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Fanfiction ► The Key and The Flame: Between the Years ~ D ~ Days, BBS, and perhaps Re:Coded Spoilers are included

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Dec 15, 2009
Re: The Key and The Flame: On The Run ~ Days, BBS, and perhaps Re:Coded Spoilers are included

Nice chapter, man. I'll work on my part whenever I get the chance.


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Dec 15, 2009
Re: The Key and The Flame: On The Run ~ Days, BBS, and perhaps Re:Coded Spoilers are included

Yeah, I know. Here's the next part. I hope you enjoy faithful readers.

Year: 2
Day 6
~No. XIII & No. XIV~

Castle Oblivion

Vexen had gathered his research and No. i. He heard a knocking at his door. Busy as he was, he didn't bother to answer it. The door slammed open and a blue haired man in black entered the Chilly Academic's room. Vexen turned to face the intruder and yelled, "What gives you any permission to enter my domain!?"

Saix rolled his yellow eyes and replied, "Xemnas has informed me to let you know that a new member has joined our ranks."

"Why would a worthless addition to our ranks matter to me?!" Vexen growled.

"Because, this new member is going to play a crucial part towards your puppet and our plan," Saix said pointing to the doll that sat next to the bed.

"What do you mean? And, if that's all then why are you still here?!" Vexen asked.

"In time, you'll see. And, Xemnas has also allowed me to accompany you to C.O. for purposes regarding the puppet," Saix replied.

"I won't allow it," Vexen growled.

Saix summoned his claymore and pointed it in Vexen's face. "If you won't allow me to accompany than perhaps you'll feel better if I annihilate you for rebelling against Lord Xemnas' orders," Saix spoke.

"O-okay!" Vexen gasped.

"That's better," Saix said making his claymore fade away in his hands.

Vexen gathered the last of his notes and then went over to his doll. He picked it up and swung it over his back. Saix approached him and the two vanished into a portal of darkness. The two arrived outside the large, ivory doors of the first floor of C.O. Vexen lowered his replica and entered the door. "This is where my lab is," Vexen replied.

"Don't take too long," Saix replied.

Vexen and No. i entered the massive doors. Two hours later, the blonde haired man walked out with someone. It was No. i, the doll that had sat by his bedside. This time, it was moving around on it's own. Saix went over to No. i and told it, "Xion, this is the last you'll see of this place."

Secret Report I

Everyone was gathered in the Round Room today. Xemnas had called us all here to welcome the newest addition, Roxas. I walked behind Roxas as we entered the giant, narrow ivory room. Thirteen pillars, which served as our thrones were circled around us and the platform we stood on. All of the eyes of the Organization members were focused on us. I didn't really care about the whole situation, because this was only the candles on the cake since I was sent yesterday to take Roxas back home from Twilight Town. It's incredible that he looks so much like an old friend of mine from ten years ago.


It was quiet in Where Nothing Gathers. Roxas didn't know why he had been called into this huge frightening room. All he knew was that he had been put under Axel's command for that day. Axel escorted the boy by the hand down the long white hallways. The two of them passed by several Dusks and even a few of the Nobodies before entering the room. Roxas was dazed and confused and Axel was just watching the boy to make sure he didn't get into any trouble.


"You embiciles need to observe where you're going," a loud annoying voice yelled.

It finally dawned at Axel like a pile of books that Roxas and Vexen were on the floor sitting on their butts. Axel went over to Roxas and pulled him to his feet. Vexen yelled at Axel, "You need to pay more observation to that boy. If he continues acting like a drone than he'll be the downfall to us all."

Axel gave Vexen a death glare as he dusted off Roxas. "You better watch what you say, Vexen or it might be your downfall," Axel replied with a threat.

Vexen looked at Roxas' expression and then got to his feet. He approached the boy and leaned down beside him. "That's quite odd," Vexen exclaimed.

"What's odd and you should be getting to the Round Room," Axel asked.

Vexen stared at Roxas closely and then pulled his giant head back to his side. He turned to Axel and replied, "Shouldn't Roxas have recovered from his haziness by now," Vexen asked.

Axel got pissed. He pushed Vexen away and grabbed Roxas by the hand. Roxas was shoved into Vexen roughly. Axel looked back at Vexen and shouted, "The reason why he's like this is none of your concern."

The two entered the door to the Round Room, meanwhile Vexen was peeved. He rolled his eyes and followed after them, "Ingrates, they don't even show respect to their elders. This organization will be the death of me."


"Good tidings friends, today is a special day. I'm pleased to announce that we have a new comrade that has been chosen to wear the coat, No. XIII, the Key of Destiny," Xemnas announced in the quiet, large, narrow room to all the people sitting in the thrones that circled his.

They entered the room. All of the eleven members' eyes were watching Axel and Roxas enter the room. Roxas had his head down and Axel was trailing behind him. The two stopped in front of Xemnas' throne. Roxas looked up with a blank look on his face.

Xemnas had his hand placed under his chin. The superior had a bored look on his face and then he blinked and changed his expression into a malicious smirk. Roxas backed away and crashed into Axel's side. "Are you okay, Roxas?" Axel asked the boy as he placed his hand on the boy's shoulder to calm him down.

A chuckle echoed through the room. Roxas was turned around by Axel and the boy observed the faces of each of the members. All of them were staring at him. Some had goofy smirks, others had bored looks, and some just had annoyed looks. "Kiddo has really lost it," the voice that had made the chuckle laughed.

Roxas saw a man with olive skin, long black hair with strains of charcoal tied back into a long pony-tail, an eye patch that was across from his right eye, and an ugly jagged scar that came down from the eye patch. The voice chuckled again, but it was soon hushed by another voice. This one was a lot cold and uncaring. Roxas turned his head to the direction of the voice.

It belonged to a man with long, sky-blue hair that had spikes at the top of it, an ugly X-shaped scar that was between his golden eyes, and elf-like ears that stood out of the corners of his long-gated face. The man reminded Roxas of a snarling wolf. He stared at the man closely and Saix turned to meet the boy's face. His stare seemed to be more like a glare and it sent chills down Roxas' spine.

Xemnas yawned as he watched Roxas' behavior. "So typical of a newly-awakened," Xemnas thought.

He then turned to the crowd. "Everyone is dismissed," Xemnas commanded.

With that, sprouts of black rays shout up beneath each of the thrones and swallowed each of the members.

Year: 2
Day 7
~No. XIV~

"Do you think he is going to wake up," asked one Dusk.

"I hope not, because this prank is too outrageous," another Dusk replied.

"Hey, what do you think you guys are doing in No. XIII's room?" a sharp voice asked.

A redheaded figure in black appeared in the room of the newly-recruited No. XIII, who slept on the bed. Axel kicked all the immature Dusks out of the room and went over to Roxas. The sleeping teenager didn't seem to wake from all the racket. Axel gently removed the cloth pin that was pitching Roxas' nose bridge and tossed it to the side. Roxas' eyes opened up.

Axel leaned closer to the boy and said to him, "We have a meeting today in the Round Room, Rox."

Roxas sat up in his bed and stared at Axel blankly. "Round Room?" he asked.

"Don't you remember that large room that the boss had called us into yesturday?" Axel asked.

Roxas shook his head for 'no'.

With that, Axel developed a surprised expression. It still seemed apparent that the Superior's trick still held a great amount of power over him. Axel scratched the back of his head and said to Roxas, "Well, Roxas, we have to go there again and this time you'll be like us, the big boys." Axel chuckled.

