wondered why the elders had assigned him to this man. He was new to the Organization, but had somehow risen through the ranks quickly. Nobody, except Xemnas and probably Saix knew something about this man.

“Are you gonna get up or am I gonna to have to continue shootin’, pipsqueak?!”
Ukrix sat on his butt. His sword lay on the ground next to him. “Why are you so tough?”

A man with dark skin and a large scar that ran across his face looked at the boy. He held his arm that consisted of a large black blaster with the Organization symbol on top of the boy’s sword. Only bits of his dark hair were visible through his black skull cap that covered his damaged right eye. The man’s creepy laughter jerked the boy back to his feet. “Pipsqueak, you need to buck up. You need to buck up if you expect to take on those traitors.”

Ukrix stared at the boy blankly. “What…you mean I have to fight my best friends?!”
The thirty-five-year-old man bent down and picked up the boy’s sword with his normal hand. He threw the sword towards the boy’s feet and gave a sinister laugh. “Friends? That’s such a laugh. If you call a friend being someone that abandons you and leaves the Organization without a trace a friend, than you must be delusional.”

Ukrix picked up his sword. His voice became shaky, “They didn’t abandon me. They just had their reasons for leaving.”

“Heh heh and what were those ‘reasons’?

With that, Ukrix was at a loss for words. He hadn’t bothered to think about why Xion, Roxas, or Axel’s leaving and he started to think that maybe they had betrayed the Organization and him. Ukrix got more depressed than he already was. He dropped his sword. It dematerialize in a fog of black smoke as he ran to his room.

Xiolio chuckled as he turned around and headed towards the door, “And, that concludes today’s lesson, Pipsqueak.”
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Re: The Key and The Flame: Between the Years ~ Days, BBS, and perhaps Re:Coded Spoilers are included

Day 118

“You failed, Xavier,” Saix said as he passed by the emo-looking nobody in the Hall of Empty Melodies.
Xavier pulled his glasses up towards his forehead and smirked as he turned around to the blunette. He clutched his book tighter to his chest as his azure eyes met with the golden eyes of the boy. “What’s it to you, Luna Diviner? I may have failed in my mission, but I have found intriguing discoveries amongst my comrades,” the Scheming of Illusions exclaimed.
Saix rolled his eyes and passed the Nobody as he made his way towards Where Nothing Gathers. His shoulder shoved into the much-younger Nobody’s side as he walked off. Xavier grimaced under his messy grayish-blonde bangs. “Might I suggest you be cautious around our ally’s Nobody,” Xavier chuckled.
Saix stopped for a second. “How did you know about Ukrix’s true identity?”
“It is of no concern of yours, Luna Diviner. We replicas of Vexen aren’t as naïve as you believe,” Xavier chuckled.

Day 119-121
Pov: Ukrix-Axel-Xemnas-Xewn-Ukrix
Is it true?-It can't be

I came in stretching my arms yawning, "And then the boy ran off?"
"Huh?" I said finishing my yawn.
"Are you certain?"
Xaldin crossed his arms, "Humph, what would I have to gain by lying to you"
"Uh, what happened?"
Saix and Xaldin turned their heads to me, "Nothing that need concern you, boy" Xaldin answered before storming off.
Xaldin bumped into Lexi who had just come down the hallway. Lexi turned to him with a bit of a scowl, "Are the words, 'Excuse me' not in your vocabulary?" he called out, Xaldin kept walking away paying him no heed.
Lexi turned to us, "What's his problem?"
I shook my, "Not sure, I really don't know the details"
"Care to fill us in, Say-Ics?"
Saix closed his eyes with a deep sigh, "My name is pronounced Sie-Ox, second you'll keep pestering me until I tell you so I may as well spare myself of such strife. Xaldin was reporting from a Co-op with Demyx. Saying the fool gave him a cut in the center of his chest, and went skipping off"
Lexi and my mouths gaped, "Demyx, opposed the organization?" we asked at the same time.
"I am just as baffled as the two of you. However, perhaps this is a blessing. Demyx is perhaps our most worthless member up to date. His destruction would have been inevitable"
"What are you babbling about?" we turned our attention to Xewn, Saix backed away.
"Your mission is in Agrabah, be off with you" he opened up a CoD and made way to the left, he even gestured to it.
Xewn shrugged, "Aren't we weak" she said before going through CoD.
Saix looked relieved, "Thank god, she's gone"
"Does she scare you, Say-Ics" Lexi asked mocking him.
Saix clenched his fists, "You're going with her; you insolent knat!"
Lexi shrugged, "Tch, weak is right" he said before going into the CoD this time it shut behind him.
"How I wish I could slaughter them both"
"My mission is?"
Saix let out another sigh, "Today is you’re 'Day-Off', spend it well"
Day off? I thought that only happened with every member. ... Wait a sec, Demyx is gone ... He slashed Xaldin in the chest to get away ... No way ... That was only in a dream, right? ... Only one way to find out.


I approached the front of the door that was mark, 'Cloaked Schemer' I looked around to if any dusks were about. After making sure the coast was clear I quickly pressed in the Lexicon-Shaped button, and slid into the room like a penguin sliding on its belly for fun. The door shut 15 seconds later. Wiping sweat from my brow I sighed, "So far so good"

I got up the room was all dusty, the bed was pale purple, there was a silver large window in the left corner, a mahogany dresser in the right hand corner with a mirror on top. There was a rack in between the two with a tape measure, sowing supplies, and a picture of Ienzo in front of a white gate holding hands with a boy that looked like Demyx, but he had blond hair and he was wearing a light green-colored suit of some kind with 10 gold buttons five on each side, a navy blue scarf, and white gloves that had red imprints of hearts. To the left of the two was a man who looked like Vexen, but he was wearing a white lab coat, a purple ascot, and a tanned brown homburg.

I squint my eyes at the picture, "Vexen ... Zexion ... Demyx ... 4-6-9?" I looked in the direction of the bed there was a portrait of a beautiful woman, she looked almost exactly like Zexion, besides her hair being lavender, one difference that I don't have to mention, and violet colored eyes. She was wearing a lab coat like Ienzo was in the picture, with much paler skin, and she seemed to be somewhere in her mid-twenties when the picture was made. I knelt on the bed, slowly put my hands on both sides of the frame, and just about threw my back out trying to lift it (It felt like trying to lift an 8 foot refrigerator).

After ten minutes of wincing I realized this wasn't going work out (For all those who thought I would succeed you are insane). I then sat there thinking, if I couldn't lift it there is no way Demyx could. ... And neither would Zexion ... Am I supposed to lift it? I decided a different approach, I put both of my hands on the left side of the frame and tried to shove it over horizontally ... No dice. Okay, what gives, if you can't lift it, or slide it over then how? ... Suddenly I found myself turning to the left, which had a bookcase. ... Zexion must have been as intelligent as I've heard. I got my feet back on the ground, usually to keep something secret safe you hide it in the last place someone would look, I strolled to the bookcase. But sometimes that place ... And pushed in a green book that was slightly sticking out. Is the most obvious (click) The portrait slid to the left to reveal a number-comb safe.

After opening the safe with the combination and looking through the red-brown Journal for about an hour I finally found something worthwhile.
“And, what do you think you’re doing here,” a cocky voice asked.
I knew the voice. It belonged to only one person. The mysterious boy that Lexi had fought yesterday, I had goose-bumps all over my body. "Why are you here?"
I cocked my head to the side to see if it was really him. I fell nearly backwards as I saw Xavier standing behind me. He held the same Lexicon from the day before in his hands and his glasses glistened in the dim light. “What are you doing here?!” he asked in a suspicious tone.
My eyes widen as I stared into his face as I had landed on my back. I remained silent. Something about this guy just gave me the creeps. I don’t know if it was the fact that he looked nearly identical to the fallen Zexion or he had some sort of secret. “Saix has ordered me to baby-sit you on your ‘day off’,” Xavier replied emotionlessly
“Why are you here again?!” I repeated. “And, why do I need to be baby-sat by a creep like you?!”
Xavier sighed and leaned down to pick me up. He went towards the portrait and did something to it. The picture went back to the way it was before. Xavier then turned towards me and placed his Lexicon closer to his chest. “This is my room. And, Xiolio is off on a mission with Luxord in Beast’s Castle, so Saix has ordered me to make sure you do not do any investigating.”
He looked towards the door and pressed the lexicon symbol. It clicked open and the Schemer threw me out.

Day 49
~Everything is set~
Author: Zexion

After so long, so very long everything is set. Nothing Xemnas can do will prevent his downfall. Without my help everything that will happen would have never been possible. When I found Saix I found the chance I was looking for, I joined the revolutionary to bring Xemnas down and found out what was going on.

Although Xemnas does want to create a Kingdom Hearts, it was found out he would tell his 'friends' he would make multiple Kingdom Hearts for each member. But now I know that such a feet is not possible. At the beginning of hearts there was the dominion of the Oblivions and the Oblivions themselves that possessed hearts. However it was not Kingdom Hearts that was its dominion as suspected, rather it was the alter reconfigured where something else was created ... 'Kingdom Hearts Supreme'

Explanation; at a time everything was destroyed, by the Oblivions. The worlds that they had originated from when they were still human were also erased from existence. Neither the corpses nor the essence of their life remained, the Serenity as they were called wiped everything clean, the monsters. As hearts began only what existed were Kingdom Hearts Supreme and the hearts dwelt in the abominations' bodies. The Serenity took K.H.S. and split it into three different hearts, these were dubbed Kingdom Hearts. Then they took each one and made up the three hearts into things we know commonly known of today. The hearts of the worlds, the hearts somebodies possess, and the balance between Light and Darkness.

It was found out Xemnas is one of three who are secretly trying to reconstruct K.H.S. Xemnas is gathering the hearts left behind by heartless to reconstruct the one-third that made up the hearts of every somebody. Vanitas whose reach has allowed up till now managed to create 5 possible Death-Blades is trying to construct the one-third that makes up the balance. And the stealthily Braig, is trying to reconstruct the one-third that makes up the hearts of the worlds. No more than one of each can exist at once, there is flaw however ... K.H.S. cannot be reconstructed until the end of the millennia since the Keyblade War ... It truly was just the beginning ... But an operation that would take at least 7 centuries from now? ... What being besides a nobody could last that long is my question.

But, from my research, I have discovered something very intriguing that could interfere with Saix and my plans. Someone that could jeopardize all of our plans, I’ve got to inform Saix about this possible threat.


Day 119
~Peter and Xion~

Roxas and I had made our ways towards Neverland. I have never been to this world before, but Roxas sure has. He looked around the place cautiously as he scanned the rocky islands. “This place…” he said, but he couldn’t finish.
We were interrupted by the sound of a yelling man and a girl’s voice on a nearby island. Roxas cocked his eyes. They widen as they saw three figures, one dressed in red, the second in blue, and the third in black. “It can’t be,” Roxas gasped as he ran nearly off the island to get to the one where the three figures stood.
I had to pull Roxas back by the hem of his coat. He looked up at me with confusion. “Why’d you stop me from reaching them,” he asked.
I brushed the back of my spikes and then replied, “Because Roxas, you would have drowned. Do you know how far away that island is from us?”
“Xion could be on that island. If we find Xion, we can return home and everything will be the same. Don’t you want to see if that’s Xion?” Roxas asked.
“Listen Roxas, I want to find out if that’s Xion just like the next guy, but we have some problems with that. First, we have no way of reaching that island. Swimming is out of the question, because it’s too far. And, second that might not be Xion and could be just a trap.”
Roxas sighed, “I guess, you’re right. It’s just that I’ve spent so many days away from home that I miss seeing everyone.”
You guys want to go over to that island,” a high-pitch voice asked. A boy in green with brown hair flew out of nowhere. "Going over to Skull Rock, huh? Boy, I haven't been there in while ..." He then flew closer to Roxas, "Say have we met before?"
Roxas stewed it over by looking upward without moving his head that way. When his eyes were readjusted he asked, "Peter?"
I realized either Sora or Ven's memories were coming back, to make sure he didn't remember our little encounter I hurried up the conversation, "H-hey, enough with the questions already. Do you know how to get us across or not?"
Peter took his right middle and index finger and gave a whistle. After about five seconds a yellow light rushed right passed us. In the center of the aura was a blond-haired pixie in a small green dress. "Heya, Tink. These two need your help, do you think you could give them a shot of 'Pixie Dust?'"
The small Pixie seemed offended; she crossed her arms, and looked away with a pout.
I turned to Roxas, "You know what this is about?"
Roxas turned to me his left eyebrow raised and left cheek moved upward, "Oh, of course I do. After all, it's not like I can't see into the future" he said his voice raised a few octives after 'it's' ending with a scowl.
I scratched the back of my head, "Way to break character, Roxas"
"Character? And just jho says I have to act a certain way all the time?"
I was getting nowhere in this conversation so I thought of what to say to change the subject, "So Roxas did you know I'm a lead head?" I then froze What did I just say to him?
Roxas' glare loosened up and his lips formed around a devilish smile (With a glimmer in his eye) "You can't swim?" he asked with a laugh.
At least I got the subject to change smoothly, I decided to roll with it (Even at the expense of my rep), "Yeah, one time I was near the fountain area of my 'home world' and started to scream because I actually thought I was drowning. Course, it's not even an inch deep. Isa stood there shaking his head, he muttered, "You can be such a drama queen sometimes, Lea" and Nero was laughing his guts out" I could literally feel a thousand drops of sweat sliding down my body all at once at how much I was telling Roxas.
"Isa and Nero?" Roxas asked tilting his head.
My eyes jutted open, "Oh, Isa ... Is Saix's other-half ... Nero was a friend who I went before, dunno where he is anymore"
That really seemed to kill the mood; Roxas looked down in shame, "Sorry man"
I shook my head, "Ah, it's nothing. I dunno when he is right now, but I get this feelin' wherever it is he's happy"


"Right this way, lassie" the fancy looking pirate in red said walking ahead of the girl who was tied up and scowling at him.
"T-that's right come along, missy" the big nosed man wearing a pair of specs, a sky blue and grey striped-shirt, a red sleeping cap, and a blue-green pants advised.
They walked into the cavern that was in the shape of a skull to the center. "Now, once the BOY comes to his dear friend's rescue" he said his hook-sided hand touching her chin running shivers up her spine as it was cold, "I'LL KILL HIM. THIS TIME FOR SURE!" he finished with a deranged look is his eyes while pushing her chin up with a lot of force. The girl was obviously in pain as on her expression she had her eyes closed tight and her teeth pushing together.
"Saying tick-tock doesn't show up"
The man looked at him in an annoyed glare.
The captain slowly strolled over, "Yes, but this time we will put an end to that INFERNAL ABPHINEIN ONCE AND FOR ALL!"
"Uh, Reptilian, captain"
The captain rolled his eyes and hit the man on the head with his hook hard, "I don't give a bleedin' damn what that abomination is"
The girl laughed, "You seem to be a sitting-duck here if you stay"
The man looked at her his eyes clearly showing he was bored, his eyelids were purple meaning he didn't get a good night’s sleep. "Oh, you mean you don't know?"
She looked at him mirroring the same kind of expression, "Know what?"
"Why, you're the sitting duck. Hmhaha" he snapped the fingers he had, "Smee, the grewl"
"Yes sir, captain right away" the little man said hoisting up a wooden bathtub from the boat. He walked over the liquid shifting as he brought it over singing a song in voice that would make any sane person scream if it were to be sung on hours on end. "Oh, yohoho another plan, to try to capture Peter Pan. Captain Hook’s a briliant maannnnnn!" A hot, brown liquid spilled on the rocks leaving behind a perturbed odor, and the bones of a dead fish with just head remaining on the end of the bone. The girls eyes bulged, she began to shake her head as she began to realize what was going to happen. "Who else could think of the perfect plan-" The girl lipped the words, "No" Hook was seeming very pleased at the song, "And bumble and fumble it every time?!"
Hook's eyes bulged at the last words and he began to grind his teeth, "Just get on with it already, Smee!" he demanded.
Smee stopped then, dumped the liquid on the girl.
After which she was dripping in the stench, the top of her head as hot as working furnace, and she was holding back vomiting, "What the f@#k is wrong with you" she demanded in disgust.


