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Fanfiction ► The Human Heartless

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Jun 23, 2005
C_U, you're going to want a triple chapter after this. Heh heh.
Before Ketso knew what was happening, he was walking across busy streets, having different foods shoved in his mouth by merchants hoping he'd buy. He was being led by Piku and Gerard, when suddenly another lilty appeared. Piku walked right by.
"I told Harry the Yuke to take credit for finding the route to Spira from Tipa or Traverse Town. His poor family deserves the cash. So now all kinds of people are coming here." Piku explained, when suddenly.
"Hey, girlie. Wanna spend some time with me?" The lilty said, his hand on Piku's shoulder. Piku whirled around.
"Excuse me?" She said, angrily. Ketso could tell she was dying to get her lance out.
"You're a cutie, sweetcheeks!" The Lilty boy said, and he put his hand out. Then, he did the unthinkable. He pinched Piku's cheek.
"Oh God," Gerard muttered. "Ketso, get down."
"Get down!" Gerard said, pushing Ketso behind a stall selling old fish.
"Why I oughta-" Piku said, cursing while her lance appeared in her hands. Ketso couldn't see much, but he heard more than enough. The boy was screaming, Piku was cussing, and that lance was whipping through the air, ripping at everything in sight. Gerard waited a few seconds, and then he let Ketso up. Ketso saw that the whole street was in ruins. The people were all shocked, but Piku just clapped the dust off her hands. She motioned for Gerard and Ketso to follow. The Lilty boy was crawling away, looking very hurt.
"Stupid boy." Piku muttered, walking past the people.
"Will you ever date a Lilty, Piku?" Ketso asked, curious. Piku frowned.
"I don't think so. Boys are icky," Piku said. Gerard looked confused.
"Are you blitzing for the other team, Piku?"
"What?! No! Everyone's icky, okay? Happy? It's just..." Piku bit her lower lip. If Lilties had lower lips. "Lilties still kinda freak me out. Plus boys AND girls, Gerard, are icky."
"Were you pretty as a human?" Ketso asked.
"Nope. Ugly as a chocobo's Shoo-puff's behind. Do ugly humans make pretty lilties?" Piku asked.
"Don't know. Maybe that guy was just desperate." Gerard suggested. "Really really really really desperate."
"Or just really really crazy," Piku muttered.
Ketso almost laughed. But he realized what had happened the LAST time he was accidentally rude to Piku. He looked uneasily at Gerard. Then he saw that they were 'home'. Gerard and Piku ran around happily, but Gerard tripped Piku. Piku jumped onto his head, pulling his hair. Gerard started hitting Piku with the flat of his blade while she puched his back. He fell to the ground, and they started running on the grass, beating each other up.
"What floor are you on?" Ketso called to Gerard, who was being put in a choke-hold by Piku.
"Up!" Gerard said. He now had Piku in a choke-hold. Ketso rolled his eyes. Those two were helpful. He walked into the building and up the stairs. He stopped when a brown haired girl started to pass.
"Where does Gerard live?" Ketso asked. The girl stared down at him, one blue eye and one green.
"Oh, Gerard lives up stairs a few flights. But neither of them are home; Gerard's tackling Piku."
"I know. But is honey's not home yet?" Ketso asked, his green eyes full of concern.
"Nope. Wanna come to me and Paine's house for cookies?" Yuna asked. Ketso saw that she was holding an old magazine. He tilted his head to read it. It was hard with all the dart holes on the cover. "High Summoner's new look?"
Ketso bowed, low to the ground. He looked up. "Um, nice to meet you Summoner..."
"Call me Yunie, and you don't need to bow! Now, come for cookies. And don't worry about Paine. She's really a big softy." Yunie said, dragging Ketso into an apartment. Sitting on the couch was the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen.
"Hey, Paine!" Gerard said. He and Piku had appeared behind Ketso, looking bruised. Gerard's huge black eye was making his eyelid drag. Piku was wiping blood away from her nose.
"Sup?" Piku asked. Paine nodded. Ketso gaped. Piku pushed him down, and Gerard trampled over his body to get into the apartment. Piku sat down by Paine. Ketso crawled over to her. He stood up, frantically.
"My name's Ketso!" He blurted out. He was scared that Paine would hate him now. She actually smiled. Ketso's hopes rose.
"No, your name is Annoying."
Ketso's hope sank down to his feet. Gerard and Piku snickered. Ketso glared.
"Ketso thinks you're hot hot hot, Paine!" Piku said obnoxiously. Gerard laughed.
"Yesh. He wants you to give him a big kiss!" Gerard said. Ketso slammed the door on his way out. He ran down the street, kicking up grass. Blade of grass number sixty three screamed with happiness.
Ketso slammed into someone, as he was staring after the blade of grass.
"Watch it!" Cid said. Then he saw who it was. "Toib?! You've grown a ton!"
"Uh, I'm not 'Toib'... Are you looking for your grandson, mister?" Ketso said, confused.
"Well, I guess you WOULDN'T remember. My techie-buddies did a good job on that."
"What the heck? Gramps, I think you're a little lame in the brain..."
"Follow me, kid! We've got a lot to talk about!" The man said. He dragged Ketso along the street with him. "I'm Cid, by the way."​
Dun dun dun! Who is this Cid? Why does he call Ketso Toib?! What does he want?! Will Piku and Gerard ever stop fighting?!​