Roxas stared at Axel with an even more bewildered expression.

Axel grabbed Roxas by the hand and like yesturday led him down the same corridors and by the same towers and fellow Nobodies that were in the giant castle. However, this time they didn't face Vexen.

They made it into Where Nothing Gathers, Axel saw the thirteenth throne that was sitting just between Larxene and Marluxia. Lucky for Roxas, neither of them had shown up yet. Larxene would have thrown one of her usual fits for having to sit to what she said was a 'baby' and Marluxia would have been acting all girly towards Roxas. And, Axel really didn't 'feel' like listening to either of them, at least not today.

Axel summoned one of his chakrams and placed Roxas into his only free hand cradling him like a small dog. He blasted fire from his chakram and sprouted to the top of the chair. Lucky for him it wasn't that high. He placed Roxas gently into the throne and ruffled the boy's hair. "Be careful that you don't fall," Axel said with a smirk forming on his face.

This boy surely did seem to birng out some sort of brotherly bond between the two.

Forms of black smoke formed in the thrones surrounding them and the fellow members of the Organization came in. Two of them, Lexaeus and Zexion. Axel looked at Zexion as he disappeared into smoke and shot up into his own throne.

Zexion looked up at Roxas. He turned back to Lexaeus and whispered, "I'm worried about No. XIII, because he hasn't recovered from his haziness yet."

Lexaeus folded his arms and stared at Roxas with the same quizzically look like Zexion had. "Well, I guess it'll take him more time to fully become aware of his surroundings," Lexaeus replied.

The two took their seats. Everyone was finally in their thrones, except Xemnas. Xemnas was the last to appear. When he did, he looked at everyone and smiled. "Welcome, friends, we have recieved a great message. A new comrade has been chosen to wear the coat. I'm please to present No. XIV."

Just as he was speaking, a figure in a similar coat that all the members were wearing appeared. It could be told that she was female, because she wore identical boots to Larxene's. She also had a small chest, probably smaller than Axel's. Nobody could distinguish any features to her face, becuase it was hidden by the hood. She walked onto the platform.

The girl stopped in front of Roxas'. Roxas looked into the girl's hood. A smile emerged. Something overcame Roxas. This smile was eerie. He started to throbbing back and forth in his throne and finally he fainted. Xemnas had chosen to call the meeting off early and had ordered Axel to take Roxas back to his room to rest up. Unfortunatley, the boy wouldn't wake up until sometime in the future.

Year: 2
Day 26
~A Familiar Face~

Roxas came onto a stained glass frame. It was surrounded by darkness. “Where the heck am I?” Roxas asked.

“You are here, because I have called you here,” said a mysterious voice.

Roxas looked around the darkness, but he saw nothing. “Who are you? Where are you?” Roxas asked getting nervous.

“I am your heart, Roxas,” answered the voice.

“My heart, but that’s crazy,” Roxas exclaimed.

“Roxas, you may be a Nobody of Sora, but you gained part of your power from me. I was once a person like Sora, but I had that taken from me by someone I trusted. In the end, I sacrificed myself and was separated from my body. My heart was suffering until Sora took me into his body,” said the voice.

“Who’s Sora? What’s your name?” Roxas asked.

“You don’t remember?” The voice asked in surprise.

A glistening sphere hovered over to Roxas. The sphere glowed brighter. Roxas had to shield his eyes, because as to not go blind. The light dissipated and a boy similar to Roxas appeared. Roxas unveiled his fragile eyes and his jaw dropped.

The voice smirked, “I’m glad to see you again, Sora. My name’s Ven.”

Roxas looked at the boy weirdly. The boy was like him in everywhere, except for the clothing and the fact that he was transparent. “Ven?” Roxas spoke.

“Why did you call me, Sora?”

“Sora’s your Some-“

“Hey Roxas, Rox-as, wake up,” said a voice.

Roxas’ eyes jutted open. The first thing he saw was Axel. “Axel,” Roxas said as he leaned up.

“I bet you got a good night’s sleep, Roxas. Because, you were passed out like a brick,” Axel said with a smirk.

“What did I miss,” Roxas asked.

“Nothing special, except for us getting our Number XVIII, today,” Axel said.

A knock came at the door just as Axel was about to say something. Roxas ran to the door and opened it. In the doorway was a boy of fifteen. The boy looked similar. His black hair went all the way to his waist, it was hard to tell his eyes, because they were hidden by a black blindfold, and he had pale white skin. The boy was heavily built, but was shorter than Roxas. He wore a black coat, the shoulder pads were more pointed than Roxas’. “Who are you?” Roxas asked.

The boy replied, “My name’s Ukrix, the Sword of Darkness. I am new here.”

“So, I take it that you are our Number XVIII?” Roxas asked.

The boy nodded and then turned away. Roxas stared at the boy as he disappeared into the glimmering white hall. Roxas closed the door. He turned to Axel. Axel was sitting on his bed. “So, how’d you like the new member, Ukrix?” Axel asked.

“I dunno, he seemed familiar for so reason,” Roxas replied.

Axel nudged his brows and gave Roxas a puzzled look. “We have a mission, Roxas,” Axel said as he grabbed my hand and rushed me down the hall.

Today, we had a mission in Agrabah with Xion.
Later that day, Roxas left to take a nap in his room. I met with Marluxia in the Grey Area. He looked over at me and gave an evil smirk. “Axel, it’s good to see you,” Marluxia said.

I approached the Graceful Assassin. He sat on a white couch in the left side of the gigantic room. I sat across from him in another chair. “Why did you call me here,” I asked.

Marluxia gazed up to the ceiling and then looked down. “I’ve invited you here, because I knew the other members are asleep right now. So, you and Roxas need to leave the castle tonight. I suspect Xemnas is up to no good,” confessed Marluxia.

“Oh, and you’re one to speak, Mister Perfect,” retorted I.
Marluxia chuckled. But, then his expression changed. “I have no use for the Keyblade Master’s Nobody. It is Vexen’s Replica that I want.”

“How did you know about Xion and Sora?” I asked.

Marluxia chuckled, “Larxene told me after Vexen was annihilated on one of his trips to C.O. She said that before Vexen faded that he pleaded for her to let him go. You know how she is. She doesn’t like annoying people.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know.”

“We know that Roxas is Sora’s Nobody, because he is the only Nobody in the Organization that wields the Keyblade and if you take out the X, you get Sora. What more evidence do I need? And, plus with my days as an adviser to the Red Queen of Wonderland when I first heard rumors of a boy Keyblader.”

“Alright, Lumarai, I get it. Just stop your ranting,” I said.

Lumarai smirked and then got up. He left for his room for the night. I sat on the couch. I lay down on the couch and started thinking about what Marluxia said. He was right.

Roxas and I said our good nights as we went our separate ways. The Key of Destiny went to his room for a well-earned sleep. However, I went to the Grey Room to look for Marluxia. The Graceful Assassin had told me early this morning to meet him in the Grey Area after I got done with the day’s mission. Today, it was with Roxas and Xion in Agrabah to take out a Heartless.
“What did you call me here, Marluxia? I’m missing out on some serious Z’s,” I complained as I flopped onto a white couch across from Marluxia and placed my feet on the glass coffee table.
“Hmph, don’t you think it is obvious?” Marluxia replied.
“What’s obvious? You need to clarify things, Flower Boy,” I said.
“I mean about the latest attention that has been focused on Ukrix and Xion. Aren’t you the lease bit suspicious of our elders for such things,” Marluxia asked as he lifted a brow.
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Re: The Key and The Flame: On The Run ~ Days, BBS, and perhaps Re:Coded Spoilers are included

Talk-Much Marluxia?