"What is it that is troubling you, Saix?" I asked seeming quite concerned.
"As if a nobody could be troubled. But these replicas' are getting to be quite nauseating, wretched shams"
"Hmph, replicas are necessary towards the goal of Kingdom Hearts' completion" I said with a smile.
"If that is so, then I would rather forget those plans"
"Unfortunately, I cannot allow that. Kingdom Hearts must be completed. I will make sure any loose ends-" I said summoning my Ethereal Blade and pointed it at his adam's apple, "Are taken care of immediately" I ended with a peering glare.
Saix's eyes had shown complete fear as he answered, "... Rest assured; I will not cross you"
"You best not, lest you wish to be the first to be turned into a Dusk" Saix's face cringed at the word as I dismissed my weapon.
"What of the knowledge of their true species?"
I turned away, "What of it, if Xewn or Xion should come to know of their origins, then that will be no consequence of ours ... Also you should make ready for XXI, she is waiting in the lobby" I turned my head to look at him, "And I have appointed you as her teacher, you are model now so behave like one"
Saix clenched his fists, "Yes, oh Lord Xemnas" he said sarcastically.
I walked away and managed to see that Xewn had been eavesdropping on our conversation out of the corner of my eye.


"OOF, you sure are in a hurry" he said wincing in pain.
"So sorry, Lexi" I said tears in my eyes.
He looked down at me, "Tears? Has Ukrix been rubbing off on ya?"
My attention was completely drawn, "These tears are of a broken heart ... An artificial, fake, pathetic, worthless heart"
"Ah. So you found out I take it"
I looked up at him, "You knew?"
"Does it really matter? Truth be told, be it a nobody or a replica ... Even a human ... Whatever. No matter how long, who it's with, or how it happened" he smiled, "Friendship is always the same"
"... That is so corny" I said laughing.
"But at the same time deep"


I sighed, "Day 1" I walked into the room, "You must be XXI, I am Saix, your new instructor"
She yawned, her hair was pink-purple, a long bang going over each ear, and her hair length ended at the top of her neck, the tips of her hair were like short bristles, yet silky. "Sorry bout' that, I must have dozed off. So you’re my ‘teach’, huh?"
Oh the day of redemption, "That is correct, I am your ... 'Teach', address me as Saix and I shall reciprocate your own name in return"
She looked at me somewhat annoyed, "Oh great, my teach is stuffy"
"The feeling is mutual, rest assured"
She kept looking at me that way as she reached into her pocket, and pulled out a white tablet, he looked down, and said, "It says, Akix"
It took me sometime to understand that was the name given to her by Xemnas, "Akix, well ... This is my first time handling this sort of ... Task, so do not have any high expectations of me"

She didn't change faces, "Don't worry, I gave that us as soon as you started takin'"

Give me the gun, I will shoot myself.


Xewn stared at Lexi with an angry face, "Moving on. How could you not tell me?!"
Lexi sighed, "I didn't think it was appropriate."
Xewn chuckled, "Appropriate? You never think anything's appropriate. When you told Axel about that crush I had on him or about that time you told Demyx about my secret stash or even the time..."
I came up to Xewn and Lexi. "Is everything alright?"
Xewn spun around to me. Water came out of her eyes. "Ukrix, I can't talk right now."
She ran off leaving me alone with Lexi. I looked back at Lexi with confusion. "What did you do this time, Lexi?" I asked him.
He sighed with some sort anxiety. Lexi turned around and walked off. "Nothing you would understand, Ukrix. Don't you have to get back to Xavier? I heard he was baby-sitting you today."
I then grew ill, "Don't remind me"
"There you are" I turned my head to fuming Xavier, "How long is it going to take you to prepare? Or were you lying in order to goof off again?!"
I finally got angry, "If you wanna treat me like a dog like the rest of you scum, then I will bark you to death!" Both Lexi and Xavier seemed surprised as they took a step back, "Gah, when the hell are we going to go?!" I said before storming off.
"Hmm, it would seem he's finally emptying the bottle" Xavier said folding his arms as his eyes were shut.
"Bottle?" Lexi asked looking at him questionably.
"Haven’t you heard of the phrase, 'bottling up emotions?'"
"Tch, of course but that coming out of you?"
"Oh, I thought an eavesdropper professional would have known of the heart Ukrix possesses" he said with a sly smile.
Lexi looked at him annoyed, "Man, you can be spiteful y'know? ... Wait ... Ukrix ... HAS A HEART?!" Lexi's mouth was gaping.
"My, you're slow" he said walking away.

End day...


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Dec 15, 2009
Re: The Key and The Flame: Between the Years ~ Days, BBS, and perhaps Re:Coded Spoilers are included

This is a combination between yours and mine. I worked on it last night, Dawn Rebirth. I hope you like it. And, for anyone viewing please feel free to comment. Note: (Part of it contains spoilers).

Year: 2

Day 57


A teenager with long, shaggy bangs stood up in front of the rusted gates of an old mansion. He had glasses that covered his aqua-blue eyes and blue hair that looked almost pale gray. The teenager appeared to be seventeen, but he was shorter than most of his age. He wore a long, white lab coat that covered a black shirt that clung to his scrawny figure. His white pants looked like they were too tight and his black tennis shoes appeared to be too small for his feet.

The boy pulled back one long piece of hair out of the right side of his face. He stared up at the mansion and then looked at himself in a nearby puddle (apparently it must have rained a couple of days ago). He gasped as he stepped back. The boy felt something pounding in his chest. He placed his large, pale hand against his chest. His senses were not blind. He knew this was his heart.

The boy looked around. "How did I get here? Have I returned to existence? Where are the other apprentices? Am I now back to being Ienzo?"

Demyx turned to Ienzo. The azure-haired, seventeen-year-old sat at Ansem’s computer typing away.
“Ienzo, how long do I have to wait?” the former Organization member cried.

Ienzo rolled his eyes and said in a polite voice, “Demyx, I’m trying my best. Just give me a sec, will ya?”

Demyx sighed, “Okay, but Ienzo we can’t afford to be slow. Many worlds are still being threatened by the darkness if we don’t save them than the entire universe will be divided into Heartless and Nobodies. And, if that continues the universe will be in chaos.”

Ienzo sighed and kept typing. He finished putting the names of the Seven Princesses of Hearts into his ex-adoptive father’s computer. Ienzo remained silent for a little bit, but Demyx peered over his shoulder and kept asking the youngest of the six apprentices, “If it had worked?” The monitor showed up with several files, but then something happened. A window with the words “The DATA has been corrupted” showed up in red.

Ienzo’s eyes shot open. Demyx on the other hand remained confused. Ienzo went back to the computer typing frantically. “This can’t be possible. The Organization must have tampered with the files. How am I going to…?” Ienzo said aloud.

Demyx stared at Ienzo weirdly. “Ienzo, what’s the matter?” the Melodious Nocturne asked.

Ienzo sighed, “I can’t access the files. Somebody must have messed with them.” He reclined back into the glass chair he sat upon.

“But, who would mess with the files? We need them to keep back the darkness,” Demyx said with a hint of shock in his eyes.

Ienzo turned back to Demyx and gave him a stern look. “Who do you think? Xemnas messed with them. He’s the only one that would do that sort of thing,” Ienzo replied.

Ienzo’s POV

"Man, this place is extremely well guarded" Demyx complained as we walked down a steel corridor. "First was a wind that is super powerful and could wipes someone’s memory, then there was a wall of fire that instantly incinerates anything it touches, then there was the floor that falls apart violently and then reappears the exact same after the people who fell down have met the sharp end of the thick spikes below. A wall that is indestructible, what's next?"

We stopped at a steel door, "Demyx, give me your hand" he did so and I put a sapphire ring on his right index finger.

He looked up after looking at it, "Ienzo, I'm flattered really. But I'm straight"
I rolled my eyes, "How absurb. This ring is actually needed to bypass the last defense system"

"So now I can't get hurt?"

"No, it makes it so your atoms aren’t susceptible to both heat and cold molecules moving in the air. It also makes it improbable for you to conduct either heat or cold and transfer your body temperature" I opened the door the room was in an artificial blizzard. "If you came in without this ring on, your body would freeze, and should you try to move your body parts would rupture!" I hollered over the noise.

Demyx’s POV

We had stopped at a huge rock that had to be 10 thousand feet tall, 1000 feet wide, and 100 thousand feet long (At the very least). "Uh, Ienzo, why'd you bring me all the way out here?"

"Just be patient" Ienzo told me as he pressed his right hand on the wall of the rocky structure. In about a minute there was a small tremor and where Ienzo had been standing 5 feet of the wall width pushed in to reveal some rocky steps going down into the earth on the left side of us. "One more second, Demyx" I wasn't sure why until a gale wind rushed out of the entrance.

"What in the name of Hades was that?"

"A part of the defense system, those small winds is now ravaging around the base, anyone who is caught in it will be carried away and forget what has happened 20 minutes before impact"

My mouth gaped, "No way"

"That's not only the thing, come" he said gesturing his fingers towards me. I approached him and he turned and started walking down the steps. I followed him.

Year: 3

Day: 27

Marluxia, Xiolio, and Xavier sat in the bottom of the castle in the cells. The braided hair Nobody looked over to the pink-haired Nobody. “It’s weird that we got a new leader,” Xiolio exclaimed.

“I suppose so, but let’s just hope that he doesn’t discover our plan,” Xavier said interrupting Xiolio’s conversation with Marluxia. He pulled his spectacles away from his face and breathed on them. The Schemer rubbed his coat sleeve onto them to clear them up.

“Why are we meeting in this place?” Marluxia asked with an annoyed expression.

The Graceful Assassin wasn’t pleased by his current status. He was scrunched in the middle of two men. Both of them reeked of some strange smell. Marluxia hated being in the cells, because while they were barely used they were also barely cleaned out. So, Marluxia had to deal with the nuisance of the filthy cells.

Xiolio gave an eerie smirk, “Because, don’t you want to overthrow, Rexon?”

Xavier exchanged an equally sinister grimace, “Yes, we’ve wanted to get revenge on Xemnas for bringing us into this awful existence, but now that he’s gone. And, Rexon is here. He serves as a blockade for our plans.”

Marluxia tilted his head towards Xavier. He asked, “Why didn’t you take over immediately after Xemnas disappeared?”

With that, Xavier and Xiolio turned towards each other and smirked.
Year: 2

Day 130


Sora leaned back in his pod. He carved one piece of the glass and his antennas back against his back. Ansem looked over at the Neoshadow. "I can see that you must hate the Organization," the dark-skinned man said with a mocking tone.

"Hate? I no longer know how to do that anymore. And, how do you know?" Sora asked Ansem.

Ansem tilted his head and chuckled, "The same way I communicated with my other minions. They can only communicate with each other and me."

Sora’s voice began to get more demonic. His yellow, bug-like eyes grew wider and the purple markings on his dark, velvet-like skin flared up. "I’m not one of your minions, you friggin’ monster! I would never serve a devil. After all, you used Kairi and the other princesses like tools and caused all of this."

"Geeze, take a chill pill! You’re acting more Heartless than me," Ansem chuckled.

Sora gave Ansem a scowl and then looked away. "Shut up, at least I would never do those things," Sora replied with a growl.

"Well, like it or not, if we want to get out then we will have to cooperate. Since, these cells make using our dark powers worthless, I say we will have to get one of my other's minions to get us out. But, knowing them some of them won't be easy to trick."

"Other? How can you be in two places at once?" Sora asked Ansem.

"The same way as you may not know this, but when I lost my heart and became a Heartless, the same as you. But, the other part of me, my body and soul became that of a Nobody," Ansem explained.

"So, I became the same as you and I have a Nobody somewhere." Sora turned his head away and then looked back at Ansem, "Why are you telling me this?!"

Ansem chuckled, "You'll see."

Footsteps approached the room. Two women dressed in black came into the room. One had light blonde hair that reached down to her shoulders and two pieces of it was decorated like the antennas of a Shadow Heartless. The other had purple hair that was decorated in French braids and reached down to her knees.

"Xia, I can't believe that I was partnered up with you to baby-sit two Heartless," the blonde, Larxene said as she took a seat in a white chair near the pods that contained Ansem or the Superior's Heartless.

"Well, we have to make sure that they don't escape," Xia said as she took a chair next to Sora's Heartless.

"Tch, we don't have to worry about these Heartless escaping. Their cells are dark-proof meaning they can't use their powers of darkness to escape," Larxene replied with a know-it-all attitude.

"Now is the perfect opportunity," Ansem said to Sora.

"What?" Sora asked tilting his head at the cloaked Heartless.

"Watch and learn," Ansem chuckled.

Sora turned his head towards the two females. The one with the purple hair stood up from the chair and picked up her chair. She turned towards Sora's pod and slammed the chair into the glass cell. The glass shattered into several fragments and a large hole formed. It was big enough for the medium-sized Neoshadow to fit in.

"Xia, what do you think you're doing?" Larxene hissed.

The woman's hissing broke the girl's trance. She snapped back to reality and stared at the broken pod. Xia stepped away from the pod. "What are you waiting for?" Ansem yelled at the Neoshadow.
Sora felt something intense rush through his body as his body melted into the ground. He moved through the hole of his cell and rose back to his full shape. Larxene looked at the Heartless and got out of her chair. She summoned her knives to her side and looked at Xia, "Xia, you idiot, why'd you let it out!"

Xia looked up to the blonde and replied, "I dunno."

Larxene approached the Neoshadow. She prepared a battle stance. Sora looked at the doorway and then at the Savage Nymph. He felt anxious. Sora looked back at Ansem. The hooded Heartless lifted up his hood and showed his yellow eyes through the darkness.

Sora cringed as he felt something surge through his Heartless body. Larxene's eyes grew wide as she saw something emerge from the Neoshadow. Sora could feel something was changing inside him. Larxene looked away and then ran towards the Neoshadow.

"Larxene, what are you doing?!" Xia screamed.

Larxene hissed, "What do you think I'm doing? I'm going to kill this Heartless. Since you broke his pod then I have to destroy it."

Xia shouted, "Larxene, you can't DESTROY it! The Superior said not to destroy it, but to look after it."
Larxene looked at the purple-haired woman with a smirk, "That's just crazy! The Superior's orders mean nothing to me. I'm doing something I should have done a long time ago."

The pain in Sora's body became more intense. Sora put his claws against his head and tried to scream, but the only thing that came out was a snarl. The pain became unbearable and Sora was left with only option, FAINT. He closed his eyes as fell to the floor. Larxene snickered as she headed over the Neoshadow's body,

"Not as strong as we thought."

