The hotel doors of tTraverse Town (SOME SPOILERS)



May 14, 2017
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Ahoy hoy,

Earlier this month i posted a thread where i criticized the numerous locked doors in previous kingdom hearts games and how i wanted kh 3 to rectify it. I didn't want EVERY SINGLE DOOR to have plot relevance, maybe a generic npc character to give you a potion, an ether or advice, nothing much. Then i got to thinking of the infamous doors in traverse town, and how most don't open, the most famous being inside the hotel. Now, this hotel is special as it gives both the player and Sora insight on some of the mysteries surrounding the keyblade, the conversation taking place inside the green room. Next door, we're also told about the ansem reports, and what role they play in the series, both topics being very crucial elements later in the game. But what bothers me most of all is that there are other doors in the hotel,a blue one with a fish on it and a brown one with a cactus on it. If i remember, the blue one has balcony access in the alleyway, but neither door will open. To me, i feel that this is either a missed opportunity, or a idea that was scrapped in development, so i came up with a few theories.

1. The rooms would hold something in terms of plot: We all know that traverse town is the place where people go when their homes are destroyed right? so what if the hotel were to act as the main draw for the otherworldy visitors. They could function as npcs to represent a film that wasn't in the game as a playable world, not unlike the summons doing anything from giving sora something to fight for, or hand him a generic item. I could see mulan being right at home in the red room, but the green room i'm a bit stumped as to who would fit that theme, (Bambi maybe?). Maybe the refugee disney heroes would play a role in protecting traverse town from a siege of heartless alongside sora? it's just a thought.

2: the rooms fill as you go on your journey: Much like theory one this banks on the idea of disney characters coming to traverse town, but instead of being there from the get-go, they come as you progress on your journey. Maybe Ariel would be sent to the blue room of the hotel in a fish tank should atlantica fall to darkness, or summon gems randomly showing up in one of them, and you have to search for it behind the bed. Admittedly, i do see some issues in this, as KH1 had limited movies that they could draw from, so who they would use would likely be from a already shortened list.

Those are just 2 theories i thought up for the purposes of these rooms. Unfortunately, as the series goes on it's likely we'll never know what's inside them.