Anyways, here's some stuff done by me, enjoy ;D (Xiolio is fun, and at the same time difficult to work with, sorry Xiolio :(

Author: Xigbar
Day 1~Interesting little tidbit

Ventus' heart was in Sora, or so Xemnas says. Turns out Xemnas can put up barricades on people's heart negating special effects of certain ones, tch, that's pretty interestin' an all but what's really got my attention is how Xemnas knew about Sora's connection with Kiddo. It's been about a good decade since Xehanort took control of Terra's heart, and three years more since Sora saved Ventus by healing his heart with his own. Only Xehanort would know about Vanitas' former look, and who it details to. But that doesn't explain why Xemnas had Aqua's armor or why he's looking for kiddo's body in the one place it would be; the 'Chamber of Waking'. It doesn't make a lick of sense, Xehanort took over's Terra's heart, which should have put Terra's subconscious at the very bottom that heart. But when I heard him wanting to lock-up that heart in a 'Zero-darkness cell' that order was just reeking with a rank smell. Xemnas should be Xehanort's alter ego, but Terra couldn't be that other half, not with Xehanort in control.

Another thing that I barely remember is Terra's armor is defective, I got my hands on the piece of armor that he used to summon it with before it was incinerated and it didn't seem to respond. According to Xehanort, that piece should always summon the armor instantly to the user's body.

Terra's heart is locked up, Xemnas is talking to Aqua's armor like it's a real person, Xemnas wants to find Kiddo's body, Terra's armor isn't responding ... The plot may be thickening, but isn't enough for me make sense of it.

The Key and TheFlame:Between the Years

Day 14: My beginning

Year: 2

Point of View: Xewn

"Who are you?"

"Who're you?"

"Who are you?"


"Welcome friends, though it is a bit soon we are have gathered here to welcome, not one but two members have seen worthy to wear the coat. Numbers XV and XVI"

I looked up at him, he was smiling. I looked around the round room no one else besides a boy on my right showed their face. His eyes were blue, hair golden blond in a windswept style, and his age was 14 at best. To my left was Number XVI, dark orange hair, some bangs partially covering his bright green eyes, shorter my own heigth, and his age 15 perhaps younger.


"How did your mission go?"

"Unsucessful" I admited looking away almost feeling shame.

He got up on his feet walked towards me, reaching his hand out I cringed and shut my eyes certain he would hit me. To my suprise he patted me on the head, "Is that so, well the task was beyond 'Master' and you haven't even been assimilated into the organization ... Calm yourself, I'm certain you did the best you could" He moved his hand away and began to walk away before stopping to ask, "Is there something wrong, Xewn?"


"So I'm going with one of new beginners?" the pyro-user asked.

The 'Luna Diviner' nodded, "Correct, the member's name is Xewn"

The 'Flurry of Dancing Flames' looked at me questionably, "Xewn? Weird name, but I got it memorized"


I stepped out of the 'Corridor of Darkness' into the forever green scenery, the sky purple-blue, clouds orange. A mansion behind us, between it us was a black gate, in front us was forest surrounded inhabited by nothing but trees. What a dull town.

"Before we get started, my name's Axel. That's A-X-E-L, got it memorized?"

I walked a little ahead ignoring him completely, my eyes scanned for any type of enemy, anything than bantering with this fool. Where is our target?

"Tch, well you're quite the chatterbox aren't you" he said sarcastically scratching the back of his head.


He held up an orange star-shaped charm before my eyes, "This a special keepsake of mine. One day it will bring me back to two people who matter deeply to me. Until that day comes, can I trust that you will keep it safe for me?"

"Of course, Superior. I'll protect it with my life" I reassured him.

He scanned my face, "Hold out your hands" I did as he said he gently lowered it down into my grasp. "This is not an order, but a request. When Kingdom Hearts is finished ... I ask that you give it back me immediately"


"Yo, Sleeping Buety, a little help here!" I looked up just coming back from daydreaming, Axel was in the clutches of a 'Darkside'. He was holding his head up with his left hand and tapping his finger with the other. I summoned my Ethernal Blades slew the beast, the darkness seemed to evaporate as my partner fell down on his face.

"Dammit, that hurt!"

"I saved your worthless life didn't I?"

"What hell was that about?" he said scratching the back of his head.

Author: Xemnas
Day 14~The replica

The replica returned it had no damages, nothing wrong with it, and it was still blank as a fresh slate.

It reported reluctantly that it was unable to eliminate any of it's targets. I patted it on the head.

I expected as much, however going against those three, taxing oneself no less, and coming out without even a scratch? This could be our most prized replica yet.

Like No. i I have decided to give it a name, give it purpose. This 'new' replica ... Xewn.

Confusing, yes but it will be explained with given time.
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Re: The Key and The Flame: On The Run ~ Days, BBS, and perhaps Re:Coded Spoilers are included

Good story. I am glad you did a nice job. Keep up the good work.

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Re: The Key and The Flame: Between the Years ~ Days, BBS, and perhaps Re:Coded Spoilers are included

Chapter 1: No. 15 the one always forgotten

Year: 2

Day: 19


Demyx was walking down the corridor of where the Organization members slept. Nine doors on the left and nine on the right, all of the doors were ivory, held the Nobody insignia on them, and as well as the title, rank, and name of each of the members' rooms, which lay behind them. The Melodious Nocturne stopped in front of No. XV, or Xewn's door. He looked around nervously for any sign of anyone, especially Larxene. She and everyone else were nowhere insight. Demyx sighed with relief as he tapped on the door lightly. The door opened. Demyx took a quick peek into the room.

There was no one inside. Demyx tiptoed inside and shut the door behind him. There was nothing out of the ordinary. It was just like any other Nobody room, bright ivory walls, ceiling, and floor, barely any furniture, except for a bed and a headboard, a window, which overlooked the City That Never Was, and a pair of white linen which stood on the bed with a pillow. "Seems like another boring room," Demyx sighed.

He plopped down on Xewn's bed. Demyx something sharp as he sat down. He yelped as he jumped up. The Melodious Nocturne gazed back at the bed and saw something poking underneath the white sheets. He tore the linen off the bed and saw a yellow star-shaped charm. "I wonder what this is doing here," Demyx said as he picked up the charm and twirled it around by a silver chain.

A loud, cracky voice shouted, "Hey, get outta here!"

Demyx felt something tear through him. A bright light flashed in front of him as he found himself laying in the hallway. He opened his eyes to see Xewn and Larxene staring down at him. "What was this idiot doing in your room, Xewn?" Larxene asked.

"I don't wanna talk about it. Can you just get him outta here? I have important things to attend too," Xewn said as she turned around and slammed the door.

Larxene hovered in front of Demyx's cowering face. "Get away from me, you Bitch!" Demyx cried.

"Shut up," Larxene said as she got out her yellow claw-knives.

Demyx screamed.


Saix paced around the cemetary his hood up, waiting for his his audience.


He looked up to acknowledge the presence.

"I do hope I didn't keep you"

The 'Luna Diviner' laughed to himself, "Not at all, Nero. Though I swear that the locations are a joke of our leader's amusment"

He looked around, "I hear ya. But the dusks would find us if we stayed in the same place location everytime"

"Good to know that I am the one who decides the missions and their whereabouts"

"Xemnas never seems to suspect a thing, his carelessness will be his end"

"That remains to be said. How are things at the base?"