She kicked the Neoshadow. Sora's eyes jutted open. "I will not be treated like an animal," an angry humanoid voice said.

Larxene flinched back. "What the...!"

The Neoshadow leaped out of the floor and made its way towards Larxene. Larxene was too scared to attack. She dropped her knives and attempted to leave the room. But, she found it hard as Sora began biting at her boots. Larxene screamed, "Let go!"

The Neoshadow grew more powerful and soon the Neoshadow fainted once more. A fog of smoke rose from its body and a figure in red emerged. The figure was covered in some sort of armor and his face was covered by a strange helmet. Larxene screamed as the figure landed slowly on his feet. He made his way towards the female. "I won’t be treated like an animal. And, since I just awoke it’s time for my feeding," he called forth a Keyblade.

He pointed towards the Savage Nymph and struck her down with one strike of his Keyblade. Xia screamed as Larxene began to fade away in smoke. She ran towards the boy and Larxene. "LARXENE!?"

The boy turned towards Xia and stepped in front of Larxene’s fading body. He turned back and smirked under his helmet. "I’m afraid your fellow member is gone," the boy snickered.

He pointed his Keyblade at her and did the same to her as Larxene. The boy turned away and headed out of the room. Sora remained his composure and rose back to his feet. "What just happened?" Sora asked.

He turned to Ansem. Ansem snickered, ""It would seem he has become more powerful, though that was only one of his influences. I reckon that if a nobody should be one of the roads that Vanitas has chosen should fade the piece of Vanitas' heart that dwelt within it would be released. I wonder whose half it was just now?"

Sora screeched, "Va-Nee-Tus, Friend?"

The shriveled man laughed, "Hahahaha, not likely. Vanitas will kill anyone that should dare cross him, being made out of dark; he is the very definition of both Darkness and Invincibility. He cannot be killed, only release the darkness within himself, he/she the other of that Vanitas is the only one capable of that. Only then can he merge and form a Death-Blade. And, only Ventus can release your contained darkness"

"I have to stop him," Sora growled.

Ansem chuckled, "In the form you are in now. He will only absorb you. He feeds off of darkness, so you who are made out of darkness will stand no chance. The only thing you can do now is go out and devour hearts like the mere beast you have become."

Sora glowered at Ansem. "I won’t hurt anyone. I won’t become like your other minions. I’m stronger than that."

"If you say so, beast," Ansem returned.
He showed his yellow eyes once more. Sora felt the same pain once more. He found himself growling like Heartless and found him hungering for hearts, “How do you feel," Ansem grimaced.
Sora found his voice had become deeper. He ran towards the exit. Once he was outside, he did the only thing most Heartless did, create a Dark Corridor and warp away.


Vanitas made his way towards the throne room. He stopped in his tracks as a man in a dark cloak spotted him. "It's been a long time, Master Xehanort."
The hooded figure approached him. "It's been awhile since I've abandoned that name." He pulled down his hood to reveal his face to the young teen.

The teen smirked, "I see your plan worked. What's with all the lousy Nobodies? And, where's Ven?"
Xemnas turned around. The Superior of In-between smirked as he withdrew his ethereal blades. Xemnas smirked, "Why do you care about him?! And, what do you want from him? No need to turn on your master."

"I'm not very fond of the silent treatment"

"I believe Ventus ... Is currently somewhere in Castle Oblivion. We have attemped numerous times to find the Chamber of Waking. Where he is presently being kept"

"So then where's Riku's nobody?"

"And why do wish to know?"

Vanitas took his battle stance, "That doesn't concern you, if you're smart you'll tell me without further questions"

"Whaddya, think you're doing?"

"Hmph, I will not allow you to destroy, Ukrix"

"Don't give me that honorably act, if you really cared about him you wouldn't force him to wear a blind-fold and have everyone else treated him like a worthless dog"
The found myself on a stained-glass with nothing really on it, around me was eternal darkness. I could now see my clothes were a white shirt with a short-sleeve on the left and long-sleeve black on the right (With bright red at the tip) Sky blue South Pole jeans, bronze armored boots. "Where am I?"

"Dive to the Heart, is the name of this place" the voice from before said.

"So this is my heart?"

"No, but you will find it soon enough. Hold out your hand" I did as I was told, a silver Key-like blade appeared in my hand. The hilt was navy blue, the safeguard also silver, and a Navy blue star Keychain was hanging from the safeguard.

"What is this?"

"The weapon you used to defy me. Now slay the monsters that will appear to open the 'Door to the Truth'.
As the name suggests, beyond it holds unfathomable knowledge. Knowledge of your past, as well among other things"

After those words a black parasitic creatures appeared, "What the-" something in my head cracked, I held my head in pain, "Hart-Liss" I managed to form my lips around the words.

(Sigh) (Sigh) (Sigh) I walked over to a silver door and opened it, as soon as I did a shot of light and darkness came out, the light to left of me and the darkness to the right.

"Salutations, Lord Sovia" I turned around to see two boys one with blond hair and one with black hair they were wearing the same type of clothes as me, but different colors. The boy with blond had a yellow shirt with sky blue on the right sleeve (And white at the tip), white jeans, and he was barefoot. The boy with black hair wore a violet shirt with amber on the right sleeve (Black at the tip), black jeans, and was also barefoot.
The boy with blond hair was smiling gestured his hand to his chest, "Roy-Fe, your Reflection" his voice was very cheery.

The boy with black you was frowning looked away, "Woah-Dah-Ss, your Shadow" his voice was more drearily and soft.
I turned my head to them both of them as I said their names, "Royf, Wodahs. What do you mean my Shadow and Reflection?"

"Exactly what we mean, I am who you are now" Royf explained.

"And I am who you will become" Wodahs added.

"We have been born due to you opening the 'Door to the Truth', for this we and all others you have come to be by your doing are eternally grateful"

"We shall lend you our power, in order to aid you on your quest of regeneration"

I put my left hand on my chin and looked up, "Really, how so?"

"Dismiss your Keyblade and hold out either of your hands, and we will then show you" Royf told me.

I dismissed the Keyblade and held out my left hand. Royf began to turn into some liquid and then became a white Keyblade, the hilt was yellow and had blue eyes in the center, the safeguard was comprised of white angel wings, and the Keychain was a white angel with a golden halo. "You seem to be surprised, m'lord. We can aid you by turning into Keyblades"

I held out my right hand and Woodah turned into a black Keyblade, it had black wings in the center of its blade which were blood red on the skin part, at the top of the blade were what looked like the same thing if it was being looked at a different angle. Between the wings was silver diamond-shape siding with a ruby in the center. The tip of the blade was with and some sort of ring directly below it was silver. The hilt was black, the safeguard black that made a shape circle, below it were white angel wings. The Keychain was a black-winged bat, the head was also black, the rest of the body was silver, and the eyes were ruby red. "Go forth, and find out who you are"


Year: 2

Day: 360

Lexi lay in his bed. He had one arm folded under his tiny orange spikey hair. His other hand was bent and throwing a small baseball up and down in the palm of his gloved hand. Lexi sighed, “First, Ukrix, then Xewn. Now, I have a mission at a place I’ve never been too… What’s next?”


The day yesterday had arrived. Lexi had gone up to Saix asking for any possible mission to retrieve Xewn or

Ukrix, both of which were treated as traitors among the Organization. He had been given a training mission from Saix in the Hall of Empty Melodies. He headed into the large, open room. Xiolio stood in the center of the bluish-purple wide platform. The braided haired, pirate gave Lexi an evil smirk. He taunted the boy, “You upset, because you’re friends left you behind?!”

Lexi went mad. He called forth his two daggers, Acing Ambers from the flames. “Don’t mock them!” he shouted with water in his gray eyes. He ran towards Xiolio and held out one of his daggers.
Xiolio gave the boy a smirk. “That’s more like it!” the man chirped. He blocked the blade of Lexi’s dagger with his large, bazooka-like gun.

Lexi leapt up and jumped onto Xiolio’s gun. He hopped up into the air and did a somersault. Lexi was upside-down and his daggers went for Xiolio’s face. Xiolio laughed as he warped out of place. This caught Lexi off-guard as he crashed into the ground head-first.

Lexi lifted his head from the ground. Xiolio said with a taunting voice, “You need to get your head out of the clouds, Wild Child. Face it; Ukrix and Xewn are not coming back. So, let go of your little fantasy.”
Lexi narrowed his eyes at the Rapid Gunner. He rose himself to his feet and dashed towards Xiolio. Xiolio snickered, “Yeah, now we’re talking!”

Lexi slashed both of his daggers at the man. Everything went bright.

End of Flashback

Lexi turned his head towards the door. Saix entered the room. “Why are you in my room?!” the boy asked giving the Lunar Diviner a glare.

“Lord Xemnas has ordered me to give you a mission to to take out,” Saix said.

Lexi’s face shifted to a stunned expression. “What? Roxas and Axel, are at Castle Oblivion?” Lexi asked.

Saix turned away and headed towards the door. “Perhaps, they are, but that’s beside the point. Hurry up and pack your belongings.”
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Re: The Key and The Flame: Between the Years ~ Days, BBS, and perhaps Re:Coded Spoilers are included

Okay, I have finally gotten around to catching up with this story (which took a few hours by the way), and all I have to say is this: WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!?!?!?! Seriously, there is so much going on at one time, I don't even know if there is a plot to this story. I mean, you got old Org. members leaving, new ones coming in, replicas, Sora's Heartless, Riku's Nobody, and whatever else is going on; there is really no structure or plot in this story that I see of. Also, I might be a little technical here, but what is up with the different color text? You should really stick with one color, preferably black; it's kind of annoying to have to highlight the chapter just to read it. Another thing, the dialogue. You should really try to space it out better and try to say who is talking; trying to figure out who is talking just adds to the confusion. Well, be as all of this may, the story is still good. I did like the part with Ienzo and Demyx; I hope you explain their relationship more. Anyway, good job, and I look forward to more.


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Re: The Key and The Flame: Between the Years ~ Days, BBS, and perhaps Re:Coded Spoilers are included

Dawn Rebirth and I were trying to get a multi-perspective. The story still has a main character, Ukrix and Xewn. I know it needs development, but here's the meltdown Roxas, Axel, and Xion leave the Organization a couple weeks after a Nobody Ukrix comes in. He became friends with the trio, but as soon as they left he became friends with Lexi and Xewn (a replica). The darkness is still raging outside and that's why new members are showing up and the Organization is trying to replace their fallen members with replicas and newbies. And, Xemnas has an encounter with Vanitas, because when Sora became a Heartless that was the trigger to bringing about Vanitas' rebirth, because he was asleep within Sora and Ukrix was created as a result of Vanitas placing his heart in Riku and as a result of Maleficent freeing Kairi's heart and it taking shelter in Riku's body.

This set up a domino effect, Ukrix and Namine were created as result. And, for the other characters Ienzo was killed by Riku at Hollow Bastion and he was reborn as Ienzo. He landed in front of the mansion and managed to find his way to Hollow Bastion somehow. Later, he teams up with Demyx who escaped Xaldin and made way to Hollow Bastion. The two are trying to protect what remains of the world, the people, and trying to take out the Organization at the same time. Does that help, explain things?

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Re: The Key and The Flame: Between the Years ~ Days, BBS, and perhaps Re:Coded Spoilers are included

TwiRiku13: The colors were to represnt who was talking.

***Twilight Mansion
Ukrix had been beaten down by some boy in red. The boy had delivered the boy to DiZ. DiZ glared at the unconscious Nobody with a lot of disdain. He turned around to face his computer. "Get that thing away from me," were DiZ's only words.
Namine stood by three males. She held her sketchbook in her hands and a small color pencil between her two fingers. It was too dark to see, but it wasn't hard to notice that she was distraught about DiZ's decision. "I d...don't think is right, DiZ. I think you should atleast give him a chance to learn about who is before sending him into that program," she said holding back the whimpers and tears from staining her work.
"Who cares about this thing? He's just a nothing that never shoulda existed," the boy in red said.
"I can't believe you're taking his side, Iz. What about the boy that sleeps in Castle Oblivion that had risked his life to save you..." Namine spat.
Iz chuckled a little, "Don't be comparing Viento to this nothing."
"Stop your useless tiff," Diz yelled causing the two teens to stop their argument and look bewildered at the bandaged, robed man.
"Namine, I'm sorry about this, but he needs to go back to Riku. It's the only way to wake him up and defeat the Organization. I have had enough of those goons for a long time and nothing will stop me from defeating their sorry asses!" Diz said coldly.
Namine sulked as DiZ gave Iz the command. The boy in red dragged the raven-haired boy towards a small platform. DiZ turned his computer and typed onto the keyboard. He then turned around. Namine on the other hand sulked as she watched the boy vanish within a portal of numbers and other forms of data.
Lexi and Ukrix
Lexi leaned against the wall of a dark skyscraper. He watched as his partner and former apprentice walked the streets in an unusual bitter walk. "You're sure this is the right move?" Lexi asked the boy.
Ukrix cocked his head to the orange-haired boy. "I can't stick around here anymore, if I do then that will only further Xemnas' plans. Xewn will likely absorb all of my power if I stay. This for the good of everyone," were the boy's words.
Lexi jumped up from his leaning position, nearly falling over until he regained his balance. "Are you crazy?! You can't cross the Organization! If you do that then that will surely give the Organization the right to annihilate you. I'm tellin' ya this is a bad idea. Got it?!" Lexi exclaimed.
"No one cares," Ukrix returned with an emotionless expression as he pulled up his hood and walked off.
"That's a lie, I care," Lexi said nearly crying.
Round Room
Xemnas had called Saix into Where Nothing Gathers after Xewn and Ukrix had finished up their mission in Agrabah. Saix was quite confused as to how Ukrix had managed to summon a Keyblade, especially one similar to Roxas'. Xemnas on the otherhand didn't seem the least confused, but rather fascinated. He looked over at his second-in-command.
"No. VI, I suppose that Xewn's contact with Ukrix has finally taken effect," Xemnas said.
"Yes, Lord Xemnas, but what I don't understand is how that has anything to do with Ukrix's newly found power," Saix replied.
Xemnas chuckled, "Xewn wasn't just a replica made to copy everyone else's power, but she was also created with the ability to reawaken one's sleeping memories."
"So, what you're saying is that Xewn's 'ability' has something to do with waking Ukrix's memory?" Saix asked.
"Precisely, Riku, Ukrix's other and I had met a long time ago. He held great promise and so he was chosen to be the next wielder. But, since his pact with Maleficent and Sora's heart shining brighter than his; his ability to wield the Keyblade was put to sleep and hasn't awaken until after contact with Pete, someone very close to Maleficent. And, through this contact Ukrix was able to wield the Keyblade," Xemnas explained.
"So, does this mean that the plan to get Roxas back will be terminated," Saix asked changing the subject.
"No," Xemnas spoke. "This means that Ukrix has proven himself worthy of being a pawn in our plans to master the Keyblade," Xemnas implied.
"In due time, we shall have all of our wielders back and Kingdom Hearts will no longer have to starve," Xemnas chuckled maliciously.