May 1, 2005
Wonderland. We're all mad here! :D
me: That random fight scene was rather funny...AND I'M IN THE STORY!! WEEE!! *glomps Kaze & Ketso* ^_^

Kaze & Ketso: GET OFF!! >_<


Sora, Kaze, Aozora, Ketso: -_-;



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Jul 22, 2005
riverview, florida
nice chap.you did a good job making it exept... you forgot one PERSON in your first chap out of the two chapters If you don't know, my made up name is krojee and you put everybody
else Kaze, Sora, Myra, Taylor, and you forgat me i'm also in C_U's story "rlm2" that make's me feel very unwanted :(


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Jun 23, 2005
Oh, Krojee! I'm so sorry! GAH! I'll go add you in right now! Holy cow, I'm so mean!

*goes off to add Krojee!*


I don't like bugs!
Jun 23, 2005
Heh heh, thanks! I still have to write the next chap, and I'm doing some sig-stuff right now, so it might be just a little late today.


I don't like bugs!
Jun 23, 2005
Stuff mini-muffins, C_U (That's a friendly version of "stuff muffins")!

I'll work on it! I had to do stuff today. I'll update soon, I promise. Lemme work on it for a sec, k?


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Jun 23, 2005
Sorry for the double post! Here it is!
"Cid, where are we?" Ketso asked, still being dragged.
"Just to my place," Cid said. Ketso looked worried.
"My momma died, but I'm pretty sure she would've told me something about not talking to strangers."
"Well, too bad. Anyway, Toib-"
"I'm not Toib! I'm Ketso!" Ketso said, angrily. Cid whipped a photo out of his pocket. They had reached 'Cid's Place'. Ketso thought it looked kinda dumpy.
"This ring a bell?" Cid asked, waving the photo in Ketso's face. Ketso couldn't believe it. He was staring at a group of young kids, about 15, it looked like. One of them was Gerard. Another one, in a uniform much to large for him, was Ketso. Ketso looked to be the youngest, probably around 10. He stared at the pic, disbelieving.
"That... That's me!" Ketso said, pointing at the figure in the baggy uniform. All of the figures were holding out a hand, showing off a ring on their fingers. Cid was in the background, with a young girl by his side. It was Rikku.
Ketso noticed that she had a lace necklace on, and it had a ring just like the kids. Gerard was lacking one.
"Yeah, that's you and Gerard, cadet." Cid said. "And the other members of the Crimson Blade, and Rikku."
"But... Why am I there? This is impossible. Forged. A fake. I've been in Destiny Island all my life! Except for now." Ketso said. Cid chuckled.
"That's what we MADE you think. You'd only been living on Destiny Island for about... three years. You'd visited before, of course. It's good to make sure the subject knows the place where you reset his memories. It works better that way."
"What?" Ketso asked, shocked. "Resetting... my memories?!"
"Yeah, well, I guess I should start at the beginning." Cid said, thinking. "Well, it all started with your brother."
"I don't have a brother," Ketso said automatically.
"Shaddup," Cid said, which reminded Ketso of Piku. Only Cid wasn't saying it from the top of Gerard's head, with bits of his hair stuck in his fists, where Piku would've been. "Anyway, your brother Gerard. We found him when he was about... Maybe just turning five. He was in some alley, just a few blocks from that fire that burned your house. He scared the heck outta me! That fire in his eyes, and that wing stretching accross his back. He intrigued me, too. That power. And at such a young age!
Anyway, we found him with you. He seemed to be guarding you, but he was also mad at you. Don't see why. You were just a baby.