"Nothing new, what of the organization?"

"Members are being gradually brought in, Xemnas let in a stray who claims to our No. 15" He paused, "Has Luna left at all?"

Rexon looked at him questionably from underneath his hood, "No, why?"

"The member that claimed to be our 15, looked exactly like her"​
Author: Demyx
Day 19~A big scoop

Today I was searching through our newbie's room he was gone, but I was curious. The room was completely bland, except for an orange star-shaped charm underneath some sheets. I went to touch it and the member caught me. He yelled at me, "Hey, get outta here!" and Larxene gave me another scar on my chest, deeper than usual.

I learned three things; one never go in that room uninvited again, the member has silver colored eyes, and one big thing ... Xewn's a girl.


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Dec 15, 2009
Re: The Key and The Flame: Between the Years ~ Days, BBS, and perhaps Re:Coded Spoilers are included

Cool, then I guess I am doing Ukrix's part next.

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Re: The Key and The Flame: Between the Years ~ Days, BBS, and perhaps Re:Coded Spoilers are included

Day 44

A man in red robes stood out at a window of an old, vacant mansion. “Is this the place,” a girl with light blonde hair that reached to her shoulders, blue eyes, and wearing a white sundress said as she carried a sketch book and a couple of crayons in her hands asked.

The man in the red robes replied, “Yes Namine, this is where we are going to setting up our operations. Since, C.O. is under the surveillance of Organization XIII then we will reside in this place.”

“Why here? Something about this mansion seems a little wrong,” Namine said as her eyes gazed nervously upon the shattered building.

The robed figure known as DiZ rolled his amber eyes at the girl. “Namine, you’re a Nobody, which means you can’t feel a thing. So, your sense about this place is false.”

“But DiZ,” the girl whined.

DiZ’s tone rose. “Namine, quit this insolence. If you want your friend to wake up then we need to rush into this place before ‘they’ find us. This place is the only safe haven I could find that they have never been in,” DiZ said as he pulled the gates open and headed in.

Namine watched the robed figure disappear into the building. She sighed, “How did I get stuck with such a jerk.”

“Ugh,” a voice groaned.

Namine turned and saw a silver haired boy lying against a nearby tree. The blonde ran over to the boy and placed her hands over the boy. “Riku, it’ll be okay. I promise I’ll protect you. We’ll get your heart back and set things right.” She dragged the boy by her hands into the old mansion.

Back at the World That Never Was,

In a vast, open room with several coffee tables and couches on every corner and giant windows, which acted as the wall for the room, a boy with jet-black hair stood. His coworkers, the people in black trench coats passed him by. The boy wore a black piece of fabric over his eyes that prevented him from seeing, but his other senses were heightened. Everyone around him, including the lesser Nobodies treated him like a misfit. His birth was a mistake according to Xemnas.

A man with spiky, long blue hair stood in the center of the room. He glared at the young boy and looked through the clipboard for the boy’s name. “Ukrix, today you will be teamed up with Xion,” the man said.

Ukrix asked, “Xion, who’s that? And, I hope whoever it is doesn’t treat me like everyone else in the castle does.”

The blue-haired man rolled his eyes and summoned a dark corridor. “Xion, take him with you,” the man said with a deep gruff to his voice.

Ukrix felt something touch his hand. It wasn’t the usual, large clammy hands of a male, but the soft and gentle touch a female. A soft, gentle voice said as she pulled the boy through the purple fog of the vortex, “Don’t worry, I’ll watch over you.”

Ukrix felt something beat within him. “Could this be my heart?” Ukrix asked himself.

Later on that day, the girl known as Xion or to Ukrix, the soft voice that had guided him through the endless miles known as Twilight Town to take out a Heartless known as a Darkside. Xion took up the boy to the Station Plaza. Ukrix didn’t where she was pulling him too, but he could feel that there were a lot of steps. “So, this must be the infamous Sword of Darkness,” a strong deep voice called.

“Yeah, Axel, this is him,” Xion said as she lead the blindfolded Nobody towards the edge of the clock tower.

“Why does he were that thing all the time?” Axel asked as he grabbed ahold of Ukrix’s hands and set the boy gently onto the edge in a sitting position.

“I don’t know,” Xion shrugged.

“Did you get the Sea-salt ice cream?” another male voice asked.

“Roxas,” Axel and Xion’s voice joined in unison.

“Yeah, I got him right here,” Axel said.

“So, how was your mission in Agrabah,” Xion asked.

“Not bad, I guess. The Heartless was weak. Who’s this,” Roxas said as he sat down next to Ukrix.

“Oh, this is Ukrix, our No. XVIII, and I managed to buy four Sea-salt ice creams,” Xion said as she held two in each hand.

She handed Roxas, Axel, Ukrix (who sat in the middle between the Flurry of Dancing Flames and the Key of Destiny), and herself one. Ukrix picked up the cold treat and when his lips made contact with it. He gasped, “This is disgusting.”

Xion looked over at him and gave a weird look. “That’s Sea-salt ice cream, Ukrix. It’s what the three of us eat after every mission.”

“Well, it’s unhealthy. You need to stop eating it,” Ukrix retorted.

“So what, I am not going to quit eating ice cream, because a newbie says it is unhealthy,” Xion remarked.

“Well, maybe that explains why you’re so fat,” Ukrix exclaimed.
“What did you just say?!” Xion gasped.

“You heard me,” Ukrix retorted.

“How would you know what I look like? You can’t even see anything in that lousy fabric you wear every day. In fact, you always run into everything,” Xion said.

Ukrix yelled, “Well, Xemnas said I had to wear it.”

“Hey, why don’t you two calm down,” Axel said as he placed his hands between the two yelling Nobodies.

“You stay out of this, Flamsilocks,” Ukrix exclaimed.

Axel grew annoyed. That was the last straw. He turned his head to the blindfolded Nobody and ripped the blindfold off the boy’s face. Axel then through the blindfold off of the clock tower, Ukrix’s eyes opened. Roxas, Xion, and Axel’s jaws dropped as they stared at the boy’s eyes. “You can’t be…”

Ukrix got up and ran away from the three of them.

End of Flashback

Ukrix’s POV

That was the first day I met Xion, Roxas, and Axel. I don’t get why they stared at me like that. But, after that day, they started hanging around me a lot more. And, just a few days ago, things changed. Xion left.

She said that she felt like she was wanted around the castle anymore. I tried to convince her that she was wrong, but my words didn’t seem to sink in. She said with tears dripping from her face, “I don’t want to get turned into a Dusk, because Xewn’s here.”

I didn’t know any Xewn until after Xion left. I met her after Roxas and Axel left and I was forced under the mentorship of No. XVI, Lexi. Lexi had introduced me to Xewn. We eventually became close friends. And, I showed them the spot that Roxas, Axel, Xion, and I hung at and what we usually did.

Xiolio did this part, hope ya'll liked it ^_^


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Re: The Key and The Flame: Between the Years ~ Days, BBS, and perhaps Re:Coded Spoilers are included

Thanks for putting my work on, man. I need to work on my description more.


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Re: The Key and The Flame: Between the Years ~ Days, BBS, and perhaps Re:Coded Spoilers are included

That's true. But, I guess writing helps.