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Re: The Key and The Flame: Between the Years ~ Days, BBS, and perhaps Re:Coded Spoilers are included

Sorry for the long wait folks. Dawn, I'm sorry. I can't be on as much as I used too.
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Re: The Key and The Flame: Between the Years ~ Days, BBS, and perhaps Re:Coded Spoilers are included

Dawn Rebirth, I'm posting the part that you and I worked on together. I'm sorry for not asking, but I think we should finish this.
"Boy and girls of every age, wouldn't you like to see something strange?"

"Come with us and you will see, this our town of Halloween. This Halloween, this Halloween.
Pumpkins scream in the dead of night. This Halloween, everybody make a scene.

"Till' the neighbors gonna die of fright"

"It's our job, everybody scream!"

"In this town of Halloween"

"I am the one hiding under your bed, teeth round sharp and eyes glowing RED"

"I am the one hiding under your stairs, fingers like snakes and spiders in my hair"

"This is Halloween, this is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween"

"In this town we call home, everyone hail to the pumpkin song"

"In this town, don't we love it now. Everyone's waiting for the next surprise"

"Round' the corner, hiding in the trash can. Something's waiting to pounce then"


"This is Halloween!"

"Red and black"

"And slimy green"

"Aren't you scared?"

"Well that's just fine. Say it once, say it twice, take a chance and roll the dice. Ride
with the moon in the dead of night"

"Everybody screams everybody SCREAM!"

"In our town of halloween"

"I am the clown with the tear-away face, HERE IN A FLASH AND GONE WITH OUT A TRACE!"

"I am the who when you call, 'who’s there?"

"I am the wind blowing through your hair"

"I am the shadow on the moon at night, filling your dreams with the brim of fright"


"Tender love lings everywhere, life's no fun without a good scare"

"That's our job-"

"But we're not mean-"

"In our town of Halloween"

"In this town, don't be love it now! Everyone's wait for the next surprise"

"Skeleton Jack, might catch you in the back. Scream like a banshee and jump right out of your skin"

"This is Halloween"


"Now would you please make way for a very special guy?"

"Our man jack is king of the pumpkin patch, everyone hail to the pumpkin king. This
Halloween, this is Halloween, HALLOWEEN, HALLOWEEN, HALLOWEEN, and HALLOWEEN!"

"In this town we call home, everyone hail to the pumpkin song"

We had been hearing the song for a while, we were hiding from any wandering eyes, "They sure seem to like that song" I thought.

A skeleton in a black macabre with white stripe going down horizontally, having a white
button at the center top, a large bat-shaped bow-tie, the coat tails reached his knees, and small black tap shoes. "That was spectacular!" he exclaimed, "It's too bad we're still 3
months away from Halloween, though" he said with a sad expression scratching his head.
In the cemetery of the dark place, Roxas and I walked side-to-side of each other. It had been awhile since the two of us had left the World That Never Was and I still felt nervous about Roxas finding out the truth about himself, especially on the journey that we had been through in searching for Xion. On the day after Xion had left, Roxas was telling everyone in the castle that he wanted to go after her. Saix had warned him that if he did so then he wouldn’t hesitate to take out No. XIII in a heartbeat. But, Roxas didn’t care, I didn’t care, he just wanted to see Xion. And, I couldn’t let him go off by himself considering that when the boss had eliminated his memory prior to becoming a Heartless that he was made completely weaker than a Dusk.

“Who’s there?” Roxas shouted.
I turned to look at Roxas. He had a suspicious look on his face and he started to run. I turned to see a figure in a black coat similar to the one that Roxas and I wore. The figure turned around to see Roxas running towards him. He soon ran into an open, stone coffin that sat on the ground. “Roxas,” I said as I gripped the boy by the hood of his coat.

He was throbbing back and forth as he attempted to run after the figure. It took him awhile to stop. When he did stop, he looked up at me and gave a glare. “Why didn’t you let me go?!” Roxas spat.

I let go of his hood and placed my hands on my hips and returned a glare of my own. “Roxas, you need to think before you react. Besides, that figure could be dangerous and we don’t know who it is,” I explained to him.

He just got angry. Tears dripped down his eyes as he gasped, “That figure might have been Xion and once we had caught up with her, we might be able to take her back home.”

“Oh boy, Roxas,” I said as I lowered my head and continued, “Listen, I don’t think Xion would want to go back to the castle and besides we can’t just go back there.”

“Why not?!” Roxas asked.

“Because-“ I was soon cut off by a slam in the chest.

“Axel,” Roxas screamed as he ran to my side.

He bent down and attempted to pick me up, but the same thing happened to him. Both of us were lying on the cold ground of the graves. “Well, it’s been awhile,” a deep voice spoke.

It couldn’t be him, but it was. A mass of black smoke appeared before us and a large, muscular figure in a black coat appeared before us. He held a large, red and yellow ax-shaped blade with a blue handle in his left hand. The figure removed his hood and a man with curly auburn hair and a chiseled long face stood before us. “Lexaeus, what the hell,” Roxas grunted as he slowly got up.

Lexaeus stared at Roxas and slapped him back on the ground with his axe-sword. Blood came out of Roxas’ nose as he looked up at Lexaeus. “I came to take you two fugitives back with me,” Lexaeus answered in his usual quiet voice.

“Fugitives, we’re not fugitives!” Roxas yelled.

“You have betrayed the organization and now you have left me with no choice. I must take you both back to face the new Superior. He’ll know what to do with you traitors,” Lexaeus said as he approached Roxas.

“Traitors, Axel, what is he talking about?!” Roxas asked in a confused manner.

“Don’t play dumb, No. XIII, after all you were the one that caused all this discord,” Lexaeus said as he gripped Roxas by the collar.

Roxas kicked his feet back and forth against Lexeaus’ lower body, but the Silent Hero didn’t seem the bit fazed by the Key of Destiny’s futile attempt. “If you refuse to come back with me then I’ll just eliminate you two on the spot,” Lexaeus said as he rose his tomahawk above Roxas’ head.

“No, you don’t!” I yelled as I got to my feet, summoned my chakrams, and sliced Lexaeus in the hand.
Lexaeus groaned in pain as he dropped Roxas. “Come on, Roxas, let’s get out of here,” I said to Roxas as I ran towards him and slugged him over my shoulder.

I turned to the open a corridor with my only free hand. The egg-shaped portal of darkness appeared and I was about to dash towards in it with Roxas, but that wasn’t until something happened. I felt something grabbing at my backside. “I won’t allow this,” the voice said.

I turned around to see Lexaeus’ axe sword being gripped onto the space between Roxas’ back. Roxas had fallen unconscious after the second hit from Lexaeus, so it was a bit much. “Let go!” I yelled.

But, Lexaeus didn’t respond. He brought his tomahawk back to his side and pulled Roxas and I closer towards him. I fought my best to get away from Lexaeus and head into the closing corridor. It was too late, Lexaeus had pulled us towards his side, the portal closed, and Lexaeus soon had us. He grabbed Roxas in one hand and had me on the other. Smoke appeared and it evaporated us.

That was the last I remember before we were brought back to the Organization.

Soon afterwards, the figure in black from before came out of the open coffin. She took off her hood and looked around. It was Xion. Xion cried, “I can’t believe I ran away from them again.”

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Re: The Key and The Flame: Between the Years ~ Days, BBS, and perhaps Re:Coded Spoilers are included

Twilight Mansion ***

The white room where the silver-haired keyblade weilder slept was quiet. The blond-haired girl's baby blue eyes were fixated on the man covered in bandages. After a moment she managed to ask, "A second witch?"

"Indeed. That boy in the mask is a very strange sort. Why he insists on helping us confonds the mind"

"So" she began trying to find the right words, "What is her name, what exactly can she do?"

"Tristana. Her powers seems to be connected to reanimation"

Namine froze with her mouth gaping, her skin having lost all it's color (Now the same color as her dress), and her small eyes looking like they could pop out of their sockets at any given moment.

DiZ looked suprised (Obviously she took it much harder than he had expected). He gave a minute but her expression did not change, she kept looking like a zombie the rest of the time he was in the room. After thinking it through he began with, "What is she like? ... What is she capable of? ... Is she human? ... What is her life like? Will I ever meet her? Could be friends? ... Do these thoughts wander your mind ... Namine?"

Namine managed to nod slightly.

"It is only natural for one to think of these sort of things of another which catches one's interest. The boy should be bringing her here sometime this afternoon, then you shall have your answers. That saying you can compose your entire being by then" he said leaving the room.

Dusk Mansion ***

The silver-haired girl sat at small black table, several short bangs came down the right side of her face, and a black vintage jewel flower was placed on the right side of her forehead. She wore a violet french maid dress and black madigan clogs. Despite the absence of the large rectangular table the black room looked exactly like the one at Twilight Mansion. On the black table was an art pad and an art set.

A boy in red armor came out of nowhere (Or seemed to because of the color of the room), "Let's go" he ordered.

She gathered her things, took a black coat off of a hook, put it on, and walked into the darkness. "Finally we find one that can follow directions" the boy muttered to himself before walking into the darkness behind her.

End of Recordings...

Lexi had been called into the Round Room with the last remnants of the elders of the Organization, Xaldin and Xemnas. Xemnas had his hood up, but Lexi knew that his boss was glaring at him. The environment in the Round Room was rather tense and Lexi hated the fact that Xemnas had called for him.

"You have betrayed the Organization, Lexi. You have hinderd our plans by getting rid of an essential tool to Roxas," Xaldin said.

Lexi spat, "Yeah right, you and all the other members said that he was a worthless pawn that you would gladly exterminate. Why are you lying?!"

"Enough," Xemnas yelled raising a hand to silence the two. "Lexi, it is true that Ukrix was worthless, but due to recent events he has shown quite a fascinating talent that shows that he might be able to wield the Keyblade like Roxas."

"Yeah so," Lexi folded his arms.

"I'm saying that I'll be sending some of my Dusks after him to test this newly discovered ability of his, but that is for later." "Now, we are here to discuss your punishment."

"You on the other hand, will be assigned to Castle Oblivion to fight a familiar face." a grin could be seen from underneath his hood.


Ukrix wondered the forest for many hours. He had been driven here by some unknown force. He went up to the gates and rattled the chains. "Locked!" Ukrix whimpered.

Just then, he noticed glowing in his hands. A large key formed. It was the Keyblade, "Wh-what is this?!" he demanded looking at the silver key. A shot of light fired at the lock, when it cleared up the lock was gone. Ukrix was left with a confused expression,
"How the-".

He cut himself off and began to press forward, as he reached half-way from the door a familiar voice coming from the left told him, "This is private property, why else do you think the gate was locked?"

He looked at the figure, it was Iz.
DiZ pounded his fist on the computer, "Dammit all to bloody hell, why isn't it working?" DiZ asked in a frustrated tone.

Iz looked at the monitors, "What's wrong?"

DiZ sat back, "Riku, is still incapable of waking"

"How can that be? He already has his body and soul, what more does he need?"

"The being known as Riku, is missing a piece that his body had gotten used to you" said voice from behind.

DiZ and Iz cocked their heads in the direction of the person. He wore a white lab coat, tan pants, and black tank top underneath. He was an inch shorter than DiZ, wore glasses, and silver hair that had some bangs come partially down his left eye. "Do you reffer to that shard of a heart that was within his body?"

"Correct. Without that he can not awaken, or at least for this moment"

Iz rose an eye brow, "And that's supposed to mean?"

The stranger adjusted his glasses, with a frown.
Days before leaving the Organization, Ukrix had went on a mission with Xewn to Agrabah. They had been assigned to investigate a mysterious fellow by the name Pete. Pete wasn't the brightest, but he had posed a threat to the Organization's plans. Roxas and Axel had encountered Pete and reported him to Xemnas before leaving.

"Stop messin' with my plans. If I don't get Jafar's lamp, Maleficent'll kill me!" Pete barked.

Xewn and Ukrix clutched onto the weapons. Ukrix had his sword drawn and Xewn her Keyblade. Xewn nodded at Ukrix and ran towards Pete. She attempted to slash at him, but he blockaded her attack with a sphere he had enveloped over himself. Once, the sphere was gone Pete made a lavendar ball appear. He swung like a bowling ball and the thing exploded.

The explosion sent Xewn flying next to Ukrix. Her Keyblade was pierced into the ground and she was only able to pull herself up by means of the Keyblade. She looked at Ukrix with her aqua-blue eyes. "Ukrix, finish him off," she had said as her blonde hair dripped in front of her face.

"But, I'm not strong enough," Ukrix exclaimed.

"Believe in yourself, Ukrix," Xewn replied.

"Are you done yet? I've gotta get me a new Heartless," Pete interrupting the two.

Xewn sighed, "You can do it, Ukrix."

Ukrix nodded. He turned to Pete, who was now up in the air about to launch an attack. Ukrix closed his eyes and called forth Soul-Eater, which had been knocked out of his hands and was close to falling off the cliff. But, instead of calling for Soul Eater what he got surprised him, Pete, and Xewn.

"Not a 'nother one o' those things!" Pete's mouth gaped followed by an expression that made him like he was about to cry.

Ukrix clutched the Keyblade towards his belly and leapt up towards Pete. After a dazed look the brute finally fell onto the ground unconcious. "Mission complete," Ukrix said as the Keyblade vanished.

"That was impressive," Xewn said as she approached Ukrix.

"Xewn, how'd you get better so fast?" Ukrix asked.

Xewn smirked, "I cast Curaga on myself while you finished off that guy. Now, let's go get some ice cream."

"Yeah," Ukrix nodded.

Ukrix opened a corridor and both him and Xewn went to Twilight Town, Station Plaza to meet up with Lexi. Luckily, Lexi was there. He turned to see the two and gave a goofy smirk. "It's about time you two arrived," Lexi said sarcastically.

"Lexi, you'll never believe what happened with Ukrix today."

"Okay, you can tell me after you guys finish up your ice cream, so take a seat," Lexi said.

The two sat down beside Lexi. Lexi pulled out three ice creams from his coat pocket and handed one of them each. The two of them stared at the sun. "It's times like these I miss," Lexi said with a sigh.

"You think times like this will last," Xewn asked.

"Nothing lasts forever," Ukrix added.

Lexi smirked, "Yeah, but memories do. And, as long as we remember each other we'll always be close."

"That's too sappy, Lexi," Xewn exclaimed.

"What a guy can't express himself," Lexi chuckled.

Ukrix chuckled along with his friend, but then frowned as a thought came to his head. Lexi looked over at the raven-haired boy. "What's up," Lexi asked.
"Maybe we should run off together, that way we can always be together," Ukrix said.
Day 305: Xewn's judgement

PoV: Lexi

The Council Five had rounded up for a meeting, for what I wasn't quite sure. The Council was made up of me, Saix :p, Rexon, Larxis, and Lexaeus. "So whose the one who called for this little get-together?"

Lexaeus rose his head, "I would be that individual. I am concerned with how the member's are being affected by Xewn's influence"

I put my hands on arm rest of my chair, "I thought no one would ever bring this topic up, so what, you want her gone?"

Rexon shook his head, "Don't let your grudge against her be what influences your own actions"

"Then what would you suggest we do, if we leave it be she will absorb every ounce of us. It's either us or her, Rexon"

"Let's do this democratically" Lexaeus suggested, "All in favor letting Xewn, stay amongst us" Larxis and Rexon raised their hands. "And all in favor of ... Doing away with her?" Lexaeus, Saix, and my hands rose. "Then that's that"

Rexon slammed his hands on the rests of his seat, "By doing away with one of our own, you prove to be no better than Xemnas"

"It has already been decided, step down, or else"

"I'm not stepping down, Saix"

"Then you'll just have to do the honors of ridding us of, Xewn"
Day 309: Sayonara, Everyone

PoV: Xewn

"So what's this I hear of replacing, Xewn?" the dreadlock nobody qurried.