We took Gerard with us to our lab, ya know, to run tests and see what gave him that power. And we brought you along, though we didn't let him see you. Not anymore, after that. We didn't want our weapons to be reminded by anything that might spark memories. We ran tests. You're Gerard's brother, but you didn't have his power. So we injected some of what we like to call "TOHF Power" in you, thinking you could still be a weapon."
"TOHF?" Ketso asked, trying to understand.
"The One He Fears. It's a codename. Only a few people don't actually fear him. Yer friend Piku, fer one. Always tellin' him to "stuff muffins", and "suck penguin". Anyway, we made a mistake. You had C_U power."
"C_U?" Ketso asked, confused, again.
"Cloud_Unchained. Codename." Cid explained. "So, now, since there's a war going inside of your body, we thought you'd be the perfect weapon. If we could keep doing this, we'd have perfect human grenades. One shot only, of course. But that's all it takes, right?" Cid said. Ketso's eyes widened, and then his brow furrowed.
"I'm not a weapon! I'm no grenade! And don't call Gerard- Don't call my brother a weapon!"
"You're not a weapon. The war inside killed your heart. Jeez, musta been... twelve years ago, I guess."
"What? No, I lost my heart... I lost my heart recently." Ketso said, still glaring. Cid looked confused.
"No, we saw it. Just a year after we found you, your heart died."
"Then... Then... The orphanage. My parents. The grief. It was all fake?" Ketso said, falling into a chair.
"Your heart saw what it wanted you to see. We just... covered it up a little. But we couldn't completely erase Gerard. You still remembered him, but only as a guardian. Darn it, it was a miracle. An omen, for us. A miracle for you."
"Then... Then TOIB means..."
"The One In Between." Cid nodded. "You're a bio-engineered weapon made for me. You failed, so we sent you away. We modifed you before you left, but you still remembered your brother. Slightly. So, Toib-"
"-Don't call me that." Ketso said, standing. He was mad at Cid. How could he not be? Cid had stolen Ketso's heart. He had made him a ticking time bomb.
"Just like your brother," Cid said, shaking his head. "But don't worry. Your powers are stunted. Built up inside of you, but you have no heart. You couldn't conjure up enough anger or sadness to use it. So don't worry."
"DON'T WORRY?!" Ketso said, flipping his chair over as he paced the floor. "You ruined my life! I hate you!"
"But you still respect me, don't you, Ketso? You respect me just like you did when you served under the Crimson Blade. Take these. They're yours." Cid handed Ketso a ring and the old photo. Ketso stared at Gerard's smiling face. He was so happy. Did he know? Did he know that Ketso was his brother? Why had he left him to live a pathetic life on that island? How could he have spent years chasing girls when he could've spent a month finding Ketso?
Ketso didn't even realize that he'd wound up at Gerard's place. The door was open, and everyone was staring at Ketso. Ketso was staring at Gerard, the ring in one hand, the photo clutched tightly in the other.
"I hate you," Ketso said, his eyes widening at his bravery. "I wish you were dead."
Suddenly, Ketso found himself slamming his keyblade into Gerard's stomach. He glared, gaining control over himself. Paine and the others stared, shocked. Ketso galred.
"Get ready fer a fight." Ketso said through gritted teeth. "'Cause I'm not holding back."​
Dun dun dun! Some great violence next chapter!​


I don't like bugs!
Jun 23, 2005
No prob, TOHF. But I really wish you'd read it all. So you've lost points by my book.