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Re: The Key and The Flame: Between the Years ~ Days, BBS, and perhaps Re:Coded Spoilers are included

I don't own Kingdom Hearts or Xewn. This is for Dawn Rebirth. He will be busy for awhile, so I'll be filling in for the time being. Hope you enjoy.

Year 2
Day 52
Twilight Town
The Old Mansion
DiZ headed through the mansion. Fragments of broken statues and furniture
cluttered the hallways of the old, vacant building. Some rooms were blocked off by the clutter. DiZ sighed as he thought about the
mansion. It seemed ironic, a ruin mansion and a ruined man.
DiZ thought back to his memories of his former self, an old, wise king of a flourishing kingdom. He felt happy until another memory was brought back, and the loyal apprentices that had betrayed him and took everything from him. His blood boiled as he thought about the day he had found one of his apprentices, a mysterious man around his mid-twenties that lay in the streets of his kingdom and how he had unknowingly experimented
on. This man’s face gleamed through his head and DiZ bang his fist against one of the walls. “XEHANORT!!!!”

The bang had alerted a young girl from one of the rooms. She glanced down from the
staircase above at the robed man. “DiZ, what’s up?” the girl asked as she stared at him curiously. DiZ turned towards the young blonde and gave her a deathglare. “Namine, how’s the boy doing,” the man asked the girl.

“Fine, but why are you upset?” Namine asked the man.

“Shut up, it’s your and all Nobodies’ fault for why I lost
everything. You are all just as false as my subjects were. So, stop pretending
that you care about me,” DiZ shouted at Namine.

Namine’s curios expression saddened. She sighed and pulled back to one of the rooms on the second floor. DiZ turned around
and sighed. He hated the existence he had taken. Running away from his former
apprentices that had formed a group of Nobodies like themselves called Organization XIII, disguised and lurking through the shadows, he felt like as low as a Heartless.

“Why did I even leave that place,” DiZ thought as he
remembered a beach that lay in a dark world surrounded by billions of
Heartless. He remembered how he was threatened by the dark creatures and by the fear of losing his sanity. The man feared becoming one of them. He remembered Xehanort after he had become a Heartless; the former
apprentice had given him the option of becoming a Heartless or being risked
away into the Realm of Darkness. He had chosen the second, because he wanted to have nothing to do with his crazed former apprentice’s plan. DiZ was also
upset about the loss of his other five apprentices, Braig, Aeleus, Dilan, Even,
and Ienzo. They had sided with Xehanort and given themselves over to
the darkness. He remembered finding thelab he had ordered built for them being infested by Heartless. Little Ienzo, the orphaned child he had taken in clutched onto his arms before he was ripped away from his hands and into the darkness. DiZ remembered three of his much-older apprentices being frightened as they were swallowed by a gaggle full of the small shadows and then being swallowed by the darkness. DiZ remembered even more Braig grinning as this was all taking place.
“Why are you doing this,” the scientist-king screamed.

Braig smirked and chuckled, “To get back you old kook. You think we honestly enjoyed being under your service for all these years, as if.”
“Braig, you fool! You’re
only letting yourself being destroyed by these monsters,” he yelled at the
pirate-looking man.

Braig grinned before he was the last to fall at the hands of
the Shadow Heartless. Tears filled his
eyes as he remembered watching his five apprentices’ hearts lift up from their
chests as they were being consumed by the darkness and the Heartless chasing
after him. DiZ fought back the creatures
as tough as he could until he had fled the castle and ran into Xehanort. Tears dripped from DiZ’s amber
eyes. No matter how deep within the darkness he was. He couldn’t let himself
be consumed by it. DiZ didn’t want to suffer the same fate his apprentices suffered.
He vowed revenge against them, especially after he had returned back to
the world he ruled. It was completely devastated, a shadow of its former self.

The Castle That Never Was

Where Nothing Gathers

Saix’s POV

Today, Lord Xemnas had summoned the Whirlwind Lancer and me to Where Nothing Gathers. Xaldin and Xemnas seemed ticked about the demise of Xigbar. Roxas had destroyed him after he had called Xion (Poppet) a broken toy. The teen was so angry about this that he struck the Free-shooter down with one-shot of his Keyblade. Xigbar had faded away with his usual smirk as he called Roxas a toy, as well.
I was annoyed over the fact that Xemnas and Xaldin were both ‘upset’ over Xigbar’s demise. A Nobody is supposed to feel nothing,right? But, that’s beside the point. What had gotten on my nerves was that Axel had fled with the traitor and that all of this mess had begun with a broken puppet of Vexen’s. But, enough with this useless rambling, nothing good comes from talking. I sat in my throne glaring up atXemnas. Xemnas had an expressionless look on his face. “Good tidings, we are here to discuss how we are to go about the demise of four of our elders and how we are to go about heart collection, now that two of our Keyblade Wielders have betrayed us,” Xemnas said.

“Aren’t we going to go after the traitors,” Xaldin asked in his usual disgruntled manner.

“Indeed, No. III, Xion, Roxas, and Axel will pay for their transgressions against the Organization,” Xemnas replied in a calm manner.

“But, how are we going to collect
hearts?” I asked.

Xemnas gazed at me. “The obvious, Xewn will take over Roxas and Xion’s job,” Xemnas chuckled.
“Another replica is going to be filling that position,” I groaned with irritation.

“Do you know of another way,Saix?” Xaldin asked eying me suspiciously.

“Yes, but it would require some work,” I exclaimed.

After a few moments of explaining my clever plot, Xemnas smirked.

“Good idea, Saix,” he replied.

The Grey Area

After the meeting, I went to the Grey Area to assign missions to the rest of the
Organization. Demyx was teamed up with Larxene in Atlantica, Luxord and Marluxia in Wonderland, Xia and Gaxua in Twilight Town, Ukrix, Xaldin, and Lexi in Beast’s Castle, and Xewn to Halloweentown. Everyone had left, except Lexi, Ukrix, and Xewn. They were perched on a white couch together consoling a sobbing Ukrix. “You better get started on those missions,” I told the three.

Lexi and Xewn gave me a death glare and Ukrix gazed up to me with tears dripping from his eyes. “Why did they leave,” he asked me.

“What’s that bag of water crying about,” I asked Lexi.

The red head retorted, “Xion, Axel, and Roxas, of course. They were best friends.”

I laughed a bit at that statement. “Nobodies don’t have friends, you’re ‘friends’ are as good as dead,” I told the sobbing Nobody.

“Why you son of a-,” Lexi shouted as he got up from the couch and approached me with a fist.
I blocked the Nobody’s punch with my claymore. He winced in pain as he brought it back to his side and gave me another death glare. “Lexi, I have no time to fight you. I need to speak with you in private,” I gave Lexi a glare of my own and I turned to Xewn and Ukrix.

The two Nobodies got up and walked behind me to their rooms. Lexi shouted at me, “What do you want from me?!”
“Isn’t it obvious? Your friend’s a Keyblader, right?” I asked Lexi as I pointed the sharp blade of my claymore towards his throat.

Lexi fumed with anger. “That’s none of your business,” he said.
I pointed my claymore closer towards his throat. He choked back and squirmed. “Alright,
alright, I do. His name is Iz and he lives in Twilight Town,” he replied.

Good, then my plan will be handy,” I exclaimed.