The Luna Diviner let out a sigh, "The council decided Xewn, is far too unstable to be living amongst our ranks. Rexon, objected, but little good that did"

"Hmph, eradication of that replica is no a small task"

"Rexon, for objecting against their wishes is charged with the task"

Xaldin smiled malicously, "And here I thought he was the new Superior"

"Didn't all of you? Rexon was just picking up the pieces to reform the organization. He has no interest of being our Superior"

"I would wager he has no interest in disposing of the replica either"

Saix crossed his arms, "Either he kills her, or he is killed. Rexon, is by-far the most capable of bringing her down"

"Really? Is that not the real reason he was chosen?"

"That is for you to decide upon"
I walked away, opened up a CoD and left. Arriving at the tower looking up, someone was there. As I walked on in I could feel no other pressence but my own. I walked ahead, took a right, took another right, and walked up the steps. As I reached the top, I immediately realized who it was, Lexi. He was crying, "You really are something, Lexi. A nobody who can cry, I guess that gives the two of us more in common. We replicas can also feel, including the emptiness of our fake hearts"

He turned to me with a scowl, "Is that all you can say, that you feel? Well for someone who can feel, you sure aren't even affected by more and more of our friends leaving. No, you just stand there uneffected. As if they never mattered!"

I looked at him with a stern expression, "Who do you think you are? How do you know what I feel, can you look into my heart?!"

"Ukrix, is gone because of you!"

I gasped, "What?"

His scowl was now a murderous glare, "Don't you get it?! You absorb the life force of everyone around you, make them weak, until finally they give out?! Why do you think everyone leaves, why do you think they want you gone, because you're killing everyone!!!"

The wind that blew dried the tear on my face, I turned around, "Very well, if I'm not wanted then I'll leave"

His look seemed to loosen-up, "Wh-what?"

"You said I'm killing everyone with my pressence, were these not words of honestly?"

"We-well yeah, but-"

"You seem sad to see me leave ... Shouldn't you be happy, or isn't that a feeling you can feel?"

"I'm sorry, I didn't-"


He gasped, "W-wa-"



End of Update


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Re: The Key and The Flame: Between the Years ~ Days, BBS, and perhaps Re:Coded Spoilers are included

It might be a while till I update the next chapter, because I have finals this week. But, as time comes I'll let you know.


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Re: The Key and The Flame: Between the Years ~ Days, BBS, and perhaps Re:Coded Spoilers are included

Sorry for the long wait everyone, but here's the next chapter. Dawn and I have worked on this.

"Viento, we gotta go," Agua screamed as she stood before an opened dark corridor.

Viento looked back at her and smiled, "Agua, I can't go with you. I have to defend this castle."

Agua's expression dropped. She screamed as she tried to run towards Viento, who only ran back towards the direction of the labratory. Agua tried chasing after him, but something or someone held her back. She glanced back to see her other friend, Suelo gripping onto her navy-blue jacket-vest with his ebony hand. She yelled at him, "Suelo, let me go! I have to save Viento from making a horrible mistake."

Suelo didn't comply. He just pulled her back more towards the corridor. "Agua, Viento's heart has decided. You can't persuade him. We gotta go and save these two kids before the Heartless come," Suelo explained as he pulled her into the corridor.


Moments before

"Hey Mr.," a small blue-haired toddler said, "What's that you got in your hands?"

Viento looked down at the small boy. He held out his Keyblade, Never Forgottenin his hands and smiled, "This is called a Keyblade. It's something that is too dangerous for a little kid to touch, but maybe one day you'll get one of your own and you'll be able to protect those dearest to you."

The little boy crossed his arms and gave a death glare. "C'mon, just let me touch it!" the little boy said.

Viento smirked, "Alright, I'll let you touch it, but this will be our little secret, promise?"

The little boy chuckled as he touched the keyblade, "Alright, promise!"

A light emminated from the boy's hands. The light soon faded as three figures came back from the remains of the marketplace of Radiant Gardens. "Viento, we gotta go!" Suelo said.

"Alright, let's go," Viento said as he jumped from his seat and ran towards the ugly castle in the distance.
Viento took a quick glance back while running, he managed to vaguely make-out a boy with orange hair. For some odd reason, he was beginning to slow down, "Why do I feel so strange while looking at that other boy?"

"Viento, what's wrong?" Suelo asked noticing Viento's pace had diminished from how he was running a moment ago.

"Huh?" Viento asked, not having heard the question fully.

"Viento, this no time to get sidetracked. We have to go now"

Viento shook his head, "R-right!"

Altar of Naught

"Escaped?" Rexon asked questionably.

"Yes. That miscreant, Lexi assissted them by melt right through glass. They're all traitors to this organization, Lexi for letting them out. And Axel and Roxas for going along with him"

"What was the motive?"

"We believe it was because he didn't find the idea of bringing his Key-bearing friend here all that too appetizing to his opinion"

Rexon sighed, "Can you blame him? Put yourself in his boots Isa, had it been me or Lea instead of Iz what would you have done?"

"What are you asking of me? I would let it go as it was meant to, of course"

"So it true"

"What is?"

"I kept trying to give you the benefit of the doubt ... But your every word and action leave me with nothing as to believe. What does your past mean to you, Isa?"

Saix looked away, "Forgive me superior for correcting you, however my name is Saix"

"Indeed. A new name, for a new person. Send as many dusks after them as you like, send all of them, along with your Berserkers if that is what you desire. But come to this altar no more, if you do" He turned glaring at Saix, "I will make you regret ever disregarding the feelings of others ... Just because you have no heart to feel bad over your misguided actions"

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Re: The Key and The Flame: Between the Years ~ Days, BBS, and perhaps Re:Coded Spoilers are included

DR:1 More post after this and we close up shop :D

Day 275: Commence the pouring

PoV: Sovai

I had just exited a corridor entirely made of light, I was now in the center of a stained-glass pillar. In front of me were floating stairs, I was half-expecting a guard for some-odd reason.​

I was about to take the first step, when a throbbing pain hit my head, "GAH!!!"

I was somewhere else, a mahogany patio, it was night out, there weren't many stars out. I looked up gazing at them, "See them, Sovia?" a calming voice belonging to a women asked. "Every star is said to be a world. Worlds that were once whole with this large one. They say that if you make a wish on a star, don't tell anyone but the star, then the world's light will make it come true"

"Wow" a child answered, "So if I make a wish right now, it'll come true?"

"Yes, but you must keep in mind. You have to pull your own weight, otherwise it won't come true. You meet it half-way, and it'll do the same"

"If I ask what I can do to make it come true, before making it, will it still work?"

"That it should"

"What can I do, to make dad come home soon?"

There was slight pause, "Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and believe it'll happen ... That's my advice"


"Why sure. After all, if you don't believe in your wish, how can it be motivated to come true?"

There was a sigh, "I made my wish ... Will it come true?"

"Only time will tell. And speaking of which it's that magical time, Sovia"

"Aww, but I'm not sleepy"

"Says my little boy whose rubbing his eyes"

There was a yawn.​

"And there's the yawn"

The vision now showed the mother's face; she had blue hair tied back, peach skin, sky blue eyes, and a smile as she patted her boy on the head.​

I bright light flashed, and she was gone, I was left with a tear as I fell to my knees remembering, "No, mom ... Please don't leave me again"


I opened my eyes to a man's voice, not the voice from before, but someone else, also comforting.​

I was now in the center of a plateu of ivory, a man with brown hair a few pointy bangs coming down at the sides, going back in sort of moahawk-ish way. His skin was peach, and his eyes were green as emeralds. He was standing in front of me, "An interesting name. So tell me, how long have you been holding onto that Keyblade?"

The visual adjusted so I was looking at a silver Keyblade, with a gold safeguard, and a blue ring in the center. "I keep hearing that same word, if this is a Keyblade" the visual returned to the man, "Then what is it?"

The man's eyes shifted to the right, "I'd tell you if I knew, but it is very rare that a human can come wield one like me"

"So we're not allowed to, because were human?"

"Allowed isn't the right word. There are only three ways someone can come to wield a Keyblade, each having to do with help from someone who can already wield one. Sovia, would you mind to explore the city of light with me?"

The visual nodded, "But, um, what's your name?"

He smiled, "My name is ..."

I was back on the stained-glass, "Grance ... My first friend"
The light surrounded me, I was now in a port, to the right was a lighthouse, in front of me I finally got a visual on what the person was wearing (he was the first). A charred red cloak, gold rings around his ankles, and wrists. His skin was snow-white, his eyes black as abony, his hair the same color a series of short bangs came down to his eyelids. "What do you want with me?"

He gave a bitter look, "Nothing. I was only sent here to escort you"​

"To where?"

"I have no reason to satisfy your idle curiousity"​

The next moment I was walking in a place with many ivory buildings, every person had a halo hovering over their heads. The sun was shining brightly, I could see that I was walking on clouds, the visual was moving back and forth slowly. "Is there a reason you have stopped walking?"​

I thought about it for moment and then asked, "Is this heaven?"

There was slight pause, then he shook his head slowly, "Heaven ... No longer exists"​

I began to flail my arms, "Whaddya mean it no longer exists, does that mean hell no longer exists?" I asked sarcastically.

"That depends on how you see the world you come from" he then took off, "We have wasted enough time already"​

I was now in a room with a darker ivory making it up, there was a long table made of the same texture, at the left of it was girl with green hair, at the end of the table was a man with magenta hair, the both didn't have halos, and they both were wearing black coats, contrast to the people ouside in white robes. He had been doing some paper work, before he looked up and smiled, "Ah. So you have finally arrived. Thank you for bringing him, Reokean"

The man turned away, "I was only carrying out the mission"​

He laughed, "Of course. Sovia, welcome to Sanctuary"

The visual looked around, "That's good and all, but how do you know my name?"

All of a sudden a man came through in some sort of teleporatation, he put his right cleched fist over his heart, "Grance reporting back, sir!" I looked behind me, sure enough it was Grance. I could finally see what he was wearing, a gray short-sleeved shirt, a high-collared black vest, a black wristband on his right arm, dark gray pants, black armored boots, and a black piece of armor on his left shoulder. He took one of me and nearly jumped out of his skin, "Uh, S-sovia?" he then turned with an angry expression to the man with magenta hair, "Why is he here, with Reokean, no less?!"

The man sighed, "I appoligize. Keyblade weilders are targets, humans ... Are either recruited or killed. I didn't want that to happen ... So for his protection, I had Reokean bring him here ... Granted. Perhaps I should have sent someone else to do it-"

"Then why didn't you?!" Grance outbursted.

"I would have, but everyone else was out on missions, and with my father ... All I can do is ask for forgiveness, your's too Sovia"

The visual shook, "Just answer me this, was I brought here to be protected because you need me ... Or ... To make sure if they found me ... That they didn't ..." For some reason I couldn't finish the sentence, though I guess at the time it was implied what I would have said.

"I wish to make something clear, though I did bring you here under terms you had no choice in ... I do not see you as a worthless pawn. I will not force myself onto you, only if you should choose ... Will I show you who I really am"

"Can you give me your name?"

Once again, I was back on the pillar, "Victor ... And Reokean ... An angel out-casted by his father the king ... And a man who had lived a cold, cruel life, because of the fear his existence struck people"

"You finally wake?"

I was yet again, surround by light. I ended up sitting by a bonfire, it was night, the distant sound of a running river could be heard. I turned my head, the man who asked had silver hair that reached down to the top of his spine, a bang coming down to the tip of his chin, and aquamarine eyes. He was wearing a black leather coat with a large collar that reached to his ears even though they were folded back, and the coat was kept closed by a black belt with a silver buckle around his waist.​

"Where am I?" The visual shook.

"You're lucky that I felt like fishing you out, elsewise you'd be still heading downstream"

"Uh, thanks?"

"Why were you heading down stream to begin with?"

"An unversed batted me away into the stream, everything else after is blank" I took out a bronze pendent and there was a flash of light, "So tell me ... What's the name of my savior?"

"... ... No name ... Out of everyone ... Why is it I can't remember his?"

The organization had locked Axel and Roxas in a cell in the lower parts of the castle. Roxas had pulled out his ‘Kingdom Key’ and tried to smash the glass of their cell open from the inside, but as luck would have it. It didn’t work. Each swing of the Keyblade was repelled and when the Key of Destiny’ quit at using his weapon, he switched tactics. Why not switch from using his weapon to his element?

Roxas decided to put this idea to the test, but like his Keyblade, it failed.

"Roxas, quit it," Axel said groggily as he had just woken up from a nap he had taken earlier, while on the lower bunk of the white beds that sat in the corner of the small room.

Roxas looked back at the redhead with annoyance. "Axel, we have to get out of here and explain to them that we didn’t do anything wrong," Roxas explained. "So, why don’t you help me?"

Axel looked away. "Listen Roxas, even if I did help you my power wouldn’t do anything to shatter that glass"

"How do you know?" Roxas asked starting to grow more frustrated.

Axel then looked at Roxas, "Because Roxas, this is an anti-gravity chamber, which means it repels all attacks and elements from the inside."

"Then, if attacks from the inside are useless then what about attacks from the outside?" Roxas asked.

Axel chuckled, "Listen to you Roxas, who in this castle would think of helping us?"

Roxas growled, "Shut up, at least I’m trying to do something to get out of this stupid pod, instead of just lying there and waiting till they try to annihilate us!"

Where Nothing Gathers

A meeting had been called in the Round Room, all five members of the council were there, Lexi, Xaldin, Saix, Larxis and Rexon, the replacement of the run-away and former leader, Xemnas. Each of them sat in their thrones with their hoods up. "It’s really quite irritating," Larxis began.

"What makes you say that?" Xaldin asked.

"Well, since we’ve gotten those traitors back. Why don’t we just eliminate them for treason?" Larxis asked.

Saix replied, "Because, we still need Roxas as our Keyblade wielder."

Larxis asked, "But, don’t you think that’s kind of stupid to let that little runt live?! What about his friend?"

Saix said, "Axel, will be exterminated."

"Hold on," Xaldin interrupted. "You’re forgetting Saix that you don’t make the demands around here. Let Rexon make the decision."

Larxis groaned and everyone’s attention was drawn to the new ‘superior’. Rexon remained quiet.

Later on that same day, Saix met up with Xaldin in the Grey Area. The two conversed on the opposite side of the room, where all the people were gathered. "Don’t you think this is ludicrous," Xaldin asked.

Saix replied, "As long as the council doesn’t find out that I’m going to let Akix absorb Roxas, then all for the better"

Xaldin asked, "Why would you want that lethargic little urchin to absorb Roxas?"

"Because, Akix lacks the power to wield the Keyblade right now, but if she were to absorb Roxas then she would be able to use the Keyblade. And, Roxas isn’t going to serve us, because of what I told him earlier"

"Then, what about the Heartless? We need Sora's Heartless to track down Xemnas" Xaldin exclaimed.

Saix shot an icy stare at Xaldin, "I wish to keep to you something in mind, when Akix absorbs Roxas his Body and Soul will be freed, as a result it is possible that the heartless will cease to be"

Xaldin rose his left eye brow, "Possible?"

