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In the future, North America is known as the nation of Panem. A shining capitol surrounded by thirteen districts. The capitol brought peace and prosperity to its citizens until the dark days, that is. The dark days are a uprising of the districts against the capitol. Twelve were defeated, and the thirteenth destroyed. The Treaty of Treason gave us the new laws to guarantee peace, and as a yearly reminder that the Dark Days must never be repeated, we were given...
The Hunger Games
The rules are simple.

In punishment for the uprising, each of the twelve districts must provide one girl and one boy, called tributes, to participate. These twenty four contestants will be placed in a vast outdoor arena that could hold anything from a burning desert to a frozen wasteland. Over a period of several weeks, the tributes will fight to the death. The last tribute standing wins. By taking these kids, or teenagers, from the districts and forcing them to kill each other while we watch, this is the Capitol's way of reminding us how we are at their mercy and how little chance we would stand surviving another rebellion.

Tesserae is an option available to teens in the districts of Panem who are eligible to participate in the Hunger Games. If your family is starving, you can add your name into the reaping more times in exchange for tesserae. Each tesserae is worth a meager year's supply of grain and oil for one person.

To make it humiliating, the Capitol requires us to treat the Hunger Games as a sporting event or festivity. The winner receives a life of ease back home and their districts will be showered with prizes (Mostly food) all year.

The twelve districts each have a certain job for the capitol. The range from richest to poorest; 1 being the richest, and 12 being the poorest. 10-12 are the lower class districts. Although not allowed to train before the Hunger Games, districts 1, 2 and 4 do train all their lives for this. They are called often, Careers because they have advantages and are well-fed unlike some of us. (Info is taken from the Hunger Games book and another site.)
(Nameless Note: I added secondary stuff for the heck of it.)


District one: Luxury items and Movies

District two: Masonry and Music

District three: Electronics and TV

District four: Fishing and Books

District five: Power and Football

District six: Transportation and Baseball

District seven: Lumber and Basketball

District eight: Textiles and Hockey

District nine: Construction (Nails and stuff) and Instruments

District ten: Livestock and Racing

District eleven: Agriculture and Swimming

District twelve: Coal mining and Tennis

District thirteen [destroyed]: Graphite mining


If chosen, you will be sent to the Capitol for training and an interview. This stuff should last a few posts perhaps. Get to know each other, form alliances. Though I warn you, they might not be as trustworthy as you think. Trust no one. You can make your own stylist, person at capitol, or just people to watch. Even mentors. There needs to be one or two mentor for each district.

I know there may not be enough people but then we'll just add random people to just be there and die for us xD. Once in the arena, you will have the choice to run to the Cornucopia, a big golden horn like you'd see at Thanksgiving. It's about 25 high, spilling over with things like weapons, backpacks, water, food... The value of stuff decreases as they get further away from the horn but increase the closer to the horn it is. For example, there could be a tent inside a horn but a piece of plastic and a small loaf of bread a few feet away from you.
You must stay on your plate for sixty seconds before the sound of a gong releases you. You don't have much of a choice( Again, I'm changing things) because a force field forces you back on. Again, not all twenty four people will be here, so those no name characters will be eliminated at the Cornucopia battle.


-You may make alliances but ask the owner of his or her character.

-Don't eliminate someone without their permission or hurt them. You MUST have their permission.

-In the color section, name a random singer. Nobody's can be the same but all of your forms can be.

-Careers can have five skill while the other non-career districts can have 4.

-Absolutely no godmodding. We're watching you.

-I will pick a name out of a hat to determine who will win.

-This is the 68th Hunger Games so Katniss and everyone aren't involved. Haymitch should be here, but he is not. No canons.

-You must have at least 2 people. AT LEAST 2; you may not have 1.


Tribute / District person

Age (Tributes are 12-18):
Tribute or no:
Skills(No more than 4 if you're not a Career district-- they get 6. Remember, don't be all that prepared for the games either.):
Are you going to volunteer or just be picked?:



You are allowed to have an Avox, which is a person who betrayed the Capitol quite possibly a traitor. They cannot speak because they were made mute. They don't need a form really but if you want go for it.


Name: Roy Nero McAllistar
Age (Tributes are 12-18): 18
Personality: Fearless, rebellious, angry.
District: 2.
Tribute or no: Yeah buddy.
Mentor: TBA
Skills: Weapons, swimming, cooking, stealth, combat, hearing.
Are you going to volunteer or just be picked?: Picked.
Appearance: Shoulder-long, jet-black hair, gold eyes, orange jumpsuit (arena), black T-shirt with yellow edges, black basketball shorts with two yellow stripes (everywhere else), black boots (arena), black skate shoes with yellow shoelaces (everywhere else), various masks.
History: ?
Tessera: N/A.
Stylist: TBA.
Color: Corey Taylor.

Name: Tifa Lockheart
Age (Tributes are 12-18): 18
Personality: Kind, cunning, serious.
District: 2
Tribute or no: Yes.avi.
Mentor: TBA
Skills: See Roy, except that Hearing is Sight.
Are you going to volunteer or just be picked?: Picked.
Appearance: http://images.wikia....c/cd/TifaCG.png
History: ?
Tessera: 3
Stylist: TBA
Color: Corey Taylor.

See ya around, and may the odds be ever in your favor, maggots.

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