I lowered my claymore from the boy’s throat. His eyes widened and his jaw dropped.
“You better not lay a finger on him,” he shouted.
“You’re a Nobody, but why do you care for a Somebody?” I asked the boy. Lexi exclaimed, “Because, I made a promise that I would protect him. He’s my friend. And, friends don’t let friends get hurt.”

I chuckled at the boy’s statement, “Please, promises are worthless. They mean nothing to one who has no heart.

Lexi went silent. “Now, get to your mission. Xaldin and Ukrix aren’t going to wait forever,” I said to him.

He backed away from me and fled to Ukrix’s room.
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Re: The Key and The Flame: On The Run ~ Days, BBS, and perhaps Re:Coded Spoilers are included

so, what did anyone think of DiZ's flashback of his five apprentices?


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Re: The Key and The Flame: On The Run ~ Days, BBS, and perhaps Re:Coded Spoilers are included

Okay, I have finally got around to catching up with this story, and I am very confused. So, just by going with his name, I'm gonna say that Ukrix is the Nobody of Riku, right? Definitely sounds like it. And Xewn is a replica who is a girl, and Xemnas has some kind of bond with her. Is she supposed to look like Aqua? I have a feeling that she is. Oh, and I did like the flashback of Diz as Ansem the Wise and when his apprentices lost their hearts, especially the part with Ienzo; that really made me sad. Anyway, great job, and I look forward to more.


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Re: The Key and The Flame: On The Run ~ Days, BBS, and perhaps Re:Coded Spoilers are included


Xion headed to the Grey Area. She made her way after all of the members were asleep. But, to be on the safe-side the girl pulled up her head to cover her fair face. Xion lurked into the large, empty room for any sign of any members or lower Nobodies. Nobody was around.
"Good, nobody insight," Xion sighed relief as she headed through the hallway and into the large, empty room.

"Hey, whaddaya doing up so late?" a deep voice came.
Xion turned around quickly. Her hood fell behind her short, dark hair as her aqua-blue eyes gazed into the darkness of the hallway. Xion caught sight of green eyes and pieces of red in the distance. "Who's there?" Xion asked in a nervous tone.

Xion thought of how carefully she had snuck by everyone in the castle, including the Dusks. Those underlings acted as Xemnas' spies. If anything went wrong in the castle. The Dusks were the first to know and report it. They always fought in groups and if any of them were destroyed then one would manage to sneak away. So, one had to be smarter than the Dusks.

"Hey, why you doing awake?" the voice said.

It snapped Xion out of her thoughts. The voice and the footsteps approached her. Xion couldn't hide, because the thing knew she was in the room. She couldn't fight it, because it would awake everyone in the castle. And, that would further complicate her plan of escaping.

Xion glared into the hallway and decided to fight. She summoned her Keyblade to her side and crouched down waiting for whatever was headed towards her patiently to attack. "Xion, just relax," the voice said.
Xion saw the thing come into the dimly-lit light of the Grey Area. Pale skin and crimson spikes were illuminated in the light. Xion called back her Keyblade. It vanished with a RUSH sound and a vapor of light. "Axel, why are you here?" Xion asked.

The redhead scratched the back of his hair. "I'm doing patrol, Xion. Tonight's my night. But, the question I should be asking is to you. Why are you doing up so late? Saix will flip if he knew that you fell asleep during a mission," Axel said.

Xion rolled her eyes and replied with an aggravated tone, "Please, Saix doesn't care about me! He's always calling me a broken puppet."

"Yeah, that may be true, but he means well deep down. You just have to learn to live with it. But, why are you up again?" Axel replied.

"Axel, I can't be here anymore. Saix and the Organization are using me. And, I fear that with Xewn being around than the Superior will get rid of me at any moment," Xion said with tears appearing in her eyes.

"Xion, what are you talking about? Xemnas wouldn't be that crazy about getting rid of one of his Keyblade Wielders. You have to believe me on this, Xion," Axel exclaimed.​

"Yeah right! Xemnas doesn't care the Organization, only Kingdom Hearts. He wants to destroy me, because I'm an obsolete to his plans," Xion cried.

"Xion, don't be ridiculous!" Axel exclaimed.

"Axel, I'm leaving. If you get in my way than I will have no choice, but to destroy you," Xion said as she resummoned her Keyblade.

Axel sighed. A flow of intense energy filled his hollow heart. He didn't know what it was, no memory of any feeling he had could comprehend what it was he was going through. All he knew is that he had to trust what Xion was saying, because if he didn't than it could mean the end to either of them. Axel gazed up to the anxious brunette Nobody. "Alright Xion, I'll let you go, but please be safe," Axel said.

Xion smiled and retreated her Keyblade into the light. She headed towards one of the windows overlooking the hollow, dark city and looked back at Axel one last time. The brunette Nobody called a swirling vortex of purple fog from her wrist. She headed through it and vanished into it. Axel watched as the portal closed.

"Good-bye Xion," the redhead said as he turned back to the hallway and headed towards his room for some sleep.

A Dusk watched the episode take place and slithered off.


Roxas headed through the hallway early in the morning or rather night, no one could really tell, because the sun never rose amongst the dark skies of the dark, hollow world. A huge crowd of the older members were crowded in a circle around the center of the Grey Area. "Man, I can't believe that Poppet betrayed us like that," a voice sounding like a surfer dude said.

"Yeah Xiggie, I thought I knew her better than that too. And, great now I have to double-duty," a wimpy voice complained.

"Oh, shut up, Water Boy or I’ll electrocute you!" a cocky voice threatened.
Roxas interrupted their conversation. He tugged onto the hem of one of the older members’ coats.

"What’s going on?" the blonde teen asked.

An elder member turned around. He had on a eye patch and an ugly scar which clung to the lower part of the right side of his face. His black and grey hair was tied back into a long pony-tail. The man, Xigbar turned to the blonde and replied, "Oh it’s you, Kiddo. Didn’t you hear the news? Xion ran away."
Roxas stepped back. His jaw dropped and he gasped, "What?"

"Yeah, I know what you mean, Tiger. How could this happen?" Xigbar grinned.

"How did this happen?" Roxas asked Xigbar with his predictable question.

"Don’t know, really. All I know is what I’ve heard," Xigbar said as he passed the blonde and headed towards a couch.

Roxas lowered his head in confusion. "Why did Xion leave? And, why didn’t she say good-bye?"

"Roxas," a harsh voice rang out.

The teen was knocked out of his thoughts and back to reality. He turned around to a rough-looking man with blue hair glaring at him. "SAIX," the teen gasped.

"Roxas, you have a mission with Axel in Agrabah today. Get your stuff ready and retrieve Axel from his room," Saix ordered.

Roxas nodded and ran to the hooded Moogle. He ordered his stuff and ran towards the hallway to retrieve Axel from his room.

~End of Flashback~

Beast’s Castle

Day: 54

Lexi’s POV

It wasn’t easy convincing Ukrix to come along with Xaldin and me today. He was too distraught over the
disapparance of his friends. Ukrix during the whole course could hardly stop talking about them. It drove Xaldin nuts.

Xaldin turned around to the boy and yelled at him. He nearly knocked Ukrix off his feet. But, the sound of the castle’s residents interrupted his goal. Xaldin turned to us and summoned a dark portal. He shoved the two of us into as well as himself before they came into the hallway.
A candelabra and an old clock appeared in the hallway. The two turned to each other. "I thought I heard something, Lumiere," the clock said.

"That’s most peculiar," the candelabra replied.