Saix looked away, "It hasn't been confirmed if heartless and any other remains of it cease to be when a nobody fades. The Heart and the Brain are dependent on one another, though hearts relinquished of darkness do not effect the Nobody physically, nobodies do seem to act in a ... Unique way when such an event occurs" He returned the same stare back at Xaldin, "Thus it is possible the heartless will be effected. As a result ..."

Xaldin shut his eyes putting his left hand on his chin deep in thought, then after several moments later his eyes jutted open, "Sora will be whole ... Are you truly willing to risk it? The return of the Key?"

Saix didn't answer. It was a very large risk, one he would regret ... Saying if he had a heart, which he did not, however it would not be benefical in any way. That was saying, Akix couldn't make him weaker, and make herself more powerful in the process.

"Let him return"

Xaldin was dumbfounded, "For what reason?"

Saix put his right hand to his mouth, "Let us just say, it is foutunate that I am the one who assigns missions" He smiled from behind the sleeve.


The memories were fresh and just as painful, this being the place that Xemnas had slapped me across the face, calling me a temptriss. I looked around remembering it, and after failing in my first mission. I finally sat down on the sand craddle position, looking at the crescent moon frozen in time, "Misery for eternity, that pretty much sums up the meaning of hell" I could feel tears forming.

"Hurt, it is something we all feel somewhere among life" a voice called out from behind her.

I turned my head immediately to the voice which was so familiar that I was afraid, no doubt. "What do you want?" I asked, the tears dripping off of my face.

The figure walked to the edge of the beach, "No matter who or what we are, so in an effort to get rid of it we belittle people, repeat actions that were done upon to us, and many other cruel things. But hurt brings people together, a world without darkness is a world without connections. Just as a world without light is a world without joy. Do you want the hurt to go away, Xewn?"

I was nothing short of being confused, Rexon had such intimidation and charisma, this man had charisma alright, but he was more ... Attracting. "Who are you?"

"Some call me a monster ... Others call me a miricle worker"

"I meant a name ... What's your name?"


"Well Victor, how do you know my name?"

"Because you are unique"

"Stop being so cryptic, just come out and say what you mean"

"Because you are in pain, because there is no other you, and also because you are special"

"That's still being cryptic"

"Two out of three are answers, the last is cryptic"

"Then explain the last"

"There is no need" a new voice whispered in my ear.

I looked around, a girl who looked exactly like me, aside from having black hair and amber colored eyes was standing next to me. She seemed to be wearing the same type of coat that I was. "Who are you?"

"Malene" she answered with a smile, "Xewn, this man is a liar"

For some reason I could tell she was the liar, "Really?" I asked not at all believing her jest.

"Xewn, don't believe her, that man can help you" a new voice emerged from ... Somewhere.

Malene, scowled in Vicor's direction, "You stay out this you little bitch" she warned whoever had said it.

"Xewn, look at your reflection through the water" Victor instructed in a very passive way.

Malene's eye were now blazing with fury, "Don't tell her what to do" she said in a threatening tone.

I had no idea what it would accomplish, but did know one thing for sure out of this, I naturally despised, Malene. I then looked at my reflection.

"No ... Don't" Malene pleaded.

I squinted my eyes ignorning her, out of my reflection came out another look-alike of me, this one had silver hair, cotton blue eyes, and a white version of my coat. "Thank you, Victor" she thanked the figure, she was the one whose voice I had heard come out from nowhere.

Malene, was now trembling in anger, her fists clentched, "Damn you, both" She then acted extremely desperate, "X-xewn, you know the organization is still out there, t-they'll hunt you down. Stay here, h-here you don't have to feel sad, you don't have to face a world that rejects you"

I was a loss for words to know how she knew so much, but I still hated her, don't know why, but I did, "I hate this place ... Why would I want to stay?"

Malene's attitude didn't change, and if it did it become ever more desperate, "B-but you don't have to look at this place. What do you love the most? Axel, right? Where do you see him? The Station Tower. I can make that happen, you can be with him, forever"

I looked at her with a quizitted look, "How?" although I was very interested.

A devilish smile showed itself, "Illusions"

I was so close to strangling her, that's how mad I was. "Illusions?" I asked through gritted teeth, "They're not real"

"Reality is overated. Come'on, I can push away those awful memories deep into the bottom of your heart, you won't remember it's not real. But your feelings will stay true" She held out her hand, "Don't be afraid of the darkness ... It wants you ... It loves you ... Just as I do"

I then lost all of the anger, it was gone, no more pain, all of it could go away, just take her hand, and forget.

"Xewn, do you really you want to forget real people, people who do really care about you, for illusions?" The other girl asked.

Illusions, not real, but feel real. Reality, real, feels real ... Is real. I turned my head away from Malene, "The pain would still be there, and at some point it would return"

Victor held out a heart-shaped object, and a light appeared, a way out, a way out from the person who lead me here ... Malene. "The choice is your's. Give up on reality and live an illusion, or come with me, and seek mending to the hurts you bear"

Malene's confidence had disappered again, "No, please. I'll make you happy, I'll give you what you want, I'll-"

With that something snapped, an intense pain began to pound my brain, I fell to my knees, screamed a blood-curtling scream, and lost consciencous.

Fate's Gaze

The Goddess Fate looked up all a sudden, feeling she had heard someone scream, then someone arrived, Neo. (Fate wears a black hooded cloak, black cloth covers her legs almost completely, black high heels, and black fingerless gloves. She has peach skin, sky blue eyes, and long blue tied hair).

"So, have you heard? Chance has been having nightmares" Neo; the man who was wearing a mask that was white on the left side and black on the right side with Blood red lining the white eye hole and Navy blue lining the black eye hole. A white neck collar, a blood red vest, matching stiff cape, and black pants.

She looked at him with a drull look upon her face, "I never took you for the stalker next-door"

He looked away indignatly, arms crossed, "Oh hilaaarious your highness, I'll have you know I passed his room and heard him groaning" He then turned to look at her, "Further more I'm straight"

She shook her head, "What is it with men and their sensitivity to their sexual preference?"

He glared at her from behind his mask, "I'm not afraid to come over there and introduce your pretty little face to the back of my hand, y'know" After the snide threat he composed himself, "When one is caught within a nightmare their powers tend to either run mad or be displayed pathetically. It may come as a suprise to you, but Chance managed to unintentionally reawaken Sovia's soul"

Fate came up to him with a face of complete shock, both her hands on both his shoulders, "He reawakened Sovia's soul? Sovia's heart was cleaved due to Chance, Sovia cannot use his body, even if he was to return to his heart station he'd never be able to move his body"

"Do you think I don't know that? As we speak he's getting closer and closer to that station, when he does he will never be able to leave. My guess is Chance is leading him there so that he doesn't cause any trouble by talking with people from the outside via Beach Within"

Tears were now forming at Fates eyelids, "Isn't there some way we can bring Sovia back?"

"Physically, we're not sure"

"Then how about just releasing his soul?!"

"Without a working body or a working heart of his own he'd be full of anger and hatred towards Chance from the feeling he had before he fell to Sleep. He'd be nothing but a vengeful spirit causing mayhem wherever he went"

"Well at least it be better, better then being caged up for all eternity!"

"It would be hell either way!"

"Then what if Li-?"

"Life could only provide a vessel, and even if she did, Chance would never allow him to have a heart as well, it would be as if we nothing had been done"

"Then tell me, what must I do?! Are you trying to say there isn't a way?"

"No there is ... Sovia managed to meet with someone on Beach Within, now, if we can get the person to tell everything to Xewn she will be able to meet with the real Sora. If that happens, and I repeat! IF that happens there might be something for him yet. All you you need do is be patient, make sure Chance knows nothing of what we plan, and don't, I repeat, DON'T take any unneccsary risks. Can you do that for us?"

Fate looked unsure, "Us?"

"History, Hope, and myself"

"... I will try ... For Sovia"

Mysterious Tower

Yen Sid sat at his desk in front of his pupil, King Mickey and the King's servants, Donald the Mage and Goofy the head knight. The elderly man gazed at the two with his large, saucer-like eyes and said, "The return of Xehanort and his minions is an inevitable one."

Mickey gasped, "Really, but how can...?"

Yen Sid turned his head to the cresent-shaped moon outside. "Whenever, a person's Heartless and Nobody are defeated, the person comes back whole," the elderly sorcerer answered.

"You mean, somebody defeated Ansem and Xemnas?" Goofy asked.

Yen Sid nodded his head. "Precisely, however I feel that Xehanort isn't the only one whose yet to return," Yen Sid said nervously.

"Somebody's been working for that creep," Donald asked as he was turning red with anger.

"Yes, but whoever or whatever is working with Xehanort, I have no knowledge of," Yen Sid replied. "But, in order to stop Xehanort from trying to reconstruct and conquer Kingdom Hearts we'll need somebody with equal strength to fight and defeat him for good. Only then can everything be at peace" Yen Sid finished.

"So, Master Yen Sid, who are we going to get to help us defeat Xehanort?" Mickey asked.

Yen Sid replied, "That answer has many answers."

"Many answers?" Donald asked.

"Indeed, the effort of one person isn't good enough and since we have lost so many people to us, it may seem futile. However, the effort of one Nobody ties all of our lost ones together. He is the only one that can restore balance," Yen Sid answered.


The blonde kept running up the steps, taking out heartless that drived to put an end to him. Where's the end? As he ran up the steps they were engulfed by darkness, finally after running for so long he could see a glimmer, the faintest of lights. After finally reaching it the heartless no long chased after him, "This is crazy. I feel like it's been months that I've been doing this"

Royf tranformed from Keyblade to the english blonde again, "Master, jus' a lil' fa'ther, we're a'most there"

Memories once again poured in. He found himself in a village practically on fire, a woman in red armor and a black mask in front of him weilding a Keyblade slowly came walking towards him, he could feel she had meant harm. But then Grance, came from behind and smashed the back of her helmet sending her far to his left.

Now he was no longer in the village, from what he could make of it, it was at a public hanging, a woman, no a girl about his age (Or about what he looked) was going to be hung, she wore an amethyst-colored dress and seemed to be accepting her fate. Then before she was hung he saw, what looked to be his Keyblade aiming for the rope of noose.

Scene change again, he was in a white room, there were two chairs, the room was divided by a thick clear glass, Victor was on the other side pacing, he no longer wore his black coat, he seemed to be wearing a golden suit, whatever it was for was anyone's guess.

Now he was looking at a book that read, "The boy known as Death" the picture who of the boy on the white cover looked exactly like Reokean.

Now he was looking at a black castle in the middle of the night, "Grance ... Hold on ... We're comin' for you"

I finally arrived back on the stained glass, "What were those supposed to mean?"

"Oh good, another person to kill"

He looked around no one there.

"Sovia, what are you doing here?!"

"This woman who stands before us has been accused of treason against the kingdom, a charge which cannot easily be forgiven, and therefore cannot be forgiven. Miss Reona, any final words? ... No? ... Very well then"


"Ah, Sovia, welcome"

"The boy known as Death? Reokean?"

It took a bit of time, but he realized these were what were said in the memories. He looked at the door way, "I can feel it, we're close"

Alter of Naught

I sighed looking up at the moon created from the hearts of people who had perished, he wondered if his parents made up the phyical appearance of it as well, "Picking up the pieces, this is not"

"Perhaps" I turned around to see Saix walks up the stairs, "However, until we can make rid of Xehanort this is the part you will have to play. Just as this, is the part I must play"

I sighed, "The boy possesses a heart"

"Who? Roxas, I thought that had been already established?"

I shook my head, "Lexi, rather Eli" There was an akward silence after that, Saix was obviously trying to examine the facts to see if he could agree. I then looked back at Kingdom Hearts, "The swords told me, the fact that he cared that we were going to eliminate our best friend for such a pitiful charge as running-away, is only proof of that"

"Whose heart?" he qurried.

"The scent was very reminicent to the one of Roxas. A fallen Keyblade weilder, similar to the heart Xemnas has, but not quite, but remarkably close"

Saix then began to walk forward, "The wisdom of the universe, the patience of a saint, and the senses of the perfect hunter ... Your services would be to anyone the greatest advantage of them all"

I faintly sniffed, "Xemnas' daughter draws near"

Saix quickly looked at me, "Where is Akix?"

I smiled playfully, "At the bottom of the steps, getting up slowly to escape"

Saix turned around, "Akix, come" the girl who bared the face of Kai slowly walked up the stairs, peeking her head at me from behind the wall, fear could be seen in her violet-blue eyes.

I tried to laugh, "Saix, please tell me you don't hurt this little angel"

Saix rolled his eyes, as Akix was somewhat blushing, "Angel?" he said questionably, "Is hardly a proper term for a, undisiplined, foul-mouth, slothly, trouble-making-"

"Enough" I cut him off, "An angel doesn't need to be perfect" I turned to see her sticking her tougue out at Saix, which I rose an eye brow to. I then came slowly over to her and patted her on the head. She looked at me eyes so innocent, "Now, now, none of that" I said softly.

Saix was left flabbergasted at how my charisma had easily captured her data-made heart. And this kindness was no illusion either. "Why did'ja call me Xemnas' daughter?"

That sentence was all I needed to hear in order to realize much like the rest she was kept ignorant, I couldn't help but glare at Saix, who actually backed-away, "You ... Are ... Dismissed ... Saix" I said with much loathsome hatred. Saix, left via corridor, knowing how I hated, even as a nobody people who keep others ignorant of facts that had a right to. I then turned back to Akix, whose eyes were big and once again full of fear, moreso now. "Child, there is much that I have to tell you"

Flashback ***

Ukrix wondered the forest for many hours. He had been driven here by some unknown force. He went up to the gates and rattled the chains. "Locked!" Ukrix whimpered.

Just then, he noticed glowing in his hands. A large key formed. It was the Keyblade, "Wh-what is this?!" he demanded looking at the silver key. A shot of light fired at the lock, when it cleared up the lock was gone. Ukrix was left with a confused expression, "How the-".

He cut himself off and began to press forward, as he reached half-way from the door a familiar voice coming from the left told him, "This is private property, why else do you think the gate was locked?"

He looked at the figure, it was Iz.

Revolutionary Base

Sweat was everywhere on my body, I had never been so exhausted in my entire life, "Can't ... Move ... Lungs ... Moving ... So ... Fast ... Over ... Exaustion ... That's ... How ... I'm gonna go ... Thought ... It would ... Be more ... Epic"

Xalun, looked down at me, "Really, and you called yourself a man?" she scoffed. "Fine then, you can be done for the week. When you survive longer I'll consider giving you less time ... Don't want you to get weak on me" and with that she walked away.

28 hours later ...

I woke up in an army bed, "Is this heaven?"

Ienzo looked away from his computer to me and shook his head, "Maybe if you wouldn't have slacked-off you would be more fit for the training"

"My muscles are still screaming" I admitted.

Ienzo looked back at the computer, "Why do think she gave you a week?"

"I was kidda thinking it waaas because she likes me"

"Who likes you?" Kai said walking into the room.

Demyx froze, "Err, no one, no one but you, cutie"

She looked at me with a raised eye brow than side-grinned, "Come up with another nick name, Dem" then turned to Ienzo, "Our leader told me to come check on you"

Ienzo rolled his eyes, "Oh did he?" he retorted.

She then looked over his shoulder and squinted at the screen, "What are you researching?"