"Ketso, what're you talking about?" Gerard said, rubbing his tum-tum. His sword appeared in his hand, and he was surprised at the power of the little boy in front of him.
"STUFF MUFFINS!" Ketso yelled, and Piku snickered, despite herself. Ketso bashed his blade into Gerard, but Gerard locked. Ketso started to shudder under the weight.
"Ketso, what's the matter?" Gerard asked. It enraged Ketso that his brother could just overpower him so easily. It made him so angry. He pushed his anger into his hands, slamming Gerard's blade upwards. Everyone in the room was shocked, including Ketso. Gerard slammed Ketso in the side with the flat of his blade. Ketso clutched his side, but threw his arms back. He drew them forward, slicing through the air. He heard the crack echo throughout the room, as his blade smashed into Gerard's knee.
"You left me!" Ketso said, fiercely. He was slashing into Gerard, who was struggling just a little now, with that bad knee. Blood was all over the floor. Some of it Ketso's. He hadn't even realized that his nose had been sliced open. He hadn't seen that gash form on his arm. He couldn't even see anyone else in the room.
It was just Gerard and Ketso now.
"What? Ketso, I never left you! We've only known you a few days!" Ketso's brother said. Ketso didn't believe him. He couldn't. It was too painful. Everyone in this world was against him. He knew it. Everyone hated him.
"Ketso, STOP!" Gerard commanded. He smacked Ketso's blade away. Ketso whirled around, jumping and bringing his blade down into Gerard's back. He forced his weight into the blade, using it to flip. Gerard turned around, and now the two were facing each other.
"No! You left me! It's your fault! It's your fault I'm like this!" Ketso said, power coursing through his veins.
"I don't know what you're talking about!" Gerard said. He slashed into Ketso's shoulder. Ketso's shirt ripped down his back. Gerard gasped.
A lump was growing out of Ketso's back. Something was trying to get through. It laid where Gerard's wing laid. Suddenly, Ketso remembered something.
He saw fire all around. He saw a burning house, and a young Gerard. Memories flooded back to him. Gerard was holding his mother. Their mother. He was holding her and she was dead. Ketso still couldn't see her face. He saw himself as an infant, crawling at Gerard's feet. His hands began to shake. He ran at the burning house, slashing madly.
"No, no, no, no, no! You're alive! You're alive! You never left me! Gerard and I aren't weapons! We're good brothers, best friends, and he's with Rikku, TOHF is dead, and I have a heart! And you're my parents, and you love me!"
Gerard put a hand on Ketso's shoulder. the bloody, skeletal wing that had started to push its way through Ketso's back had slid back in. The wound was still open.
"Ketso," Gerard said, his face covered with specs of blood. He was holding the photo and the ring. "We need to talk.
Ketso was suddenly back in the room. There were slashes in the wall, and Gerard was still holding his shoulders. Everyone was staring.
"Yeah," Ketso sniffed. "Yeah, okay."

They sat on the bed in Gerard's room, a few minutes later. Ketso was staring at his hands.
"So, that's it." Gerard said. "I'm your brother. I wonder if I'll remember this."
"How did you deal with it? How do you take it when you found out that Cid ruined your life?" Ketso asked, looking at Gerard.
"I... Well, first of all, I was older. More mature. Smarter. Wiser. Better looking-"
"Yeah, please continue!" Ketso said, sarcastically. He smiled a little, but it felt forced.
"Well, Cid didn't... ruin my life... I mean, we're different. He changed YOU. He didn't change me. He used both of us, but... I still have a heart." Gerard said. Ketso knew that wasn't what he meant to say, but it still stung.
"Ketso, I'm sorry. I just mean... You'll mourn in your own way. The thing that saved me was love. Rikku's love. But, I still don't have complete control. Far from it. When I think about losing Rikku, I just-" He looked away.
"Cid said I couldn't use my powers. He said, that because I don't have a heart, I can't project enough emotion to get the transformation going." Ketso said.
"Maybe that's a good thing," Gerard said. He decided not to tell Ketso about his near-transformation. "I mean, it would be really bad. TOHF and I are constantly at war. It ate your heart. If you unleashed that power, it'd probably eat a world."
Ketso nodded. "I'm glad you're my brother, Gerard."
"Ditto, um, do you like Toib or-"
"Are you kidding? It's Ketso." Ketso smiled. There was a knock at the door. Then it was kicked off its hinges.
"Oops. Hey, I made cookies cause you're sad." Piku said, holding up a plate of badly burned cookies. "But I made bad cookies, so Yuna made good ones. Mine are good paper weights." Piku explained. She threw the cookies at their feet.
Ketso nibbled a cookie. Piku looked satisfied and left.
"I'm gonna go." Ketso said. "Just into the living room."
"Kay. I'm gonna stay here a minute." Gerard said. Ketso nodded and left.
Gerard sat on the bed, concentrating. He closed his eyes. He heard a scream. Suddenly, he was in front of a burning house. He was holding his mother's limp body, his five year-old hands shaking. Sure enough, there was a baby, crying at his feet. He remembered running, running with the baby about a few blocks away until he tripped. He had protected the small child until Cid came.
Gerard woke up. Ketso was his baby brother.
"And Cid told me he died." Gerard said, shaking his head. "Suck penguin, Cid."
Yay, violence!​
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