"Well, we better keep patroling or else the master will be upset," the clock said.
The two nodded. They turned and hopped away. Up the staircase, in the gallery of suits of armored
knights, a portal opened up. A fog of purple smoke cleared away and we reappeared. Xaldin looked down at Ukrix and held the boy by his throat. "You better not bring any more attention to us, boy!" Xaldin threatened.

"Stop it you’re hurting me," Ukrix squealed.

I gasped and called forth my orange daggers. I ran towards the dreadlocked Nobody. I burnt the man’s hand with my daggers as I stabbed him. Xaldin let go of Ukrix and growled in pain. Blood splattered out of his black gloved hand.

"Agghh, you little brat!" Xaldin spat as he regained his composure.

My red and orange daggers evaporated into ambers out of the man’s hand and back to my side. I turned to Ukrix. His look, that terrified expression reminded me of Iz. "Let’s just get this mission over and done with," I replied holding my hand and pulled the boy up.

Xaldin huffed.


The Heartless was gigantic. It had huge yellow eyes and large snarling teeth. It’s face was long and empty, only it’s eyes were visible. Three sets of wings clung out of it’s back ling a winged demon. The creature was shaped like a human/dragon hybrid.

It was amazing that we were able to withstand the beast’s attack. But, Xaldin was able to hold off the creature until the master of the castle, the Beast appeared. He tore through the doors of the ballroom and ripped through the body of the Heartless. The creature faded into a puddle of black ink. Xaldin and the two of us were on the opposite side of the room on the second floor overlooking the fight.
"We should head back," I said standing up and pulling Ukrix up.

"It’s about time," Xaldin huffed.

We cocked our heads back to the dreadlocked Nobody. He stood near a dark corridor with his arms crossed. "Xaldin, how did you get so prepared so quickly?" I asked him.

Xaldin rolled his eyes and headed through the corridor. We followed after him. After we arrived back, Ukrix and I went to his room to discuss today’s event. I lay on his bed while he rambled on about Xion, Roxas, and Axel. It drove me to sleep.

~Lexi’s dream~

Saix: If you get in our way than you will meet your end.

Lexi: But, he’s my friend. I can’t cross him.

The orange-haired boy found himself in front of Twilight Town. He observed two boys standing in front of a board. The two boys whispered to each other and ran off. The orange haired boy, Lexi ran after the two into the forest. They stopped in front of an old mansion.
One of the boys, a lad with orange hair like his wearing a black t-shirt and blue jeans stood in front of the gate. He rattled the gates. "No good, Iz," the orange haired boy sighed as he turned around to the aqua-haired boy.

The aqua-haired boy studied the old rusted lock on the fences. He headed towards the gate and pulled out a bobby-pin. The boy managed to get the lock off with the bobby-pin. They watched as the lock fell off and the gates jolted open.

Iz and the boy walked through the gates and into the old mansion’s front door. They looked around the mansion. Something felt wrong. "We should leave, Eli," Iz said the orange-haired lad.

"Chill out, Iz," Eli smirked.

He headed towards one of the doors. Eli pushed away the clutter blocking the door. He opened the door.

A large mist of darkness appeared. It pushed the door wide open. Eli fell to his feet and crawled backwards. "Iz, what’s that thing?!" Eli screamed.

Iz turned around to see the mist coming out of the door and heading into the room. The mist soon formed into dark creatures. Iz gasped, "We need to get out of here, Eli."

Iz ran towards the door with Eli getting up and running after him. They were almost out of the mansion when something tore through Eli’s chest. Eli collapsed. Iz looked back to the boy with a horrified expression. "Eli, what’s going on?!" the boy asked.

"Iz, don’t worry about me and leave," Eli said with tearful-filled eyes as he watched his friend escaped.
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Re: The Key and The Flame: Between the Years ~ Days, BBS, and perhaps Re:Coded Spoilers are included

Day 76


~Lexi's POV~

I just arrived from a mission in Agrabah today. I had to do with Recon with Demyx today. We were caught off-guard by a huge Heartless, because of Demyx's complaining. We nearly got killed if I hadn't casted a Curaga on the both of us and finished striking that Heartless cross the eye. The heart rose from it's chest as it flew towards the sky.

I glared at the heart as it disappeared. The thing about hearts were that only a Keyblader could take out a Heartless and not have the threat of having the heart going into another more powerful Heartless. My body still had several severe lashes from the Heartless' spiky tail and claws. I limped down the Hall of Empty Melodies. My thoughts were interrupted by a conversation by two gruff voices coming from the Grey Area.

~End of POV~

"It's quite surprising those traitors are still alive," Luxord said as he pulled his cards towards his face and inhaled deeply.

"Imagine my surprise, if I had my way than they would have been eliminated a long time ago," Xaldin retorted with his face holding an angry expression and his arms crossed.

"Well, I'm still confused as to why Roxas left and why Axel chose to go with him," Luxord confessed.

"I don't care for whatever silly reason for their betrayal. Those three, especially Roxas had no reason to leave," Xaldin turned his head and rolled his eyes.

"And, what reason do you say Roxas shouldn't have left?" Luxord pulled his cards away from his face and gave the dreadlocked Nobody a curious expression.

Xaldin replied, "Xemnas was delighted that he had found out that Roxas' Somebody, Sora, a brat that had surfaced. He had made plans to get Sora turned into a Heartless and what would we do with his Nobody. At first, the brat had defeated Xemnas' traps and proved a nuisance towards our leader. But, after we confronted the brat in our old home world. He soon fell to our strategy. But, Xemnas couldn't be sure if Roxas would betray us, so he had Vexen create several replicas. Among those replicas, two showed much skill and passed on as members of the Organization, Xewn and Xion."


Lexi's jaw dropped when he heard Xaldin mention Xewn and Xion's names together. "Why are you easedropping, Lexi?" a cold voice asked.

Lexi turned around to see Saix standing at him. The yellow-eyed, blue-haired demon gave the orange-haired Nobody a menacing glare. "S-Saix?!"

"Save your pathetic words. Don't you have a mission to get too?" Saix asked the boy.

"I already finished my mission. Demyx was such a let-down," Lexi replied.

Saix rolled his eyes. "You need to leave, Lexi," Saix said as he grabbed the boy's hand and dragged him towards the nearest exit.

He hurled the boy out. Lexi lost his balance and fell to his stomach. He huffed in pain as his already bruised body was made worst by Saix's action. Lexi got up and headed towards his room. His mind thought back to Ukrix and Xewn. It was interesting to find out that Xewn was a Replica. He had decided not to tell Ukrix or anybody else in the Organization about his discovery, at least not yet.


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Re: The Key and The Flame: Between the Years ~ Days, BBS, and perhaps Re:Coded Spoilers are included

Day: 87


Twilight Town

The Old Mansion

Namine stood in front of a crystal, flower-shaped pod. The girl's frail eyes gazed hopelessly at the silver-haired boy within it. "Oh Riku," the girl said with a soft tone.

"Namine has he awoken yet," a gruff voice asked.

Namine turned around. DiZ appeared behind her. Her pale face and eyes were bright red. Tears dripped to the side of her round face. "DiZ, he hasn't awoken yet. I've tried everything, but he doesn't seem to respond," Namine cried.

"Well, I think I might know what's causing him to remain asleep," DiZ said as he approached the crystal pod.

He placed a hand on the glass. Namine responded with a gasp, "Really?"

DiZ turned his eyes to the girl and replied, "The Organization."

"The Organization?! What do they have to do with this?!" Namine shouted with disbelief.