Ienzo lifted his grape slushie to with his left hand so the straw could reach his mouth and took a sip, "Trying to learn what I can on this Sven character"

"Find anything?"

"Indeed. He's a keyblade master, was originally Master Xehanort's apprentice, before Ventus came along"

"Anything else?"

"He could give a Rexon a run for his money, he's ruthless, insane" he then looked at her with a smug grin, "It's a wonder why Xehanort didn't like him"

Kai rolled her eyes and shook her head, "That comment was not nessecary"

Curiousity killed the cat, "So what are you so interested about this Sven, anyway?"

Kai and Ienzo looked at me both, then at eachother, then back at me, "Do you even know who he is?" they asked simantaneously.


They couldn't believe it, Ienzo explained "Sven is one of our main enemies"

"We have more than one?"

Kai answered, "Yeah, we do. Xehanort is just one"

Lost in the Darkness

Namine sat in her chair sitting before Ukrïx, the Organization’s runaway. The boy’s greenish-blue eyes stared into Namine’s, but his expression was distraughter for some reason. "Why did you call me here?" the boy asked the witch.

Namine’s happy demeanor disappeared. She looked at Ukrix with her light blonde hair brushed up against the side of her face and her aqua-blue eyes appeared to be water. "Do you remember your ‘true name’?" she asked Ukrix.

Ukrix replied, "That’s a silly question, my name has always been Ukrix."

Namine shook her head, "No, it isn’t."

"What do you mean? My name has always been Ukrix," the boy said in frustrated tone.

Namine attempted to answer him, but she was soon stopped by the sound of an opening corridor. Out of the corridor, DiZ and the boy in red appeared. DiZ saw what Namine was doing and he ran behind her and pulled her up from her chair. He acted like a cop arresting a criminal. DiZ looked over at the boy in red (Iz) and ordered him to do the same.

Iz wrapped his hands around the muscular frame of the boy. Ukrix attempted to fight him off, but the boy would keep his hands tightened on him. "DiZ, what do I do next?" Iz, the boy in red asked.

"Take him to back to Twilight Town, he mustn’t know about his true identity. If he does then our plan fails," DiZ commanded.

Iz nodded. He gripped Ukrix by the waist and formed an egg-shaped, mass of darkness in the center of the room. Iz kicked Ukrix on the leg, telling him to move. Ukrix would refuse at first, but he gradually gave in when the pain got to him. After a couple of moments, the two were inches away from the portal. Ukrix looked back at Namine with a worried look. "Let her go," he demanded.

DiZ’s golden eyes glared at Ukrix with such intensity that the young boy was about to look away. Then, he looked down at Namine. She had the same sad look. Namine bit DiZ’s palm and said to Ukrix before the robed elderly man was able to place his hand back over her fragile, pale lips, "Ukrix, you won’t vanish, you’ll be whole…"

"Silence," DiZ screamed.

Before, Ukrix could reply, Iz pushed him into the corridor.

"Where the heck am I? Who am I really? What’s been going on for the pass couple days? Is this all just a dream? And, if so, what’s going to happen when I wake up? Will I ever get to see my friends again?"

End of Flashback ***

"What was-?" he began before.

"Ukrix, are you quite done day-dreaming? If so, we have to go, NOW" Xewn instructed to her friend.

"Uh, right"

Outside of Riku (Eww)***

"Why is he smiling?" DiZ asked looking at the sleeping silvernette.

"His memories have trapped his mind within a world created using those memories" The scientist said adjusting his glasses with his right index finger, "These memories belonging to Ukrix, belong to Riku, as he is Ukrix's other half"

"Will it delay the process?"

"No. Riku, won't remember any of it. Ukrix's feelings are just influencing Riku, because he is unconscious"

"Feelings, ridiculous. Nobodies cannot feel emotions"

"That's not entirely true. Nobodies don't possess heart's of their own, or at least not one that is complete. However, the fact a nobody can think is proof their brain is still with them. A person's feelings are transmitted through the brain, the heart which is connected to it allows those feelings to be physically expressed. Not only that, but if a nobody is around a heart long enough something happens to allow them to express these emotions"

"Fascinating" DiZ said sarcastically.

Marcus looked at him hard, "Is that it? You've shut your heart, just as you've shut your mind?"

"I just ... Do not care anymore ... Had I ever a purpose? ... What do I have to live for after? ... My dominion is ruined ... My apprentices ... Betrayed me ..." he slowly took his right hand and put it over his heart. "I ..." he seemed to be kneeling down on ... both his knees? His eyes tightened, he put both of his hands on the ivory floor. "I ..." a tear fell off of his bandages, "I HAVE NOTHING MORE TO LIVE FOR!!!" he shrieked as tears rained down from the crying figure.

Marcus, could only but watch his friend, now a broken man letting out all of his bottled up emotions which he had kept trapped for the last past decade.

Where Nothing Gathers

A meeting had been called, all of the five were sitting in their designated spots. Everyone in the room, except one had their hoods down. Larxis looked at the figure that kept his hood up, "Rexon, why have you called us here?" the blonde-haired teenager called back as he swept his daggling, zig-zag bangs back.

The hooded figure remained silent.

"He wasn’t the one that had called this meeting," Saix said irritably.

Larxis glared at Saix.

"Larxis, stop acting like a spoiled child," Xaldin exclaimed.

This quieted down the young blonde.

"Now, let’s get onto business," Saix said.

All five heads were turned to the seventh throne. "What are we supposed to do with the traitors?" Lexaeus asked.

Saix looked up to Rexon’s throne. "Well, I’m going to let Rexon decide," Saix answered.

The room was suddenly filled with a chatter of complaints and groans. Saix interrupted, "If this commotion keeps up then you all will be eliminated."

The room went silent.

Rexon, the hooded figure cleared his throat, "Well, since we don’t have anymore Keybladers, I have decided to spare Roxas from execution, however since Axel was the one that led the escape he will be faced with…"

"Wait," a shrill voice yelled.

Everyone’s eyes focused on Lexi. The orange-haired boy said, "Don’t execute Axel! Sure, he made some bad mistakes, but look he was serving. You can’t execute for doing that."

"Why are you acting like you have a heart?" Saix asked.

Rexon interrupted Saix, "Alright then since both of them escaped, both of them will have to do double the missions. Meeting adjourned.


Confused with how many members there are, what their names are, if they're alive still, and where they are if so? Well we were in the same boat, here's the first Organization Track Sheet. My description is a little vague on some, Xiolio's is more elaborate, but you get the gist either way ;)

Organization Track Sheet:

I: Xemnas, The Superior.

Bio: The former leader of the Organization of Nobodies. He was eliminated by Vanitas. Unbeknowest to the organization.

Xehanort's whereabouts are unknown, though those who of his return have pinpointed him to HB.

II: Xigbar, Freeshooter.

Bio: A man of many mysteries, and only a few answers. He tends to banter to keep things under the radar. He made Roxas, mad and was then terminated by him.

His whole Braig, is currently aboard a massive gummi ship along with Master Sven. The two seem to be on similar agendas but slightly different copies.

III: Xaldin, The Whirlwind Lancer.

Bio: A man who knows how to tug at the strings of others exceptionally.

Currently, at the castle.

IV: Vexen, The Chilly Academic.

Bio: A scientist who spent most of his time tinkering away at data of others and creating replicas out of them. He was terminated by Larxene, before she perished as well.

His whole Even, is currently keeping watch of RG, his actions are put into question as he seems to be trying to keep the citizens of the town safe in secrecy.

V: Lexaeus, The Silent Hero.

Bio: One of the Council Five whose interest lies in the well being of the members.

VI: Zexion, The Cloaked Schemer.

Bio: A seemingly anti-social who was the exact opposite. Though on the surface he was someone who wished to benefit the organization, he was really a man working against Xemnas from the very beginning even before becoming a nobody. Though he could never stand-up to him with a fighting chance, until he found Saix who informed him of a revolutionary against Xehanort and all those who had been corrupted by him. He was terminated by Riku supposably but this has not been verified as the organization reffered to his killer as a heartless.

When he regained himself he used his journal as source to intetionally remember what had gone on before this, but unintentionally found records written by Zexion, allowing him to regain all of his memories in a gradual process. While wandering HB he came upon the leader of the revolutionary. Remebering his face he asked him why he was there, the man grabbed him out of the place before it's destrution by the gummi ship MS (Master Sven) and Braig were on, saving Ienzo's life. He learned of Demyx's betrail (Towards the Organization XXX) from the man and then sent a messenger to Demyx so he could meet with Ienzo. Ienzo thought to check the data in Ansem's computer but to no avail. Ienzo then decided to bring Demyx to the Revolutionary base.

VII: Saix, The Luna Diviner.

Bio: A seemingly cold and isolated man who much like Zexion is anything but. He is member of the revolutionary and one of the Council Five. For the sake of his character he is still keeping up the charade on the premises of the castle. His interest is keeping progress marching on, side from Akix, he has deep loathing for replicas.

VIII: Axel, The Flurry of Dancing Flames.

Bio: A flamoboyant and wise-cracking man who seems to just want to keep everyone okay. He is also one of the main characters to the sequel: On the Run ;)

IX: Demyx, The Melodious Nocture.

Bio: A self-unmotivated guy who lets his water take care of the dirty work, while he jams out with his sitar. Like Axel, he is a wise-guy, sometimes difficult to read but without a doubt knows his limits. In Ukrix's dream he betrayed the organization and gave Ukrix a scar in the center of his chest as an alliby. Ironically enough, he actually did the same to Xaldin before running off.

He is currently going through training at the Revolutionary Base with Xulna as his teacher, the challenge of a lifetime rest assured.

X: Luxord, The Gambler of Fate.

Bio: His title says it all, moreso because he's a lady's man, and a player at that ;)

XI: Marluxia, The Graceful Assassin.

Bio: A former member of the Queen of Hearts trial commitee. Due to his brother he is currently locked up in the basement (Ouch).

XII: Larxene, The Savage Nymph.

Bio: A sadistic woman who met her end by Vanitas. Arlene, her whole's location is unknown 0.0?

XIII: Roxas, The Key of Destiny.

Bio: A Wild Card and a Walk Moodswing. He is known to be very agressive when angered, and is much like Sora as he is his nobody standing up for his friends, though in a much careless way, for example standing up for Xion by killing off the person who badmouthed her, Xigbar.

Seeing as Sora, had Ventus' heart within his body at the time of becoming a nobody it followed and shaped his body into what Ventus looks like at present day. He is also one of the main characters to the sequel: On the Run ;)

XIV: Xion, Key to Sora.

Bio: A Replica, of Sora based on the data of his nobody Roxas. She took on the appearance of Kairi as she is the strongest memory he had at the time he became a heartless and produced Roxas. Originally, Xion's face was blank, however when Sora's memories came into Roxas, she absorbed them, thus gaining an identity. Vexen, after being humilated left with anger, creating Xion, however though he made her to be a Sora replica he added a bit of a twist, by making her also a replica of Vanitas, after learning of Ventus' heart being in Roxas with no half of darkness and remembered Ventus, with a devious grin.

Easily said, when she learned of this new intention she tried to stay away from Roxas, to prevent it from reaching fruition. Her title was actually given as a joke by Xemnas. She is also one of the main characters to the sequel; On the Run.

XV (1): Xewn, The Heart's Keeper.

Bio: A Replica of the of the organization. Unlike most replicas she absorbs life force from all things around her, which by and by makes them weaker and her more powerful. She tries to keep up a serious impression, while inside she is actually very alone and afraid of the people around her. Xewn, being recently assigned for termination has left, be for herself or for the people who are suffering because of her.

She is currently being taken to Oryoko Base.

XV (2): Xia, The Frozen Defender.

Bio: Orignally, Lexi's mentor. She ended up being terminated by Vanitas.

Her whole Ai, has been said to have emerged though it's only one of the many rumors in the organization.

XVI: Lexi, Child of the Wild Embers.

Bio: A bit of a tough guy. His friendship with Ukrix, is meant to mirror Axel and Roxas'. Despite having less of a connection to Axel and Roxas, he disobeyed his termination orders and let them go at C.O. He is suprisingly one of the Council Five, and seems to care Within his own interests. He deeply regrets saying what he did to, Xewn. He is opting to do as Saix, had said Axel, was trying to do to Sora in KHII, only to Riku.

XVII: Yaguxa, (Not known).

A mysterious nobody that arrived before Ukrix, but is currently unknown of where he/she is or if their alive.

XVIII: Ukrix, The Sword of Darkness

Bio: Riku's nobody. He seems to be either very brave or very stupid, having enough gall to call Xion, fat (Even if she isn't). Ukrix, seems to be the 1/10 people who just don't care for sea-salt ice cream. He left the organization for fear that he might end up being absorbed completely by Xewn. He was beat up by a Vanitas B (Riku-Half), managed to get away but ended up getting taken in by Iz and was then merged with Riku.

His Whole is just about to wake up ;)

XIX: Xavier, The Schemer of Illusions.

Bio: A replica of Zexion. A somewhat more cocky version of Zexion, besides having auburn hair instead of steel-blue. He is currenlty locked up in a cell down in the basement, plotting his revenge with Mar and Xiolio.

XX: Xiolio, The Rapid Gunner.

Bio: A replica of Xigbar. Xiolio, is actually a lot more wise-cracking than Xigbar, top it off with being a lot more careless. He eventually ended up getting locked up with Marluxia and Xavier.

XXI: Akix, The Drowsy Assassin.

Bio: As her title would lead you on, she is often falling asleep, whether she tries to or not. She is a replica based of a person who Xehanort thought of as a sister. Despite this, she was intended to be his daughter, and when the new world was complete she would have inhereted it and had just as much say (That saying she cared -_-').

The fact that Xemnas, was willing to put his daughter under Saix care just shows how much he really trusted him. After Xemnas, was eliminated Saix, had suprisingly gotten used to Akix, one could say she's now Saix's daughter (joke). She really hasn't changed that much, she's still disrespectful and still falling asleep. Saix, has the belief that her constant falling asleep is some deficiency she as a replica has, and is also the reason behind her mood (Because she has to be woken up, which puts her in a foul mood). Oddly enough, she has acquired the ability to weild a claymore like Saix.

Fun Fact: She has never been to any other world except The World That Never Was. Maybe that's the reason she's always falling asleep (She's only been in a world that is constantly dark, aside from the heart-shaped moon).

XXII: Larxis, The Poisonous Troll.

Bio: He was among the traitors of the Organization, but unlike his sister he didn't meet a foul end. Instead, he teamed up with Marluxia and his goons after he found out that Larxene wanted nothing to do with him. He was Larxene's Somebody's little brother until he and his sister fell to darkness. He is now a council member biding his time till he can make all forms of Vanitas pay.

XXIII: Wixa, Devious Witch.

Bio: She is among one of Vexen's failed experiments. He had sealed her away deep within his lab, but for reasons unknown she escaped. Afterwards, she sook revenge against her creator. Wixa was the Replica of MX's mother.

Appearance: Dark skin like Xehanort's Heartless, yellow eyes, and long braided silver hair and the appearance of a teenage girl of sixteen.
She has currently been eliminated by Vexen's subordinate, Naxel.

XXIV: Naxel, The Whirlwind of Disaster

Bio: Naxel, along with Toxiel had served as goons for Ansem the Wise's six apprentices. They would round up and kidnap as many people as possible back to the lab, so Xehanort and the others would perform their horrendous experiments on. But, during the Heartless Invasion of their world, Naxel's Somebody along with Toxiel's met their end. Luckily, their former mentor, Even's Nobody, Vexen took them in and trained the two of them in the depths of their lab.

