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The Identity of the Traitor - The No Traitor Theory

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Sep 16, 2015
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If we go by what the MoM said the one who abandons their role is the one who is the traitor, that was his big plan in giving them all roles according to him...or I mean that's what Gula said and the MoM simply agreed with every little thing Gula said. But Gula is the only one who abandons his task in the end, so he's the closest one to be the traitor after the master.

Ava created the Dandelions quite successfully and after that marched to her end.
Invi observed, mediated, and attempted to keep the balance...she did all those things so sooooo terribly but she still was at least trying to do them to the end.
Aced's true task was to take leadership if he dubbed Ira unfit which is exactly what he attempted to do, so as counterproductive as his action may seem they were absolutely in line with his role from start to finish.
Ira was supposed to lead and I mean...he never stops trying to lead even if he's as terrible at this role as Invi and Aced were.
Luxu completed his tasks with flying colors so much so his task was done technically before it even started. (also he was the only one on twitter who wasn't even given a "traitor or role" thing so I really think we are supposed to not even be considering him)

Gula was supposed to find and end the traitor but gives up halfway through and decides he would find the master instead by summoning kingdom hearts, and get the master to save them. So by all rights he's the only one to deviate from his task and we know now his actions are what get Kingdom Hearts involved and agitated the lux collecting to begin with (well him and that nightmare chirithy). HOWEVER if the Master is the traitor then Gula was actually following his task to the bitter end as well without even realizing it. And I legitimately think that is the truth, that the MoM was the traitor everything lines up perfectly especially if that's his name on the box.

I wouldn't even be surprised if the MoM isn't so much evil as he was...precautionary. Like he knew once he vanished, dimmed, and faded away everything would begin to fall apart. So he chooses Ira to be the leader to guide them in his place, Aced to be the back-up leader if Ira fails as he has already foreseen, then he sets up Invi to mediate to try and keep things together. Meanwhile he hoped in vain that his apprentices would be able to bring him back because he probably could have stopped the war but wasn't going to be able to prevent his own vanishing. So he set up Gula to find him in hopes that even if the future is already written maybe Gula could bring him back and thus they could then save the world. And then being the realist he was and knowing there was pretty much no chance of anything changing he used Ava to set up a real contingency plan, knowing/trusting she would succeed when everything else predictably fell apart.

Ultimately he calls himself the traitor because he knows in a way he is betraying his apprentices, setting them up for tasks they were destined to all fail save for Ava. Starting the world on it's long, winding, and confusing march towards inevitable destruction. However he makes sure to leave out that he is the "traitor" because he wanted to see if his apprentices could change the fate he had foreseen. That like Luxu said the Master was more interested in what his foretellers would do than what happened to the world.

Could Ira overcome his inaction and take charge to be a good leader? If not could Aced put his feelings and aggression behind him and help Ira be a good leader? If failing that could Aced guide and unite the foretellers where Ira had failed? Could Invi put aside her fears of being left behind and rise to the task of mediating the groups so they don't fall out of balance? Could Gula successfully bring him back so he could stop his foretellers from starting the keyblade war? Would Ava be able to create the dandelions and send them away before things got too messy? Would Luxu be able to stand by and successfully watch all his friends fall apart and destroy themselves without getting involved? Some destiny said the answer was already no and some destiny said the answer was already yes.... But you know I could understand if perhaps that didn't stop the MoM from being curious to see if he and his apprentices had the ability to change the future.
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