"I can't say specifically for now anyways. But, I have a feeling that one of the members within that wretched order is interfering with his memories," DiZ replied.

"Then, who's causing this drama," Namine asked.


Destiny Islands

A girl stood on a sandy shore looking out to the endless blue sea. She had short strawberry-blonde hair and aqua-blue eyes. The girl wore a uniform, which consisted of a short-sleeved, button-up white blouse, a plaid skirt that reached all the way to her ankles, forest green stockings that reached towards her knees, and brown healed shoes. She held a yellow bookbag in her hands. The girl stared out to the endless ocean and remained silent.

"Hey Kairi," a loud voice yelled.

The girl turned around to see a girl wearing an identical outfit running down a ladder from a treehouse that stood a small pond and a bustle of bushes. The girl had auburn hair. She was followed by two boys. Both of them wore long sleeved, button-up white shirts, long dull gray pants, and brown shoes. The girl ran in front of the other girl.

"Kairi, what are you doing on the beach this time of morning?" the girl asked.

The other girl, Kairi replied, "I was just thinking about-"

"Oh, can we go already?" one of the boys groaned.

The girl turned around to the two boys. "Wakka, Tidus, I'm trying to talk to Kairi about something. If you want to leave so much than go to the pier and wait for us there," the girl said giving the two boys a death glare.

The two boys backed away from the girl and ran towards the pier. The girl turned towards Kairi and gave a small chuckle. "I'm glad that Tidus and Wakka have left. Now, they play their blitzball game without interrupting us."

"Selphie, I gotta tell you something," Kairi said as she lowered her head.

"I know this might sound strange, but I have memories of two boys that I used to hang around with on this beach," Kairi said.

"You mean, Wakka and Tidus," Selphie asked.

Kairi turned her head back to the glistening waters and shook her head. "No, these two are completely from Tidus and Wakka. I can't remember their names, but I remember them saying my name and playing with them," Kairi replied.

Selphie lifted an eye brow. "That sounds weird, Kairi, because only Tidus, Wakka, you, and me are the only ones that hang out on this beach. And, I've never seen any other boys hanging around here," Selphie exclaimed.

"Then, I guess I was only dreaming," Kairi sighed.

"Hey Kairi, Selphie, you ready or what?" Wakka yelled as he held a ball in his hand and waved another at the two girls.

Selphie chuckled, "Alright, I guess we better be leaving, Kairi, before those boys throw a tantrum."

Selphie grabbed Kairi's hands and the two girls ran towards the pier. The four teenagers got into a small boat. Tidus and Wakka rolled the oars as Kairi and Selphie looked at the passing waves underneath them. The sun rose up among the seas and Kairi looked at the sun.
She thought about the two boys from her dreams. "Riku, Sora," she said to herself.


The World That Never Was

Lexi headed down the hallway. Ivory doors with the number and weapon of each of the members sat on both sides of the walls of the long corridor. The orange-haired Nobody stopped in front of a door, which read:




Lexi pressed the symbol of the white chakrams on the door. The chakrams went back into the door and a long CRUSH sound opened up. The door slid up into the ceiling of the door frame. Lexi hurried through the door before he could get caught into it. Luckily, for the young preteen he made it through right in the nick of time. The door came down with a slam.

Lexi rolled in on his butt. He looked around the room as he got back to his feet. The room was messy, piles of magazines sat on Axel's bed. His bed frame was covered in grime and dust. The pyromaniac's floor was littered with thousands of black coats and popsicle sticks. And, his windowsill had two frisbees on it.

"Man, and I thought my room was bad," Lexi chuckled as he was now on his two feet.

"Now, to look for that journal," Lexi said as he went towards the bed.

He dug through the magazines to find no book. Lexi then turned his attention towards the floor. He dug through the piles of coats and popsicle sticks to find no book once more. After about an hour or so it seemed, Lexi fell onto the empty bed to lie down. Lexi's head made contact with the pillow. He felt something hard underneath it.

"What the...?!" Lexi gasped as he pulled the pillow away.

A thick book with a picture of volcano for a cover lay underneath it. Lexi picked the book up and opened it up. A picture from the book fell out. He put the book down and picked up the picture. It was a picture of two boys.

The two boys sat near a cat slurping a Sea-salt ice cream into their mouths. One of them had a yellow scarf around his neck. He had spiky red hair and bright, slanted green eyes. The boy looked similar to Axel. And, the other one looked like Saix.

Lexi flipped the picture over and read the small text, "Isa and Lea, best friends forever."

Seeing the picture as trivial, Lexi flicked the picture off into the mess and went back towards the book. He began flipping through the pages of Axel's journal. Searching for any clues as to why Axel, Xion, and Roxas had left or any clue to the Replica Program or this mysterious Keyblade Master that everyone had been talking about. He began to get depress as he was apparently finding no clues until he reached the end of the book.

His interest rose when he found a sketch of the Keyblade Master. A boy with spiky hair, big shoes, a jacket that went to his belly button, and puffy shorts. The boy was carrying a weapon that looked like a giant key. "So, this must be the Keyblade Master. He looks a lot like Ukrix. But, what's so special about him," Lexi thought.

His answer was answered by a paragraph that appeared under the sketch.

Axel's Journal: Day 10

It had been over a week since Roxas joined our ranks. The boy isn't much of a talker after what the boss did to him. Roxas became very quiet and spacey, almost like a zombie. But, that's beside the point. Today of all days was different.

First, I had to go off on a mission with Roxas today to look for a chest in Twilight Town. Roxas didn't seem too focused for his first mission. I think his thoughts were to caught up with Xion. She was our newest member a while ago. But, it took us about two hours just to find the stupid chest.

After that, Roxas and I had ice cream at the clock tower. It was the place I had taken him the very first day he was born. He had icing all over his face. It was kind of funny to look at. I put my glove on my face and wiped my face. Roxas copied me. He might be slow, but with time he'll become the prized Keyblade Wielder the Organization wants him to be.

It's still hard to believe that he's the Keyblade Master's Nobody. He doesn't act a thing like that kid did before Saix wiped the floor with him and turned him into a Heartless. I didn't think that Roxas would look like Ventus, either. That was another suprise.

But, aside from all that, I found out something else. I had to look after his Heartless. Saix and I had been given orders to watch after the Superior's and the Keyblade Master's Heartless for awhile. Saix didn't seem to fazed as he gave that Neoshadow a glare as it tried to rip through it's Zero-chamber. On the other hand, I couldn't help but feel sorry for this creature.

It made me feel the way that Xion and Roxas had made me feel every time I met them at the clock tower after we finished our missions. I managed to control myself. I pulled out my chakram and waved it in front of the Heartless. It shrank back to the back of it's prison and glowered at me.

After ever mission and meeting with Roxas and Xion, I became used to the Heartless. It, however grew more vicious towards Saix and me. It started acting more like a Heartless than it did when it was human. But, I guess that's enough writing on my part. I better get some sleep before Saix burst into my room.

End of Reading

Lexi yawned as he put the book back under the pillow. He got up and headed towards the door. "I better get some sleep," Lexi said in a groggy voice.
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Re: The Key and The Flame: Between the Years ~ Days, BBS, and perhaps Re:Coded Spoilers are included

First you should get out of the room, before Xewn catches you.

The thing I don't get is where Axel and Roxas at that point and why Xion's with them, care to fill me in :?

Edit: Why did Roxas and Axel leave?
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