Currently, Naxel is hiding.

XXV: Toxiel, the Glunt of Destruction.

Bio: Big and silent as Lexaeus. This boy seeks to avenge Vexen. He and Naxel were grunts for the apprentices, but lost their hearts during Maleficent's seige of their home world.

Toxiel was killed off by a Heartless on a mission to Wonderland. Somebody location, unknown.

XXVI: Vebex, the Chilling Scholar.

Bio: One of Vexen's 44 replicas, he seeks to become his own person and cast aside the appearance and memories of his creator. He is attempting an invasion of The World That Never Was.

Currently, he is a fugitive.

XXVII: Buxala, Charming Whisper.

Bio: Heavily built and surprisingly quiet, this woman has sought to prove her strength and mastery of Earth. She is the replica of Lexaeus.

Currently, she is asleep within her pod.

XXVIII: Rexon, The Elemental Revolutionary.

Bio: One of The Council Five, he can easily be reffered to as an idealist. He is also Marluxia's brother.

Currently, tracking down Xewn.

XXIX: Calaxious, the Chaotic Giant.

Bio: This boy has the quick stealth and a great mastery of the winds. He is a replica of Xaldin.

Currently, he is asleep within his chamber along with the other replicas.

XXX: Saxas, the Key of Mystery.

Bio: The youngest boy within the Organization. Xemnas brought him into the Organization in his final days as Superior before being eliminated. Saxas knows almost nothing of his past or even how to react with his fellow Nobodies.

Currently, going through his enrollment in the Organization

Twilight Mansion***


The pod opened, the silvernette slowly opened his eyes as the water he had been in drained.

I stood there all wraped in bandages with a delighted smirk upon my face, "I trust you had pleasent dreams. Riku, Hero of Darkness"

Rebirth ...

The Castle that Never Was***


I ran down the hallway, but then saw the Luna Diviner waiting for me.

"Sucurry back to your room, Xion. Or else-"

I glared at him, "Or else what, you'll kill me? Do it then, if you can" and then summoned my Keyblade.

"Don't temp me. Xewn, already left. You are safe"

"For now. Anyway, I'm leaving for my own reasons"

He summoned his Claymore, "Over my dead body"

To set things right ...​

Mysterious Tower***


Mickey: Master Yen Sid, I'm sorry for bargin' in here without givin' you a heads-up, but I've got something important to tell ya.

YS: (Nods) Apologies are not necessary, the stars have already told me that you would be arriving soon. So, what is it that you wish to tell me?

Mickey: Remember back 11 years ago, y'know before I went to the Keyblade Graveyard? You warned me about that man with the scar and the eye patch.

YS: (shuts eyes) You refer to, Braig?

Mickey: (nods) Apparently, he's currently on a huge gummi ship and causing chaos to all the worlds.

YS: I had hoped that the stars were wrong, unfortunately that was not the case. (opens eyes) Even so, I would have never anticipated he was an extremist of such high caliber.

Mickey: I never would of either, but there's something else ... There's a man by the name of Sven, on board. He's a Keyblade Master so ...

YS: You assumed I would know of him?

Mickey: (nods with a depressed expression)

YS: Now that I think back, I do recall the man which you speak of. He was once Xehanort's apprentice.

Mickey: (Expression lightens up) Gee, but wasn't Ven and Vanitas his apprentices?

YS: (Nods) True. However, long before Xehanort had ever met Ventus, perhaps even before his birth, Xehanort, had an apprentice by the name of, Sven. Sven, had been taught underneath Master Xehanort's teachings for most of his own life. But never once did Xehanort call forth a 'Mark of Mastery Examination'.

Mickey: (Tilts head) But why?

YS: Xehanort, after Sven, had questioned why he had not called one forth consulted me.

The coming storm ...​

Yen Sid Flashback

Sixteen years ago ...


The door opened and he came in, I hardly recognized him; he was now bald, his goatee had grown in, and his figure was now hunched. "I am afraid I did not come hither bearing good tidings, my old friend"

I rose my left hand to coax him, "It is all right. Now tell me, what ails you?"

With a sigh of anxiety and the shutting of his eyes he answered in the raspy voice he had attained, "My apprentice, Sven. For most his life he has been my apprentice, but I fear he lost that role quite some time ago. Sven, in intentions is a good boy, however he shuts his heart on both the light and the dark. And yet is able to control his darkness far superior towards mine. He is in fact an entity that stands outside the balance"

I had known for quite some time that Xehanort's avocation is to the dark side of the heart using which to uphold the balance between the two sides; Light and Darkness. "Not to be insolent, but I fail to see the problem"

"You don't? Then consider this, if you will. At innocence we attain a light, each being of different strengths, until the age of ... Say 10 that light grows on its own, when a person reaches the coming of that age darkness begins to shape within our hearts. We are afraid of what we do not understand, knowing something does not mean that we understand it. You and I both know this. Now, Sven, has never ventured outside the 'Badlands' and he remains outside the balance, put these three facts into consideration"
The was a slight pause, "Now tell me, is it improbable, that he would be ostracized by the people of the worlds he visited?"

I had been thinking with my eyes shut ever since he told me put the three facts together, and now opened them, "So you worry, that standing outside the balance gives one the ability to disrupt it?"

"Exactly. Someone who stands outside the balance is able to use darkness and light simultaneously. But one who shuts their heart on light with this status has the quality to bring about ruin, one which gives no chance for creation. May I remind you of the legend?"

I there and then had the realization which Xehanort was trying to bestow upon me, "Do-do you-do you wish to tell me you suspect-Sven is-" I was stuttering, for the discussion had just become forbidden. "Seven childern. Satin, Jesus, Death, Life, Lust, Anger, and Envy are the souls that stirred in their graves after their destruction along with one supreme individual who has yet to possess a child ... To our knowing"

I felt my head, "Xehanort, the end of everything could be the doing of your apprentice"

"Indeed. It would be no exaggeration to say that the darkness has succumbed to him"

Another reason ...

Back to the present

Mickey: I'm not sure what you two meant.

YS: In otherwords, he is someone who possesses great formidable power, and only one
who can match his power can defeat him.


Mickey: (Tilts head and then looks shocked as he slams his hands on the desk) No way! Are you sayin' that's the reason why Xehanort, was after the Death-Blade?!

YS: (Closes eyes) If not one. (Opens eyes) But yes, Ventus, was one of the people who could have stopped him.

Mickey: (Tilts head) One?

YS: Yes, Vanitas, has spread his influence to three others, Riku, Kairi, and Ienzo. Sora, being Ventus' darkness and the replica of Sora, Xion, which was altered having Vanitas' data implanted in her.

Mickey: (Closes eyes and crosses arms) Hmm ... I had alway wondered.

YS: I wonder ... What has become of Ventus' heart (looks at stars then looks back) Mickey, our search may be coming to a close.

Mickey: (Opens eyes) Whaddya mean?

YS: Ventus' heart seems to have had recent activity on the day Sora became a heartless, far too common to be just a mere coincidence.

Mickey: Immm ... (Opens eyes and smiles) Okay. (Summons Star Seeker and places on table).

YS: What are you about to do?

Mickey: I'm gonna go find, Riku. I figure seeing as he went missin' not too long after that maybe he went to go find Sora.

Friendship ...​

Hollow Bastion


Maleficent: How dare you return here, you useless-!

Pete: Ya gotta understand, 'nother one them brats had a Keyblade. (Gets on knees) I was outmatched, please have mercy!

Maleficent: You worthless little-

Pete: (Braces for impact)

Man in blood red cloak: Truly a sight which could make even god himself spit upon your face. (Takes a bite out of a red apple)

Maleficent: (Turns her head eyes lit with rage) Who are you and what business do you have for setting foot in my castle?

Man in blood red cloak: (Takes pinkie and wipes within right ear) I'm terribly sorry, I thought you said this was YOUR castle. Because that would be funny, given the fact you're not the one who had the place built, nor do you rule with an iron fist. All you did was come here with a few thousand heartless, merely wipe your feet on the door mat, and say "Alright this place is officially mine and mine alone"

Maleficent: Who in the name of hell do you think you are to spit such words at my face? I am the mistress of all ev-

Man in blood red cloak: Mistress of all evil ... Yes, well I couldn't care any less if you were the devil incarnated. Who I happen to be quite good friends with.

Maleficent: And I could care less about hearing your aquaintances before I bring about your untimely demise.

Man in blood red cloak: 230 some years late, I already met my end, which in that case gives your pety little threat as much significance as a joke coming from a jester. Enough of this squabbling though, I came here to aid you not to tarnish your name.

Maleficent: How so?

Man in blood red cloak: Just expect a girl with black hair by my next visit. Do try to remember that what happens afterwords is all courtousey of Hades' right hand subordinate. Reokean R. Day; The Reaper. (Smiles slyly)

History ...​

The world that never was ...


"Two ... For the price of one" The shell spoke.

Xemnas was within the cracked Darkness-Zero Cell wounded, his counterpart beside, "No, you can't do this, I'm, I'm your mast-"

"Not anymore ... Thanks for the restart ... But ... I'm not gonna give you the Death-Blade ... Not even if you were to suck up your pride and beg on your knees" He started to walked down to finish them, each foot step echoing, "I don't work for you anymore ... And I don't feel like helping you with your stupid ambitions" He stopped at bottom of the steps, "To save all world which are rottening more and more with darkness? ... To let harmony reign? ... And to have a young and powerful body before leaving for KH???" He then laughed, "Huhahahaha, what a stupid dream you have, indeed. And what have you done to make it a reality ... Made a boy do something which he clearly couldn't do ... Plotted the untimely demise of an apprentice which you decided was an abomination ... Pitted the one I replaced against his master ... Made your best friend and the man who was like a son in his eyes fight eachother ... Killed your best friend in cold blood ... Tempted a man who was going through a lot, all according to your plans" He then laughed again, "Even I'm not that twisted" He began to raise his Keyblade, "And now, you're finally going to get your's"

Xemnas backed away, being in a Darkness-Zero Cell he couldn't escape via CoD. "I-I will make you pay dearly if you do this"

Vanitas stabbed Xemnas 7 times and then Ansem the same amount, "I'll burn that bridge when I come to it"

Dark Beginnings ...

On the Run ...​

The future will be either dark and gloomy or sunny and full of life ...

Beach Within


"So, Xion?" Sovai asked rubbing sand between his fingers, "What is it like, on the outside?"

I shook her head looking up at the sun, "Not fair, that's for sure ... At least-For a puppet"

Sovai gave a sad expression, "Long ago, a war broke out where humans and chosens fought, many died, few can tell the tale. Back then ... The world was more one ... But now-"

"It's not, but you know, that just means it's much larger ... Saying they're all connected"

"Yeah ..." His eyes seemed to trail-off then they lit up, "Hey Xion, when ya see'im, Sora, can you give'im a message?"

I turned my head to him shocked that he wanted me to do something for him, "I'll try"

"Sora, even though you are darkness, you just remember at the beginning of darkness, is light. Share your light with those who are hurting, even if they don't want it. Because, if you can do that, their wounds will be healed and they will ... Open their heart in return. Can you tell him that?"

I wasn't sure and began to look away, "That's quite a lot, but I'll try. One question though" I looked him hard, "Why do you want him to hear that?"

"Eternal darkness ... Is despair ... But as long as there's light, there's hope. Even though everyone's light goes out at some point, new lights can be lit, be they of the person whose went out, or of another. A friend told me that last bit a long time ago, despite what he was, he was good man ... Saying he's alive still"

I laughed opening a corridor, "I can't tell whether that was really sappy or really deep"

He smiled devilishly, "Heh, truth is in the eye of the beholder"

Choose carefully ...​


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Re: The Key and The Flame: Between the Years ~ Days, BBS, and perhaps Re:Coded Spoilers are included

Roxas sitting on the bottom bunk had long run out of tears, though his face was still a tad damp.
Lexi ran through the corridors of the Castle That Never Was. He passed by several Dusks. Some just twisted and slithered off, while others followed him. Lexi made it to the basement of the castle, the place where the cells were kept. He saw Roxas and Axel in their cell and approached them. Axel twisted his head to the young red-head.
Lexi pulled out his daggers and ensnared them in flames. He held the daggers up towards the pod. "Get back,!" he said.
Roxas looked up from his legs. "Axel, what is he doing?" Roxas asked.
Axel shrugged, jumped out of his bottom bunk and grabbed Roxas. The two were now at the back of the pod. "I'm releasing you guys," Lexi said as he pointed the tip of his dagger towards their pod.
"You're what?!"
"You heard me. I'm releasing you guys. I can only make one shot. If I'm successful, you need to run," Lexi ordered.
The flames turned from simmers to infernos in a matter of seconds.
"What about you?" Roxas asked.
"What about me?! Who cares? I just want you two out so that I can get some payback on this wretched Organization," Lexi said as he released the balls of flames.
The flames struck the pod. Glass exploded everywhere.
"Why are you helping us?" Roxas asked.
An alarm began to sound. Flashes of red highlighted them and the room. Thousands of Dusks came spiraling towards them.

Lexi looked up as he pulled his daggers back to his side. Roxas stood there silent, while Axel gave a smirk. "Are you guys gonna leave or what?!" Lexi demanded.

Axel grabbed Roxas by the arm and the two rushed pass Lexi. They exited through the corridor of darkness had summoned. Lexi watched as it closed and he found himself in front of the broken pod. The alarm then sounded and several Dusks and Nobodies came soaring pass him. "What happened?" Saix asked as he entered the dungeon.

He found no one in the dungeon save for the broken pod that Roxas and Axel had been in. The Luna Diviner glanced around to see what had possibly caused it. He found no answer save for a burnt mark on several pieces of the glass. Saix pulled them up with his hand, examined them and exclaimed, "Lexi!"



Lexi had escaped to Twilight Town to begin his search for his best friend, Ukrix and to warn Iz about Saix's plan about being turned into a Heartless. It was too late. He found himself seeing Iz being dragged through a dark corridor by a pair of Berserker Nobodies. Iz stared at him with the same petrified expression he had given him the day he had became a Heartless.

Axel and Roxas appeared out of the CoD and with barely a word they went on their way.


Memory Skyscraper

"I don't know how long I can hold these things up, Roxas," exclaimed Axel as he sliced through some Assassins and Dusks.

"I'll think of something, Axel. Just keep distracting them," Roxas replied.

"I don't know how much longer, Rox-" Axel said before he was knocked out by a Berserker.

Roxas turned around to see a Berserker standing behind Axel. The redhead was now passed out. Roxas glared at the thing before running towards it and slashing it. He then went towards Axel and woke him up. "We need to find some way out of here," Roxas said.

A swooshing sound then came behind them. "Uh-oh, not more of them," Axel whimpered.

Roxas turned his head around to see several Samurai Nobodies. He flinched as they were about to come towards them, but instead they attacked the Assassins, Berserkers, and Dusks. "Master, we came to save you," said one of the Samurai Nobody.

"Save me?" Roxas said till he felt a hand grab across his collar. He looked up to see Axel dragging him towards a dark corridor. "Axel," he said before gawking, but the two were now in the dark corridor. They exited it towards Yen Sid's castle.

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